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The Callahans #1

Close to Me

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Asher Davis. My first crush.

My first kiss.

The boy who ripped my heart out of my chest again and again. Over and over. I let him have it every single time.


We are that toxic high school couple you hear about, the one you witness in the hallway avoiding each other. You laugh at them in class when they’re forced to work together, their gazes full of hatred. We are the couple you gossip about when they win homecoming prince and princess their sophomore year…

The back and forth is what kills me the most. I’m not his princess, I’m the girl he toys with when he’s bored. And he’s definitely not my prince, no matter how badly I want him to be.

Our senior year and we’re months away from never having to see each other again when disaster strikes—and brings us closer together. All it takes is one touch, and I’m burning for Ash. Hotter than I ever have.

But will that burn turn into a devastating fire? Or can we actually make it work this time?

382 pages, Kindle Edition

First published February 8, 2020

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About the author

Monica Murphy

94 books13.6k followers
New York Times, USA Today and international bestselling author. A believer in kissing. A believer of love.

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2,162 reviews7,585 followers
February 10, 2020

'CLOSE TO ME' Is a full length, stand alone romance novel by Monica Murphy. Spoken in various POV's.

I am drained, the drama, the angst, the sexual tension, the too and fro, these two were complete opposites, the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, and the good girl with a football legend as a father. Always worried that boys want to use her and get close to her just because of who her father is. BUT when these two were in each others space it combusted, an attraction that simmered away in the background, the thrown barbs, the hurt feelings, the stolen kisses, this author did not hold back when it came to the full teenage angst. This blew up my kindle!! These two were perfectly imperfect but perfect together, it just took them a long time to come together. So many times I just wanted to jump in the story knock their heads together and yell enough!! Phew these two were a hot mess!!


Fourteen year old Autumn has just started highschool and that's the day she encounters Ash he's the quarterback of their schools football team, he's hot, he's arrogant, and he makes her blood boil like no other. From that day onwards they try their hardest to avoid each other.

As we travel through the years and their tumultuous hate you, but I like you, but I'm not going to tell you that these two put us through is what made this book so enjoyable, from their first kiss, to more I was rooting along with everyone else that these two became a couple. She grounded him, and brought the best out of him, and together they were just perfect. I couldn't get enough of them.

* Teaser used is off the authors facebook page *
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251 reviews204 followers
October 24, 2020
1 Star

The entire book summarized below, So Spoiler Warning!

So we have Autumn who joins school during her sophomore year and this guy named JT comes up to her and is like “hey what’s your name, are you on snap” and she is all like omg he is probably a popular guy and is talking to me and is all excited until he leaves and we meet our hero who bursts her bubble by telling her that this is all part of a dare going around the football team, "who can get the new girls pussy snap first."

And the best part from the entire scene is Autumn getting angry at HIM because he told her about it and then proceeds to leave.


Then comes junior year and they end up being chemistry partners. She still hates him, because you know being a good guy and warning the new girl about being part of a bet is a bad thing right? 🙄
Anyway then the dance queen and king nominees. Autumn and Ash are nominated and now they have to apparently couple up until the dance and play some games to win the title.


Lmao so they obviously win and at the dance she and Ash secretly kiss and when she admits she likes him. Ash is like idk how I feel. So she gets angry and leaves.

Finally this time I DO understand her reasoning for being pissed

They both go back to avoiding each other until one day after a practice (she is a cheerleader and he is a quarterback) she is going towards her car when Ash calls her to sit in his truck to catch up with her. By this time Autumn is dating a guy named Ben. Ask keeps on asking about Ben again and again and then somehow Autumn ends up straddling Ask and then they both are making out until Ash says something dumb and Autumn runs away.


The next day she gets a call from her friend saying she saw Ash with another girl named Mia. She is hurt that just last night he was making out with her and now he is with someone else. Few hours later Ash messages her to come down he wants to talk to her and she is all like no go talk to Mia. 🙄🙄

They go back and forth until she graces him with 5 minutes to talk where he clarifies he was not with Mia she was just clinging to him and he only wants one person and that’s Autumn. It was kind of sweet he was all like you have my heart and etc etc. And Autumn who OBVIOUSLY has feelings for him is like no I’m dating Ben. It’s best we stay friends.

