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Devoured #1


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Sienna Jensen had no plans to return home when she graduated college last spring—after all, her dreams lie in California. But when she discovers her grandmother’s Nashville home has been foreclosed, and the new owner has started the eviction process, Sienna has no other choice but go back to Music City. And she comes face to face with the flawed, gorgeous man she never thought she’d see again. The man who now holds the deed to her grandma’s estate.

When millionaire rock star Lucas Wolfe finds the outspoken redhead glaring at him from across a courtroom, he’s both infuriated and intrigued. He still can't get the night Sienna almost spent with him out of his mind, and the chemistry between them is as undeniable as it was two years ago. He craves Sienna more than ever. And just like everything Lucas hungers for, he’s determined to have her.

Now, Lucas will do whatever it takes to lure Sienna into his bed, even if that means making a deal with her: ten days with him, playing by his rules, and he’ll hand over the deed to her grandmother’s home. Though she agrees to the arrangement, Sienna is conflicted. Because of her duty to her family. Because of promises she’s made to herself and a past that still haunts her. And as Lucas’s game of seduction continues, and Sienna is introduced to his dark, erotic world and even darker background, she realizes that at any moment, she could be devoured.

*This novel contains adult situations and content*

202 pages, ebook

First published June 20, 2012

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About the author

Emily Snow

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Emily Snow is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of erotic, new adult, and contemporary romance. She loves books, sexy bad boys, and really loud rock music, so naturally, she writes stories about all three. She lives in Virginia with her husband, children, and one very energetic Yorkie-Poo.

For new book info and fun freebies, visit her website at https://www.emilysnowbooks.net/

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214 reviews5 followers
January 22, 2013

Fell short of my expectations. Too bad, really.


This looks interesting.

On another note, here's another interesting bit: =)


and it's also the same guy as the one below who coincidentally is also named Lucas.

Edit: January 08 - I haven't read this book yet, but look, it's the same guy and this time it is also the same girl from Easy.

Edit: January 22 - The cover of All Over You, the prequel of Devoured, is the same cover as above.

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December 14, 2012
We all know this phrase, right?: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!"

Well, shame on you, Sienna. SHAME. ON. YOU!

WARNING: I'm about to go on a serious rant here, and that will most definitely include some spoilers which I will not hide in spoiler tags. Look away if you've never read a romance novel, and don't want to know how they ALL end.

So, let me tell you about this book. Sienna gets a call from her brother and he tells her that her grandma is losing her house in Nashville. So she decides to fly out there from LA, where she lives, to be with her family while this goes down. She gets to court and realized that none other than Lucas Wolfe is the one taking her grandma's house away from her. Lucas is a famous rock star who Sienna had some sort of tryst with one night, until he kicked her out when she wouldn't submit to him. So natch, she's not his biggest fan. However, he makes a deal with her: if she spends 10 days as his "personal assistant", then he will turn over the deed to the house and her grandma will be able to stay. He also KNOWS that she will be begging him to fuck her by the time this is all over.

I think that's enough plot, yeah?

So... Reason # 1 why Lucas is a TOTAL FUCKING DICK:

We hear the story about how he tells her to "get the fuck out" of his house when she refuses to be tied down by him. This happens to be the first time these two get together for a little horizontal action. Wait, you're telling me that a girl who has NO idea what to expect from you won't let you tie her up and have your way with her? Gasp! She must be a total prude! <--Sarcasm, duh. I don't care who you are, I would NOT recommend letting someone you don't even know tie you down to a bed. That shit is for people who trust each other, and there had been none established at that point. But, whatever. It's a story. Fine.

Reason # 2 why Lucas is a TOTAL FUCKING DICK:

Our famous little rock star is taking some old lady's house by force, so he can knock half of it down and turn it into a studio-slash-party den. When the guy has as much money as friggin' Jesus, WHY can't he find a place that isn't housing a Hospice candidate? Why can't he build a damn house? What's so great about Sienna's grandma's house? We don't know. That, for some reason, doesn't seem to matter. But, even AFTER he finds out that this woman is related to Sienna (who he's always wanted, if I didn't mention that), he STILL doesn't give a shit that he's taking it from her. Yes, he offers the deed to Sienna. But only if she agrees to be his little slut-minion for a week and a half.

Reason # 3 why Lucas is a TOTAL FUCKING DICK:

He teases Sienna mercilessly, but tells her that he won't touch her until she's begging for it. Since rock-star-Lucas is so sexy and irresistible, she's begging by day three. But, what does he do when she succumbs to him? He tells her to leave him the fuck alone and DISMISSES her! Yeah... at this point, this bitch should have left his punk ass.

Reason # 4 why Lucas is a TOTAL FUCKING DICK:

So, they finally get it on (which was not hot at all, I was disappointed to learn) and fall asleep together. They wake up to the phone ringing, and Sienna answers. It's some chick named Sam that the author tells us she referenced, but I don't believe. Anyway, Lucas takes the phone from her and says, "Leave." Yep! First word he says to her post-coitus. Wow... it's so obvious that this man is just head-over-heels for this broad, right? Not.

Reason # 5 why Lucas is a TOTAL FUCKING DICK:

Around Sienna's sixth or seventh day, he comes back to their hotel and tells her to pack up her shit and go home. He's done with her. She's DISMISSED. No apologies, no explanations. Looks her in the eye and says that he's done with her.

At this point, I'm at like 98%. I'm thinking, thank GOD she leaves and that's the end of that. But, NO! He debuts some music video and shows up at her doorstep after months of not speaking to her. And all he has to do is open his arms, and she falls right in.

Okay, are you still with me? Cookies for you, if you are!

I hated that man. Sure he was hot and rich, that's fantastic for him. But reading about Sienna stumbling over herself to be with this guy just made me so angry!! If I was her friend, I would slap some SERIOUS sense into her. This guy was such bad news from the beginning, and he NEVER redeemed himself. Besides his looks, I never found ONE decent quality about Lucas Wolfe. And this made me dislike Sienna, because it's obvious that looks and money are what she's attracted to. There is nothing else but douchbaggery there. And, I'm sorry, but if I hate the characters, I hate the book.

