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Switching Fates

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One Lives. One dies. He chooses.

Bryan Rivers will do anything to save his dying girlfriend Courtney—even enlist supernatural help. His ex-girlfriend Rose is a practicing Wiccan, and Bryan pleads with her to use her powers to help. She reluctantly agrees, but like everything in Rose’s world, the remedy is complicated and comes with a serious warning: the kind of powerful magic that Bryan requires involves summoning mythological beings. Specifically, the Three Fates.

Once the Fates appear, their proposition sounds simple: play three rounds of their favorite game, Switching Fates, to win the chance to save Courtney. But it's a game where Bryan must make the horrifying choice between two lives; which person lives and which person dies. And each round is more challenging and wicked than the last. With the realization that he’s in far over his head, Bryan must figure out how to beat the Fates at their own game.

248 pages, Paperback

First published January 26, 21

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About the author

Stacie Ramey

5 books156 followers
I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Was a clap from the sidelines kind of girl.

The first person to say they loved my writing was a boy in my 10th grade English class. (So I dated him).

I write every book with one person in mind. My reader.

Maybe this next book will be for you.

Hope so.

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Author 5 books237 followers
December 16, 2020
I was fortunate enough to read an advance copy of this book and I was hooked from the very first page. The characters and plot are very engaging, and I love the twists and turns leading up to the climax. If you're a fan of Greek mythology, you will get an extra kick over the fates and whether or not one is truly the master of their own destiny. Definitely check it out!
28 reviews13 followers
December 17, 2020
What a powerful story! Bryan Rivers is desperate to save his girlfriend's life and enlists the help of a Wiccan to get the job done. She summons the Three Fates, who turn out to be not very nice ladies at all...they invite Bryan to play three rounds of a game called Switching Fates. If he can play all three rounds, his girlfriend will live. However, the game gives Bryan the power of life and death himself. In each round he must choose one person to live and one to die. And he is warned...the game gets harder with each round. This is a supercharged supernatural with deep things to say about power, control and fate...and the repercussions of our choices. This is a must read!
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161 reviews20 followers
March 13, 2021
First off I must start with saying that Stacie Ramey's first book, The Sister Pact, will always hold a special place for me, but this book definitely takes the next spot of my favorites by this author. This book is unlike any of the others she has written & I got to admit I was definitely impressed & I loved it!

This book tackles many different subjects, magic probably stands out the most initially, but there's so much more to this book than just magic as there's also subjects of what it's like to grieve from loss of loved ones as well as the fear of knowing you possibly will lose more people you love & how difficult that can be to coming to terms with. There's subjects of friendship & loyalty & how important that is to have in your life as well as how it is to deal with breakups of relationships & how to deal with the aftermath of that, like is it possible to have a friendship & love with someone who was once the love of your life but life had other plans for how that relationship ended? But most importantly, how would handle if all a sudden life handed you the opportunity to change fate & save the ones you love but also knowing there's a price to pay for doing so?

I really hope the author continues to explore in genres like this one as I think she did a beautiful & amazing job with this story. It's a story that truly makes you think about a lot of different things in life & how you would handle opportunities to change the cards that were currently dealt to you. It makes you think about the importance of friendships, relationships, & the ones you love or even the ones you once loved, how important loyalty is & the people you surround yourself with in your every day life. Sometimes we're dealt a crappy hand in life, but sometimes we might have the power to change that if we're willing to deal with the sacrifices that come with it. It shows sometimes we're not meant to tempt fate, that things are supposed to happen for a reason even if we don't fully understand those reasons. That's something I can personally relate to as I've lost many people I love both in death & life deciding a relationship/friendship is supposed to go their separate ways. It's hard, but it's how things were meant to be whether I like it or not. I'm also a fan of the supernatural as it's something else that is personal to me & I think the author should continue to explore this as it helps show people things are not always as they seem, but also shows the darker sides of tampering in the supernatural.

The biggest question this book will make you think about though is, what would you be willing to do, to sacrifice, to save the ones you love & how far would you go to do so & change fate? Should you leave fate alone or should you challenge it if it meant changing the path of life for the ones you love? Should we be even allowed to make such a big decision if we were given the chance to?

