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Click Date Repeat #1

Click Date Repeat

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These days, finding love online is as commonplace as ordering that coveted sweater. But back in 2003, the whole concept of internet dating was still quite new, with a stigma attached to it that meant those who were willing to test the waters faced a fair amount of skepticism from friends and family.

Such is the case for Chloe Thompson, a restless 20-something tired of the typical dating scene and curious about what she might find inside her parents' computer. With two serious but failed relationships behind her, Chloe isn't even entirely sure what she's looking for. She just knows that whatever it is, she wants to find it.

Chloe's foray into online dating involves a head-first dive into a world of matches, ice breakers and the occasional offer of dick pics, all while Chloe strives to shake herself of the ex who just refuses to disappear. Will she simultaneously find herself and "the one" online, or will the ever-growing pile of humorous and downright disastrous dates only prove her friends and family right? There's only one way to find out...

Click. Date. Repeat.

332 pages, Paperback

First published August 21, 2014

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About the author

K.J. Farnham

9 books301 followers
K. J. Farnham writes contemporary fiction for women and young adults. She grew up in the Milwaukee area and now lives in western Wisconsin.

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1,728 reviews465 followers
February 9, 2015
This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life.

I received a copy of this book from the author for the purpose of providing an honest review.

4 Stars!

This book ended up being a solid 4 star read for me. I have to admit that when I first sat down to read this book I had a moment where I wondered what I had done by requesting this book. I read another book earlier this year about something very similar and it really wasn't the right story for me. Just a few pages into this book and I was hooked. This story connected with me in a way that the other book hadn't and I found that I could relate to just about everything inside of these pages.

This story is set during the early days of online dating. I believe I am a little bit older than the author and I remember the even earlier days of meeting people online. I never signed up for an online dating service as the main character in this book did but I did meet a few people online. I think I met every single one of the men that are found in this story. It is mind boggling how authentic this book actually is. One of the things that I really loved about this book was how it reminded me so much of some of the best (and worst) days of my life. I never at any point in the book thought that something was far fetched or out of place.

The characters in this book are just wonderful. I realize that most of the characters were most likely based on real people and it shows because these people are real. They are not perfect and they have their flaws but they keep trying. Let's just say that K.J. Farnham absolutely nailed it with these characters. The writing style of this book was wonderful. I felt Chloe's frustration as she navigated the dating world right along with her and I cheered for her when things went well. All of the men, all of the dates, and all of Chloe's friends blended perfectly into a wonderful little story.

I would highly recommend this book to other readers. This is a captivating story that I consumed in just two days. This is the first book by K.J. Farnham that I have had a chance to read but I plan to watch for other books in the future.
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88 reviews60 followers
August 31, 2016
This review was first posted here: http://karatheredhead.blogspot.com/20...

I loved this story so much! I remember Yahoo personals and how crazy it used to be! Now that internet dating is even more common, this story is still a must read! These situations still happen, even on the best online dating sites.

I laughed so much in this book. The character Chloe constantly cracked me up and I could easily identify with her, especially since she was single and had cats!

The only thing I did not like about this book were all the bar scenes, but I understood Chloe was in her twenties and liked to drink.

The flow of this book was effortless, you weren't ever sitting there trying to connect the dots between characters or plot!

I rate this one 5 out of 5 stars! I would read this again versus watching a romantic comedy any day since it was so funny! I can't wait to read the next one in this series, Click Date Repeat Again (Click Date Repeat #2).