I really want to say something nice about this novel, because I respect ALL authors for giving us our favorite things. But... I can't. The characters sucked, the sex sucked, the plot was erratic and didn't always make sense. The writing was better than some books I've read, and I did finish it, but I think I was a glutton for punishment. Anyway, I see that others have liked this book and I'm glad. I don't get it myself, but I'm glad. Personally, I wouldn't recommend this one to my girls out there. Maybe it just struck a nerve, or something. But I need to like the people I read about. And these people... ugh. Just go away. Both of you.
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September 6, 2013
 photo download1-20.jpg

 photo xprith.gif

Well, it’s safe to say that I devoured this book!

Put down whatever it is you’re reading… AND READ THIS BOOK!

*Hot slash Sexy slash Alpha slash My Panties ROCKSTAR!
*Intensely hot sex scenes.
*Awesome heroine.
*Kickass story
*Oh yeah, did I mention the INSANELY dominant sexy dominant alpha ROCKSTAR?!

Oh, I did?

Well he’s worth mentioning twice, what can I say? ;)

***I loved this book!***

Nicely done, Emily Snow!

 photo download2-22.jpg

 photo download3-14.png

♦♦♦ Sienna ♦♦♦

 photo cd2fc0102e0c0da64ec60f8446ec40f0.jpg

Sienna Jensen’s life is getting to be a bit annoying lately. She has less than a rent-payment in her checking account; she works as a wardrobe consultant for a famous TV show and she hates her boss; she has a grudge-worthy relationship with her mom; and she hardly ever talks to her brother.

So when her brother does call her…

She knows it can’t be good news.

As it turns out… her childhood home is being sold to some asscrown who plans on shortly evicting the only family Sienna has ever loved: her grandmother.

Trying to fix the situation, Sienna hops an L.A. plane and heads back to Nashville where she comes face to face with said asscrown who’s trying to buy off her childhood.

Only it’s not just any asscrown she comes face to face with.
It’s an asscrown from her past.
And THE asscrown of her life.

Our gazes connect. His hazel eyes challenge my blue.
Predator and prey.

For a moment, I’m sure he has no clue who I am.

But then, a slow, animalistic smile of realization stretches across Lucas Wolfe’s face.

That grin—it’s the same one he gave to years ago, right after I refused to let him cuff me to his bed, and just before he literally told me to get the fuck out of his house.

 photo download3-14.png

♥♥♥ Lucas ♥♥♥

 photo 04acdfb11673ca786b29538e3af5c63d-1.jpg

He’s calm and gorgeous, amused and completely animal.

Lucas Wolfe is probably one of the sexiest characters I’ve come across.

♥He’s a rockstar.
♥He has a BDSM fetish (are you swooning yet?)
♥ There’s a calm predator-like characteristic about him that’s completely wicked.

And Sienna is his prey.

He’s the guy Sienna would do anything to forget.
And she’s the girl Lucas will always remember.

And right now?

He has her *right* where he wants her.

Because Sienna will do anything to save her childhood home and grandmother’s happiness.

And right now… anything constitutes as being Lucas Wolfe’s personal assistant for the next ten days. That’s the deal. She does whatever he wants her to do for *ten* days… and he’ll give her the deed back to the house.

And no making me do sexual favors?” I ask one final time.

He grants me a hungry smile, and I know there’s a caveat. “Oh, we’ll fuck, Sienna. Believe me, it’s been bound to happen since I first laid eyes on you. But this time it’s going to be because you beg me, not the other way around.”


Does she beg for it?

Or was one heartbreak enough for her?

Either way…

Lucas Wolfe is going to shatter Sienna Jensen one way or another…

 photo a5eef344f27fb89a5a5b5c21f4a03bfc.jpg

"Say the words."


His fingertips stroke my wetness through my thin cotton underwear, and I moan, feeling my legs start to tremble. He’s right. He’s so right about what I want, it physically hurts right now. But I won’t give in.

I can’t.

“Are you sure?” he asks, and when I nod, he orders, “Turn around, and play.”

 photo download5-10.jpg

I expect him to take his hands away from my body the moment my fingers make contact with the keys, but he doesn’t. .I’m one chord in when he slides my panties aside, gliding his fingers beneath the damp fabric so that he can stroke my slick lips. Three measures when he pushes one finger inside me.

I gasp and he growls in my ear.

“Don’t. Fucking. Stop.”

 photo download3-14.png

That’s all.

June 11, 2020
Reviewed on 13th January 2014

4.5 Luscious Lucas Stars

Two years after Lucas and Sienna met in All Over You, their paths in life cross again... This time in a court room over her Grandmother's House???

He never got her out of his head and he's determined to have her....

But at what cost?

The secrets and demons from his past could ruin everything. Will the past, he has tried so hard to bury, let him live his life free from the ties that bind him?

"She'll destroy you if I'm with you."

The feeling
This is my second reading of Devoured and it's a little slower paced than I remember, but at 50% ish it moves forward full throttle and goes up a notch or ten!!! The exact mark is when they go to her friends bar *sigh* I adore that scene, it made me smile so much I was in pure fantasy, magical rock star book land.... Marvelous!!!


My first reading of Devoured gave me heart flutters, and this time was just the same, still love his character. Lucas 'fucking' Wolfe says and does the most dreamy things.

"I've grown addicted to the way you taste, Red." Love it when he calls her, Red ♥

At other times he sounds ruthless, but we love to love the bad guy, right??? There's drama and heartbreak and... Why? Why? Why? Why does it have to be this way??? Love me some angst!!!

And Sienna, well, she's ok for a female heroine, I like her spirit and her inner voice. Her character develops throughout the story and grows in confidence and self worth which is really great to see.... But it's all about Lucas for me.....

It's a rocky road that still has lots of bumps ahead of it. And I was so excited to have the next installments Absorbed & Consumed ready and waiting to read.... It's taken quite some time!!!

♥ Enjoy a Rock Star!!!


