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They call him ‘Wilde Man’. Rumor has it he’s an animal on the ice and between the sheets.

Like the rest of the female population, I’ve been crushing on Clancy Wilde, the captain of Boston University’s hockey team, since the first time I saw him. Big, blond, and charming, he ticks all the boxes.

When we find ourselves at a wedding, drunk and flirting, I know I can finally check this tattooed, bad boy, hockey player off my wish list.

One night is all it was meant to be, until I see two pink lines on the pregnancy test.

How did the notch on my belt turn into a ball and chain?

First published August 21, 2019

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About the author

Jacob Chance

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Jacob Chance grew up in New England and still lives there today. He’s a martial artist, a football fan, a practical joker, and junk food lover.
A USA Today bestselling author of sports romance and romantic suspense, Jacob plans on writing many more stories.

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2,309 reviews24.7k followers
September 7, 2020
jacob chance - Google Search

Checked is book one in the Boston Terriers Hockey series by Jacob Chance. This is a NA sports, surprise pregnancy romance. I’ve read Jacob’s romantic suspense books before but this is my very first of his sports romance!

checked jacob chance - Google Search

Tenley is a twenty one year old junior in college working on her education degree at King University in Virginia. She is the best friend of Sophie whom we met in Jacob’s book, Depravity. Tenley has known Clancy for years and had a huge crush on him from the start. But they barely know each other and she’s tried to keep her embarrassing crush to herself. At the wedding of a friend, they are both guests. A little drinking and a lot of flirting leads to the night of Tenley’s dreams. She knows this is just a one night stand with a man she never thought would look twice at her. But fate had other ideas.

cute country boys - Google Search

Clancy Wilde is a senior at Boston University and is captain of the hockey team. Clancy has a reputation but in reality, his life focuses on one thing and one thing only, hockey. His goal has always been to make the NHL. This is his last year of college and his last big shot. He doesn’t have room in his life for a relationship. He has always thought Tenley was beautiful and had a bit of a crush on her. Their night together was more than he could ever have expected. But he lives hours away from her. It’s for the best. He hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her so it’s best she is far away. He has to stay focused. Only a few months later, he gets some news that changes everything.

checked jacob chance - Google Search

I have to admit that these two took the news so well and handled everything with complete maturity. Once the initial shock wore off, they both just accepted things and did the best they could. Their relationship was all a bit backwards. They had sex first, then became friends which eventually grows into more. But Clancy can’t give up his dream of going pro. It’s all he’s ever wanted. How could this ever work?

hockey puck and stick

This is a sweet, sexy story of two young people right in that spot between college and adulthood, forced to make some very adult decisions. I liked that they didn’t bring in unwanted drama into their relationship as it developed. They both behaved with maturity and respect. One thing that bothered me a bit, though, was just a personal pet peeve of mine, failure to communicate. There were so many times when they should have said what was on their minds but shut down instead. But that is also part of growing up. Book two in this series is Iced, which is Oliver’s story!

For more about this book and so many others, come and visit me at Carol's Crazy Bookish World.

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628 reviews317 followers
September 9, 2020
Pro-life, surprise pregnancy, horribly written GARBAGE

I was already hating this book before the surprise pregnancy and was counting down the minutes before I could throw it away when I read this gem:

“You didn’t say abortion as an option,” I interject.
“No, I didn’t think that would be something you’d be interested in.”
“You’re right. I couldn’t live with myself if we took the easy way out at the baby’s expense.”

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?!!? These children don’t live in the same state, know how to communicate like adults, have jobs, real plans for how they’ll take care of and raise the baby... and say abortion is the easy way out. Jesus Christ.

This is what I get for just skimming the book summary and reviews... why not just call this Checked: A Pro-Life Romance and call it a day.

Garbage. Someone should pay me reparations for the emotional distress I endured reading this shit.
Profile Image for Jen (jensdreamylittlereads).
780 reviews63 followers
August 21, 2019
YESSSSS!! I loved loved loved this book!! CHECKED is by far and away one of my favorite romantic comedies of 2019. Jacob Chance excels at writing romantic comedy, and he created something extremely special with CHECKED. What an incredible, heartfelt, sweet, dynamic, and SWOONY read this one is. I fell head over heels in love with the storyline and characters, as well as Jacob’s writing and brilliant sense of humor. I was hooked from beginning to end, and couldn’t have loved Clancy and Tenley’s story more.