I received a copy of this book from the author for Lola's Blog Tours with the purpose of providing an honest review.
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127 reviews63 followers
February 3, 2017
The main character, Chloe and her friends were so immature and annoying. Her friends went back and
Forth in giving her advice and no matter what Chloe did it was the wrong thing in her friend's eyes. Chloe also worried about the opinion her friends had about each of her dates way way too much. I ended up skimming a lot of the last part of the book to get done with it. It may be a great read for some but it was not for me.
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494 reviews88 followers
September 11, 2017
I knew this book would only confirm my suspicions about internet dating - it's not for the weak of heart!
Click Date Repeat takes us through Chloe Thompson's experiences with trying to find the next love of her life... online.
Surprisingly, she finds some pretty good matches. That's not really a spoiler because she also finds some absolute duds. Honestly, that's what I wish the author had included more of - the horror stories. Everyone loves a good bad-date story, right? (Like when we meet Sean & he always keeps his hat on - there was the potential for a big funny mystery there that kinda just ended in a dud).
Sidenote: There were a LOT of characters in this book! Best friends, ex-boyfriends, parents, step-parents, old school friends, co-workers, and THEN the internet dates. Readers have to keep up with a lot of names and connections. I hope you manage it better than I did.
This was a good book to pass a lazy afternoon. I can imagine reading it next to a pool sipping lemonade on a lounge chair with my girlfriends.

I got this Kindle edition free via BookBub's deal of the day.
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1,662 reviews41 followers
July 8, 2015
If you ever did online dating and remember Yahoo Personals, this book will bring back all sorts of nostalgia. Our main character is a young woman in her 20's who decides to take to the Internet. She goes on a series of bad dates with the kind of stereotypes you would encounter in online dating: a guy who isn't completely honest, a guy who is a perv, etc. The book is very very light and bubbly which is the sort of book I try to avoid nowadays. I would recommend it to someone who enjoys chick lit and who participated in some sort of online dating at some point in their life. I could have done without a lot of the drama involving our heroine's two best friends.
Profile Image for Anne Clarence (The Reading Life).
181 reviews37 followers
August 29, 2017
I received a free copy for an honest review

This book is actually very enjoyable, and it took me by a surprise that it was actually inspired by the author's actual experiences.

This book basically follows the author around as she experiences all the different kind of guys on online dating. It is really fun to read the horrid and dreadful dating experiences, and believe it or not, for someone who has never been on a date before, I learned a lot on dating antiquates through this book.

So for that, thank you.

As much as I enjoyed this book, I do not think I will be continuing the series. I feel like I definitely enjoyed reading this book, but as much as I enjoyed it, it was ultimately not enough to get me to continue.
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36 reviews2 followers
September 3, 2017
Realistic dating with annoying characters

Good story with realistic aspects of online dating but the main character was quite bland and unlikeable. Came across as a spineless person unable to make solid decisions for herself with no logical self control. A bit annoying but all accounts of the actual dating was quite realistic.
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512 reviews15 followers
June 14, 2017
A cute story about the trials of being single and dating services when they were new. Funny and quirky!
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550 reviews14 followers
July 18, 2022
Awesome Indies Book Awards is pleased to include CLICK DATE REPEAT by K.J. FARNHAM in the library of Awesome Indies' Seal of Excellence recipients.

AIBA Book of the Week: 18 July, 2022: 193/42137
AIBA Book of the Day: 14 July, 2021: 193/42137

Original Awesome Indies' Assessment (5 stars):

Billed as chick lit/contemp romance, one would expect a light, fluffy, and … well, romantic type book. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The book starts off somewhat slowly and analytically as Our Heroine, Chloe, peruses the profiles and stats of possible matches on an Internet dating site.

It picks up the pace when she starts dating a number of these men, and at the same time, we read about her relationships with her two best friends, her family, and … her exes, particularly the most recent one.

Unsurprisingly, this is a book about relationships, or lack of them, and the author does a good job in portraying the very different types that Chloe has.

This story is written in the first person, and primarily present tense, but even so, we learn about Chloe’s past, and that of her friends and family as the story unfolds, yet without any distracting unnecessary information dumps. The skill in this story is showing the feelings and emotions of others through their interaction, emotions, and conversations with Chloe. Dialogue is one of the main techniques used to tell this story, and it is well done, with no overly descriptive tags or unnecessary adverbs. It moves on the story and our understanding at the same time.