Original review from February 2013
I absolutely loved it and I can't wait for the next book. I completely believed in and loved the main characters. Before reading this book it's definitely worth reading 'All Over You,' a novella book as it sets the scene perfectly. x

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1,806 reviews541 followers
September 6, 2012
This book was so annoying, mainly because of the immature whining of both the hero and heroine. I wanted to smack both these characters.

Hero is a spoiled, "I'm trying to play this rock star into kinky BDSM sex" but I have no idea what the rules are regarding this role, so I'll make them up as I go.

Heroine is a wet dishrag who has no backbone.

These two make no sense and their chemistry was nothing. The reason the hero wanted the heroine after 2 years just because she wouldn't have sex with him because he wanted to cuff her to his bed to play some bondage games was so unrealistic to me. The hero is a manipulative jerk and thinks he's the cat's meow. Heroine hates him and can't stand him but then all of a sudden she loves him.

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637 reviews345 followers
October 11, 2012
“I plan on making you sit on making you sit perfectly still,” he says, his hazel eyes gleaming with desire and power. “Dipping my fingers, my fruit, inside of your body. Tasting you. I’ve grown addicted to the way you taste, Red.”

Dear Santa ,

How's it going dude ?? I hear the snow in north pole is not the same as it used to be .. Whats up with that ?? Well anyways , I know what I want for Christmas ! Yaay ! I want you to find me a Lucas Wolfe ! Damn right son ... I want a boyfriend just like him . And this was the dude that kept me mind occupied whenever I pictured Lucas in my head !

Albeit , a slightly muscular version would do wonders . Not that I don't find lean men sexy but still .... lol

Yeah someone like that ! All rock-starish with tattoo's and stuff . Someone who writes songs hot enough to melt you into a puddle of god knows what . Someone who knows you better than you do yourself . Someone who always gives this aura of unexplainable desires and lust . You get the idea , don't you ? I know I know you've got like a million requests from ladies who want you to find them a Christian Grey , but not me . Nope sir , I want me a hot and heavy Lucas Wolfe or someone close enough . Not that tough right ?
I love me some Lollipop too .. I mean , they say you give away candies too right . So I was thinking maybe you'd send over some of that too ! No worries if you cant , I'll make do with you fulfilling at least one of my wish , preferably the first one . Easy right ?

Sending you lots of love over the north pole and wishing you goodness too as its time to start working on those gifts , Christmas is right around the cover !

P.S : You may start with finding my gift first ... Good luck !!

Yours lovingly ,

While Santa finds me my hunny bunny let me tell you a story , okie ...

Little Miss Red head and the Delicious Wolfe

Once upon a time in a land not far away , there lived a red head who only had a Grandma and brother for a family . She also had this one best friend who loved her and understood her like no other human being ever did . And she had one pathetic excuse for a mother who doesn't give two shit about her or her family .The girl always pretended that she did not let anything bother her and absolutely had no qualms about being someones door mat or punching bag . If it hurt her , she wouldn't let anyone know about it . Anyone except , the Wolfe . Drawn to Red by her non submissive qualities , the wolfe is ready to do anything to get his hands on her . That opportunity comes in the form of Grandma's Cabin , that the wolfe wants to take over for his activities . Red is determined to stop him . And Wolfe has a proposal for her . Ten days , his game , his rules . He wants him to submit to her , will she .. ? Wont she ... ? Even if she does , will she give him the things he needs or will she play the game on her rules ??? Questions Questions ! Read the book to find out more !

( Until you decide to read the book )

“God, you look like sin,” Lucas says as I pull my thumb from my mouth. 

Honestly speaking I'm going through mixed feelings for this book right now ! A part of me absolutely loved it ! I loved the characters . I loved Sienna . She isn't the type of female leads I usually end up hating . She is scared and broken but she puts on a brave face and handles the lemons life throws at her . I loved the whole ' Predator and Prey ' thing they had going on !! Facebook and one of my favorite things , the E-cards were mentioned as well !!! And Lucas ! Well you know how I feel about him already ! He's vulnerable but shows it only to the people close to him ! His feelings for Sienna were damn obvious from the beginning . I mean , at times I was like , 'Gurl you gotta be careful here , the guy's a heartbreaker ! ' but later on I was like , 'Awwww , He loves you cant you see that !!! '

There's this particular scene where Lucas and Sienna go out in disguise to see a band doing covers of songs by Lucas's band Your Toxic Sequel and he dresses up something like this :

Tell you what ... ITS STILL HOT !!!!

Now for the other part of my feelings ... The one that ended up a little like this

[image error]

Let me explain ... The ending ! What the fuck happened , it seemed rushed ! The book could've been longer . Lucas still appears to be a mystery . I would have loved it if we got to spend a lot more time with him . Its suppose to be an erotic story , so I was expecting more sex !!! Especially those scenes with the fruits and the tying to the bed post and all !!! Yes , I'm a pervert smiley Pictures, Images and Photos ! I love smut ! The more smut I read , the better I like the book !

Fortunately , I've just found out that there's a sequel and there's more in store for Sienna and Lucas , with Sienna and Lucas . One thing's for sure , I'm definitely reading it hoping that it's even better than Devoured and we get to see some more action in that one !!!

Emily Snow definitely knows how to sketch the perfect good bad boy and and a leading lady who knows what she's doing ! An amazing Debut from an amazing author for sure !!!
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732 reviews798 followers
October 10, 2012
3.5 Stars

After saying NO to the rockstar when he tried to do something Sienna was not comfortable with, their "goodbye" was not the nicest one. But after 2 years, Sienna is still physically affected by this guy. But how can she like the person who is trying to demolish her childhood home for the sake of a new recording studio? And why is he so interested in Sienna after everything that happened? Because she said NO and he sees her as challenge? Or is there something more into it?

It is hard to write erotic novel with interesting plotline but not being repetitive. But Emily Snow did it. She grabbed my attention right from the first chapter and completely sucked me into the story. Story in Devoured never dragged, there was right amount of suspense, storyline, character development and sex. I just really really liked this story and since I completely devoured it in very short time I am planning to re-read it at some point again.

