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Clojure High Performance Programming

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Clojure High Performance Programming

152 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 2013

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Shantanu Kumar

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49 reviews34 followers
October 15, 2017
The book packs plenty of information about performance, most of it quite generic, not really related to Clojure. At the same time, there are many tips about how to make Clojure programs faster. What feels wrong about this book is that the two sides (generic performance knowledge and Clojure tips) don't seem to follow each other or connect much. I wouldn't recommend this book for anything else but to get a general idea about performance optimizations.
85 reviews5 followers
May 31, 2014
The book is about... Clojure Performance. Yes, but wait. I summarize my impression of the book as a "quickly introduction" and "experience distilled" on "selected performance topics" with some "examples in Clojure when is possible" (with Java and the JVM themes obviously involved).

If you ever had read about "Queuing Theory", "Precomputing and Caching", "Performance Testing", "Profiling", you can read the book with the confidence that at some point you will learn something new or do some link with your path of learning and mastering Clojure. But if not, if you have never read more than 2 or 3 pages about any of the topics contained in this book (in average, the author only gives you less than a half page), probably you will be in the position of seeing it as a bunch of disconnected and subtle topics.

I really liked the book (I plan to read again some parts). The book have theory and it doesn't claims that Clojure itself is the key to success. The book try and try that you get the point entirely clear: you need analysis,design and measures to achieve high performance, it's a process, and it's in the details. The author have made a great effort to put side by side Clojure and Theory in order to achive Clojure High Performance. I liked it.

This book let you identify opportunities for optimization, for sure.

Why I give it 3,5 stars (rounded to 3 stars)? Because of the lack of:

- Deep explanations or more examples. All the topics has been explained quickly (really, in a rush)
- A (good) bibliography for further references.
- Did I mention it? A bibliography (This is a lack of authority to talk about anything, especially about "performance" and if you only give the reader an introduction on so many topics).
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Author 3 books201 followers
December 25, 2013
Short & dense book on performance optimization for Clojure. The book covers no only clojure/jvm-related optimizations, but also tries to give overview of what influence performance of the computer systems (cpu, caches, memory, etc.). It provides overview of JVM memory model & internals and gives some tips on how to optimize programs in Clojure, including tips on using type hinting, primitive types, arrays, etc. One chapter is completely dedicated to parallel/concurrent programming in Clojure & how it could be used to improve performance of the programs. Big advantage of the book is that it covers the Clojure 1.5 (including short description of reducers).

The main problem of the book, that not so many examples are given as an illustration to text - there are some sections that consist only from text (for example, about reducers) and if there were several examples added, the book would be much better. The examples of practical optimizations in existing libraries would be also very helpful.

I would recommend to look to this book for beginner developers, who only start to investigate the topic of performance optimization (not only in clojure)
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405 reviews27 followers
December 15, 2013
Overall the book was pretty good. It provides interesting examples of real world Clojure code that solve specific performance problems. It talks about host performance, both JVM and hardware, concerns which are both areas that shouldn't be overlooked. I thought the book was best when showing examples of well performing code from libraries.

I'd recommend this book for developers who aren't past the beginning stages of writing performant code. It does a good job introducing the topics you'll want to think about when trying to craft well performing programs.

It isn't for the developer who has spent years optimizing code for performance. Those developers are already going to be familiar with the language and concerns of writing high performance code.
Displaying 1 - 4 of 4 reviews

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