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Cards of Love: Knight of Wands

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A chance for a sweet future, or a recipe for disaster?


My dream was to cook my way to fame and fortune, not run myself ragged keeping my late parents’ quaint restaurant afloat. My sister is useless, I’m chronically short-staffed, and even Gertie, my antiquated oven, hates me.

Then in charges Oliver, like a Golden Knight. He’s hunky, charming, and makes others feel at ease. He’s earnest and kind, optimistic and extroverted. He's my best friend...and my sister’s ex. Picking up the slack like he never left all those years ago is difficult. He makes my body shiver with the lightest touch, the slightest smile. It would be so easy to let him be my knight in shining armor. But I can’t let him, even though he makes Gertie purr like a kitten.


I practically grew up waiting tables alongside KitKat. She’s a brilliant chef, but it’s clear she’s no manager. I’ve noticed other changes in her since her letters stopped coming to me in Iraq. There’s fire burning in her green eyes—and pain.

One kiss was meant to comfort. But it explodes into searing passion so white-hot, not even the tallest, iciest sweet tea can quench it. I shouldn’t try. She doesn’t want help, especially not mine. But a kiss like that is the beginning of a promise. A promise that won’t stop until I help her find her dream.

134 pages, Kindle Edition

First published October 3, 2018

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About the author

Claudia Y. Burgoa

117 books6,031 followers
Claudia is an award-winning, USA Today bestselling author.
She writes alluring, thrilling stories about complicated women and the men who take their breath away.
She lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband and her youngest two children. She has a sweet Bichon, Macey, who thinks she's the ruler of the house. She's only partially right.
When Claudia is not writing, you can find her reading, knitting, or just hanging out with her family.
At night, she likes to binge watch shows with her equally geeky husband.

Instagram: http://bit.ly/ClaudiasIG
TikTok: https://bit.ly/CBstiktok
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2,775 reviews66 followers
October 19, 2018
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I adored this story. Two people that have been pulled apart for years but have kept each other up with letters. So when Oliver shows back up in town after retiring from the military and finds out Kaitlynn has taken over her families diner, he finds himself back in her life.

Kaitlynn is forced to come back and take over the family business. Her sister is a bi*ch and is no help. Everything is falling apart and there is no money, she is really just tired of it. But when Oliver walks in and offers to help her, she really doesn't know if it is worth taking it or walking away.

I enjoyed this short story. There is a lot of emotions and conflict but the love shines through in this book. Another great book added to the Cards series.
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3,524 reviews329 followers
October 3, 2018

You can see this and other Reviews I have written along with various cover reveals, excerpts, and giveaways here Nadine's Obsessed with Books if you go to my website after 8:00am EDT on 10/3 I will have my blog post live with a #Giveaway!!

If you have been following my reviews you will know I am a fan of Claudia Burgoa's, her writing has a way of pulling several different emotions out of me whether it's tears or laughter or just a grunt of frustration, she definitely knows how to invoke a response, and this story had me all over the place.

I loved Oliver, he has returned home after serving his country for twelve years and is at a loss as to what to do next with his life so he is going to take time and fix up his mothers house while he figures things out. One thing he didn't figure into his equation was running into his best friend Kaitlynn whom he hasn't heard from in a few years. Kaitlynn, for me was a harder person to fall for but she definitely won me over in the end. Kaitlynn had so much going on in her life and I could totally understand where she was coming from at times but at others she lost me and I think that is why I had a bit of a disconnect with her at the beginning.

The beginning of this story was told through a series of letters back and forth between the two and it let you into their world with the little snip-its of their lives, Oliver's while he was in Iraq and Kaitlynn's while she was in college and then perusing her dreams afterwards...until they just stopped. The chemistry was spot on and honestly with heat like that I didn't understand why Oliver was with Kelsey at all...she was her own brand of crazy that he didn't deserve, he and Kaitlynn should have always been together.