Lucas Wolfe and Sienna Jensen. As author describes them - predator and prey. Well, even his name sounds predatory... Lucas Wolfe is without doubt one hot, confident, charming, irresistible piece of man. He was definitely gifted with his words and became excellent seducer in my eyes. Lucas charmed me from the very first meeting and conversation he had with Sienna. And did I mention that he is a ROCKSTAR? Sienna Jensen is a lovable narrator, she is really a nice person, always helpful and self-sacrificing. The only person she was able to defy is Lucas.

The ending was a little bit rushed for me and minimum questions were answered and I definitely needed more. BUT I just find out that there will be sequel soon so I seriously cannot wait!!! Excellent debut by this author, she created very interesting characters and very engaging story.

And guys, I have no pic that would represent Lucas Wolfe better than the one used for cover. I think the cover perfectly represents the main couple.

Note: I receive ARC for exchange of honest review. I would like to thank the author for this excellent opportunity.
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529 reviews179 followers
November 14, 2012

I was sent an ARC of Devoured for an honest review with that being said let's go..............

What can I say this is a story about sex, drugs and rock & roll but definitely not what your assuming at this point. Sienna (Si) is a beautiful woman with a heart of gold but refused to stand up to those in her life specifically her brother, Seth, and her Mom but you have to read the book to see what is up with her mother.

Si is a wardrobe assistant for a reality show in L.A. when she is called home to Nashville by Seth because Gram's house has been foreclosed. The opening of this book begins with Si finding out from Seth that Gram is going to lose her home a home with a lot of wonderful memories. Si rushes to Nashville and when she arrives at the foreclosure hearing she gets the "shock" of her life............... Lucas Wolfe the lead singer of Your Toxic Sequel!!!

Lucas & Si have a past one that has left such an impression on Lucas that he has to have Si but I'm not going to tell you to what lengths he goes to get what he wants but he is definitely a man that gets what he wants!!!

Lucas is a sexy, dominant, rocker that will make your heart stop and breathing accelerate and have you asking yourself "Where do I get me a Lucas?"

Lucas & Si make an agreement that she will be his personal assistant for 10 days in exchange for the deed to Gram's house. Well, poor Si really has no choice in the matter and agrees. Once she accepts the fun begins and she mentally fights herself tooth and nail to "resist" Lucas' obvious "charm"!

Kylie is a wonderful secondary character that will have you chuckling and wishing you had a friend like her. She is Lucas' personal assistant and she is going on vacation; thus, the need for Si to take her place, so to speak. You will love this crazy, eccentric, fun-loving girl! She has a heart of gold and you can tell that she doesn't want to see any of those she loves in pain.

Si's relationship with Seth is strained and you question who is the older sibling in the relationship but as the book goes on Si's personal growth is amazing and for that she has to thank Lucas.

The book touches briefly on the other band members in Your Toxic Sequel and I would personally love to see a series about the band and learn more about Sinjin, Wyatt and Cal! Emily did a wonderful job leaving the door open to further develop the series!

I loved the fact that this wasn't your typical rock star romance and the ending leaves you salivating, yes it does, for more! I'm already chomping at the bit for a second book.

Devoured is a perfect title for this angsty, romantic love story that has secrets and a dark side that sweet Si enters into. It's a sexy read that will make you want to reach for your significant other or wake him up in the middle night while unable to put the book down, yep that was me!

This is a 5 star book for a new author and for a first book it is PERFECT! Get out there BUY THE BOOK! Enjoy it and then keep your fingers crossed that Emily is already working on a second book that will delve in the secrets that are in Lucas' past and further develop the relationship between Si & Lucas.

All I have to say is I would have no problem saying "Yes,sir and Take me all the way, Lucas!"

Great read Emily!!!!Emily Snow
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654 reviews2,614 followers
October 10, 2012
I expected too much from this book and it didn't live up to it, it felt very incomplete and bland for some odd reason, but enough said... The ending.. agrh :D Amazing

I only wish the book had more spice and sizzle in it.. some pieces just didn't fit.. I hope it does in the 2nd book..
Hope the second book comes fast, cant wait to learn all of Lucas' dark secrets! :O


reading this even though my exams are on, I have no shame whatsoever...
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Author 2 books107 followers
October 11, 2012
Oh I'm so excited for this one! Sounds awesome.

Update 10/11/2012:
A little dissapointed about the recycled cover(even though it's a fantastic cover) but that aside here's my thoughts on the important part, the story...

I have finally found another rockstar series I can get hooked on! With all the Fifty Shades wannabees it was nice to read a good story with a dominant sexy man that didn't follow the same cookie cutter mold. I've been begging for someone to write this! Ever since getting hooked on Olivia Cunning's series none have come close. While this book is different it is just as good!
Let's start with the characters, shall we? Sienna. Oh my dear sweet, naive, once a doormat Sienna. I loved watching her grow as a person and develop into a strong woman. In the beginning I wasn't sure if I would be able to relate to her. She reminded me of the innocent virginal heroine waiting to be ravaged by the hulking mustache twirling villain. Thankfully that isn't who she turned out to be. With a push from our uber sexy rockstar she grew a backbone and turned into a character you want to read more of. By the end of the book I found myself relating to her and enjoying her POV.
Lucas. A Lucas of my own will be on my Christmas list this year! Hoping the hubby feels generous!
He was everything I love about a good male lead. He was dominant, oozed sex, smart, and could show a sweet side to the heroine. The minute we got to know him I wanted to know all his secrets.
The other personalities. I'm a firm believer the supporting characters can make or break a book. In this story, they were strong, well developed, and added to the story.
The epilogue left me panting for the next one. It was fantastic and may have made me swoon a little over Lucas and crush that much harder.
All in all a well deserved 5 star book that is hopefully just the beginning of a great series!
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410 reviews193 followers
October 20, 2012
Review posted on Talk Supe 10/19/2012

To be totally honest the cover whore in me is what really got me excited for Devoured. Then I read the synopsis about the sweet Southern girl falling for the sexy rock star who’s into some kinky play in the bedroom and I was automatically sold. So when I realized the book was finally being released, I was a little more than excited to read it. I might have set my expectations a little too high because after reading the book I was left feeling a little disappointed and wanting more. It wasn't bad but it could have been a whole lot better.