Get ready to meet your new swoon-worthy book boyfriend because Clancy was freaking swoon-worthy as all get out! I dare anyone not to fall madly in love with Clancy Wilde. Unapologetic in his confidence to the point of cocky but with the biggest heart imaginable when it came to the right person. Seriously, I cannot wait for everyone to fall for Clancy. He's definitely arrogant and can be quite a handful but he's also the sweetest and the most loyal hero ever. I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful this character is. Truly a standout hero in my opinion. Tenley was a firecracker and I loved her personality. She was kind yet outspoken, and I loved that she gave Clancy a run for his money. Tenley and Clancy’s chemistry together was on fire, and I loved how their relationship progressed throughout. I loved reading all of their playful, hilarious banter and interactions with each other. Clancy and Tenley have become one of my top favorite Jacob Chance couples, and it was an absolute delight reading their love story.

CHECKED is a sexy, addicting, swoon-worthy, laugh-out-loud MUST READ romantic comedy. I absolutely LOVED it! Jacob Chance outdid himself with Clancy and Tenley’s love story, and it has been one of my favorite romcoms from him to date. I loved the smiles, the emotions, the passion and just everything about this story. I went deep from the first chapter and did not come back to reality till I finished it. I didn't want it to end. Too good, too perfect and too great.
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1,129 reviews56 followers
August 21, 2019
Oh my gosh! This book was amazing! After reading each of the Boston Terriers books, I always proclaimed that was my new favorite. From the very moment we met Clancy, I knew he was special. For the simple reason he played hockey made this book a more pleasurable read. So, yes, Checked is my new favorite and I am looking forward to more hockey Romance from this author.

Clancy, was an amazing hero. And I couldn’t have loved him more. I found his character totally swoon worthy. There was so much more to Clancy then his physical attributes. So, so much more. And Tenley was a perfect match for him. I loved that she acted tough but inside she was vulnerable.

Another aspect of the story that was enjoyable was watching Tenley and Clancy work around a long distance relationship, even if it wasn’t an actual relationship they were in. It was difficult for them, being apart. But because neither new the depth of the others feelings, their situation was a bit tense. Even though Tenley and Clancy weren’t always on the pages together, they were always connected.

Another amazing read from this author. I highly recommend this book!

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it!
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144 reviews5 followers
August 27, 2019
Jacob Chance is the king of sports romance stories! Yes, Checked was a hockey romance but it was so much more than that. A story that reaches the heart. One of my favorite things about Jacob’s writing is how he goes above and beyond with his characters and you can tell that as you’re reading. It feels so real...almost like you’re there.

When we first meet Clancy “The Wilde Man” Wilde in the Boston Terriers football series, we meet the crazy, fun
jock. We get a pretty good Idea in our heads built up of him. Little did we know how many sides “ The Wilde Man” has. Really, they aren’t so...Wild.

“Hockey was my dream until you and I got together. And then you became part of my dream too”

Tenley Davenport has had a thing for Clancy for some
time. An opportunity presented itself for her to have a night of fun with her dream guy, but little did she know that a little fun would be followed by so much mayhem.

Do you love stories with surprise, humor, love , a really swoony hockey player and a hilarious firecracker heroine?Because this has it all! Jacob Chance did an amazing job at bring his characters to life in the first installment of the Boston Terrier’s Hockey Series. 5 perfect stars!
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159 reviews43 followers
August 21, 2019
Sure, Checked is a sports romance, long distance surprise pregnancy love story. And sure, Clancy (gah, more on him later) says things like “Forget soulmates. This girl might be my s3xmate.” And you will gobble up those fun lines, but checked is soooooo much more. Everyone needs to read this unforgettable romance, it's original and feisty with lovable leads and an addicting supporting cast.