Characters develop through the story, and we come to empathise with Chloe’s feelings and thoughts as she questions the way she is approaching online dating and her new relationships. The author takes us inside Chloe’s head so that we share the anticipation of each new date, and the self-doubt that follows. Will there be a repeat date? But not just Chloe, her friends Jess and Shelly, and her family, grow as we read through the book. We truly learn more about all the characters. Even the dates she has stamp their personality on the story.

There is judgement, criticism, argument, and inevitable disappointment. There is however no maudlin sentimentality, the author steers clear of that.

And the plot? Well, my predicted ending didn’t happen, although the actual ending felt a little unreal. Nevertheless, after an up-and-down, exciting, unexpected journey through online dating, the ending provides an optimistic finish, and it has to be said, an interesting one.

It’s a good story of the pervasive influence the internet has on our lives, even down to finding our partners in life.

In chick lit genre, it’s somewhat different from the expected norm, avoiding all the crass stereotypical portrayals of behaviour, while providing good character and plot development. In contemporary romance it holds its own, providing a realistic view of the highs and lows of online dating, and the assumptions people make about it.
Author 7 books68 followers
February 28, 2018
Chloe, our protagonist, is neither likeable, nor unlikable. I was concerned about some of the events in this book, such as that Chloe didn't seem to think her ex Cliff's behavior was stalkerish, i.e concerning, and that she was very submissive in letting the man have sex with her when he forced his way into her apartment, and as for her date when she gets extremely drunk, and cannot remember the sex they have, although she did say yes when her date asked if she was on birth control, or should he use a condom, but not to the actual sex. Isn't this sexual assault?
The psychic bit shoehorned into the last few chapters to explain why a psychic in Las Vegas predicted Chloe would meet a man from a town beginning with v, and they would have two sons, which the man she would date also had predicted, feels circumstantial.
Does Chloe's character change? No, not really. Are the other characters rememberable? No.
From an outsider looking in on the dating game, I found reading the role call of kooky dates, and scary boundary oversteps, fascinating, and there's nothing wrong with the writing, I just raised my eyebrows quite a few times at Click, Date, Repeat.
461 reviews3 followers
November 30, 2016
Click Date Repeat is basically the story of Chloe and her online dating experiences. I found this book to be both funny as well as sad, but I don't want to get into that as it might ruin it for you. If you're looking for an "easy" read with some humor as well as an actual story, don't hesitate to pick this one up. I loved it. KJ does a great job of developing her characters and her writing is incredibly smooth.
Profile Image for Anne Z..
554 reviews33 followers
October 7, 2018
Good writing skills but not for me. This was not a romance book, just a book on online dating and all the creepy weirdos out there. To add the main character drunk to much and was far to stupid.
Again, the writing was good. KJ Farnham is a good writer. But I love romance, and this wasn't it. So not my thing.
36 reviews
January 18, 2018
This book made me laugh, it covered every kind of dating disaster, a lot of the situations can happen regardless of how you meet the man and some more applicable to online dating, A refreshing look at the trials of growing up and growing away from some friendships.
Profile Image for Karen.
65 reviews3 followers
October 30, 2017
I loved this book. such an easy read. it was funny heart warming and just all around good. brought me back to the old Aol days. can't wait to read the second book.
Profile Image for Nancye.
327 reviews1 follower
May 13, 2018
Pretty much hits all the horror of online dating and dating in general. Lots of drama, fun, and cringe worthy moments.
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96 reviews2 followers
October 11, 2017
Light, fun read

Maybe the title was a little too on the nose, since there was a lot of clicking, dating and repeating, but overall it was a quick light read. I will definitely look into the sequel to see how things work out for Chloe.
297 reviews7 followers
September 5, 2017
Why we do the things we do...

Really a great read. Complex and insightful with out trying.. Chloe does figure things out in more ways than one.
Profile Image for Jakki Frances.
Author 24 books76 followers
November 5, 2017
THANK GOD!!!! I'm not the only woman struggling with the losers on internet dating websites; I know its fiction but it still makes me feel like less of a loser to read this book.
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Author 17 books55 followers
October 7, 2014
Chloe is your average 25-year old. She hangs out with her friends, she goes to bars, she spends holidays with her families. On the urging of a friend she tries out online dating and almost every possible combination of hilarious encounters with questionable profiles ensues.