I really liked the idea of the famous rock star pursuing the girl who had previously turned him down. It’s not that Sienna had turned him down because she wasn’t attracted to him. She was more freaked out about his desires to handcuff her to his bed. So when they unexpectedly meet again two years after their ill-fated meeting, Lucas is more than determined to get the girl that he was unable to hold on to years ago. There is something really satisfying about watching a guy like Lucas getting knocked down a few pegs and then use the blow to his ego as motivation to get the girl.

Overall, main characters were enjoyable but underdeveloped. I liked the fact that even though Sienna was a people pleaser, she didn’t cower or submit to Lucas so easily. Most girls would easily just have fallen for the sexy rocker but Sienna held her own against him and was constantly wanting and trying to defy his “orders”. Although the synopsis hints that Lucas is into kinky BDSM play, he is NOT a dom. He was bossy and easily barked orders to people but as far as being a dom, I really would not consider him one. There were times that I found him coming off as a too spoiled and whiney celebrity but then he’d bring his sexy back and all would be forgiven. As a couple I just didn’t feel that the connection between the Sienna and Lucas. The physical attraction was definitely there but for me the emotional connection between the two was lacking. So when the couple reunites after their seperation at the end of the book, I wasn't convinced that there was enough between them to sustain a lasting relationship.

Although I wished the characters were a little more developed and their union to be more convincing, I’m invested enough to continue with this series. I’m intrigued by the broody and sexy rock star and even more interested in finding out what sort of skeletons he’s got hiding in his closet. I’m not sure how much more I can handle seeing Lucas pushing Sienna away but if his secrets are dark and juicy enough, I definitely want to continue on this crazy train.


2.5 Stars
To be totally honest the cover whore in me is what really got me excited for this book. Then I read the synopsis about the Southern girl falling for the rockstar dom and I was sold. So when I realized the book was finally being released I was a littler more than excited to read it. Unfortunately after reading the book I was left feeling a little disappointed and wanting more.

I wished the characters were a little more developed. The story didn't flow that smoothly. There were times the scenes jumped from one to another. I wasn't feeling the chemistry between the main characters. Yes, they were physically attracted to each other but I just wasn't feeling that connection with the couple and didn't totally buy Sienna's love for Lucas. I also expected a little more of Lucas' dom to come out but all he ended up doing was giving Sienna orders to sit, stand or stay (ummm… ..is she a dog?) The ending felt too rushed and easily resolved. I mean you can't just throw a girl out of your house and they have her running in to your arms a few months later with no clear explanation.

There is a sequel to this book and I'll probably still but it because I want to know what sort of skeletons Lucas is hiding in his closet. Just hoping that I won't have the same issues with book two as I did with this one.
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1,232 reviews2,025 followers
January 4, 2014
More like a 3.70 than a full 4 stars...

There are things that I did like and then there are things are just, meh. The reason for the 'meh' was the fact that this book was told entirely in Sienna's POV. I liked the novella, All Over You better because it gave me Lucas's thoughts, feelings and motivations. I wish we had a bit of Lucas's POV in this book but sadly, we don't. If it has his POV, the story would have had a more complete feel to it.

This was a quick read though so it wasn't like I was bored or anything but there weren't a lot things happening during the first half. The second half was infinitely better especially when Sienna started standing up for herself.

Lucas Wolfe I wasn't sure about. There were too many contradictions when it comes to his choices, his actions for me to really outright love him, KWIM? For example, he keeps telling Sienna to stand up for herself and not allow other people to walk all over her but he wants her to submit completely to him. He orders her around and expects her to do his bidding all the while 'teaching' her to stand up for herself. I dunno but I find that...ironic and a tad hypocritical. And while I did like that Sienna grew a backbone and started asserting herself more but I won't go as far as to credit Lucas for it. But even I have to admit, the man is hot and intense and worthy to be a book boyfriend candidate.

Other than that, this was a fun and fast read and memorable enough for me to finish the whole series. Now, onto Kylie and Wyatt's story. :))

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October 18, 2012
Hmmm.... I think the word for this book is 'disjointed'.

The plot was there and I liked the idea. The characters had potential but were under developed and I lacked empathy for them.

I found some of the scenes hard to follow and at times found myself going back over a page to work out who had said what, what they were referring to and where in the room people were positioned etc. trying to make sense of things...

I found the whole thing quite slow and unrealistic to be honest.

The ending was... odd! It seemed rushed and as if the author had just gotten bored of writing so just decided to wrap it all up and be done with it. It felt as if the relationship went from nothing (and I wasn't at all convinced of Sienna's 'love' for Lucas) to earth shattering, confess-my-love-to-you-in-front-of-the-world intensity in the space of about two pages... it just wasn't believable.

One of the main features in the story was meant to be the winning back of Gram's house. When the moment came it seemed to be glossed over in an instant. Very odd.

I'm not going to cast this book, as, unfortunately, I didn't feel invested enough in the characters to feel that the warranted casting.

Plot - The plot was the best thing about this book. Unfortunately it wasn't approached very well but I understood and liked the idea of the storyline. I could see where the author was trying to go, it just didn't get there.
Characters - They had potential but I didn't really feel like you got to know them at all.
Steaminess - There were a few steamy scenes (not nearly enough) but I had issues with the whole dominance thing in this book. If a man is going to be dominant, he damn well needs to step up to the plate... and unfortunately, Lucas just didn't. He was just a bit bossy and arrogant.
Angst - Again, as I wasn't invested in the story, I didn't really care much for the parts that were supposed to be 'angsty'.
Negatives - I think I've sufficiently covered this subheading...
First Kiss - 58%
First Sex Scene - 66%
Ending - As I said, very strange.
Favourite Quotes -
"God, you look like sin"

This is the second time this evening I've felt bad for offending Kylie and if this time is anything like the first, she's about to punch me square in the vagina.

