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Once More With Feeling
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Once More With Feeling

3.57 of 5 stars 3.57  ·  rating details  ·  288 ratings  ·  81 reviews
She's suffered the very worst of betrayals. And now Sarah's facing a divorce she never expected. With Christmas round the corner, what better time to re-evaluate her life? As she reconsiders every choice she's made, she starts to wonder if her life was so perfect after all. This winter, lose yourself in Sarah's world of unmade decisions, lost friends and old flames...
Paperback, 357 pages
Published December 6th 2012 by Quercus
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What a completely and utterly fantastic read. I highlighted so many sections of this, pausing to re-read sections and reflect on them, I doubt I can do this justice in a review.

Sarah's whole world caves in around her when she returns home and catches her husband in bed with someone else. I've read this set up in so many stories, but the writing really made her nightmare feel gut-wrenchingly real.

At first Sarah is shell-shocked and disappears into herself, blaming herself, feeling hatred for Car
What a gem! I picked this one up for free and I'm glad I did. I was hooked from the beginning by the drama. But this book is so much more.

Very brief synopsis: Sarah walks into her bedroom to find Tim, her husband of 5 years, "in the act" with her sister Carolyn. Tim wants a divorce and moves in with Carolyn. Then, Tim is in a car accident and in a coma, later to awaken with amnesia of the previous 6 months.

This is an awesome book. I loved it. I couldn't put it down. When I was about 35% of the w
Vicky (Books, Biscuits, and Tea)
Originally reviewed at:

I absolutely loved this book and I’m fairly sure I would have devoured it in one sitting if I had more free time to actually sit down and read. I had no idea what to expect from this story because the synopsis doesn’t really give away too much. I glanced at the cover (which is gorgeous, by the way) and I thought it would be a nice, atmospheric Christmas read. Something light you can curl up with under a warm blanket, a mug of hot ch
I couldn’t wait to get stuck into this one, the cover is gorgeous; it screams classic chick lit, the blurb was simple yet appealing and it contains all the essential ingredients: betrayal . . . check, drama . . . check, exboyfriends . . . check. But don’t be fooled, this is no fluffy rom-com. The story has so much more depth and feeling than an easy chick lit read, as you are taken on a deep journey into Sarah’s head and come out feeling exhausted after living a month of her hurt, tears and joy. ...more
This was a difficult book for me to rate.

While I loved the storyline, the endless, droning inner monologue that just went on and on and on was frustrating.

I felt sorry for the heroine, but her inability to just muster some strength and let rip in those hideous people just let her character down - IMHO. She was still after everything, defending her cheating, scumbag asshole, husband and I just lost respect for her.

Alec - loved him. Would have liked to have read an epilogue with them...

So - be
Dirty Dayna
Free copy provided via netgalley for an honest review.
89321489321848435 I promise Stars (wayyy more than 5 )
Im going to start out by saying a bunch of things you may not care about but I want you (you is the reader by the way) to put yourself in my shoes when you happened upon this gem.
The cover: adorable
The title: Once more with feeling --- umm hi loved the title
The Blurb- The blurb??? I totally didn’t even known what I was getting myself into the cover sold me. So the story in this bad boy
April Symes
**I received this book from Netgalley for my honest review***

This book is so filled with emotion. I literally had to eat tums while reading this book because it filled me with so much turmoil.

Sarah Lowery comes home and walks in on her sister Carolyn sleeping with her husband Tim in their bed. When she confronts him about what she saw, he demands a divorce. Before the divorce could go further, he is hurt in an accident and left in a coma. Sarah finds out that her sister is pregnant and her pare
**I received this book from NetGalley for my honest review**

I stayed up till the wee hours of the morning, 230am on a weeknight when I have to be up at 6. Today dragged, but it was hard to put down.

Hubby cheats on her with her sister, her sister doesn't care, her family is basically on the surface of things..on the sisters side, hubby goes into a coma, main character is all, I have to find myself! and reunites with BFF she basically ditched for a guy way back when, and former flame, both of whi
Jeannie Zelos
Once More with Feeling, Megan Crane.
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

I really liked the sound of this but....sadly gave up on it about halfway through. I got bored with Sarah's long inner monologues...they seemed to go on for pages, “what if/maybe I should/what about?” I get she’s had a shock – an awful betrayal by people she should be able to trust but....from feeling sorry for her I just wanted Something to happen. we seemed to go on for ages getting no where. Then when something does hap
Jo *Reality Bites! Let's Get Lost!*
I went into this after just reading the synopsis and that was enough to peak my interest but jeepers this really took me through a whirlwind of emotions.