This is an easy book to recommend to readers of romance. It's the first book in the Cards of Love Series that I have read and although each of the books are written to be read as a standalone I am really looking forward to reading each of the books by various writers, it's a wonderful collaboration. Happy Reading!!!
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1,580 reviews51 followers
September 30, 2018
A beautiful, angst friends to lovers romance that keeps you on your toes till the end. Kaitlynn is trying to keep her parents restaurant going after there death with practically no help until Oliver Tanner the one person Kaitlynn hasn’t seen in years is there. Oliver I loved his character he’s sweet, sexy, honest and makes you swoon! Kaitlynn is so strong and loving and beautiful but has her walls up cause everyone she cares about either passed away or just never showed her love. Two people that need each other but can they actually be together or will everything just come crumbling down. 5/5 stars
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780 reviews93 followers
September 29, 2018
Gahhh!!! I was stupidly excited to be given the chance to read this one early. Claudias writing is just gorgeous and I didn’t want any of it to end.
This series is a collection of over two dozen stories, each one loosely based on a tarot card; and I cannot wait to read EVERY. SINGLE. ONE!!!!!
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5,618 reviews17 followers
September 22, 2018
Cards of Love: Knight of Wands by Claudia Burgoa is part of a multi - author project, a series of love letters and fits right in.
Meet Kaitlynn and Oliver.
Kaitlynn is a chef and owns the family restaurant. The business is failing and she doesn't know what to do.
Oliver grew up with Kaitlynn, worked at the restaurant, till he left for the military and to top it off, he's her sister's ex. After 12 years away he's back. Has some issues and demons and is a bit lost. When he stumbles over Kaitlynn he knows exactly what he wants to do - help her back on her feet.

Knights of Wands is a great novella, extremely well written and had me hooked from the beginning. KNights of Wands has just the right amount of drama and danger, feelings and HEA to keep me at the edge of my seat. I recommend the book amd the series and give 5 beautiful stars.
Profile Image for Paula.
585 reviews16 followers
October 7, 2018
He chose heroine's crazy sister over her first. That's a DNF for me....

Here's a quote of when he first sees his ex (heroine's sister) after breaking up 12 yrs prior:

"I come to a complete stop when I see Kelsey. She’s still as beautiful as when we were dating. Her tall frame and slender body is like that of a Victoria’s Secret model. Her blue eyes, like the midnight sea, are still and emotionless. Wavy blonde hair cascades smoothly down her back. The man next to her is tall and blond too, but not quite up to my six foot two. The way he rests his hand on her waist with his face is so close to her makes my stomach churn".

Then the ex introduces him to her husband and:

"My jaw clenches when he mentions his relationship with her. We haven’t been in love in years—if what we had even was love. But I can’t help feeling aggravated and embarrassed at being caught off guard".

“You’re married,” I say bitterly. “After everything we shared, you not only dumped me via email—while on tour—but you’re married.”

“For God’s sake, Oliver. We were children.” She rolls her eyes, gesturing with her hands. “It happened years ago. You should get over it.”

“Children don't fuck like we did," I argue. “The least you could’ve done was have the decency to give me a real explanation.”

If the icky factor of double-dipping isn't enough, his reaction to his ex is suppose to make me believe in any romance between hero & heroine?
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326 reviews31 followers
October 18, 2018
Sorry for the delay but I've been sick. Um never sick so what a lovely surprise for me...
This review will be short and sweet, much like this book.
Kaitlyn and Oliver are spellbinding. It's almost funny to see them interact with each other. Do I or dont I? That is the questions these two dance around the majority of the book. It can be a bit a frustrating at times, and you will want to yell at the characters but dont do that. Your kids or husband will look at you like you have three horns. (I'm not speaking from experience, maybe.) Buy the book it's fun and short, an easy read.
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1,222 reviews22 followers
September 24, 2018
What a read this was! This is the most perfect second chance romance about two childhood friends who lost contact and then reconnected. This book has all the feels, some heat, teared me up, and had me longing for an Ollie in my life.

My only complaint is this was too short.. I didn't want this novella to end
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1,082 reviews
September 23, 2018
Kaitlynn and Oliver have been friends since childhood. Kaitlynn had a crush on him until he started dating Kelsey, her sister. Three years later Kelsey drops him like a hot potato.

Oliver joined the army when he was eighteen and for years he and Kaitlynn wrote letters to each other until they didn’t. Now, twelve years later, with a degree in business, he has returned to their small Georgia town.

Kaitlynn had her dreams, which ended after her parents died and she had to take over the family’s restaurant. When Oliver returns he wants to help her, but she rebuffs him, and then reluctantly accepts some help.