"Take the day off. I cant-you can't expect me to able to be around you like this when I want you so bad. When you're not willing to let me have you."
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October 13, 2012
I'm re-reviewing this one. It's been percolating in my brain, and after taking a week or so to think, I just have to revise this. I've gone back and forth on the number of stars I give it at least five times.

I really enjoyed this book. I loved Si and Lucas. I wish we had more backstory on them, but in the here and now, they are HOT! Lucas is definitely the one in control, and he likes it that way, and honestly, so does Si. But he also has a sweet side when it comes to her. He wants to protect her. He CARES about her, and although it's obvious that it's difficult for him to say that to her, he shows her, time and again.

Once Si lets her guard down and gives in to her feelings for Lucas, this story is on fire! Sex? Hot. Banter back and forth? Witty as hell. Supporting characters? Love. In fact, I really hope that Lucas' sister gets her own book. She's awesome.

The ending threw me, in both a good and an unsettling way. It was completely unexpected and inventive, and romantic as hell, which was fantastic. But it was swift. Too swift for me. I want more.

Emily Snow has done a great job of making me want more! This book has been on my mind for a week, which is a great sign of a well-writte story. I'm excited for the next book!
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October 9, 2012
I received this novel as an ARC from the author.

The moment I saw Devoured and read the blurb, I could not wait to get my hands on it. This book was so unique, sexy and completely un-put-down-able.

Lucas is smoking hot! Seriously, he is the epitome of everything I look for in a romance novel. Looks, fame, fortune… you name it, he has it all. Not to mention, he is a total alpha male.

And Sienna…

I loved her character and how she would do quite literally anything to save her grandmother’s house from foreclosure. Her family means the world to her and It really shows how sweet and loving she is. I couldn’t help but totally adore her.

Lucas and Sienna together were amazing. They had all of this angsty tension between them. I was just waiting for both of them to break down and fall head over heels for each other. Towards the end, I was a little worried there would not be an HEA, but this book did not disappoint ;)

Overall, Devoured was hot, hot, hot! I give this book a 5 out of 5 and recommend it to adults who appreciate a quick, fun, steamy read.
October 19, 2012
Sienna finds out that her grandmother's house is being foreclosed and rushes back to help her. In the courtroom, she finds out that the new owner is Lucas Wolfe, a rock star who she had an interesting and not so happy encounter with. Now all she needs to do is figure out how to help her grandmother and stay away from Lucas.

I wasn't sure about this book based on a lot of reviews and comments that were made but I'm glad that I decided to take the plunge. That being said, I think this book is more like a novella. It is rather short, only 202 pages, and it really just gets you acquainted with the characters. There is a novella that the author will be releasing on her website for free (http://emilysnowbooks.blogspot.com/) on November 20th called All Over You that is about when Sienna and Lucas first met. Then the second book, Consumed, will be out approximately January 15, 2013 which is supposed to be a lot longer and I'm hoping it will be really good and we'll get the answers we are wanting.

Lucas comes across so hostile and definitely domineering and there is a good story underneath all that. At this point, it's hard to tell if he loves Sienna or just wants her because she's the only one that turned him away. I think all the answers are in his songs.

Sienna is a bit meek and Lucas wants to bring out her dominant side. She's had a rough childhood and she could definitely handle things better. I did like that she made a lot of improvements.

There are some great secondary characters especially Lucas' sister, Kylie, and Sienna's brother, Seth. I definitely want to know more about them and what in the hecks been going on!

I did enjoy Lucas' and Sienna's chemistry and I think they are two people that compliment each other nicely....and that need each other. I loved the epilogue especially with Lucas' song, 10 days. It made putting up with the little drama better and gave you hope that they may have something.

One of the main things that bothered me about this story...and others like it, is that these women just cave in and lose their minds over sex. I can't say I blame them but I wish there was more of a struggle and they didn't give in so easily. I had high hopes for Sienna and she couldn't even last TEN DAYS!! But the story shows promise and I am certainly interested. Can't wait for the next book!

**BTW...I am loving that guy on the cover! Between this book and Easy by Tammara Webber, I am in heaven!

Favorite quotes:

♥ “And yes, it is you. It’s always been you."

♥ “Say that what happened isn’t it for us.”

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February 13, 2013
This is one fucked up couple.

I still don't know what the hell happened here.

That ending was just... I don't even know what the fuck that was. I mean, could you please confuse me more Emily Snow?

Argh!I have to stop ranting about that motherfucking ending and just write this review.

Let me start by saying that Lucas Wolfe is a giant ASSHOLE.
He was hot and all that shit, but it definetly didn't compensate for his...obnoxious behavior. The only thing he did which I thought was good, was giving Sienna the push she needed to stop being a scared rabbit and start being a woman.

And Sienna. What was wrong with her, for God's sake??? I just wanted to jump inside that book and bitchslap that woman.

The only moment I truly liked her was in the ending. THE ENDING, people. Through the whole book she was a wimp. But in the ending she finnaly found out that she could have a backbone.

I LOVED that she didn't wait for that idiot to come to his senses and stop treating her like shit. She was a different person. Finally.

And I NEED the next book ASAP!Consumed has to be mine soon!!!
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November 10, 2012
I as actually very excited to read this because of the guy in the cover which happens to be the same guy from the easy cover and coincidentally has the same name *LUCAS*

Devoured is the story of Lucas and Sienna. Lucas is an ass hole rock star with millions of dollars and Sienna is an insecure 23 year old who wants to help her grandmother avoid a foreclosure on her house. Lucas turns out to be the one who is buying Sienna's grandmother's house, but he gets interested in Sienna and convinces her to work for him as his personal assistant in exchange for the house.

I just have to say that the story lacked a lot. It started and It had potential and the characters were sexy and I could tell it was going the BDSM route. Unfortunately...nothing really happened. Sienna is a very weak character and the development isn't really written clearly. Lucas is sexy and I liked him, until the end. Maybe it's the fact that the story is so short. There is no content.