Sarah is married to Tim and they have been together for 7 years, married for five of them. They are partners in a law firm and have a lovely house. Everything in their life is carefully planned out by both of them.

Therefore, Sarah did not expect to come home early from court, stripping off her clothes as she walked into the bedroom and find her
I'm very familiar with Megan Crane's books. She hasn't written a book yet that hasn't found its way into my heart. I thought this book might be the exception and I've never been more afraid to read a book. Saying I'm not a fan of cheating is an understatement. I didn't think I was going to be able to read the book let alone like it after I read the first chapter.

I get really involved when I read. I had this dull ache in my chest for most of this book. You might be wondering how I can give 5 sta
Kirsty (Book - Love - Bug)
This book has been sat on my bookshelf for some time, just waiting to be read. I had been waiting for winter to set in, as the cover is so beautifully wintery. The cover is a little deceiving; it makes you feel like it will be a christmassy book. Whilst this book is the ideal book to settle down with in front of the fire on a crisp winter day, it isn't a Christmas eve read. (For that I would recommend the author Scarlett Bailey and her fabulous Christmas books!)

I very much enjoyed this book. It
A brilliant story filled with a lot of emotion. It will make you question what you would do if in this position.

Sarah Lowery has been completely betrayed. Not only by her husband Tim, but by her sister Carolyn too, when she catches them having sex. Soon, after Tim has a car accident and is in a coma. More secrets of the affair come to surface. Faced with the uncertainty of her future, Sarah takes a good look at her life and what she gave up on for her career and marriage. She looks to her old fr
Kimberly V
Sarah Lowery has just been betrayed in the worst way by people very close to her. While this is just starting to sink in, her husband Tim winds up in a coma fighting for his life. Over several months, Sarah is forced to reexamine her life. She renews ties with people from her past hoping to discover more about herself and how her life has turned out so differently from the one she had once imagined. Megan Crane never fails to disappoint. I adore the adept and descriptive style in which she write ...more
I honestly don’t know what I was expecting when I started reading this book, but it wasn’t what I got. Instead it was a book about a woman coming to terms with her life, the choices she made and the reality of her future. Ms. Crane took us into Sarah’s world and showed us how one thing can cause a lifetime’s worth of issues for you and for everyone around you. Told entirely from Sarah’s point of view we see her find herself as a person while breaking through the shell she has been in for so long ...more
Laura D
I usually love Megan Crane's books but this one was hard for me to get into. It is the story of one woman's struggle to find out who she really is after her husband has an affair. I thought it was a little slow moving in the beginning. Maybe too much background info on the characters. I found myself skimming the pages at times. It is a sweet story about how what you had planned all your life might not be what you actually want. It was interesting watching Sara review her life choices and seeing ...more
Got caught up in the protagonist's self-righteous indignation - but towards the end, author made her "escape plan" a necessary solution to all this crazy bitter circumstances. Hero was made part of that plan right fom the start, making his "flaw" to be a "strength" after all - doing a 360 to her POVs just because a curveball of the half-antagonist made.
Also realized that that half-antagonist easily changed POVs - just because of the accident? He lost his charming, self-placating personality? Am
Once More with Feeling.... more 2 1/2 stars

While reading this book I felt it was more a women’s fiction book with an ending of two characters having a second chance at love after Sarah goes through a broken marriage, family drama and deciding that its time she finally admits she is NOT living her life the way she wants to or how she wants to. She finally at the end of the book or journey “done fighting for something I didn’t want.” There was no ending of marriage or babies but one with the chara
BookAngel  Blog
I don’t really understand why this title is what it is. It doesn’t make sense to me. I am really not sure if I liked this book. Hence the three star review. I liked the character a lot, but her inner monologue at times was just a little much and confusing. I was very confused sometimes as to why she did what she did or even why she didn’t do. The dialogue was good.

This story was more focused on how we get to where we do than a relationship. I found it a little confusing at times because the thi
I noticed the majority of the reviews for this book are overwhelmingly very positive. I would say the second half of the book has romantic elements, but it seemed more literary women's fiction (which it is classified that way by the publisher and author), and that style of writing has never been my favorite.