Thanks to Jacob Chance’s deceptively simple writing style, I FELT this story. I felt their journey from s3xmates to soulmates. And Clancy is written so well--as such a dude but also such a freaking romantic. Honestly, the internal churn of this story twists you up because it’s so believable. So real.

Checked is an emotional romance that resonates. I highlighted way more passages than I care to admit, and I found myself tearing up, reading the connections and confessions between these two. The story itself is sweet and sexy, a ridiculously addicting page-turning romp. AND it’s moving. The pairing is pretty original. A chill, happy go lucky coed finally gets the man of her dreams, who happens to be a star athlete at the top of his game seven states away. Straight up, read Checked immediately. It deserves space on your Best of 2019 Shelf.

Like all of Chance’s men, Clancy is funny, and has a straight up guy vibe that makes you fall for him. He’s just a great lead. He has a strong moral code, and he says what he means. He starts out as your typical college hockey bro with career tunnel vision, or so you think. There's a lot below the surface.

Just one bite of Tenley’s forbidden fruit, and he’s pining away. Working a hidden agenda that includes a healthy dose of denial, yet Clancy never swerves into jerk territory. Of course he doesn’t, it’s Jacob Chance. He writes hot hot hot lovable men that feel real.

Tenley is the same. I loved how laid back she was. And all the cute details that made her Tenley. She was so relatable, I wanted to hug her.

Once Clancy entered the picture, she was a goner. The two of them literary squeezed my heart, and I had to clear the tears to write this review.

I love this romance, and I didn’t want it to end. I found myself, “dizzy with longing, but content at the same time.” Tenley said that, but it sums up Checked perfectly.
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1,240 reviews177 followers
August 21, 2019
Dreams Change

No one writes a confirmed bachelor turned swoony, love-of-your-life like Jacob. Get ready ladies, Clancy is going to steal your heart!

Tenley has crushed on Clancy for years. When the opportunity arises to fulfill her fantasy of being with her crush, she can’t help but jump at the chance. Now that one night is going to change everything.

The hottie hockey has a reputation and dreams of the NHL. The only woman he has room for in his life is hockey. He wasn’t ready for Tenley. She wasn’t part of his plan for the future until his future completely changes.

The Wilde man turned soft when it came to the people in his life that mattered most. His soft side is endearing. I loved his honesty and eagerness when handling the unexpected.

The author gave us a story about an unexpected surprise and handled it with a whole lot of love a bit of humor. A one-night stand that became more important than the original dream. Dreams change for the better when forever love finds you.
August 23, 2019
My anticipation levels for this book were through the roof, I'd been waiting for Clancy's story since we met him way back in Tackle. I wasn't disappointed.
Checked blew my mind. It showed the softer side to easy going, fun loving Clancy. Checked still show cased Clancy's lighter side while diving deeper into the real caring, gentle giant side.
Tenley was the perfect match for Clancy. Her sassy attitude and strong will while dealing with an unexpected pregnancy made her a strong, likeable character.
It's also worth noting the amount of detail and research Jacob put into pregnancy for this book. I've had two children and he taught me things I had no idea about. Bravo.

If I had to sum up Checked in a few words I'd say it's, Fun. Charming. Sexy. Sweet. Heartfelt.
This is a book you'll struggle to put down or forget about anytime soon.
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718 reviews330 followers
September 8, 2019
Where do I start? Jacob Chance isn't new to me, I have a few of his books and have loved each and every one of them. He is best known for his sports romances, and although I am not massively into them myself, I can't help but love his. He always seems to be able to give you more than just the sports romances and this book did just that too.

In CHECKED, the author gives us Tenlsey and Clancy's love story, and it was one hell of a story, and an amazing start to what promises to an epic series.

Tensley has been longing for Clancy for years so when the chance to be with him comes up, even if it was just one night, she can't pass it up, but what she thinks is just one night, will ultimately change her life forever, and his when she finds out she is now pregnant with his child.

Clancy, in my opinion, is every girl's dream guy. He's hot as hell, he's sweet, he ambitious and bleeds hockey. Everything about him is hockey. He loves it and that isn't about to change anytime soon. He isn't the type to settle down, and if and when he wants someone he can normally get exactly what wants when he wants it. He's every woman's fantasy. But after a night hot, passionate sex with someone, he's only known as a friend for so long. His whole life will start to change and could very change the path he is on in his life.

