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I'm not proud of the things I've done.
The things I've had to do.
The things I've given away.
but I'd give it all over again to find her.

Even if I die trying,
I have to find Alexis.


She wants me to help her,
But I won't.
She wants me to save her sister,
But I can't.
She wants me to be her hero,
But I'm not a good man.

I am her damnation.

164 pages, ebook

First published February 12, 2014

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Callie Hart

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2,417 reviews14.2k followers
August 15, 2017
 photo Hart Blood and roses 1 Title by SueBee_zpsh3fe2i4i.jpg
 photo br1 cover xBT by sb_zpsj8mwenpa.gif
 photo br1 story xB by sb_zpsmahwxymr.gif
★★★★ ½! Deviant, book 1 of 6. Sloane’s quest for her missing sister puts her on crash course with kinky & mysterious Zeth Mayfair!

“I’m surprised I’m not lightheaded with how much blood is being diverted to my dick right now.”

Books in Blood & Roses Series should be read in order:
Book 1: Deviant
Book 2: Fracture
Book 3: Burn
Book 4: Fallen
Book 5: Twisted
Book 6: Collateral

Deviant (part 1) opens up to med student and resident physician Sloane Romera arriving at a hotel for a night in bed with a stranger. It was organized by her PI in exchange for information about her missing sister. Unbeknownst to her, in that dark room she gives herself to a mysterious contract killer Zeth Mayfair.

Fast forward two years and much has happened yet much remains the same. Sloane is still looking for her sister and is reeling from the aftermath of her night with a stranger. Zeth is still watching from afar. When their path cross and Zeth’s identity s (somewhat) revealed it opens the door for another meeting and the possibility of more mind-blowing sex.

But anything beyond that is overcast by secrets, lies and the dark side of society. While Sloane is trying to figure out Zeth’s role in her sister’s disappearance, Zeth is keeping secrets, remaining aloof and hiding his connections…

 photo br1 he BS by sb_zpsh5tnnbu6.gif

Seven words to describe Sloane Romera: Loyal, compelling, smart, lonely, despondent, nurturing and relentless.

 photo br1 H BS bt sb_zpsezwvdc06.gif
Seven words to describe Zeth Mayfair: Mysterious, broken, secretive, loyal, commanding, kinky and ruthless.

Deviant, told from dual POV is the dark, mysterious and sexy opening to the Blood and Roses series. It ends with a cliffy of sorts, but no worries just skip to part 2, Fracture for the continuation of their story.

Kinky and sinister hero! Compelling heroine! Engaging plot! Excellent story-telling!

“There will only be one thought, one desire in her world, and that will be to please me.”

Hero rating: 5 stars
Heroine rating: 4 stars
Sexual tension rating: 4.5 stars
Sex scenes rating: 5 stars
Sex scenes frequency: 4 stars
Plot rating: 4 stars
Dialogue rating: 4.5 stars
Storytelling rating: 5 stars
Story ending rating: N/A
Book editing rating (5 = no edits spotted): 4 stars
Overall rating: 4.5 stars

Would I recommend this series: Yes.
Would I re-read this series: Maybe later.
Would I read future books by this author: Yes.

 photo br1-6 teaser xB by sb_zpshqyoxrgq.gif

Many thanks to the lovely ladies CC, Mer, Suzanne, Denise, Nawal and warhawke on our F) buddy-read on Shh… as we read, chatted and fought over the enigmatic Zeth!
February 13, 2014

4 Sexy and Dangerous Stars

Deviant starts of with a bang, Sloane our heroine is about to have sex with a man she's never met. All the she knows is that she's to wear a mask and black lace lingerie, the moment she walks into the darkened hotel room her life changes forever. Sloanes sister has gone missing and to get the information she needs all she needs to do is sleep with an unknown man. She's prepared to do anything to get her sister back, so she throws caution to the wind and does it.

The night turns out completely different to what she expected, the unknown man is an absolute stud and the sex is beyond amazing. Now let me re-itterate the sex was in fact beyond amazing, Zeth was dirty, gritty and un-apologetic, he's a criminal to the core. One with a taste for dirty, rough and sinful sex. Sloane is an innocent when she first meets him but their night of hot, steamy sex changes her forever. DOn't get me wring she doesn't turn into a nympho, quite the oppostie actually but she never forgets that night.

and neither will I, because it was super hot!

So because Deviant is a novella, I won't ruin it for you and go into anymore detail. But I will tell you why not 5, and this is where I get a bit ranty.

WHY??? Why did this perfectly amazing book have to go there??? Look I'm not a prude, okay maybe I am. But this was one scene, my point is if it's one scene, why have it there in the first place???

Ok rant over. Deviant is a great debut novella, I'm pretty impressed with the overall finished product.

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3,916 reviews33k followers
July 13, 2014
4 Stars!!!

 photo 336e2f76-5449-4a29-bc82-25929184e0c7_zps5376e79e.png

Short, suspenseful and SEXY. Are you looking for a sweet story with a swoony hero? If so, this probably isn’t the book for you. If you’re looking for an erotic and mysterious read with a strong heroine and rough around the edges anti-hero, you’ve found your next read.
“And who are you supposed to be? My Prince Charming?" He snorts at that.
"No, silly girl. I'm the big bad wolf.”