Click Date Repeat is one of those delightfully fun novels that is so relatable in today's dating world. The story may be set in 2003, at the early stages of online dating, but almost every single detail and horrifying dating story is still applicable today. This book is everything you wanted and didn't want to know about online dating. Farnham shows both the darker side of online dating as well as the hilarity of the situations that can and do arise from meeting potential partners online.

Chloe is a relatable character that any dating twenty-something will root for. She makes mistakes and poor decisions, but she maintains an unquenchable positivity in her experiences. "After a first-date kiss, guilt usually causes me to feel the need to continue seeing someone, regardless of any red flags. I get in too deep, too fast, often because of that physical intimacy." (Page 59). Chloe is a loveable character, hopeful and able to see the good in people, giving them the benefit of the doubt to a fault because not everyone she meets is as well-intentioned as she is. But she is not without her own personality quirks and emotional baggage, which is the very reason you want her to succeed. She is like any person in the dating scene, vulnerable to the clutches of those who might have ulterior motives or those who lie about who they are to get what they want.

Not only did I relate to the main character, but also to the experiences she had with her first (second and third) dates. Who hasn't had a bad first date at Applebee's? Who hasn't tried to assess the intelligence of a potential partner with the game of Scrabble, only to find the person didn't know how to do simple arithmetic to add up the tiles? This book is like the quintessential online dating experience all wrapped up in a nice little package so that you can read about Chloe's mistakes and potentially avoid making them yourself. The author also packages the novel with a great writing style, some well-worded phrases and well-laid out descriptions of all the characters. I was not at all confused between the myriad of dating prospects and Chloe's friends because Farnham is able to give me short to-the-point unique descriptors. My favorite was: "Drew’s smile is contagious. He’s an eye-smiler: The type of person who isn’t capable of faking a smile. He also oozes emotion through his facial expressions." (Page 54).

I absolutely love the author's title, and her cover is spot on. The very first page contains the stats of the main character, an interesting choice, but perfectly placed considering the material of the book itself.
Profile Image for Chelsea Nicole.
433 reviews16 followers
August 16, 2018
This has to be the most inane book I have ever had the displeasure if reading. Not only were every character in this book trash, but the book belongs in the trash as well. Initially I thought this would be a cool concept. Its interesting to see how people find love online and to see them interact in real life. So that was a start. But Chloe.....
Chloe is a young school teacher looking to maneuver her way through the new and exciting world of online dating. She sets up an account with Yahoo! Personals and immediately begins meeting men. This is when and where the book stops becoming interesting because you get the chance to meet every single shitty person in Chloe's life. First you get a feel of her best friends, Jess and Shelly. They aren't best friends, but each are best friends with Chloe. They dish out the worst advice to each other and they are among some of the most selfish friends you could ever not hope for. Not only do they slut shame, but they tear each other down, constantly.
Then you get to meet her crazy mother. My main problem with Chloe's family life is that you would literally never know they are Asian. Generally speaking this isn't a problem, but the fact that a bit of Chloe's background has to do with her being Asian, I feel it would have made more sense to actually have her crazy, annoying, nagging mother sound a bit more like where she's from. Its also mentioned more than halfway through that she's only half Asian. I don't know why I'm so annoyed but it really annoys me that none of her culture is explained. She has an older brother and an older sister and none of them live in the sad city of Milwaukee with her. So she has to take on the brunt of her mothers incessant opinions.
But the best part is that you also get to see the slew of men that are in and out of her life. I get the whole point of the book is to find love online but its just too much. Chloe continuously has a revolving door of men, whether it reminiscing about her two past boyfriends that she finds out she never loves, or her ex she cant quite get over, or the numerous of men she meets and allows her friend to meet as well. Maybe it's just me but I think its a bit much to bring a new guy to meet your friends every time you go out, which is an entirely different case.
Chloe is supposed to be a school teacher. She hardly spends time at school, she goes out almost every night, and she drinks like a fish. How is this even possible. Not only does she have a teacher's salary, but she still hangs out like she's in college. Literally the only thing that's believable about this book is how scary online dating is.
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Author 11 books59 followers
February 8, 2016
So I stayed up until 5 am this morning reading this book! I couldn't put Click.Date.Repeat down!! It was highly addictive!! First off as a person who was part of the first wave of people who made online friends, who became closer than real friends, and then started online dating when AOL online was still relatively new. I'm talking I was online friends and subsequently one of the earliest people on OKCUPID before it was a online matchmakers and just did fun, fresh quizzes! In fact, I met my husband online and we chatted for 6 years before meeting (because we lived 4500 miles apart) and long distanced dated for nearly 9 years before marrying. So when I say I know something about the online social world, I'm as close to a frigging expert as you're going to get.