Then comes senior year where Autumn has broken up with Ben. But she gets to know Ash is dating a girl named Riley. She gets upset but tries to stay cool about it. Until when she is at home and hears her parents discussing about Ash. Ash’s mom’s boyfriend beat him up really bad so Autumn dad took him home and now basically he is going to stay with them. Autumn and Ash go back and forth until finally they both admit their feelings for one another and are together.


Riley Ash’s ex turns full on psycho mood then pretends to be pregnant with his baby blah blah starts a fire in Ash’s room in Autumn’s house and pretends she was with him the entire night and they both accidentally dropped a burning candle. Drew Autumns dad is furious, Ash goes to jail but then Autumn is like no he was with me this he entire night Riley is crazy. Ash is released and then finish. They both live happily ever after.
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523 reviews19k followers
August 18, 2022
I want to give this book zero stars:

I don’t like sex scenes in books between minors. I don’t get why they are written explicitly and since their age was never classified but they are in junior year and the beginning of senior year. They are 17 max.
I don’t like it.

Now the slut Shaming wasn’t fun either and Ash and Autumn were the biggest hypocrites ever.
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365 reviews7,616 followers
February 19, 2020
2.75 stars

meh this was ok.

the whole book takes place in high school but there's 2 parts of the book. the first part focuses more on freshman to junior year and the second part is all about senior year.

Autumn Callahan (h) is your typical h from a NA book (she's a virgin) and she's a goody-two shoes, while Asher Davis (H) is your typical bad boy, popular football player (QB of course). throughout the years, they have been playing this cat and mouse, push and pull game since the beginning of high school. and during their senior year, Asher is forced to live with Autumn and her family (love this trope).

Autumn (h):i found her so annoying in the beginning just because i thought Asher was being really sweet and i liked how he was chasing after her but she just kept rejecting him and she dated this other irrelavant dude and yes, she cheated on him with the H and i don't even think she told him. i don't know, because of this i didn't connect with her at all. BUT her inner monologue is so realistic for a teenage girl since she keeps talking about snapchat, tiktok, and watching youtube.

Asher (H): i definitely liked this dude more than the h, especially in the beginning. i liked how he would chase the h and show her he liked her. but i started NOT liking him during the second part (senior year) when he finally has a pov chapter. he was just- an ASSHOLE, mainly because of the nonchalant way he talked about his hookup with this OW. and i honestly thought he liked the h when they were younger but when he said this:
When I was younger, I wasn't serious. Not about Autumn, not about anything. I just wanted to toy with her. Kiss her, fuck her, be done with her. That had been my plan the night of the homecoming dance, and I thought I had her there for a minute.

.... bruh.

i know this is probably pretty minor but i felt DECEIVED. i genuinely thought he had serious feelings for her but nahhh.

sometimes i don't mind this type of drama in NA books because they're kind of mandatory nowadays so i just go with it but i was honestly super annoyed with the OW/baby mama drama here because i felt that it was added just so there is MORE drama.

the H wasn't celibate at all throughout the years. again, i didn't mind this (still annoyed tho) cuz the MCs didn't even see each other after their sophomore year and the h was still with this other dude.

but yeah, the H had a fling with this OW weeks before he and h got together and apparently they only had sex three times and he basically used her cuz he was lonely and he was upset that the h hadn't talked to him after her break up with the OM, and a part of him wanted her to be jealous *eyeroll*.
OW faked her pregnancy, almost burned h's house down and apparently she was crazy, y'all know the drill.


anyways, i believe the H's "feelings" in the beginning when they were sophomores but when i started reading H's pov during their senior year? i was like


but im still interested with Jake's (h's brother) story tho, that little snippet at the end left me intrigued.
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Author 94 books13.6k followers
February 14, 2020

This new adult, high school-set romance is a complete standalone at 95,000 words! If you like an angsty, enemies to lovers couple, then you MUST read Autumn and Ash's book!

**Did you know this book is about Autumn Callahan, Drew + Fable's daughter? The couple from ONE WEEK GIRLFRIEND & SECOND CHANCE BOYFRIEND are parents!**

KINDLE UNLIMITED: https://geni.us/CTMAmz

Spotify playlist inspired by CLOSE TO ME! Lots of music my teenagers listen to is included (so NSFW): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7i2...

Read the first chapter here: https://www.goodreads.com/story/show/...