Sloane is a good girl, a smart girl who is almost finished with medical school. She’s always followed all the rules, but now, she’s going into uncharted territory, crossing lines she’d never thought she’d cross to try to find her sister who has went missing. She’s decided to sell her self to a stranger for information on her sister. One night. One choice.

 photo ff7a7aea-aa07-4ed7-b9b7-a3723293e559_zps14b52653.png

When Zeth and Sloane first meet, it’s unforgettable. Sloane will never forget this man, this experience. What she thought would get her one step closer to finding her sister didn’t end up working out. Fast forward two years later and Sloane is a doctor. She works a lot and still thinks of her sister constantly. And that man she had the one night with. She didn’t see him, doesn’t know his name, but his voice will be forever engraved in her memory. Imagine Sloane’s surprise when she hears that voice at her hospital. She knows she shouldn’t go there again, but she is drawn to him.
Hot damn. I kind of hate him, but his larger-than-life presence, his magnetism, the way he looks at me like he’s already inside me…he slays me.

 photo 9293f267-f4f0-4f6e-9d00-ed377f14f7a8_zps82495722.png

Zeth is a whole different brand of hero. He is a bad boy, a criminal and he is dangerous. Zeth can be callous and unfeeling most of the time, but for some reason, when it comes to Sloane, he cares. That doesn’t mean he’s sweet and kind to her. That’s not in her nature. He does want to help her. But his help comes with a price.

 photo a343c3e8-6f1d-4a0c-be9d-87d0e7fce962_zps41b6c66f.png

The sex was hot and kinky. Zeth brings Sloane to new heights, makes her want things she’s never dreamed of wanting. I liked both of the main characters a lot. Even though Zeth could be an ass, he was a hot ass and he wasn’t all bad. Sloane is someone who will do whatever it takes for the ones she loves. You have to admire the kind of strength and bravery it takes to do some of the things she did. There were unpredictable elements to the story and I’m excited to see what direction the rest of this series goes.

"You gave yourself to me. You're mine. That's not something you can undo”
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2,056 reviews12.2k followers
January 6, 2015
4 Stars

You think I'm right out of a horror film, don't you?
"Well this is hardly a fairy tale, is it?"
"It could be. If you let it."
"Oh yeah? And who are you supposed to be? My prince charming?"
"No, silly girl, I'm the big bad wolf."

Well, shit. Spank my ass and fuck me sideways but I am officially hooked! Where has this series been all my life? I've had Deviant on my kindle since I grabbed it as a freebie back in March 2014 (and it's still free), but I've been waiting for the entire series to be out to dive in. I just didn't have it in me to read another serial piece by painful piece while slowly dying inside from anticipation of the next book releasing. And let me just say I'm glad I waited, because I have a feeling I'll be binging on this series.

Sloane will do anything to find her missing sister, including walking into a hotel room wearing black lace lingerie and have sex with a total stranger... A stranger that demanding, rough, with a taste for the kinky, and with a gravely voice that's equal parts terrifying as it is seductive.

But then just a suddenly as he appeared in the room, he's gone. And since everything took place under the veil of night in the dark, the only memory Sloane has of him is his unforgettable voice and imposing presence. Unfortunately the lead that she was hoping to get from her agreement doesn't pan out when the person that promised her the answers turns out violently murdered.

Now it's two years later and Sloane is trying to focus on her job as a resident and to attempt to deal with the fact that she may never learn what happened to her sister.
I'm an expert at distancing myself from pain. If it were an Olympic sport, I'd be a gold medalist.

Until a twist of fate and a chance meeting brings the seductive stranger from two years ago straight into her hospital.
He is my maker. And he's created a monster.

Zeth Mayfair is set to go down as one of my favorite anti-heroes. Just this small taste of him in this book and I'm already absolutely hooked. This is no good guy. This is a criminal with a taste for violence. A man that likes his sex on the side of rough and kinky. Basically the Holy Grail of anti-heroes for me.

When Zeth makes Sloane a deal to help find her missing sister, she knows that she will willingly agree to any of his demands. The terrifying thing is that she won't just be agreeing, she craves it.
I'm not fucking anyone but you from here on out, sweetheart."
"Until you get bored, you mean?"
"Until I get shot and it sticks. Until you pack up all your shit and run from me. But let me just say this, Sloane...Don't bother running. I'll only have to come find you.

I don't want to give you any more than that because this is a short novella, and I don't want to give too much away. But even though this is a short book, it packs quite a punch. Don't go into this expecting rainbows and unicorns. This is DARK and I have a feeling it will get even darker. This takes you into the underbelly of the Seattle mob syndicate. It's a no holds barred and no punches held type of story. It's violent, a little depraved, and a whole lot addicting.

I've seen some people reference to a certain scene in the book and I was curious as to what got this type of response. I can definitely see how it may not be for everyone, but I guess this desensitized pervert didn't have an issue with it. Considering the title of the book, it made a certain type of sense. Especially seeing as how Sloane willingly gives herself over to Zeth's demands.

There were a number of errors (like sayings that were clearly not American and a few inconsistencies) that I picked up on. But when I looked the book up it showed that it has been newly re-edited as of Aug 2014. I'm not sure if my version didn't update (I have the auto-update feature)? But I'm not going to rate down for it because I have a feeling that the author has already edited all of this and my version just didn't update to the newest edition.

Now diving straight into Fracture

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1,866 reviews2,240 followers
September 2, 2015
4 stars!

"You think I'm right out of a horror film, don't you?"
"Well this is hardly a fairy tale, is it?"

 photo deviant collage.png

Why am I only just discovering this series now? I seem to be behind on all of the good dark stories!

Sloane is on a mission to find her sister after her sister was taken off the side of the road. To help find her Sloane had to make deals, and she made a deal to sleep with a stranger. One night with a stranger in that dark and Sloane is changed forever. Little does she know, so is the man she was with.

 photo pagebreak.png

If I could say anything about this book it would be this:

No seriously. This book was dang hot! But it wasn't all just smutty goodness. The base of a great series plot is there with Sloane's search for her sister and Zeth's rooting out corruption. So a short review for this one, but I highly recommend and am going to continue on in this series soon :)
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709 reviews2,137 followers
February 19, 2014
Once there was a boy who lived in the dark…

And he liked it there just fine.