KJ Farnham truly captured the anonymity, confusion, hope, excitement, overwhelming, fear and overall wtfness of trying to navigate the online dating scene. Chloe was such an insanely flawed character that it was both infuriating and oddly refreshing! even the various types of online guys she met, reminded me of some of the oddballs and genuinely decent human beings I met during my time. Click.Date.Repeat was thoroughly entertaining! Her friends were just as messy and flawed in their own way. I loved her mother and all her yelling, judgy-ness! she had a point though!! Damn you, Drew!!

I will say this though, I found online dating much mIre enjoyable and less crazy than bar dating because if you're doing it right, you could actually get to know the person, truly the way they can't be in the middle of a bar or club. you can sometimes get to know people in a way that most of their friends and alot of their family will never get to see (in a good way). some of my best friends (practically soul mate territory here or just people who TRULY get me) are people I met online nearly 2 decades ago!

Dating is fun, exciting, awful, stressful and exhausting in any and every form but I'm glad KJ Farnham tackled this version, especially the 2003 version of online, to give everyone a taster of what they missed! Great read all around!
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458 reviews23 followers
August 15, 2020
This review can also be found in Currant7 Recommends

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest and voluntary review.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Chloe Thompson is a Milwaukee first grade teacher while at the same time, studying to finish her Master’s degree in education. She has tried dating men from bars/clubs and wants to look at other avenues like online dating as another option. She is also trying to meet suitable men via Yahoo Personals. She sees it as a win-win for both parties involved since it indicates what you are looking for in a person while also knowing what the other person is expecting from you. With her good friends, Shelly and Jessie, they help Chloe navigate through dating to find Mr. Right.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve heard Yahoo personals and I had to do a bit of research since I was curious about it. Yahoo Personals merged with Match.com so but I did live through the era of Match.com vs Tinder, Hinge, or Happn. The method of online dating may have changed from clicking to swiping now but it all boils down to people wanting to find their soulmates online when going to bars, clubs have not been successful.

Click.Date.Repeat tells the story of Chloe and the men she meets and communicated through her Yahoo Personals posting. There were a lot of men that reached out to her profile and the personalities are varied. It ranged from some duds to creeps to online fakers, etc – they really do come in all types as what Chloe learns. There were funny moments but there are also sad moments to see that these are the “fishes” in the sea. Some were great on paper/email but awful upon talking to them. It’s a big NO-NO to offer “d*ck pics” on the first call to one's match. Some she had to meet in-person more to see the true selves of these men. There are also her past exes and dated men that do not know how to just disappear or leave her alone…driving her crazy! On top of all the madness by these men, Chloe has to balance out friends and family’s warnings of handsome men – be murderers or rapists. (Note: I am reminded of my own mother in Chloe’s mom regarding her perspective on meeting people online and her Asian ways. )

Chloe’s adorable! She is down-to-earth and realistic about her wants in a man and what she wants. She didn’t settle and even with some fear of meeting people through emails, text, calls, she is brave to do it. I liked Chloe’s persistence in giving online dating as many chances and she did. It is true that with online dating, as long as you lay out what you want, hopefully, there will be someone out there who would ‘meet the criteria’ in the end. She has a good sense of humor and with the help of her friends, Shelly and Jessie, she does find the right guy, after all the “failed attempts”. It was pretty frustrating for Chloe…and to any reader like me who feel for her.