I really didn't like it much and I am not really inspired to write anything else. So yeah....
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December 20, 2012
I really wanted to love this book, the cover is great, the blurb is all spot on, I've heard great things but I just did not get it.
My main issue was that i just did not feel a connection with the characters, I didn't feel that their story was believable, there was little character development and I didn't understand how they fell in love. I really wanted to love this story, it had everything in it to be great but for some reason it was just ok.
Sad but true just two lonely stars from me.
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February 8, 2013
By the end of All Over You, we know 2 things : 1) One of Lucas regret is the night he let Sienna go , 2) We know they have to meet again, somehow

And so Devoured begins...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Sienna goes back to her hometown in Nashville, when she hears her grandmother is being evicted from her house. What nothing could prepare her for, was that the cause of her grandmother misfortune, is no other than Lucas Wolfe.
And of course when they meet again, they clash...at first she thought he wouldn't even remember her, what is another girl in a long list of one night stands? But of course he couldn't forget the one that get away from his bed.

Trying to allure her, Lucas proposes something to her. He will give her, the deed from her grandma's house, if she, for 10 days will be all his. No, sex is not on the contract...only if she begs him too, and he made his mission for her to do just that.

Don't forget the deal you're making. Can't say I'm not looking forward to the next several days. I've already got this vivid idea of how you'll taste after you've said the words. How you'll fell when I'm inside of you. Have you imagined it yet?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And so the game begins...and i loved every bit of it.
The chemistry between this 2 is just WOW!!

" Is it really inescapable-this...us?" I challenge, running my hands down the front of his chest.
He trembles. "Always has been."

Sienna is a different Sienna regarding Lucas. Like he often says, she is submissive to every other person in her life but not to him. And it's actually endearing many scenes he tries to get her to stand up for herself.
Oh and don't let me start on Lucas. I got to say that i missed his POV in this one, so many scenes i was eager to know what the hell was he thinking...
Anyway, besides all the chemistry between them, i loved the fact that they start to confide in each other, and seeking comfort in that.

And above all, i freakin LOVED how she became his muse....wouldn't we all love to be that to someone?

Looking forward to the next book ;)

Lucas Wolfe is all muscles and tattoos and sexiness, but it's his music that has a way of getting to me. It strips me down. Then devours me.


For this one and more reviews go to:
A Bookworm Confessions
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October 11, 2012
4.5 stars

A few thoughts after finishing Devoured.

1. Lucas. Holy Hotness Batman, that man was my favorite kind of uber-alpha hero. He was beyond yummy and definitely the reason I read this one so quickly.

2. This book was shorter than I expected, and in many ways certain parts of the story felt a bit rushed while other times i found myself thinking 'okay, let's get on with it.' In fact, i would have to say that 75% of this book was build-up...which is fine, but I would be lying if I didn't admit that i kinda wished we had more (a lot more) Si/Lucas time and less of the cat & mouse game. Having said that,

3. There were several typos, but nothing out of the ordinary for a self-published book.

4. Okay, one thing that really did bug me? WHY is it that every time I read a book like this (i.e. alpha male Dom tries to get a hesitant woman to be his submissive) there is ALWAYS a psycho ex girlfriend/wife/lover etc in the man's past?!? I mean it is in every freaking one of these books I have read. GAH!!!

5. But in the end....none of my little nit-picky problems with this book really matter because I truly loved this story overall, and I have 2 words for you...THE. ENDING. Probably one of my favorite endings I have read all year. It was sooo well done and perfect. And even though I am thrilled that Si & Lucas' story is going to continue, I would have been okay with this being a standalone, simply because of the beautiful ending.
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November 5, 2012
For now this is getting 3 stars.

If I'd of known this was going to be part of a series, I would of held off reading it. Very much a cliff hanger ending. The writing was very disjointed and didn't flow well all the time. While reading it felt like chuncks of the story were missing. The concept is there, just needs polished up. Also there were quite a few editing errors. Normally I don't even notice that, but in this case it was hard not to.

Overall I think this story should have been told in one book and with some polishing and better development it might have been a 5 star. However, for some reason every writer is on the Fifty Shades band wagon with the three book cliff hanger method lately.

With all that said I would recommend the book, but honestly wait until the second book comes out and read together.
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October 19, 2012
I'm in cover love. Gorgeous.

Review origninally posted at http://fictionvixen.com/review-devour...

I’ve been on a bit of a self-pub kick lately, but then again I’ve also been on an erotic contemporary romance kick. The cover for Devoured caught my eye on Goodreads a couple of weeks ago and after reading the blurb I knew this was one I had to try out. When you give me a gorgeous cover, combined with a hot rock star who has a past with the heroine… I’m there.

When Sienna Jensen receives a phone call from her notoriously absent brother she knows something is very wrong. She soon finds out that her grandmother’s house is in foreclosure and a court appearance has been set for eviction procedures, so she boards a plane immediately and heads back to Nashville. When she gets to the courthouse she discovers that it’s Lucas Wolfe who is the new owner of her grandmother’s beautiful property. Lucas and Sienna had a not so nice ending to a date two years earlier, he wanted her to do something she wasn’t comfortable with and her answer was a big, fat NO. After which Lucas basically throws her out of his house. When Lucas finds out that the house he just bought is owned by the grandmother of the only woman who has ever turned him down he makes a deal with her, if she becomes his personal assistant for the next ten days he will give her back her grandmother’s house.

This was one of those romances that has very heavy undertones, which could have taken over the story and been too much, but still manages to not be too angsty. Sienna has quite the messed up family life, which in turn has created a very people pleasing, docile woman. Kind of a doormat. Her mother’s less than law-abiding tendencies and manipulations have affected not only Sienna, but her brother and grandmother also. It’s always the mother isn’t it? The reason she runs to Nashville so quickly is because her grandmother is the only person that was there for her when she was growing up. Lucas is basically the only person she has ever stood up to, he meets her on a video shoot and I think he was genuinely surprised when she told him no. I’m still not sure why he had to throw her out of his house and basically be an ass. Do hot, tatted up rock stars never hear the word no? Ever? Even to handcuffs on the first date?