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1,346 reviews1,419 followers
February 13, 2020
4.5 Stars!
(ARC provided by Social Butterfly PR)

-Ash Davis makes me uncomfortable. Most of the time in a bad way. Sometimes, though I’d never tell anyone this, he makes me uncomfortable in... a good way. Though I refuse to have a crush on him.

 photo 244A221D-C499-4318-852C-37FACC2FE211_zpsycbcduot.jpg

Autumn Callahan is the oldest of four siblings and the daughter of famous NFL superstar Drew Callahan. When her dad retires from football, her family moves to a small town to get away from everything. They buy a mansion in the mountains, and plan to live a normal life, but no matter where they go everyone still knows who her celebrity dad is. Autumn is starting high school, and hoping to make new friends. What she didn’t anticipate was meeting Asher Davis. The gorgeous, cocky, arrogant jerk who drives her crazy. They clash at every turn. He’s the quarterback on the foot a team who is rough around the edges. He’s had a tough life, and is full of attitude. He looks like trouble, and makes her feel on edge when he’s near.

 photo E4E6B93D-2072-428C-821A-243AF0A22AC4_zpstikk5ccr.jpg

Autumn and Ash can’t stand one another, and she tries to avoid and ignore him, but he’s always there. They are constantly being thrown together and partnered up in school. She’s frustrated how attracted she is to him, and over the years they go back and forth with their reckless, toxic relationship. She feels like he plays games, but there is an undeniable connection and spark between them that never goes away. She can’t deny how much she wants him anymore, but their timing is never right. He makes her feel too much, and soon she’s falling for the bad boy. Will he cherish her heart, or destroy it?

 photo 6F18C129-A291-4018-B6B3-EAAE8EDF42FC_zpsk73a4z3g.jpg

-He completely unsettles me. Just having him this close, I feel something crackling between us. Electricity? Chemistry?

-I can say without a doubt that we definitely have a connection, and it’s not one sided. He feels it too. We feel it together.

-He always makes me want more.

-All I want to do is feel and give in to this madness that he creates every time I’m with him.

 photo 4122BB1B-E3CD-483D-9A64-63DAB5D1173A_zpswmkrgzzp.jpg

Close To Me by Monica Murphy is an enemies to lovers, standalone new adult, high school romance full of emotion, drama, angst, amazing chemistry, and fabulous banter! This story is about Drew and Fable Callahan’s daughter from the One Week Girlfriend series all grown up. This book takes you along for the journey of Ash and Autumn’s turbulent, love/hate relationship through four years of high school. I really loved this story, and getting more of Drew and Fable as well. I adore the Callahan’s and hope we get more books for the other siblings too!

 photo 708800B6-901E-4A2B-8B1A-C8DCD774F259_zpsqkbfrd0n.jpg

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1,711 reviews334 followers
February 18, 2020
He’s all the rage, and I hate him for it.

Close to Me was pretty stinking cute. There are some steamier bits, but this is mostly a coming of age YA romance. Definitely on the more mature YA side, but the themes and angst were very young adult to me.

The heroine, Autumn, is the new girl in school. She has a retired NFL football quarterback dad, an awesome mom, and 3 younger siblings. Ash is the dark mysterious boy who doesn’t pull any punches. He says and does things to Autumn that no one else has ever done before. I wouldn’t say this is a bully romance by any means, but there’s definitely that love/hate tension between the two main characters!

This story follows them over their four years of high school, and time jumps a bunch at the start. These two try to avoid each other, but the spark is just there between them. If you enjoy teenage angst, then this book is for you. I realize that real teenagers of today have bigger problems and focus on more than just their love lives, who their friends are, and one day playing college football, but sometimes the simpler angst is what you’re looking for. You can find it here. That’s not to say that there aren’t some heavy situations in this one, because there are.

Enjoyed this read, and can’t wait to see what’s next for the Callahan kids!

*A note - I guess that this is a spin-off series based on the kids of the couple from her book “One Week Girlfriend.” I’m going to have to go back and read it now, because Fable & Drew were so awesome in their oldest daughters book.*

^edit on IG!

Available now!
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383 reviews35 followers
February 4, 2020
Holy hotness! I absolutely loved this book! It's angsty, raw, beautiful and sexy, and I adored every single word of it. The writing. The pacing. The story. The dialogue. The sex. Everything is all so perfect. It's a perfect book that will hold you prisoner. Monica Murphy completely slayed it with this one.

