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In the new edition of Biochemistry , instructors will see the all the hallmark features that made this a consistent bestseller for the undergraduate biochemistry exceptional clarity and concision, a more biological focus, cutting-edge content, and an elegant, uncluttered design. Accomplished in both the classroom and the laboratory, coauthors Jeremy Berg and John Tymoczko draw on the field's dynamic research to illustrate its fundamental ideas.

1026 pages, Hardcover

First published January 1, 1975

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Jeremy M. Berg

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221 reviews5 followers
January 28, 2014
Not as much fun as Lehninger's. I used it primarily for the review questions rather than read it from cover to cover.
April 6, 2013
This book is a must for any students following an undergraduate course which includes study units in biochemistry. It presents the various biochemical concepts and processes very clearly, making them much easier to understand by the reader. Convenient summaries at the back of each chapter make it easier to revise a chapter quickly while still highlighting all of the important points in that particular chapter. A very helpful book which will definitely be a great aid to me during my university years and beyond. :)
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2 reviews29 followers
January 19, 2019
One of the best Biochemistry books that I have read including classroom assigned literature and self-discovered books. The layout and content of this book is very efficient and enjoyable to both newbies to the science genre and life long scientists. The authors do a great job of conveying lifetimes of scientific information to the masses in both an educational and stimulating approach. The information is very thorough and up-to-date in the field of Biochemistry. Reading this book with such captivating material in this engaging format was definitely a memorable experience in my education.
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3 reviews2 followers
January 8, 2020
Disclaimer: I am not a medical student, nor I have read everything in this book. I am a "General Reader".
This textbook gives tremendous insights on what proteins, DNA, RNA, enzymes, carbohydrates, lipids, fats, cholesterol, glucose, insulin, metabolism are and how they work.
Text is filled with real life examples such as alcool metabolism, insulin regulation and much more.
This text just puts all the pieces of the metabolism puzzle together.
Profile Image for Anum .
325 reviews99 followers
June 9, 2012
This book helped me a lot through my course in Biochemistry. There was only one issue with this book! It was too heavy to carry around! LOL

Otherwise, it was very well organised and quite well-written with all the pictures and illustrations to help with the understanding of some basic concepts in biochemistry. :)
Profile Image for Christine Ricci.
211 reviews13 followers
August 4, 2011
It's pretty easy to understand, but sometimes it glosses over topics that it shouldn't.
2 reviews
May 8, 2021
A bit dense at times definitely need caffeine to make it through a chapter. Wouldn’t recommend for a pleasure read. Could use better transitions.
Profile Image for Edma.
354 reviews35 followers
January 19, 2018
I liked this book, because it had explained the concepts in a simple and attractive way. Was a good help for some crucial knowledge I had to refresh.
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7 reviews
February 9, 2018
Great study book, with good questions to help you learn.
No answers to check yours unfortunately.
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111 reviews26 followers
January 16, 2012
This review is of the third edition. Considering that it was published more than 20 years ago and we have seen revolutionary changes in biotechnology in those two decades, this review may not be applicable to later editions, and it is difficult to judge this book by contemporary standards.

Biotechnology has advanced rapidly, but the underlying biochemistry has not changed, of course, and Stryer is an excellent text to learn it from. I am not a biochemist, and this is the book that convinced me I should not be one. But still, as a student I enjoyed reading this book more than any other chemistry textbook. Stryer does a great job of presenting not just the factual information, but some details about the experiments that were used to discover it, which makes it fascinating for any reader with a good chemistry background and an interest in chemical biology.

This book predates whole-genome sequencing, proteomics, RNA interference, and many other modern topics. Although these are not biochemistry, per se, and needn't really affect the presentation of the citric acid cycle, a biochemistry text with any mention of them whatsoever is bound to feel dated. So this text's time has come and gone, and I'm sure there are better options out there. But it's still a solid source for the fundamentals for those of us who still have it on our shelves.
Profile Image for Fefia.
27 reviews
January 18, 2011
ok, I have to admit that chemistry isn't really my favorite course but this book sucked big time! The authors tried to make a story out of facts and it just didn't work well. I've read other books about biochemistry, so I know what I'm talking about when I say this book was complicated, boring and confusing. The information which should be together is dispersed. The sentences instead of being short and consistent are more like when a person uses big words hoping to sound smart. Beating around the bush and....there! they lost me again!
The kind of book you want(have) to read as fast as possible so the suffering can come to an end.
Profile Image for Carlos.
2,114 reviews67 followers
April 26, 2013
There is no easy way to teach biochemistry, the subject is simply vast and atrociously detailed. However, textbooks can be a great asset to try to provide a big-picture view of the almost too-detailed molecular understanding of biochemistry. In this aspect, this book fulfilled its job. Since I did not use the exercises found at the end of the chapters, I cannot comment on their quality. However, as a reference material I found the book to be more than adequate. I would definitely recommend it to anyone seriously interested in biochemistry; however, it is not a light read by any stretch of the imagination.
Profile Image for Yasemin.
3 reviews8 followers
April 26, 2014
The order of the book is very convenient to learn first the basic concepts then to apply these concepts to understand more confusing topics.I've been taking biochem. courses for two semesters and i've learned general mechanisms and regulation of the basic metabolic pathways very well from this book.However,it lacks deep knowledge about genetic effects caused to alter the mechanisms and enzyme regulations,Some explanations are just based on the chemistry of the molecules,metabolites etc but not based on the biologic influences or inheritance of the diseases related to those metabolic pathways
Profile Image for Jordan Matz.
99 reviews3 followers
May 13, 2015
I was SERIOUSLY disappointed in this book. I had heard great things about it, but it was not helpful to someone just learning biochemistry for the first time and the pictures were neither appealing, helpful, cohesive, concise, or appropriate.
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451 reviews
April 10, 2009
More summer reading. I could only find the third edition in the library unfortunately, but it will do while my other books come.
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15 reviews4 followers
January 9, 2012
This was my go-to book for all my biochemistry modules, good level of detail and very useful images
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