I felt for Chloe at one point in the book that broke her since she had to stand up for herself else her sanity will give. Initially, I think she was justified with what she did but after a few minutes, it was extreme for her to do to anyone ….something just “snapped” and she just had to be the “bad guy” in the end to make it all end. I feel bad for both parties in that incident…no one wins but it does “closes the chapter” to one of her ex’s problems.
I groan and curl up into the fetal position. I don’t know if it’s because I’m saddened by the realization that Drew is no longer a prospect or simply because I am already frustrated with online dating, but tears begin to roll down my cheeks. Why does it have to be so hard?
— Chloe, Click.Date.Repeat

Some thoughts I got from reading the book:
1.) Online dating still requires caution.
The trustworthiness of the person is always at the forefront of everyone’s mind. It is only when you start meeting these people (men or women) face-to-face that you will get to see if the connection is there. Writing and phoning can still be good to start and see if there’s something to go on but at the end of the day, it is the connection with the person “live” that is important. Dating online is not the same as dating in-person. Online dating has its place of finding a mate or potential daters and helps people ‘weed out’ the totally “no”.

2.) Trust your instincts.
Chloe had to reassess herself as she goes through the process of getting-to-know the men who contacted her. She self-reflected on her past relationships on what she liked and didn’t like. She gave much thought on her revised postings after looking at the type of men who contacted her and opened herself to other men that might not be on her radar that may not a ‘deal-breaker’. Her outlook is more on a “chill-out meet-as-friends” philosophy and sees how it goes, which is the best approach with online dating.

3.) Take friends’ relationship advice as a grain of salt.
This I find true, especially in Shelly and Jessie’s own relationship issues. They seem to do more harm at times with random advice to Chloe while they themselves do not know what is going on with their own relationship. It’s a bit like the blind leading the blind. It gets a bit frustrating on how they can be hard on Chloe but not on themselves…they seem to be making the same mistakes on their own.

4.) Be open-minded.
Chloe had to see online dating in a whole new perspective to “channel” the right men for her. She had to look at it from the perspective of "meeting new people" than finding 'the one', which manages her expectations and allow her to see the relationship develop organically. I agree that it is the right perspective for everyone.
Chloe also had to be open-minded about her friends’ relationships with their partners (and even with herself). Being single after always being in a relationship gave her a good reprieve of what she wanted in life and justified why she ended things with her past boyfriends. It’s refreshing to read through her thoughts and processes. She is one brave woman since no one can tell her what to do in the end…no amount of friends and family…none. She decided on her own, in her own time. One never knows what’s hidden around the corner as you start letting “fate” guide you.

5.) Family will always have your back…no matter how stubborn they are.
No matter what disagreements each of her family members have with regards to her relationship, Chloe knows that she can always depend on her family for anything. They are hard on her since they know she deserves happiness and they do have a lot to say with regards to past boyfriends that Chloe doesn’t agree with – like staying with someone that she doesn’t love or feel a ‘strong connection’ with. Chloe learns to keep quiet during these quiet times and later would have her own family, especially her mother realize what she would need from them – love, trust, and support that she will know what is best for her.