Unfortunately, this book leaves me on the fence if I liked or even enjoyed it. The description was very intriguing. A woman who walks in on her husband and sister, and finds a way to move on
Cara Nicole
Once More With Feeling is about Sarah Lowery, a successful lawyer. It shows what happens when her world is tipped upside down, and then what happens when it has the chance to be righted again. I honestly don't quite know how to classify this book. Is there romance? Yes, but that's not the main idea. Is there drama? I'd say so, but it's done in an almost light-hearted manner. What this is mostly about is Sarah's self-discovery. She may be married and have a successful, albeit unfulfilling career, ...more

Sarah Lowery thought she could get past her husband Tim’s betrayal and get back to the life they’d planned out so carefully—but then a car accident puts Tim into a coma and reveals the kind of nine month secret that means life as Sarah knows it really is over.

If only she could figure out how she got into this position in the first place, Sarah is sure she could fix it. Somehow.

But when Sarah digs into her past, she finds she has to face all the ghosts she
Sarah Lowery, had everything she had worked so hard planning, a husband, a house, a law firm. She moved back to her hometown with her husband of 5 years, she was a good wife, she was happy. So she thought.

On an early day she went home and that is when her world came crashing down when she found her husband in bed with her sister. That made her think what had gotten wrong. When did her life change so much and when had she become the stranger she saw on the mirrow.

After her husband having a car ac
Sassy Southern
What would you do if after 7 years everything you thought was your perfect life is turned upside down in an instant? Once More with Feeling by Megan Crane is about that very question. Sarah thought she had the perfect life, the perfect job she loved as a lawyer, the perfect husband, and the house they loved. When Sarah comes home early one day she finds her world turned upside when she walks in on her husband and her sister together. Tim, her husband is in an auto accident and is now in a coma. ...more
Anny hernandez
I was provided a copy of the book by the Author for an honest review.

WOW I just finish reading this book, and I don't even know where to start from, well I love it, love some of the characters, this book had me angry, really angry I felt like throwing my kindle across the room, but I love every second of it, I read this book in one day I couldn't put the book down. I am gone tried to keep this short.

This is the story of Sarah she is thirty three years old, she's a lawyer, and she is happily marr
Heather M
This book just didn't do it for me. I loved the storyline and I think it had potential, but I did not like all of Sarah's POV. It droned on and on. I also thought she was a wuss. I mean cmon her husband cheats and she doesn't even react crazy. Her world is torn open. I wanted to bitch slap him, and her family. I could not stand her mother or her self centered sister....UGH!! I was pissed enough for her. She even in a way defends him to her friends and Alec.

Alec oh the bright star in the book. I
Kerry Croucier
I just finished this novel and the emotions are still bubbling through me. Megan Crane put it all out there, and all I can really say is, Wow. What happens when you find out that the past 7 years isn't what you thought it was? When you walk in and catch your husband and sister in the act, and don't realize there was anything wrong?
Sarah really will do anything to hold onto her "perfect" marriage. Thinking her husband will come to his senses, she holds on until a tragic accident and its aftermat
Rosemary K
Sarah Lowery thought she had the perfect life - a wonderful husband, a fulfilling job and a lovely home. How quickly everything changes. When she walks in to find her husband cheating with her sister, her world crumbles. After trying to cope with the anger and the pain, she's forced to examine how she got here and why she feels as if she lost her dreams. Megan Crane has written an emotionally intense story that touched my heart. The writing was superb. Sarah was such a strongly defined character ...more
Paula Pugh
There is so much more to Once More with Feeling than you encounter in the first pages. Sarah lives the life she thinks she wants and it is perfect-husband, home and work. It all collapses when she comes home early to discover her husband, Tim, in a very compromising position with her sister, Carolyn. It is bad and the situation quickly goes to worst when Tim is left unconscious from a car accident and Carolyn is vying for the spot at his bedside.
Sarah is torn between what was (her lovely life) a
unusual book, not a romance, sad but not sad in that you got to see character growth
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Megan Crane is a New Jersey native who had great plans to star on Broadway, preferably in Evita, just like Patti LuPone. Sadly, her inability to wow audiences with her singing voice required a back up plan. Accordingly, she graduated from Vassar College and got her MA and PhD in literature from the University of York in England. She wrote her doctoral dissertation on AIDS literature, mostly so she ...more
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