Oh, Holy Mysterious Synopsis!! Talk about your attention catching blurb and cover. After seeing those, I knew, without doubt, I had to read this. I really do love a dark edgy read and dark and edgy is exactly what Callie Hart delivers. With bells on!

Sloane is an ER Doc who is searching for her missing sister. She’ll do almost anything for information and the sleazy private detective she has hired has set her up to sell herself to the highest bidder for a clue as to where her sister has gone and this is how we begin – Sloane waiting in a hotel room, in lingerie as ordered waiting for the man who has paid to take her virginity. It’s prostitution, no less, but like I said earlier, Sloane is prepared to do just about anything to find her sister. To say she is terrified, is putting it mildly.

This will all be over soon, but my heart still dances in my chest all the same. The fear of being trapped, of what I am about to do, is like a coiled snake, ready and waiting to wreak havoc on my insides.

Zeth is that man – a mysterious, inked stranger with a body designed for sin and mind designed for far worse. He is big, bad and very dangerous to know and he takes Sloane in the dark but it’s an experience she can never forget and, years later, with her sister still missing, circumstances bring Zeth and Sloane back together and she recognises his voice instantly and the whole dark experiences comes flooding back.

 photo deviantquote_zps86dbfdf8.jpg

As Sloane and Zeth reconnect after all those years, Sloane finds herself dragged deeper into the murky, criminal underworld that Zeth inhabits with his strange room mate and hot, edgy sex parties. Despite dire warnings from Zeth and definitely against her better judgement, Sloane succumbs once again to Zeth and this dark mysterious man now claims her as his.

“What would happen if I said no?”

“Then we would have problems. You gave yourself to me. You’re mine. That’s not something you can undo.”

“I’m sure lots of girls have given themselves to you. You can go back to fucking them.”

“I’m not fucking anyone but you from here on out, sweetheart.”

“Until you get bored, you mean?”

“Until I get shot and it sticks. Until you pack up all your shit and run from me. But let me just say this, Sloane...Don’t bother running. I’ll only have to come find you. Stay here and be with me. I’ll make it worth your while.”

I really enjoyed this. It’s dark. It’s edgy. It’s incredibly sexy and highly atmospheric. Callie Hart does a fantastic job of grabbing your attention right from the very first page and absolutely does not let go until the book is done and then some and, as this is just a novella, the story is only just beginning. We’ve a long way to go yet and I can’t wait for more. Bring it on!

4.5 dark edgy stars

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Author 39 books1,172 followers
December 14, 2015

This is the first in the Blood and Roses Series and it had me hooked from the very beginning. It's a short, fast read chock full of desire, danger and darkness. This is going to be one wild thrill with lots of mind bending and surprises!

Sloane Romera is a med student on a mission. She’s determined. She’s looking for her sister who was kidnapped and she’ll do anything to find her. Anything.

 photo deviant_zpsba0kfb45.jpg

Sloane and Zeth cross paths in an unconventional, daring, dangerous and highly sexually filled way that leaves a lasting impression on both. Years later, they meet again.

I can't say anything more because you have to experience every twist, every turn and every panty soaking moment for yourself! Zeth and Sloane are a dangerous combination that are ready to combust!

 photo deviant2_zpsxclqr4ow.jpg

“He is probably the most savagely beautiful human being I have ever seen. It's not his looks that freeze my limbs to stone though. It's the way he looks at me, like for this split second I am the sole focus of his entire world.”

And HOLY HOTNESS between these two!!

Zeth is pure Alpha dominance...

and Sloane, a strong and stubborn woman, is putty in his hands.

If you've been like me, somehow trapped in a cave without any communication for the past year (LOL), you need to read this NOW! There's so much more to discover about Zeth, there's the hope of Sloane's quest and of course, there's the undeniable pull between Zeth and Sloane that I've just got to see through till the end. Onto book 2!

This was a BUDDY READ with some of the Shhhluts...CC, Denise, Mercedes, Myla, Nawal, Sue and Warhawke.

For more reviews and blog posts.

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1,133 reviews1,462 followers
November 21, 2015
4 Freaky Deaky, I'd Like a Second Serving Stars

Hot damn. I kind of hate him, but his larger-than-life presence, his magnetism, the way he looks at me like he’s already inside me…he slays me.


Zeth is a sexual deviant and has just bid a lot of money to have sex with a girl. There was no way in hell he was gonna let that other guy win her. He was more likely to beat her to death than screw her. And Sloane was too perfect for that.

Zeth tries to stay away from her, that perfect girl that haunts his fantasies, but fate intervenes. And he finds himself unable to deny what he wants any longer.

I haven’t kissed a woman on the mouth in…well, ever. So long that I can’t remember the face of whoever it was that last had the pleasure. It’s just too intimate. I already came so fucking close back in the hospital that I scared the shit out of myself. I know I’m reckless around this girl; I just have no idea why. 



Sloane is a very desperate girl and she is willing to go to serious extremes to find her kidnaped sister. Her dealings with a shady private detective has led her to a very dark place. She is also a trauma resident and a total badass with a scapel. I loved her strong personality and also loved her internal dialogue as she attempts to deal with Zeth.

The very first surgery I performed was on myself; I’d carved out my weakness with a rusty scalpel and reveled in the glorious void that had remained afterward.

This book is fast paced novella and I fell for the characters and their insta-love type chemistry. There is kink, danger, and deception that will have you immediately looking to start book 2 of the series. I love the writing syle and each chapter alternates POV allowing you insight to what each character is feeling and thinking. I would not classify this as dark erotica, but there are some elements of bdsm that surface in the bedroom.