This story follows Asher Davis and Autumn Callahan, a boy and a girl from very opposite sides of the track. Ash is the QB of the football team that all the girls want, but none have been able to lock down. He is a bit of a bad boy and deeply troubled due to a rough home life. And Autumn? She is the new girl in town whose dad takes on the role of the coach for their local high school's football team. The two of them don't exactly hit it off at the start. But in time, the pull between them grows stronger and stronger. Their chemistry and connection is sizzling and electric with sparks crackling between them. Their fire burned up the pages making my heart race, my palms get sweaty and my panties sizzle.

I can't give you any more details than what I've given. This book needs to be experienced page by page, word by word. The story flowed exquisitely and flawlessly leaving me completely captivated and entranced. I felt myself never wanting it to end. I am so happy to have found this book that I fell in love with so deeply. This book is a book that you do not want to pass up. It is a must read and an absolute favorite of mine. Five stars for Ash, Autumn and Close to Me.

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940 reviews77 followers
January 23, 2021
This was sooooo good. I loved everything about it. Asher doesn't have the best life a worthless mother who has her priorities really screwed up. Asher deserves happiness and good things. Then he meets Autumn. She comes from a great family. Her dad an x football champion.what he needs is her family... And her.
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2,902 reviews634 followers
February 4, 2021
Well.... what to say... I found this book OK.
Again, this is a case where NA romance gone bad with too much drama/ plot/ twist. Way too much! I do not think it needs that much of drama.

The story between Autumn and Ash are just annoying! The chemistry of enemy to lover is promising at the beginning. Then Miss Murphy adding too much twist and drama into it. It is good to see how Drew and Fable life continues with their children. I read the other books in the series before Close to Me.

Well, overall this is OK book to me. Just too much drama in the mix.

3 stars
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370 reviews152 followers
February 16, 2020

[image error]

IG- Miftahul_mslovesreading

Okay so when I started this book I thought I ll give it 5 stars because it was so damn interesting, Autum is the daughter of a famous football player and Ash is a poor guy whose mother is a drug addict. He liked the heroine from the beginning but Autum had a crush on another guy, their story started when they were 15 and took many turns. I thought it ll be something heartbreaking or forbidden, I really liked Ash at the beginning but towards the end I literally started hating him and Autum is just so naive. whatever he tells her, first she protests but eventually listens to him.

20-35% of the book was really fun reading but then the Ash's mother's boyfriend beat him up and then the Autum's dad took him under his wing. Ash then starts to live with them and thats where I started hating with my guts. Like he keeps mocking Autum cuz they are rich. there was one part where he stole condoms from the Autum's brother and when the she called him out on that he just lashed out on her saying that they are Rich and can afford anything they want.

his behaviour was so awkward and controlling, he kept manipulating Autum like he didnt even want her to hang out with her friends. I mean whenever she had to leave him he was like are you ashamed to be with me, like how fucking manipulative is that, and then she gives up and spends her time with him.


The first half of the book Ash was like that fucked up kid with a rough childhood, he has feelings for Autum but doesnt know how to express it so thats why when he tries to be friends with her , he ends up insulting or being rude with her. So thats why I thought this story is gonna go on that way and Ash will turn out to be the good guy who doesnt know how to show his feelings but after reading 50% of the book it was like all he wanted was to have sex with Autum because whenever they meet he only talks about fucking her and I am like dude...stop.

Tho I liked the relationship between Drew who is the Autum's dad and the hero because Drew felt that Ash had potential to become something in his life so he helped him to shine. I want to read Jake's story so badd because i think his one is gonna be interesting.
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369 reviews543 followers
December 6, 2021
why did I decide to pick this up? severe lapse in judgement I think. I couldn’t stand how snobby autumn’s inner monologues were. I’m sorry but, no.
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1,349 reviews85 followers
February 12, 2020
***4 "Don't give up!!!" stars***


"Don't worry. I won't burn you."
"You already have."
"You've burned me too."

I suppose that many of you have read already "One week girlfriend" by Monica Murphy.
Guess what??? Drew and Fable had a big part in here since this story was about their daughter, Autumn... And i think, that we will have more of the next generation!!!
But don't you worry!!! This is a complete standalone and even though, i haven't read yet Drew's book, i enjoyed this certain story very much!!!

"Nothing's going on between us."
"You go ahead and keep telling yourself that."

Autumn and Ash have some kind of history... Since their first year of high school, they are sniffing around each other... even though they're trying their best to avoid each other mostly...
But still... They 're coming around over and over again, but usually, they are ending hurting each other, so they're moving on... Until next time!!!
At the present, at their senior year, the things are about to change cause something bad is happening and they are getting closer than before...