These two were hot as hell... Seriously, and the sexual tension and overall push and pull between them was enough to drive me bat shit crazy and I loved every second of it. These two were meant to be, although they start out as friends, you can clearly see both of them want more.

But is Clancy ready to be a father? Will it ruin what friendship they have left after that one night stand, or will it blossom into more? or fall apart altogether? Both of them were not ready for this but they are left to deal with and work themselves out and it is one hell of a story that Mr. Chance has delivered

The author doesn't shy away from much. He brings heat and passion so intensely into this book, it will leave you squirming in your seat, but putting the heat factor side he also bring much more to the story. There are angst and drama, laughs and even a few moments of sadness. This book truly has it all and I can't wait to read the next in the series.

5 Stars!

August 25, 2019
Anytime Jacob Chance releases a novel I spare as much time as necessary to devour his words! Clancy has been one of my favorite chance characters and getting his story has made me fall head over heals for this sexy hockey player! I loved watching his and Tenleys relationship develop from friendship to more and the realness of their situation for me solidifies them as my fave couple!

What I love most about Jacobs writing is how he takes time for characters to develop and doesn’t make everything about the “romance” he lets things happen organically and doesn’t throw in a scene just for the sake of having one but oh man watch out when he does because it will blow you away (in more ways than one hahaha)!

I can’t wait to see which hockey player comes next because I know I’ll love this team as much as I loved the football team!
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4,072 reviews127 followers
August 22, 2019
5 star review of Checked (Boston Terrier’s Hockey #1) by Jacob Chance

It’s true what they say, all it takes is one night for your life to be changed forever. That’s what happens to Clancy Wilde, captain of Boston University’s hockey team and the woman who was supposed to be a hook-up at his cousin’s wedding, Tenley Davenport.

I enjoyed everything about this book. From start to finish Jacob Chance wove such an engaging story that I couldn’t help but be drawn in.
Clancy is focused on making it in the big league and has no time for a relationship despite the fact that he has been attracted to Tenley for years whilst Tenley is focused on graduation having long admired Clancy from afar.
I fell hard and fast for Clancy, not only is he hot, but he is totally swoon worthy and an all around nice guy and I loved Tenley, such a sassy and fun woman. These two together were a great pairing and I really wanted them to get their happily ever after.
There was humour, drama, angst and romance and suspense which had kept me thoroughly entertained,
This is a little gem that I couldn’t put down.
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713 reviews32 followers
August 27, 2019
3.5 Puck In The Goal Stars

I’d really been looking forward to Clancy’s book. “Checked” is the first book of the spin-off series, “Boston Terriers Hockey!” I wasn’t quite sure where it was headed, due to Tenley, and his geographical distance, and was pretty surprised with the way this plot played out. I liked it; I love this trope in general, but also thought this story was missing that something extra from Clancy’s character while dealing with Tensley, and their circumstances. I’m definitely looking forward to Oliver’s story in book two!
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1,202 reviews24 followers
August 22, 2019
I couldn’t get enough of Clancy and Tenley. We’re given a friends to lovers, sports romance and so much more. This is such a down to earth story that has me tearing up at times and smiling non stop. Clancy is such a gentleman and passionate with those he holds near and dear. I admire Tenley and the decisions she makes there are times I want to scream at her to speak up but in the end I would of probably done the same thing myself. A must read that needs to be bumped to the top of your TBR list.
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1,313 reviews69 followers
September 1, 2019
Happily Ever After

Clancy Wilde’s wedding reception hookup gives him more than a great night of sex. He also manages to become a father.

When he sees Tenley sitting at the bar he can’t resist approaching her. He’s always thought she was beautiful but after being warned off by his cousin Sophie he’s kept his distance.

When Tenley sees her chance for one night with Clancy she jumps in. She’s had a crush on him for what seems like forever. Ending up pregnant was not part of the plan.