My Blood and Roses reviews:

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286 reviews591 followers
October 26, 2015
4 more... more, give me more STARS

“Well this is hardly a fairy tale, is it?”
“It could be. If you let it.”
“Oh yeah? And who are you supposed to be? My Prince Charming?”
He snorts at that. “No, silly girl. I'm the big bad wolf.”

In hindsight, I really shouldn't have started reading Deviant while sitting in class. Oh my, that first chapter...still clutching my pearls just thinking about it. That was one naughty, quick and immensely rewarding read.

Best thing...I didn't see it coming. I went in somewhat blind, I actually thought this was a biker book. Colour me surprised, but in fact I have a hard time putting this books in a category; there is some kind of organized crime involved, missing people, a doctor, a man who defies all explanation and some serious kink. And from page one Callie Hart will set your panties on fire.

Reason enough to pick this book up if you ask me.

“I'm exactly the kind of person I need to be to excel at this instead. I'm cold. And calculating. I don't buckle under pressure. I get things done.”

Sloane is a medial doctor willing do just about anything to find her missing sister. She is offered information in exchange for a 'favour' that will lead her down a very dark path. But what wouldn't you do for a loved one? Isn't any sacrifice better than not knowing what happened? Could you live knowing you haven't done everything you could?

It just gets really difficult to see the truth in that when everything doesn't go as planned.

Two years later she is still in limbo, not knowing where her sister is and she is about to meet an interesting man. This also might not be the the first time they met.

“Hot damn. I kind of hate him, but his larger-than-life presence, his magnetism, the way he looks at me like he’s already inside me…he slays me.”

Zeth is a mystery. I know what he does for a living - killing people for some sort of criminal enterprise - but I have no idea who he is. That's actually one of the reasons why I'm only giving this book 4 stars. I've had a hard time putting my finger on some things. Understanding who Zeth is was a big part in that.

But really that's a silly problem since this is only the first novella in a six part series. It just bugged me. Anyway...moving on.

Zeth is dangerous, that much is clear. He is domineering, takes what he wants and has a singular taste when it comes to sex. We are talking edge play here. I'm pointing this out for those of you getting squeamish with that sort of thing. Which just means that I'm halfway in love with the character already.

Oh, and did I mention that he might be able to help find Sloane's sister? Well, there you have it.

Also, I'll let you know when I find out who is. ;D

“He is my maker, and he's created a monster.”

The writing is captivating. I couldn't for the life of me put it down. The plot is constantly moving and yes, for a novella there are actually things happening.

After the first chapter I was convinced I had figured out what Deviant was going to be about, but all my assumptions where blown out the window just after starting the second chapter. This was just a surprising read all around.

I love Zeth and Sloane's relationship so far. Despite the circumstances it already feels like they have a deep connection and fit together just right. It might be a bit premature, but I'm going to put them on my fave-couple shelf. I have a feeling. Please don't let me down Ms. Hart.

Well, I really have nothing else to say for now. I'm desperate to read the next book, but I had to force myself to finish the review first or else I would read all six instalments before I write anything down.

Thanks for your time. Sorry for being a bit vague, but you can thank me later. See you again after I finished Fracture...

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634 reviews1,275 followers
August 4, 2016

Well. Well. Well.


This was a delightful, sinful, little surprise. I'm having trouble wrapping my head around what I've just read. Emotions ranging from terrified, to strangely turned on...Zeth=Tom Hardy...therefore, I'm not ashamed ;)


"Well this is hardly a fairy tale, is it?”
“It could be. If you let it.”
“Oh yeah? And who are you supposed to be? My Prince Charming?”
He snorts at that. “No, silly girl. I'm the big bad wolf.”

I can't wait to see what's next, so glad this series is complete. On to the next book!

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1,474 reviews975 followers
May 11, 2015
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¡Ay, caramba!

adjective :
departing from usual or accepted standards, especially in social or sexual behavior.
noun :
a deviant person or thing.

Wow, that was a scorching, hot book. Dark and dirty!!

Sloane is a well educated woman on a quest to find her missing sister. Along the way she unknowling has a fated meeting with Zeth.


At his core, Zeth, is an anti-hero. His presence is commanding and powerful. Whenever Sloane is in his proximity she can't help but be drawn to him no matter how much she fights her urges. When these two are together the steam is off the charts. *fanning myself*

Blood & Roses series is a fast paced short stories that are told in six parts. All the books are published and available. There's is no stopping me now... I must keep reading to find out what happens next.

Deviant (Blood & Roses, #1) by Callie Hart Fracture (Blood & Roses, #2) by Callie Hart Burn (Blood & Roses, #3) by Callie Hart Fallen (Blood & Roses, #4) by Callie Hart Twisted (Blood & Roses, #5) by Callie Hart Collateral (Blood & Roses, #6) by Callie Hart
Continuing story and must be read in order.

descriptive text here
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1,093 reviews1,028 followers
March 12, 2014

03/12/2014: This is a Freebie right now on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Deviant-Blood-R...

4 dangerously sexy stars
Are you strong enough to admit that this is what you want?

Are you brave enough to find out?”

Sisterly love, how far would you go for the one you love, when you feel like you have no other option and your only hope lies with a vile-man, wanting to sell a piece of your soul in exchange for some information. Hating yourself for having your control taken away from you, only to find out you did it all for nothing…
“That’s not the game we’re playing, here. Own me, or I’ll own you. And trust me… you don’t want that.”

Two years has passed and you can’t help the way it changed your life, no longer young and naïve, you live and breathe work as it is your only escape, but what if you come face to face with the past that haunts you, what would do then??? You can’t help but feel for Sloane, for she really had no chance for success, but she is determined to do what she has to do to find her sister, no matter the cost.

