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Bloo Moose #2

Reaching For Risks

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Darby Banks’ yearly Reno List for her B&B is legendary. When her octogenarian guests give her fashion advice, she realizes she needs a renovation of her own. So along with fixing toilets and painting walls, she decides to buy some sexy lingerie and learn to flirt. If only her Risk List didn’t terrify her as much as the reason she’s been hiding in plain sight.

Quinn Charters has turned CharterGear Sporting Goods into a thriving business to spite his family. When they start contacting him with demands he wonders if its time to leave town. But there’s a certain B&B owner who makes him want to stay. If only he could figure out why she’s so wary around him.

An accident that damages Quinn’s store has him staying at Darby’s B&B and helping out with the renovations. And wondering what sexy secret is hidden in that renovation notebook of hers. When Quinn’s brother appears to strong-arm him into helping out the family business, Darby’s anxiety jumps and Quinn digs deep to discover the cause.

Darby should have added Stay Alive to her Risk List.

185 pages, Kindle Edition

Published July 21, 2020

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About the author

Jemi Fraser

20 books48 followers
Jemi Fraser writes romantic suspense filled with hope, heart, and humour. Her stories combine her love of mystery with the satisfaction of a Happy Ever After. Love is always worth the risk!

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Profile Image for Yolanda Renee.
Author 14 books106 followers
June 28, 2020
In Jemi Fraser's novel, Reaching for Risks: A Bloo Moose Romance, a young woman's habit of making lists is her way of keeping organized. Shy but goal-oriented Darby Banks doesn't realize that she's become a bit dowdy, not until a few octogenarians' point it out. But she's determined to change her ways, and like all her projects, it starts with a list.

Sexy clothes, flirting, a little make-up, Darby is sure she can do this. But new resident, Quinn Charters, makes her nervous. These two were made for each other. But their discovery of that fact takes a course that is unexpected, even dangerous.

Reading a Blue Moose Romance is all about getting lost in an adventure while watching the romance unfold. If you believe in love, you'll close this book with a sigh of relief and anticipation for the next one.
2,648 reviews18 followers
November 7, 2020
This is book two in The Bloo Moose Series and it is Darby and Quinn's story and omg what a story it is. Darby owns the B&B and she is always so organised and makes a list for everything, she doesn't realise how stuck in her ways that she is and needs to change a few things but will she be able to at the end of the day. Quinn owns the chartergear sporting goods store and he has made it into a thriving business regardless of his family background, when disaster strikes at his shop he ends up staying at Darby's B&B but what will happen next. Quinn is really confused why Darby is so skittish around him and will not make eye contact but he would like to find out as he really likes her but will be fine out why as Darby has a good reason why she dresses like she does and shy's away from Quinn but she can't risk him or anyone else finding out why. There are many twists and turns that you don't see coming but you have to keep turning the pages to see what will happen and and it is so addictive. Jemi Fraser is an amazing author and writer and she is one of my favourite authors as her books are so well written and definitely worth reading and I definitely recommend them.
I voluntarily reviewed an Arc copy of this book.
Profile Image for Jean Oram.
Author 73 books904 followers
July 29, 2020
Set in a B&B this romantic suspense has a fun makeover feel from the home’s renovations to the heroine. Add in a man she’s been crushing on for years whose own home got ruined by an elderly driver (who later saves the day in the most humourous way... endearing herself to the reader as well as the hero). A fun set up and a happily ever after.
Profile Image for Mason.
Author 2 books23 followers
August 25, 2020
A charming B&B ran by a sassy proprietor in a quaint small town is the ideal setting for the enjoyable read the author has created in REACHING FOR RISK.

The colorful description of the town and its people draw you in making you wish you could visit Bloo Moose in person. All the characters are lively and entertaining with the main core of characters reminding you of people you know or would like to know. With the main characters you have the ones you are pulling for and the ones you’d love to do bodily harm to.

The author gives you all the elements of a delightful and engaging story – laughter, suspense, a dash of mystery, wholesome fun, family, and especially romance. The story moves at a steady pace and holds your attention from beginning to end. If you’re a list making, you’ll especially want to find out about Darby’s Risk List.

The second installment in the Bloo Moose series, this story can be read on its own but will have you wanting to know about the lives of others in the town. It’s a fun read with great characters and a terrific setting.
Profile Image for Lynda Young.
Author 4 books29 followers
September 27, 2020
Darby, the sister of Sawyer from book 1, has been hiding out from life, running her B&B. No friends, no boyfriends, no makeup, and comfy clothes. A completely different character to Myla from book 1, and yet just as relatable and interesting.

Quinn moved to Bloo Moose ten years ago to escape his family, but he’s feeling restless. He is missing something and doesn’t know what it is.

Both have their own problems and need to learn that the other makes them complete. I love being in their heads as they guess wrong on what the other is thinking. It made me giggle with anticipation as they got to know each other better.

And I love the appearances of Myla and Sawyer and their continued story too. I feel like I know these people and am super happy for them all when things work out for them.

The final pages in particular had me grinning from ear to ear.

An enjoyable light read that had me smiling—and blushing—throughout.

I’m looking forward to reading the next one.
Profile Image for Ronel Janse van Vuuren.
Author 89 books46 followers
July 19, 2022
(Some spoilers because of trigger warning.)

It’s good. Darby and Quinn complement each other well and they are good for each other. As a love story, without looking deeper, it’s steamy and sweet.

But, it has the brothers trope and in the worst way: she falls for the brother of the guy who raped her. Though she denies it was rape, as it was described, he had his hands all over her and his fingers inside her – only stopping him by chance from consummating it supposedly makes it not rape. It’s still rape. And her hiding for a decade because of it and not being able to make eye-contact with someone who resembles the man who assaulted her (and constantly being afraid in his presence) is textbook reactions for someone who was sexually assaulted. If she’s not ready to own what had happened and take back her power, then she isn’t ready. But don’t say it didn’t happen in an attempt to make a happily-ever-after with his brother who looks so much like him.

Back to the brothers trope: there are literally millions of other available men on earth, why his brother? Serious psychological eww factor.

And, again, the men use the Lord’s name as an expletive. Not cool.

So I’m DNFing this series.

Trigger warning: Gender based violence. Flashbacks to rape.
2,559 reviews6 followers
May 8, 2022
Darby hides herself under baggy frumpy clothes that appeal more to her older B&B customers. It isn’t until she realizes this, that she decides to make a list, stopping hiding, and change. I can’t imagine getting past what she went through. She should have opened up and told her brother about it and gone through therapy to work past it because it’s still affecting her. Quinn gets the feeling that something bad happened to her, but I don’t think he realizes how bad it was. He gets angry at her flirting with others and is a bit rough with her times, frustrated over his awful family and how they are trying to ruin his life again. There are some scary moments when the past threatens Darby again. They have known each other for years, but their romance escalates pretty quickly.
Displaying 1 - 8 of 8 reviews

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