Oliver was a dream come true, although he had some issues; Kaitlynn was a mess. I felt so sorry for her. Being a novella, there wasn’t much room for side characters. I really fell for Oliver and was rooting for him all the way. I loved the way the author touched on his PTSD from his military service.

I received an ARC of this book from the author and this is my honest review.
544 reviews10 followers
September 30, 2018
Knights of Wands is a yummy little novella that is part of a multi author project. Told through flashbacks and present day, we learn the story of Ollie and Kaitlynn. Ollie, dated Kaitlynn’s older sister, Kelsey, until he was deployed. Kaitlynn was Ollie’s best friend and her packages were the bright spot of his days. As the years pass and the letters become fewer, Kaitlynn starts to wonder if she lost her best friend.... I really enjoyed this small town romance and rooted for their HEA.
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1,379 reviews78 followers
February 29, 2020
Knight of Wands is about Kaitlynn and Oliver finding their destiny and finding each other. It’s a sweet friends-to-lovers romance full of the characters you can’t help but adore. Ms Burgoa’s writing is delightful as usual, and this story is sweet and a little spicy. This charming tale is a quick, satisfying read that is part of a multi-author project called the Cards of Love.
Profile Image for Maria11.
1,854 reviews37 followers
October 15, 2018
Sweet easy read

Easy read without hardly any drama. KitKat was annoying at times, but she got it together. It was sweet to the point and then over.
Profile Image for Liz.
3,355 reviews56 followers
October 3, 2018
Cards of Love: Knights of Wands by Claudia Y. Burgoa was a quick, sweet and a bit angsty read. A second chance of sorts for two people who were truly meant to be together, but timing seemed to keep them apart!

Kaitlyn has always dreamed of having her own cooking show and of Oliver, but both things have been out of reach. She left home to make her dreams come true, but when tragedy strikes, she finds herself back home trying to save her parent’s dream, but is it her dream too? Oliver gave his life to his country and served for years. Now he is coming home and trying to find what he is meant to do.

Kaitlynn and Oliver were best friends growing up and always close but lost their way through the years. But when Oliver is back and sees how stressed Kaitlyn is, all he wants to do is help. But Kaitlynn has been alone for a long time and does not know how to let someone in, much less Oliver who she already lost once. Can she trust him again?

I loved Oliver He was so charming, sweet and caring. He always put Kaitlynn first. Kaitlynn was a bit frustrating at times, however, we understand where she is coming off, after losing so much. Together they were sweet, funny and awkward and I loved their journey!

Read and reviewed for Sultry Sirens Book Blog.

Happy reading!
Profile Image for April Symes.
4,999 reviews405 followers
October 3, 2018
Cards of Love: Knight of Wands by Claudia Burgoa is part of a multi authors project which is about a series of love letters and this novella fits just perfectly in.
This is Kaitlynn and Oliver's love story. Kaitlynn and Oliver have been friends since they were kids. Kaitlynn had a huge crush on him until he started dating her sister,Kelsey. 3 years later ,Kelsey drops him like he had some contaminated disease. Ollie decides to join military and then Kaitlynn goes on to school. They write to each other while he’s deployed but the letters slowly stopped. They are best friends and they also secretly want more from one another. 12 years later, Ollie comes back home after leaving the military, but can they finally act on their strong feelings for each other ?? I adored the emotions and the pace in this novella. I liked the feelings this story produced and the 2nd chance romance this brings forth. I would have liked to see this as a full length book but for a novella, this packed quite a punch.

My Rating: 4.6 stars *****
Profile Image for Heather.
1,112 reviews2 followers
October 3, 2018
Kaitlynn and Oliver were best friends growing up. She had a crush on him, but he ended up dating her older sister. Oliver joined the military at 18 and the two stayed in touch for a while writing letters back and forth. But one day the letters stopped and Oliver didn’t know why. Kaitlynn use to dream of being a chef. But she hadn’t planned on running her parents restaurant. Poor Kaitlynn is in over her head and is so relieved when her old friend Oliver comes back and offers to help her out.