Caught in a world where there are no rules, is it too late to save the one you love??? The only benefit is now you are not alone; you have someone at your side, even if he is the devil… Zeth is such a complex man, he is a monster that you should be hiding from not inviting to your bed, but his ways of getting you under him are deliciously ruthless, it calls on every dark need you didn’t even know you had. Zeth is a man who knows what he wants, and he wants Sloane. The Dr. and the contract killer, it doesn’t get any better than this!
"You think I'm right out of a horror film, don't you?"

"Well this is hardly a fairy tale, is it?"

"It could be. If you let it."

"Oh yeah? And who are you supposed to be? My Prince Charming?"

He snorts at that. "No, silly girl. I'm the big bad wolf."

Deviant sucks you in from the very first page. It is perversely erotic with shituations that shouldn’t turn you on, but does, since your body doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong. This is the beginning of one helluva ride, one I can’t wait to see what happens next. It can go so many ways and I’m hoping it will continue on, fingers crossed that the next one is just as engrossing as this. Plus Zeth's housemate Lacey, is one seriously fucked up girl, and I want more of her story.
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476 reviews396 followers
November 26, 2014
****4,5**** stars
Bloody hell, this was good! Intense, a little bit dark and very very sexy.
"You think I'm right of a horror film, don't you?
Well this is hardly a fairy tale, is it?
It could be. If you let it.
Oh yeah? And who are you supposed to be? My Prince Charming?
No, silly girl. I'm the big bad wolf."

Off to the next one...
July 23, 2016

This novella should come with a warning label: DO NOT START READING THIS UNTIL YOU ARE ALONE!!!!
OMG, Zeth, what can I say, but Holy Hell Hot and AbsoFREAKINGlutely amazing.....

Hot as hell! Perfect dirty talk!

All in all i loved this book.
[image error]
Can't waint for second part...... Is there a second part?
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691 reviews91 followers
November 2, 2015
Story Rating ~ 4 Stars
Hero Rating ~ 4 Stars
Heroine Rating ~ 4 Stars
Heat Level ~ 4 Stars
Ending ~ To Be Continued
Overall Rating ~ 4 WOW Stars!

I have been sitting on this series for quite some time now. I’ve also been reading all the fantastic reviews being posted as each installment was released. I highly enjoyed Deviant so much so that I will be diving right into Fracture.

The story line has been very interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book quite like this and you know what? I’m completely invested in the story line and the characters.

Zeth, sigh, how can I really like such a hero? He’s bad to the bone but I think he’s absolutely DELICIOUS! I have a feeling that I am going to grow to love him as I continue on. I love how mysterious he’s been and OH MY, he is SEXY and totally SINFUL!

I also really like the heroine Sloane even if she is all kinds of fucked up. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a sister missing. I totally understand just why she would go through everything she has to find her.

I LOVED reading the erotic parts, oh my they were SCORCHERS! I can hardly wait for these two to REALLY connect, I bet when they do, I’ll be needing to change my panties.

I’m so glad that I FINALLY decided to start on this series. I have a feeling I’ll be reading them all straight through before I even think about reading another book. I feel I’m lucky because the story is done, so no waiting for me.
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1,102 reviews635 followers
December 27, 2017
4 Stars

I’ve read a couple of Ms. Hart’s works and as I enjoyed them I decided to start one of her series and as I expected I enjoyed it too! I like her writing. It wasn’t as dark as I like, it was a mild one just had some dark elements, but nonetheless it was really good! It was a quick read and well-written. Loved Zeth’s character. He was an alpha and Sloane is one of those who can't accept him easily but who can resist bad boy Zeth?! I tell you, No one! This story intrigued me from the first chapter. Told in dual POV, 1st person. It’s the first installment in the "Blood & Roses" series and it ended on a cliffhanger. Looking forward to reading the next book. All in all, I really liked it and I hope you enjoy it as well!
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1,371 reviews85 followers
August 12, 2016
"Once there was a boy who lived in the dark…
And he liked it there just fine."

Very promising start, right???

And yes, it was really, really good!!!
But it was very small... and a little bit frustrating!!!
And also was hot as hell!!!

Well, there was a girl who lost her sister and she was trying to find her...
She could do anything to get her back... When i say anything,i mean anything!!!
For some informations about her sister, he sold her body in some stranger guy...
A stranger that she never saw his face...
A stranger that manage with his body and his "individual" taste in sex made her feel unknown things!!!
She never saw him again and the worst thing???
She never manage to find out more informations about her sister!!!
Now, two years later, her life is about to change for once again...

There was a man that was very hot and masculine, but also very bad and dangerous.
He knew everything about Sloane but he stayed away from her because he knew that he was bad for her.
But one day, something happened that forced him to come face to face with her, but the good thing was that she couldn't recognize his face, what about his voice, though???
And from that moment everything changed for those two...

Well, that book was surprisingly good but i won't hide from you that in some points was pushing my boundaries!!! I really don't know what i felt reading it...

I was mesmerized by the plot even though in some points it annoyed me!!!
But it was intoxicating and i couldn't abandon it!!!

I liked Zeth very much!!! That guy with just one single look could make you throw your pants across the room.
*My Zeth*
He was dark, he had authority and he wasn't having good intentions.
He was bad and he knew it!!! He never denied it!!!
He confused the hell out of me...
The one moment he could be scary and threatening and the other moment he was soft...
And that fact scared and made exciting Sloane (and me!) very much!!!