Even though this is told in the first person POV, and we only get to really see Sienna’s side of the story, I did think that Lucas was just as into her as she was into him. The sexual tension between this couple was completely believable to me. I’m not sure about the bdsm elements, Lucas wants Sienna to submit to him completely, but at the same time he is trying to rebuild her self-esteem so that she can stand up to everyone else. There was some light bondage moments, some sexy spanking and a lot of Sirs and Mr. Wolfes. Sienna simply cannot tell him no anymore once she is forced to spend quite a bit of time with him. I liked Lucas, but at the same time I didn’t understand him. It was obvious that he really wanted Sienna, so why the asshattedness? When you know the reason she was pissed and hurt after your first date, why do it again? I soon figured out why Sienna acted the way she did because of her past, but I never really understood Lucas. Maybe because his story never completely came out. Just when I thought I would know the reason why he was the way he was, bam… nope. The ending was really cool, but I felt it was short and I needed more.

The next book, Consumed, comes out in December. I must have. Must. Thank goodness we don’t have to wait for like a year, I hate that. I really want to see more of the band, I want to discover what Sam has against Lucas, I want to find out if Sienna is still standing up for herself and if she and Lucas are becoming more of a real couple. I would also like another hot piano scene . All in all I really enjoyed this story, I had a lot of questions when I finished, but feel like hopefully they will be answered in the next book.

Favorite Quote:

His fingertips tangle into my hair, sending hairpins flying to the tabletop and onto the seat in a quick, gentle motion. My red hair spills into my face, around my shoulders, and both of us suck in our breaths at the same time.

“Your fucking hair…”

“What do you want from me?” I ask

“Everything,” he whispers, turning his head so that his lips touch my temple. He inhales the scent of me in before speaking again. When he does, he almost sounds intoxicated. “But for now… I want you to work for me.”
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February 8, 2017
01/04/17 - Reread. I originally received this as an ARC. Actually, it was the first ARC I ever received back in 2012. Since then I have bought my own copy.

09/06/12 -So where do I begin with this review??? First a solid 4 stars and a recommendation to read.

When I originally read this book in October, when I received the ARC (thank you Emily Snow), I gave the book 3 stars. I did not feel connected to the characters. The relationship just felt written on paper. I don't know how else to say how I felt, but that the relationship felt forced. Devoured I was not in October.

Then over the holidays, I read All Over You, which I loved. I mean I asked my husband (and kids):) to kindly, not interrupt me so I could finish the book in one sitting. It actually happened, but I think it helped that the book was only 46 pages. :) Nonetheless, I devoured that short book and did not want it to end. I loved Lucas' and Sienna's POVs. All Over You just a short 46 pages made me look at these characters in a different light and it connected me to the characters.

So I went back and reread Devoured and I have to say, I was devoured this time around. I understood the tension in the courthouse when Sienna first sees Lucas after he asked her to leave his bedroom 2 years before. I understood Sienna's anger at him in the fondue restaurant when she felt set up by Lucas and his offer to get her grandmother's house. And then that piano scene when they were making music. Yep, and that point, I was devoured. ;)

So I recommend this book, but read All Over You first.
And Emily Snow, you have a new fan here. Thank you and I can not wait for Consumed book #3.
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April 20, 2015
I really enjoyed this book. Sienna came home to Nashville to deal with some family drama. Her Gram's house was in foreclosure and it was bought by none other than Lucas Wolfe, a man Sienna had a past with. Ah Lucas... at first I wasn't sure how I felt about him, but its settled... I love him! lol- I also really liked Lucas's sister Kylie. The only complaint I have is that I felt it was too short and just when it was starting to get really good, it was over... I'm okay with that because I heard there is going to be another one... yay!
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November 26, 2019
2.5 Stars

Umm this book was kind of all over the place.

When Sienna gets a phone call from her brother saying that their grandmother is losing her home, Sienna rushes across the country to help. What she didn't expect was that the person trying to take her grandmothers home was the very same rock star who humiliated her and kicked her out of his room years ago. And of course he remembers her. She's literally the one he didn't sleep with (he even says this in the book). So naturally he makes her a deal, work for him for 10 days and he'll hand over the deed to her grandmothers house. What could go wrong?

I'm still not sure if this book was trying for erotica and BDSM but at the end just decided to pull back. But I never really felt anything besides a sexual connection between Sienna and Lucas. Also, Lucas is kind of a dick. He wants Sienna because she's submissive to everyone but him and he wants to break her basically. But yet, at the same time, he's yelling at her to stand up for herself in other situations. If he was trying to get her into a BDSM relationship, he was going about it the wrong way.

For the most part, I liked Sienna. She really wanted to do the best thing but just made the absolute wrong decisions all the time. You don't want to sleep with this man - then don't. There were ways to work for him but not put herself in those positions, but alas, she always found herself in a compromising position with him and then was all flustered on how it got there. Also, these two need to talk STAT. So many issues and nothing being said. Not great grounds for a working relationship.

So will I read the sequel? Yup, because I want to know what Sam has over Lucas. And there were parts of the book I liked, I'm hoping that those shine more in the second one.
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October 11, 2012
3.5 to 4 stars

Okay I have to say that I was expecting more from this book. It started out really strong and then just fizzled out. I would have to say that the last 30% of the book saved the book for me and that's why I gave it as many stars as I did. I gave this the rating I did because I had a hard time connecting to Lucas. I am all about a Dominate Rock star/ bad boy but for some reason Lucas just rubbed me the wrong way. He was to hot and cold throughout the whole book. I also didn't feel the connection between him and Sienna. I felt the love and feeling she had for him, but I never got that feeling from him...at least not until the last paragraph of the epilogue. I realize that there is another book coming out in December and yes I will read it, but I truly hope we get some answers in that book. I felt the whole Sam issue was never taken care of. I also thought for this book being an erotica....it was truly lacking in the sex. It took well into half the book to even get a kiss and then the sex part is just skimmed over. I guess when I think of erotica I think of detailed sex scenes and ALOT ALOT of sex. This is definitely one of those books I was truly looking forward to reading but it just fell short:( I am really hoping that the next book is better.
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