Long distance friendship ensues and we watch these two slowly go from friends to two people who end up getting it all.
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1 review
June 23, 2020
Left a bad taste in my mouth having the author continually pushing their anti abortion ideals on the reader. Also the use of the "not like other girls" trope got old real fast.
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Author 17 books432 followers
August 21, 2019
Let me just start by saying this book was amazing!
Honestly I loved every minute of it (and I may or may not have read it in pretty much one sitting)
That’s the thing about Jacob his books are so hard to put down!
I’ve wanted Clancy’s book for a long time... and I was not disappointed!
This is a great surprise pregnancy book that gave me all the feels! And of course was not short of those moments that will leave you all hot and bothered!
So if you are looking for a book with sexy hockey players, witty banter, surprise pregnancy, steamy scenes, lots of laughs, and all the feels, then you NEED this book!
Profile Image for Carol (StarAngel's Reviews) Allen.
1,683 reviews594 followers
September 20, 2020
4 Stars

This was such a cute story of Tenley and Clancy. I went into this thinking Clancy was going to be a jerk about the pregnancy and end up having to work hard to regain trust, but I was pleasantly surprised that he stood up to the challenge and was an all around good guy.

The only thing that bothered me a bit was something that didn't mesh with the story. At one point Clancy acts like Tenley's parents house is the first time he is seeing it but at the beginning of the book, he was already there.

Other than that, I really enjoyed this book.
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206 reviews6 followers
August 23, 2019
I absolutely adored CHECKED! Clancy and Tenley were perfect in every way! Clancy is a fun and loving guy with a protective side that would make any woman swoon! Tenley is just as fun with her quick wit! This read was super sweet with awesome banter that will make you laugh out loud! I can’t find the words to explain how much I loved this book! Just 1-click and read! You will not be disappointed!
Profile Image for Valeen Robertson (Live Thru Books Blog).
4,966 reviews158 followers
August 24, 2019

When Tenley gets the chance for a night with the guy she's had a crush on forever, she takes it with arms wide open. Oh sure, Clancy's her best friend's cousin, and has been warned that Clancy's not for her considering his player status, both on and off the ice, but Tenley just can't resist. She just didn't realize it would have far-reaching, permanent kind of consequences.

Clancy has always had his eye on a hockey future. It's all he thinks about. But after one hot night with Tenley, his focus just may have to shift to include something (someone) other than hockey. Can he and Tenley make it work when his focus has always only been on one thing and one thing only?

Whew, Checked is hot! I love Jacob Chance's college sports romances and Checked is no exception. I love how Tenley and Clancy grow together and how they figure things out, letting their natural (and really hot) chemistry lead the way. They're a great way to start off a hot new hockey series!

ARC via Enticing Journey Book Promotions for an honest review.

Full review/release blitz ---> Live Through Books Blog.

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1,100 reviews85 followers
August 25, 2019
* Read more of my reviews at Whoo Gives A Hoot *
Jacob Chance is the KING of sports romances and oh my goodness his newest release has me falling even more in love with this genre and his unique writing style. The Boston Terriers Hockey series gives fans of the original Boston Terries series an opportunity to check in on some of our favorite past characters and see what they have been up to since we have last visited!

CHECKED is one of my favorite books from this author and I can't even begin to tell you all how much I freaking loved Clancy Wilde and Tenley Davenport's story! The moment I started reading I couldn't put it down and before I knew it, I was reaching the last page...even when I didn't want to let them go. Their story took me on a rollercoaster ride of feels and I devoured every moment these two had to offer. Not only did I love the romantic aspect of this story, but who the heck doesn't love a good surprise baby romance? I know this girl sure does! I absolutely loved how their relationship progressed throughout the story and how much they both grew as well! They have definitely become two of my favorite characters from this author and I am totally hoping for the chance to see more of them as this series continues!
Profile Image for Lisa (Two Bookish Brits).
755 reviews153 followers
August 23, 2019
Oh my gosh this book!

ARC received in exchange for an honest review

I absolutely love a good sports romance and Jacob Chance sure as heck delivers a good one.

Tenley and Clancy have been amazing to read about. Tenley is beautiful and unlucky with love. She’s had a major crush on her best friends cousin
Clancy is a hockey player, he’s big, broad and beautiful and knows it.
What they don’t realise is just how much their lives are gonna change after one single night together.