Sloane was a smart and brave person and the only thing that wanted in her life was to find her sister.
*My Sloane*
Zeth's presence have her on edge.
From one hand, she was afraid of him and his darkness and from the other hand, she was feeling lust and she couldn't stay away from him.

The thing that made me big impression was the way that he could get through her walls and made her do anything he wanted without protest...
That was a great talent, man!!!

"You think I'm right out of a horror film, don't you?"
"Well this is hardly a fairy tale, is it?"
"It could be. If you let it."
"Oh yeah? And who are you supposed to be? My Prince Charming?"
"No, silly girl. I'm the big bad wolf."

At the end the book left us in an agonizing point and i need to learn what the hell will happen next...
And i want so bad to witness the melting of Zeth's heart...
It's coming, i see it!!!

That book really had it all. Dark, sex, mob... and much more...

I need the second book!!!! Now!!!
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196 reviews323 followers
July 20, 2015
4.5 "OMG, FINALLY" stars

When I got the urge to read something dark my first thought was to meet the famous Zeth Mayfair and THANK YOU JESUS that I made this desicion!!!

I thought that this book would be filled with violence, mafia and of all the thinga that just don't work for me.. I WAS WRONG !!! I loved that the story is different. The writing is somehow addictive and easy to read. There is no dragging too slow the things that should happen, no denial or too much drama ( for now ). The story is short but perfect and I love the ending and the anticipation for the next one which I will start reading right away! I don't want to making Zeth waiting too long, you know?! ;)

Speaking of Zeth Mayfair....

He is just one sexyyyyyyyyy kind of sick bastard who I am sure has his sweet side !!!

And hands down to the heroine who didn't pissed me off during the book.. THAT'S NEW! Sloane, you are amazing!

Now if you'll excuse me I will dive into the NEXT book!!! And yeah I expect more action but I hope it would work for me just fiiiiine !!!

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493 reviews271 followers
November 17, 2015
It all begins with Sloane and her quest to search her missing sister and ends up having sex with alpha dark sexy male in dark hotel room for information.

 photo tumblr_lrlg90KjpD1qzuuqho1_500.jpg

 photo black-and-white-coulpe-couple-gif-Favimcom-800104.gif

And things doesn't turn in the way she expects... and that leaves her with nothing.
After two years, she meets the man in person in her hospital..... his commanding voice.... allures her back to him into his dark world.

 photo DistrustmanwithhoodiStock_000005413496Small.jpg

" You gave yourself to me. You're mine. That's not something you can undo"
"I'm not fucking anyone but you from here on out, sweetheart"

 photo BlindfoldWoman.jpg

The writing style was interesting but keep me wanting for more. Since it was a novella, I really hope the author writes more next one <3
The story leaves is many questions hanging, hence I hope the next book comes out soon.


Happy reading!

D xo

**ARC provided for honest review**
January 31, 2015

4.5 Stars!

 photo 45D926FB-D724-4EBB-8932-D98F2D3C995D_zpspblvcp3a.jpg

Wow. What a great start to what I'm hopeful will be an awesome series! Hot damn!

Sloane is willing to do anything to find her sister...anything. Zeth is an executioner. He works for a crime lord and makes sure debts get paid or else. When he's approached for information regarding a missing young girl from Seattle, he's immediately drawn to the woman willing to do anything for his answers. If he only knew... And finding answers can sometimes get you killed. But there's something about this Sloane, an ER physician that saved his dear friend's life. He's attracted to her AND owes her.

Well this series sucked me right in. Deviant has a great balance of suspense, darkness, and an all costuming erotism. Zeth is no knight in shining armour but Sloane can't resist his pull. Her common sense is throw aside to succumb to the cravings for this dark, brooding man. She simply can't help herself.


I really got sucked into this book from the start and I was even more excited to find out Sloane was an ER physician. My only issue when reading books with any semblance of medical background, the nurse in me comes barreling out. Were the scenes in the hospital realistic? Not really. Was she professional when interviewing Zeth after resuscitating Lacey? Definitely not. Would a prominent ER doctor go to an orgy in the town she lives in? I surely hope not. But I'll turn off my prudish nurse brain and turn on my smut brain and continue this hot series!

Will Zeth find her sister Alexis? If so, at what cost to either of them? Can't wait to find out. Moving on...
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2,225 reviews8,035 followers
February 9, 2014

ARC kindly provided by "Callie Hart" in exchange for an honest review (Thank you for this arc)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ok Bite me!! That cover has alot to answer for!! It is smoking hot!! So going just by the cover I didn't really know what to expect and the blurb doesn't really give much away *very sneaky Callie Hart* So imagine my surprise when I start reading and it's just as hot as the cover!! This book was sizzling and I can honestly not compare it to anything I have read, another bonus point!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Yeah Yeah I know I'm rambling suck it up and keep reading my review!!

Ok and you are gonna love this girls there is "NO CLIFF HANGER"

BUT and there is a huge BUT it does leave you wanting more!!


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I sold my virginity to get information..


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is my world, it's a world where people get shanked and shot on a regular basis, it's dark, it's scary and people die.

She doesn't know it yet, but she is perfect for me and my dark and nasty desires.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

All teasers, pictures I made up myself (KAT)
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1,018 reviews924 followers
May 8, 2015

Whoa nelly! Talk about a crazy ride!