Oliver and Kaitlynn had some miscommunications to deal with from the past. They each had feelings for the other, but had a hard time admitting them. I loved Oliver, he was perfect. I also liked Kaitlynn. I felt bad for her. I enjoyed watching them navigate their new relationship and lives. This was a quick, easy to read novella. I’m looking forward to reading more books from the Cards of Love series.
Profile Image for Christine.
452 reviews26 followers
November 15, 2018
Swoon... I adored this sweet story of old friends finding love after time & pain has passed. Kaitlynn & Oliver had me wanting more when I finished this novella of small town southern life. Kaitlynn is a strong willed character with heart and needs to stand up for herself and her dreams. Oliver is a returning war vet who's had a rough time acclimatizing to civilian life but hopes to see Kaitlynn again after sharing letters for years while he was deployed. These two characters had so much chemistry it just flowed off the page so smoothly that you can't help but fall for them quickly. I loved this southern setting and I hope the author writes more from this new location. 5 Letters Stars for Knight of Wands by Claudia Burgoa

*** Reviewed for Sweet & Spicy Reads - ARC provided for an honest review ***
October 3, 2018
“You are my light, my lifeline, my everything.” A man who not only speaks the words but also shows the actions is a man that will blow you away! Oliver is the Knight of Wands! He makes sure to do what it takes to take care of those he loves and he loves no one more than he loves Kaitlynn! Gosh their story is one that just fills your heart and puts a smile on your face!

Though stubborn and strong willed Kaitlynn has always had a soft spot for Oliver and they just make sense but fate has never been on their side! Tired of life and what he’s been dealt Oliver decides to do things his way and hopefully his way will get him the happiness he deserves!
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2,696 reviews11 followers
October 3, 2018
Absolutely stunning second chance novel. I completely fell in love with Oliver and I did not want to put this book down. It had all the emotions. It had all the steam. It made me smile. It made my heart break. It made me want to throw my kindle.

It had a little of everything. I adore the characters and the storyline. I am always a sucker for second chances and friends to lovers and this was a great combination. I would love to read a full story of these characters. I definitely can't wait to read more from these books and from Claudia.
Profile Image for Christine Frieseke-Miller.
1,393 reviews4 followers
September 29, 2018
It is always really hard for me to give a novella 5 stars just because I always fell like there is so much story left to be told. Ms. Burgoa did an amazing job with Kaitlynn and Ollie's story. This story had so much heart and emotion in it and it moved me to tears. The writing was captivating and real and completely sucked me in. I didn't want their story to end, but when it did, I felt like I had read a complete novel. It was perfectly done and I loved it.
Profile Image for Nicole Ortiz.
1,357 reviews52 followers
October 7, 2018
This is part of a multi-author project. This is the first story from this series and I loved it. This was a beautiful friends to lovers story between Kaitlynn and Ollie. The story is told from both characters POV and letters that were written when Ollie was in the military and Kaitlynn was living life. This left me wanting more. Can't wait to read the other authors stories.
I won an ARC and volunteered to leave a review.
Profile Image for Teresa Lara.
2,861 reviews38 followers
September 23, 2018
What and amazing beautiful 2nd chance love story.Very emotional .Ollie and Kit Kats amazing book.Would love more of these 2
Profile Image for Tish.
1,445 reviews
October 8, 2018
This book was a real page turner!! Imposible to put down once I started. It was a quick, angsty read with just the right amount of drama and passion.
Profile Image for Charita.
444 reviews13 followers
October 7, 2018
An Enjoyable Read

Oliver and Kaitlyn have known each other most of their lives. The story actually spans the last 12 years and is interspersed with letters they have written to each other while Ollie was deployed. There are unopened letters that fill in the misunderstandings and assumptions on both their parts. While Ollie dated Kit Kat's bratty sister during their teenage years, he and Kit Kat were best friends that were given a second chance. A quick and pleasant story that I enjoyed.
Profile Image for Kathleen R..
1,399 reviews43 followers
October 2, 2018


I'm a fan of Claudia Burgoa's. she has a way of writing her books that just tugs at your heart. When i first read her books, i honestly thought that she was a lgtbq genre author, and wasn't following her religiously as i am now - why? Mostly because that genre was a hit or miss with me. These days, i have to say that i have a huge respect for writers who write in that genre because to take a full fledged m/f reader and make them absolutely love another genre with m/m and f/f themes, is huge! And this author did that for me.

Since that first book of Claudia Burgoa's, i've come to appreciate her way of telling a story. Taking chilling subjects and making them real, and making you respect not only the writing style, but the journey that her characters go through. But i digress... i was supposed to talk about this book and not my general love and enjoyment of this author's stories.