I would recommend this book (a) to anyone who wants to remember the old times of online dating and even the new ones; (b) to readers who want to know more about possible experiences in online dating and is hesitant, and (c) even to readers who want to be entertained with dating stories. It’s a great book for mature/adult audience, even if it’s dating at a specific era, the experiences of dating still hold true to what everyone goes through – “connection is key”. Be ready for a very unexpected “fate-full” ending that readers will not see coming.
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89 reviews12 followers
July 18, 2016
*I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review

Chloe wants very badly to find true love; and when the conventional methods yield no results, she decides to take a leap of faith into the world of online dating.
I enjoyed Chloe’s story way more than I anticipated. It made me laugh, because it mostly reminded me of my pen pal stint two years ago. Like Chloe, I met several people. The ones who weren’t weird turned out to be perverted, and vice versa. I didn’t get to meet any of them physically (thank God), but Click Date Repeat made it possible for me to imagine the horror of having to go through that.
I like the way Chloe is portrayed, even though I occasionally wished she would just stand up for herself, and tell her mom/friends to stuff a sock in it or something. The other characters are very real; even the infuriating ones. It’s obvious that the author took inspiration from her own experiences with online dating, and she managed to portray everything so well.
Another thing that the author nailed is the entertaining aspect of the story. I found myself laughing out loud at times, and there’s never a dull moment in the events that unfold. I like the fact that the story is quick and light enough that I was able to finish it within hours, but without any farfetched events taking place. There is a flow of captivating descriptions, and the writing style is clear and easy to understand.
In a nutshell, Click Date Repeat is a fun read with well developed characters, a realistic storyline, and lots of humour attached to it. If there’s a sequel, count me in!
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Author 7 books37 followers
May 23, 2016
This book is an excellent read; a funny, thought-provoking and at times cringe-inducing look at the world of online dating in the early noughties.

The story centres upon Chloe, a twenty-something teacher who is single and, after a few failed relationships, has decided to give online dating a try. Her decision is met with mixed reactions from friends and family, and comes with mixed results as she throws herself into some serious serial dating. You'll have to read the story to find out if she finds Mr Right and gets her HEA. What I will say, however, is that it is far from smooth sailing along the way!

KJ Farnham does a fine job of exploring the thrills and pitfalls of what was (back then) a new phenomenon, whilst simultaneously developing characters who are very real in their mix of confusion, hopes, despairs and desires. This is undoubtedly an entertaining, tightly-crafted story of something to which we can all relate: the need for love. Highly recommended: 5 stars.
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Author 4 books5 followers
January 13, 2016
Interesting view into online dating - with more or less debatable characters (they all have their flaws, some very obvious, some at least at first hidden), and I disliked most of them more or less over the storyline but Craig - I really liked Craig! The interaction between them made me rant and sometimes laugh, it is a story that grips you and makes you think about clichés, about your expectations for men and women and their relationships and how much influence friends and family have on your decision, your life. Here they definitely have to much and Chloe, the main figure, has to live with the consequences. Very interesting were the times when I first heard an event from her point of view and then from another - that confused me at first until I got it, it's always different how you perceive your own actions and actions against you and how others see it. The truth normally lies in between those versions.
September 18, 2016
Click Date Repeat brought back a lot of memories of on-line dating and the search for real love. But the book provided so much more. Farnham did a wonderful job of portraying the struggles of a mid-20s single down to earth gal, Chloe. I loved Farnham included everything Chloe was thinking, from her sensitive thoughts on her dating prospects, the bar scene, her love for her cats and her cleaning habits. Her characters were well developed, including the up and downs of so called "best friends", her relationship with her nosy mother, and even her brother and the usual sarcasm that goes with the brother/sister thing. It's one of those books you WANT to finish in a day, but yet takes you a couple more, and then you're sad it's done. Can't wait for the sequel.
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April 23, 2016
This was slow going, although, not necessarily having anything to do with the book, but more my lack of time.
Having not dated much in my life, and way before the internet was around, I did have trouble relating to the characters in this story, but I did find myself wondering how I would handle the situations if I was in their shoes.
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April 7, 2016
4.5 Stars!!
I adored this book. It was so funny and awkward and true! I felt for Cloe throughout her crazy dating journey. I have had many situations like hers and I just sat there remembering all of my own dating woes! And that ending was so sweet. I just loved this book. It left me happy and with a big smile on my face! (that's what she said)
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