"I hate him.
I like him.
I'm drawn to him.
He repulses me.
Sometimes, I think I repulse him too.
"I don't really know how to feel... anything," he admits...
"Then neither do I," I lie.

"I still can't feel anything... I think it's gone."
"What's gone?"
"My heart. I don't have one. My chest is hollow."

"I just poured my heart out to you and that's what you have to say to me?"
"You don't have a heart, remember?"
"Yeah, because you stole it."

Autumn is a good girl. A girl from a good family and she is growing up in the best enviroment...
Ash was an enigma for her, the crazy bad boy that she couldn't stay away from, even though she was trying to...
Ash's life, from the other hand, can't be more hard. But still, he is trying to hold his head above the water and survive. To do something good for himself...
Autumn was in a way his obseesion.... He was trying really hard to stay away from her, but at the same time, he couldn't....
Now, these two are forced to be around each other more and how that will end up???

"He's not bright and sunny like Ben. He's dark and foreboding, like a stormy night.
Yet here I am. Drawn to the darkness when I should be seeking the light."

"Autumn Callahan is not for me. I need to remember that."

Well, i love both Autumn and Asher...
There was fire between them from the very first moment and i wanted them to be together, but there were many obstacles standing in their way...
The truth is that Asher hurt Autumn many times in the past, but i'm thinking that he didn't mean it. He just didn't know how to handle his feelings... especially since he was feeling that he never deserved this girl...

"I react to him no matter what. He's yelling at me, I'm disgusted with him, we're arguing, yet I still feel the spark.
I hate that stupid spark with everything I've got."

"He needs someone to believe in him...
I want to be that person.
If he'll let me."

Now, Drew and Fable were having a big part in here and i loved how they were between them and with their family...
I loved how good people they were and the way that they embrassed a troubled kid and tried to help him...
Well, honestly, i love this family and i can not wait more of them... Jake, be careful!!!

"Just... be careful with him. Troubled souls are hard to fix...
Troubled souls also just need someone to love them sometimes. Someone to believe in them when they already feel so defeated."
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Author 25 books5,101 followers
February 15, 2020
As a long-time fan of Monica Murphy, I have to say Close to Me is one of her best books! Autumn and Ash scorched my kindle with their chemistry, sexual tension, and the perfect amount of angst. I devoured this in one sitting!

An engrossing coming of age, enemies to lovers tale, Close to Me is a definite one-click! Fans of Drew and Fable from One Week Girlfriend won’t want to miss this next generation story.

#SwoonCity #MustRead #OneClick #ALLtheFEELS
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6,949 reviews827 followers
February 13, 2020
Oh the angst in this story! I cannot express how much I loved this book. Asher and Autumn were everything I could have wanted and more. He is such a damaged soul that is looking for acceptance and love but does not know how to show his own feelings. He is dealing with so much and the only thing that gets him through are his feelings for Autumn. He believes that there is no way that she could want him so he admires her from a distance. Autumn comes from a loving family and has everything going for her. She is drawn to bad boy Asher. He annoys her and makes her feel things that she has never felt. Most of the time she thinks that he doesn’t like her as he is always making fun of her. Then there are the times that he says things that she likes. When a situation arises, it pushes them closer together but to them it feels like everything and everyone is pulling them apart. Both of these characters are great individually but together it is pure beauty. It was great to see Drew and Fable as parents. As one of my favorite couples, they are raising wonderful children. I’m looking forward to seeing the other kids in their own stories.

Review copy provided for a voluntary review.
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507 reviews530 followers
February 4, 2021
High school drama at its finest.

Tbh I liked most of this, I liked Autumn and her family, and how the story went through all the years but, but, but... I didn't like Asher and every time he said something stupid I wanted to shove something in his throat so he will finally shut up. I understand where he came from, but I don't think it's an excuse for how stupid his reasoning was most of the time 🤷🏻‍♀️.
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3,485 reviews444 followers
February 12, 2020
I think I may be getting way too old for these second generation books. Over the top high school angst creeps in all-too frequently and tends to keep me stressed and heartbroken. I need more happy times with these kiddos. And I'm always fearful that these types of series will stall and we'll never get their complete stories.