And I LOVED the shit out of it! I won't go into plot details and all that..there are enough reviews on here to tell you what all it's about.. but I will tell you that this story grabbed me from page one! I was drawn into Zeth and Sloane's story immediately. Their chemistry is off the charts, the sex is through the roof hot and totally crazy ( think ropes, cuffs, even a knife **gasp**, and a story line that is very intriguing and different. This freebie sat on my Kindle for a long time before I finally decided to read it and I hate I waited so long. Can't wait to find out what happens next. For now, I will leave you with my casting



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1,085 reviews648 followers
September 19, 2015
4.5 “I’m the Big Bad Wolf” Stars

Deviant, the first installment of the Blood & Roses series, introduces us to Zeth Mayfair and Sloane Romera while a strong foundation to a fast paced plot is established. Sloane meets Zeth in a rather unique situation in an effort to find her missing sister. This one encounter and her knowledge of Zeth remains etched in Sloane’s sensory memory except for the very important sense of sight.

“Wearing a worn leather jacket, his back to me, a black duffel bad in his right hand, he tips is head down to this shoulder. He doesn’t look back at me. He hovers there long enough for me to make out the silhouette of his profile, his dark, mussed hair, the bruised pout to his full lips. And then he goes. I never find out his name.”

 photo tumblr_my19fuqeYb1sjsl75o1_500_zpsbx4yxrln.gif

Fast forward a couple years later, Zeth and Sloane are reunited and when she recognizes Zeth, the axis of both their worlds becomes unbalanced. Zeth offers Sloane the opportunity to find her sister and he is someone she cannot deny. The sexual attraction between Zeth and Sloane is palpable and provides for scorching hot scenes. And, when I say hot, I mean it!!!

“I’m going to find someone who wants me to fuck them until they can’t see straight. Someone who’ll let me sink my tongue into their pussy. Someone who’ll let me taste them. Someone who’ll let me restrain them and scare the living shit out of them. Some who likes that.”

 photo 5bbbe10e-d6c0-4da1-86fc-83660ee869a2_zpsdh0cwv85.jpg

“He wants me to beg…I’ll beg. He wants me to plead…I will. Zeth…The words are like an omen, a bell tolling, sealing my fate. I want you. Just you. Please…make me yours.”

 photo 8351606_zpscymcwefi.gif

“I spin her naked body over and draw her hips up to me, grabbing her hands and securing them behind her back. I sink my dick into her so deep she fights for breath.

 photo 7820436_zpsyyn3hznj.gif

Sloane is a perfect compliment to Zeth. She is feisty, smart and wants to understand him in ways no one has attempted. Zeth is an incredibly sexy and commanding man who knows how to use his towering physical presence and his instinct to survive in his underground world of crime, lies and power.

Finding a heroine that makes me laugh is rare, but Sloane is a character that I can empathize with and laugh out loud at some of the things she says!

This is my first read by Callie Hart and her writing style is absolutely captivating. Her characters are broken but endearing. The cadence of the plot is fast but also allows for reflection and character development. I am immediately moving on to read, Fracture, book two in this six part series.

Note: This was a (F)BR with some of the Shhluts: Denise, Mercedes, Myla, Nawal, Sue, and Suzanne. And, let’s not forget the voyeur in our group, warhawke. Thanks ladies for sharing the hotness of Zeth!!!

 photo 15171259_zps5suaogdy.jpg
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October 19, 2014
"Once there was a boy who lived in the dark… And he liked it there just fine."

Deviant is the first of the Blood and Roses Series. It is a quick read full of passion, intrigue, and the beginnings of an action packed series.


Sloane is a med student. She is your average girl just trying to make a life for herself. Except for one problem. Sloane's baby sister was kidnapped and has been missing! Sloane is desperate to find her. So desperate she is willing to do anything to gather the information she needs to get to her sister. I mean anything!


Enter in our bad boy. Zeth meets Sloane in a hotel room in order to do the deed. Sloane has been promised that she will get the information she needs on her sister if she gives one night to this man. Sloane knows she should feel wrong...but this mystery man makes her feel alive!

"I’m screaming. Unintelligible screaming. I’d scream for God but I doubt He would approve of this situation right now, and I have no idea who this guy is so I can’t scream for him, either."-Sloane

The deed is done. Sloane has given herself to this man. She is left with nothing.

Fast forward two years later. Sloane is now a resident at the hospital. Bad boy makes an appearance. He is trying to save the life of his friend. Sloane immediately recognizes Zeth. She is still desperate to find her sister. She has also never forgotten the night they shared. Even if it is wrong, he makes her feel right!

"His lips brush lightly against mine, and my mind stills. His breathing is fast, ragged and hot against my mouth. It has the most devastating effect. I’m practically tearing myself apart over how conflicted I am."-Sloane

Sloane tries desperately to help Zeth's friend. She is also desperate to find her sister. She agrees to see Zeth again in hopes that he will finally deliver information. The unbelievable happens....Sloane falls hard for Zeth. When these two are together, it is maximum steam. Zeth is not what we would call a "vanilla" kind of guy. Sloane likes him exactly how he is!

"There’s only one way to accomplish such a feat, and that’s to make her body mine, so she doesn’t even think of it as her own anymore. There will only be one thought, one desire in her world, and that will be to please me." -Zeth


Zeth is a dark character and yet he is falling for Sloane. He has exhausted his resources to find her sister. He finds her. He drops off his friend for Sloane to watch.... so that he can go rescue her sister! Sloane knows that he has changed her.


Overall, Deviant was amazing! It is definitely what I would call a kick starter. It isn't about flowers and romance so if that's your cuppa then this read is not for you. Zeth is into some dark stuff so if you don't want to walk on the dark side...stay clear of this series. The book ends in a cliffy but it isn't a painful one...it just makes you want to run straight for the next book!

"I’ve seen terminal patients go through this before. They fight and fight for so long, refusing valiantly to give up, and then, when they’re told it’s just no use and there’s nothing more to be done other than let go… that’s when they find their peace. That is the sea of surrender I am floating in right now. It’s deep, and it’s only so long before I forget all about floating and let myself sink. Sink forever."-Sloane

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2,413 reviews4,661 followers
March 21, 2014
This book is currently free on Amazon:

"I'm not looking for some sexual awakening. I'm just looking for my sister."