This book is definitely one that will get you thinking about many different & maybe even difficult things, but I can promise the ride this story takes you on will not disappoint & will have you wanting to find out what happens until the very end & maybe even then some. =]
17 reviews1 follower
March 14, 2021
Stacie Ramey has done it again! A master of story-telling, her latest book, Switching Fates, offers an interesting and suspenseful spin on Greek mythology. When the main character is forced into a game of fate, he faces the dilemma: love or morality? Switching Fates is a captivating and quick read you won't want to put down!
Profile Image for Chelsea Garcia.
32 reviews
April 30, 2021
☆☆☆☆☆ - Absolutely loved phenomenal
☆☆☆☆ - Liked this book a lot
☆☆☆ - I liked this book
☆☆ - I didn't like this book/was bored
☆ - DNF'd

TITLE OF BOOK: Switching Fates

I enjoyed this book, it had and interesting plot and great characters though at times it seemed to drag for me in the middle, though it's worth a read as the ending was fantastic.
Characters - ☆☆☆☆
Plot - ☆☆☆
Star rating- ☆☆☆.5 rounded up

Drugs//alcohol//violence including death//talks of suicide attempt //cancer//death of a parent.

Bryan our protagonist asks his ex girlfriend who happens to be a practicing Wiccan to help him save the live of his current girlfriend who is dying of cancer. They invoke The Fates, but it doesn't go quite right. Bryan now has to play three rounds where he chooses who lives and who dies. Things get more complicated as they progress and Bryan quickly realizes he's made a mistake.

The plot was well thought out and I enjoyed the mythological aspect of this book. I think some scenes were dragged out a bit, but overall the plot was unique and like nothing I've read before. I really enjoyed the concept.

I enjoyed the characters I think they were all well hashed out each with their own personalities, problems and redeeming qualities. I even enjoyed all the side characters which usually doesn't happen.

I won this book through a goodreads giveaway and really enjoyed it. There were some parts that dragged and I did skim a bit and some of the chapters were a bit long (but thats personal taste) overall I enjoyed this book and will be picking up other books from this Author.

Star rating : ☆☆☆.5
54 reviews1 follower
January 9, 2022
I thought the concept for this book was really interesting, and for the most part the execution delivered. Bryan implores the three Greek fates to save his girlfriend from cancer, but when they arrive he realizes its not that easy. Soon he must choose which of his friends lives or dies. With lots of twists and turns, you can never figure out who will be next on the chopping block.
The concept and plot was great, but sometimes I found the conversations a bit lacking and I think this book is definitely made for a high school audience. Some of the plot points didn't really make sense, for example I don't think enough justification was provided for Connor's actions, and would have liked the book to dive into that a little bit deeper.
Profile Image for Jonathan Rosen.
Author 5 books36 followers
February 24, 2021
I've loved all of Stacie Ramey's books, but I thought this one to be the best. A thrilling, fast-paced read, which incorporated elements of Greek mythology. Every page made me want to read the next one. Highly-recommended, and now I can't wait for her next book!
Profile Image for Jo Butcher.
53 reviews
May 26, 2022
I love the concept of the characters calling in the three fates without knowing the consequences. This is a fast paced, well written paranormal suspense novel. It's one of my favorites by Stacie Ramie.
Profile Image for Miriam.
453 reviews2 followers
February 25, 2021
I’d say a retelling of an obscure Greek myth... except with a morally grey smart ass antihero. This one is amazing!
Profile Image for Kasey Giard.
Author 1 book55 followers
May 14, 2022
I've been a long-time fan of Stacie Ramey's books, so I was excited to see a new one coming out, and super eager to read it. This one is a little different than her other books-- it's more New Adult genre than Young Adult, I'd say-- but it still has the same complicated characters caught in tough situations and dealing with grief.

The flirty Fates reminded me a lot of the Sirens in Hocking's series-- super powerful, snarky girls that let you know not to get on their bad sides! Most of the story is told from Bryan's point-of-view. He's a complex guy who makes some mistakes, and is still really trying to find his way. He's pretty flawed, but that made me really appreciate his journey a lot more, I think.

On the whole, I think readers who enjoy dark, very flirty stories will love this one. It's super entertaining and a pretty quick read.

Note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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