According to the author there is more to come with Drew and Fable's son, Jake's story up next, followed by their younger daughter, Ava, after that. Nothing mentioned about little Beck yet. Hopefully, readers will get check-ins from Autumn and Ash in the upcoming books as well. Their happy-for-now ending left me wanting so much more, with too many questions unanswered.

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1,162 reviews1,407 followers
December 23, 2020
First off I love romance novels that continue with the next generation of love. In this book we get Drew and Fable’s children taking us on the roller coaster of emotions. Autumn is daddy’s princess, try as she might to have him see her as more. Autumn’s character is what I pictured her to be, a perfect blend of her mother’s strength and her father’s goodness and both of their kindness and goodness. I can’t wait to see how her siblings are!!

Ash, is the bad boy quarterback of their high school team, the boy she's been crushing on for years. Will they finally resolve their issues?? Asher & Autumn had such a push n pull relationship from the very beginning. My heart continually broke for Ash and how bad his life was until the Callahan's essentially rescued him. It was a passionate story full of emotions, drama and love. Couldn't put it down once I started.

These two heat up the pages with their rivalry turned young love and just like Autumn’s parents you fall in love right along with them.
I can not wai to read more of the series.
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848 reviews598 followers
February 14, 2020
4.5/5 Stars

Disclaimer: I received an Advance Reader Copy at no cost from the publisher/author. All opinions in my review are my own.

This is a book that I could not put down. It was totally addicting and I binged this book in a single day. Monica Murphy always has a way of pulling the reader into the story and into the characters' lives.

No matter what type of story she tells, I always find myself loving Monica Murphy's stories. She has a writing voice that really speaks to me. Her writing style is one that I always look forward to. It is never clunky and the dialogues are always realistic and on point. Her smooth and clever writing style always wins me over.

I fell into these characters' lives effortlessly. Autumn, one of the main characters, is the daughter of Drew and Fable from Murphy's One Week Girlfriend series. I honestly have not had the pleasure of reading that series, but the author does an amazing job of pulling the reader into their world even if they haven't read the other series. What's better is that the reader doesn't really feel lost for not having read the other series, yet can still feel the compound world-building. Ash, the other main character, has some excellent character growth in this story. I loved his character development and his backstory was detailed and relevant. Autumn's character also had some nice development. These characters are written so wonderfully that the reader can't help but sink their teeth in.

While there is a lot of build-up in terms of the relationship and the tension between Autumn and Ash, I felt that the physical part of their relationship moved a little too quickly once they finally gave in to their feelings. Sure, they are teenagers, and yes, they have hormones, but I felt that in terms of their relationship it went a bit too fast. They needed a little breathing room to get used to being a couple before they hopped into the sack with each other. Otherwise, I think that Murphy did an excellent job with the build-up and the sexual tension between Autumn and Ash. They definitely had a spark with each other and the reader could feel it through the pages. We get to see them throughout their high school career, not just in the present.

The plot of the story was done really well. The plot has a very fluid progression and all the details align in the end. I really liked the plot points in the story. I couldn't stop turning the pages.

Overall, this was another fantastic story from Monica Murphy! You'll fall in deep with this one and you won't be the least bit sorry. I can't wait to sink my teeth into Jake's story, which will the next story in the Callahans series. He's a character from this book that I was curious about and I can't wait to see where Murphy takes his story.

More reviews on my blog: Novel Nerd Faction
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1,120 reviews462 followers
August 4, 2021
This was just ok. It’s a high school romance, both more NA (explicit sex scenes) than YA. I guess this is a spin-off of the One Week Girlfriend books (Drew & Fable) as these are their kids’ books. Overall, neither of the MCs did much for me. I like my YA or HS romances to give me all the feels, in this one both characters were super annoying. The heroine was so immature and annoying and had no business having sex. The “broken” hero was a plain asshole, and romance between him and Autumn was basically non-existent. The ending was pretty HFN. I’m intrigued enough to keep the series and read Jake and Ava’s books. The audiobook narration was great though.
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2,506 reviews353 followers
February 19, 2020
I am devastated to admit but I think I have out-grown New Adult Romance. While Monica Murphy’s characterisation and narrative is excellent, I just kept thinking how petty and shallow it all seemed from the perspective of ‘jaded’ adulthood lol.

Asher is my favourite in all his broody, moody glory; add in his traumatic back-story and you have a character you just want to hug. Due to his age and my age, I just couldn’t see him as a book boyfriend but rather as a foster child to take under my wing.