Wow, that was an unexpectedly good read. As to whether I’ll be reading the next book in this series, the answer is YES.

This story had steam, heartbreak and mystery while all elements were delivered in perfect amounts. Callie Hart stirred in all the right ingredients for the first book in this series and I’m excited for my next course.

Sloan, a doctor will do anything to find her missing sister and I mean anything. She is a likable main character who in attempt for answers gets her world rocked in a dark hotel room by Zeth.

"She doesn't know it yet, but she is perfect for this. Perfect for me and my dark and nasty desires."

Zeth and Sloan’s interactions were steamy, while Zeth’s career adds a dark element to the story as well as his sexual tastes. I did find that some of his tastes could border out of my safety zone but I still found his feelings for Sloan towards the end powerful. I also liked his roommate and felt that she was a nice addition to the story.

Overall, a good first installment and I’m excited to find Sloan’s sister as well as further involvement between Zeth and Sloan because these two where HOT together.


"You gave yourself to me. You're mine. That's not something you can undo."

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773 reviews573 followers
July 26, 2016

READING BOOK ONE FROM THE The Blood & Roses Series Box Set (Blood & Roses, #1-6) by Callie Hart BOX SET


Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


I'm not proud of the things I've done.
The things I've had to do.
The things I've given away.
but I'd give it all over again to find her.

Even if I die trying,
I have to find Alexis.


She wants me to help her,
But I won't.
She wants me to save her sister,
But I can't.
She wants me to be her hero,
But I'm not a good man.

I am her damnation.
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2,836 reviews1,483 followers
March 28, 2016
5 There’s Something about Zeth Stars

This is my first Callie Hart book. I’ve had this book on my kindle for over a year. After so many recommendations to read this book, I finally took the plunge. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but oh boy, what a treat I got.

This book is addictive and very very very kinky. Yup, sign me up!

This book isn’t just a romance book, it’s a suspenseful book as well and the secondary story-line plays a big role too. So be sure you like that kind of writing style. At times the book can be very descriptive, but it gives you an overall picture of what’s going on.

Sloane’s sister was kidnapped and she is looking for her. She’s told if she spends the night with a mysterious stranger, her PI will give her details on where Sloane can find her sibling.

Don’t you love the beginning? You know where this is going right?

Zeth isn’t your normal person. He’s ruthless, selfish and has specific needs. He likes things a certain way and he isn’t quiet about it. When he gets into the hotel room with Sloane, all bets are off and he’s going to enjoy his time with her, except, she doesn’t know what he looks like because the lights are off.

The beginning basically hooks you into the story and from there you are reading like mad to figure out what will happen. When will Zeth and Sloane meet again and how will things change between the two of them?

I like Sloane I find her endearing and I love her love for her sister. She would do ANYTHING to find her and I totally get that. I loved that she basically gave up her body and it added some nice chemistry between her and Zeth. Sloane is a good girl, she doesn’t break the law, but she sees something in Zeth and even though she protests a lot, she can’t get away from him.

Zeth is the bad boy you crave and love to hate. He’s not nice at all and he always has an agenda, but he can’t help his feelings for Sloane and he wants her badly. He doesn’t fight for her, but demands it and makes it hard for her to say no to him. Doesn’t that excite you?

I really like the banter between Zeth and Sloane. I find them at a tug-a-war at times. She doesn’t want to like him, but she needs him to find her sister. He doesn’t want to like her, but he can’t help the way his body responds to her presence. Also, like I said, there is a story of where did Sloane’s sister go and about every other chapter, we get a little closer to finding her. We get a closer look to who Zeth works for and Sloane tries to help in any way she can. It can drag a bit in these parts, but it does make you curious.

Overall, there’s a bad boy, kinky steamy scenes and a mysterious vibe, a totally win in my opinion.

Deviant (Blood & Roses, #1) by Callie Hart AMAZON

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Author 9 books607 followers
May 3, 2015
4.5 Stars rounding up to 5

I'm hooked! This book caught me completely off guard. The opening scene alone was enough to have me begging for more ...

Zeth is one sexy motherfucker! He is an absolute beast. Deadly and dark. with a sense of morality, but not sorry for what he does. I think I just fell in love!

Sloane is my kind of book babe. She is fearless. Bending but never breaking. Doing what needs to be done. If I was into girls, I'd pick her for sure!

I'm not entirely sure where the storyline will go at this point ... I just know I'm buckling in to enjoy the ride!

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September 29, 2014

 photo image_zps5fdf88f1.jpg

Sloane made it her mission to find her kidnapped sister, not even a one-night-stand with a complete stranger will get in her way, or will it? After two years Sloane is a doctor and she still has no clue where her sister might be or If she's alive or dead.
 photo image_zps4e66fb89.jpg
One day Sloane was just leaving her shift when someone brought a girl to the ER. The guy speaks and BAM! Sloane recognizes the voice from the guy who took her virginity and she didn't even know how he looks. We then meet ZETH. Will zeth be the hero and help Sloane or will he be the villain? The big-bad-wolf.

 photo image_zpsb6bc666f.jpg

Awesome book good and this book is sooooo hot. It's like panty-dropp'n hot.
 photo image_zpsa4ab0cb4.jpg

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March 5, 2016
i need to give this another try, after the Rebel high im having, ill say one thing only Zeth is extrimly hot, (hides from War) and even more so in book 2, i like Sloan too, but SophLex is my fav, one curius thing i noticed, the first time reader is introduced too both Rebel and Zeth from there pov is when they are geting thoes who own them or there boss money
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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