Watching these two go from casually talking to friends to more has been an experience. They’re both so much fun to read about and their story, it’s just wow.

Jacob Chance really delivered a cracking book filled with a whole bunch of emotions. I’ve absolutely enjoyed getting to know these characters and I’m in love, wow.
Profile Image for Stephanie.
Author 66 books618 followers
December 25, 2019
This was my first Jacob Chance book and it won't be my last. I love sports romance and Chance did a fantastic job of keeping the characters and story line fresh.

Clancy has a one track mind...HOCKEY. If anyone deserves a career in the NHL, it's him with his dedication to the game. However he also has a a major crush on his cousins best friend, Tenley. One night is all it takes to change everything for both of them.

Tenley is young and beautiful with an unfaltering crush on Clancy. It doesn't matter that her best friend and Clancy's cousin has warned her of his playboy ways. When she gets to have the night she's only dreamed about with him she takes it. However, there's always a consequence to your actions.

Will Clancy be able to acheive both of his dreams or will he have to let one go?
368 reviews2 followers
December 19, 2019
Wasn’t in love with this book to start... found the writing to be kinda shitty... lotta yelling instead of showing.... I was skimming early on.... and then this little gem happened at 43% and I’m like - OH HELL NO.

“You didn’t say abortion as an option,” I interject. “No, I didn’t think that would be something you’d be interested in.” “You’re right. I couldn’t live with myself if we took the easy way out at the baby’s expense.

Way to shame individuals who choose abortion. Way to slip your own personal views on abortion into the lines of your characters. I don’t care if someone is pro-life or pro-choice but shaming either side is a no-go.

I’m out. And I won’t read another one of this author’s books.

Profile Image for Diane Hamilton.
132 reviews22 followers
October 2, 2019
Need a sports romance?
I can't recommend Checked by Jacob Chance enough. Its just perfect.
We met witty Clancy Wilde in Tackle and I instantly knew his story would be amazing and I was right. Clancy is so much MORE than just your average hockey player. He's a goofball at heart but when it comes to hockey then your speaking about his life long dream of making it in the NHL until he spends one night with his cousin best friend Tenley.
Who knew that ONE sexy night would lead to so much more?
Dreams do change
Obstacles are meant to be overcome
BUT in the end the GREATEST gift is LIFE.
I highly recommend reading CHECKED .
20 reviews
January 26, 2020
Not worth the time, glad I didn’t pay for it

It was difficult to get through. Not developed characters and no depth at all. Awkward veiled misogyny and good ole fashion New England arrogance. Accurate as far as the privileged white BU and “Ivy League” students went, but in a painfully unaware way. Usually love books set in Boston but not when they use brown folks as props for their white savior complex.
Profile Image for Brenda Travers.
165 reviews12 followers
August 23, 2019
Sports Romance perfection done right!!!

I never get tired of saying Jacob Chance knows his way around the genre of Sports Romance. He has the ability to connect you to his characters, his level of detail throughout his books is something that elevates him as one of my auto must click authors and his latest book Checked (Boston Terriers Hockey #) is pure sports perfection.

This is the first book in the Boston Terriers Hockey series and I could not wait to read my first Hockey romance. Checked is the Story of Clancy Wilde and Tenley Davonport. He is star of the BTHT and is the object of many girls affections. He’s built, deliciously handsome with his long blonde hair and has been Tenley’s crush for as long as she can remember. She is his cousins best friend, she’s stunning and any guy in his right mind could fall hard for her. Any guy that’s not Clancy that is, he has a plan for his hockey career and said plan does not involve having a girlfriend who could distract him from that.

When Tenley’s teenage crush gives her the one thing she never thought possible her world is flipped on its axis. Throw in a surprise pregnancy and some downright swoon moments and you can’t help but want to loose yourself through the pages. These two leads are loveable, entertaining and will make your heart burst a little.

If you’re a lover of all things Sports Romance and surprise pregnancies then this is a definite must click. I thoroughly enjoyed the first instalment in this new series.
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