Close to Me is angst driven with a lot of see-sawing of emotions and interactions between Ash and Autumn. I completely adored Autumn’s family and the investment they put in to their family as well as nurturing those around them.

I would really liked to have seen the future of Asher and Autumn to gain a sense of completion. As I have previously stated, while Close to Me is a fantastic story with brilliant characters, it just didn’t truly work for me due to the age of the characters.
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January 31, 2020
Autumn just can't help where her gaze tends to land when her man is basically flaunting it, "...greedy gaze drops to his front, and my cheeks grow warm. Not like he’s sporting a boner or anything, but I can tell it’s… Impressive. “Quit checking out my junk and get me a towel,” he demands." It's good to know Ash has fantasies of his woman, “indulge me for a little while, Callahan. I’ve been dreaming of getting my hands up your cheer skirt for years,” he drawls, his gaze dropping to my exposed thighs." I liked this book, I loved Ash.
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May 31, 2021
"I just poured my heart out to you and that's what you have to say to me?"

I gave this book 4 stars first but I'm giving it a 3 now. I find Autumn and Asher a bit annoying and there was too much of drama and i'm not a big fan of drama.
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February 13, 2020
Close to Me is a binge worthy book. I didn't want to put it down and read it in a day. Autumn is Drew and Fable's daughter and you see how close knit of a family they have. Drew coaches football at Autumn's high school so she is popular and also kids try to get close to her because of who her dad is. The good thing about her is that she is such a nice girl. Even though she is wealthy, she is also sweet to everyone, everyone but Ash. She does feel pressure to be a certain way and feels that she is expected to be a proper girl and have the perfect boyfriend. That perfect boyfriend isn't the bad boy she meets freshman year that she can't stop thinking about.

Ash is not so much a bad boy, but he comes from a rough home. He has no one that truly cares about him and he feels like he has nothing left inside him. Until he meets Autumn. He knows she steals a bit of him and he will never get it back.

You see glimpses of their interactions over the course of their four years in high school and you are just rooting for these two. There is always something that happens that forces them apart, but you know in the end, love will win. There is, of course, the high school drama that I don't love, but it was done in such a way that it didn't bother me, even when it probably should have. This is why I read Monica Murphy. I trust her writing and I loved this book.
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March 17, 2023
hero and heroine just seemed so immature for their ages. wish there was more development with them. and everything was just so fumbly and kinda cringey. ending wasn't very satisfying. honestly felt like a fanfiction story...

perfect if you love
- enemies (kind of?) to lovers
- high school setting
- spoiled heroine, poor and abused hero
- hero moves in with heroine's family
- hero is a playboy who just doesn't know what he wants
- their first time is just...um
- hea i guess

"Troubled souls also just need someone to love them sometimes. Someone to believe in them when they already feel so defeated."

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October 1, 2021
“You don’t have a heart, remember?”
“Yeah, because you stole it.”

A coming of age first love angsty read.
I loved to see the relationship build from freshman year of Highschool to Senior year.
He is from the wrong side of town with a horrible family life and plays football for her father. She comes from a wealthy supportive family and friends.
The tone was age appropriate however I would call it new adult because of the spice level.
Enemies to love with great banter and heartache.

NA. Dual POV. Sports romance
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November 29, 2020
I actually loved this, autumn and ash reminded me so much of dariapenn from pretty reckless ugh gotta love the rich girl poor boy trope !!! Can't wait to read more about the Callahan family.
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March 20, 2022
Updating with audio review:

I have just loved the audio narration of this series- the vocal performance really bring to live the teenage feelings and angst of this story. Like my prior read, I really loved Autumn as a character-the tensions she feels in trying to be the person she thinks she’s supposed to be, the need to “fit in.” I found her so relatable. Her story with Ash is a bit drawn out, and I wish we’d gotten his perspective more (the later books in the series have alternating POVs, and that's more of my personal preference). We have a bit of unnecessary drama, like so many new adult/mature YA stories, but at the heart we have two characters growing up, figuring out who they are, and trying to figure out how to fit into each other’s lives. And i really loved getting to be in Drew’s head- and meeting the whole Callahan crew.

The female narrator is just fantastic- captures the whole spirit of Autumn.
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December 2, 2019
This will span a long period of time (boo) and it starts with a teenage Autumn.

I read the first five chapters and omg, let the ""mature"" YA part be short. Five chapters were enough.
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