Knight of Wands is... different. It's much shorter than what i'm used to reading by this author, and chances are that it accounts for a good portion of why i couldn't rate it a 5 star review; mostly because for me, there was missing something. It was a lot of my having to try to figure out the who, what, where and when. And maybe i should have caught up on the previous books that are linked to this story, of maybe i should have paid better attention, but that's all on me.

If i could rate this book purely on the way that it's told, i would absolutely rate it a 5 star. If i could rate it on the feels, that would get me higher than 5 stars. The fact that i was really trying to piece so many puzzles at the same time as i read the book... that worked against me. Don't get me wrong, i'm still loving Claudia Burgoa's books... i just have to brush up on my history and get my butt back to reading Knights Of Wands and seeing exactly what i missed the first time around.

*ARC provided by Author in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed by Kathleen, The Small Girl from A small girl, her man and her books


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2,124 reviews36 followers
October 2, 2018
Loved this little story!

Oliver and Kaitlynn have been best friends since childhood, but Ollie became her sister's boyfriend. When Ollie joined the army, they became penpals. They poured their hearts out to each other.

"As her gaze finds mine, I finally recognize her. Kaitlynn. The world stops when she smiles at me."

Twelve years later, there's been radio silence between them for a number of years. Ollie has retired from the army and is back in town, not really expecting to find Kaitlynn there, too - running her parents' restaurant and not following her dreams.

"I want to reach for her, touch her. She's like the stars: beautiful but unobtainable."

Ollie is stunned by his visceral reaction to his best friend, his KitKat. Unfortunately, she's overworked, disillusioned, and somewhat prickly with him. However, there's nowhere else he'd rather be.

"He looks like a regular...Knight in shining armor."

Kaitlynn poured her heart out to Ollie once, but to no avail. She can't rely on anyone but herself, and she can't trust anyone who doesn't plan to stick around. Ollie's got his work cut out for him convincing her otherwise.

I loved Ollie and KitKat's story! Over the years, their history and true feelings are slowly revealed bit by bit through their letters. Ollie is gorgeous! He's a real knight to the rescue. However, Kaitlynn makes him work for it - almost a bit too much! She's had it tough for so many years that she finds it hard to trust in something that feels too good to be true. Beautiful, sexy, and heartfelt, and I loved the ending.
499 reviews
October 2, 2018
I definitely loved this story. Before reading this, I'd been having trouble reading anything. But once I started this, I just kept going and going and going. The characters were brilliant, the story was something different and special and the emotions I felt were very real. What is also brilliant is the explanation of the Knight of Wands because it gives you the background of Tarot cards and what this card in particular means. I'm a total book worm for this sort of thing.

Kaitlynn is dealing with a lot of guilt and carrying a heavy burden. One scene in particular hit me in the gut and I was close to tears. She's been on her own for so long it's hard for her to rely on anyone.

Oliver is the sweetest, kindest knight you could ever want to find. He is honourable and compassionate and a fighter. He is a bit shy but also cheeky without meaning to be:
*"I'll take anything you want home," I insinuate with a smirk, reaching for her hand.*

Kaitlynn and Oliver have this push and pull relationship. Oliver tries to pull her closer while Kaitlynn pushes him away. I understand her logic but disagreed with her choices. However, Claudia is a excellent writer and everything happens for a reason. There were some great supportive characters in the story too. Paige is an absolute riot and it's great that she is there for Kaitlynn. Kelsey... now that one... she needs a good kick in the pants. She's selfish and self centred. I wanted to throw my kindle at her. Repeatedly. The ending was everything I could have possibly have hoped for. It certainly was an enjoyable story.
Profile Image for Victoria Tortelini.
127 reviews3 followers
October 6, 2018
Oh my gosh!! I could not love this couple enough! Claudia made my heart so happy with this couple. They're amazing from start finish.
Oliver took the classic route of not knowing what to do following high school without any money to go to school. He joined the military and made a career of the army for years. But when you leave the army after your entire adult life was spent as a soldier, you don't know where you fit in the world. So he moves back home, and tries to figure it out. But he wasn't expecting his high school crush to be exactly where he left her, at her family restaurant.
Kaitlynn had plans. She had dreams. Great big cooking dreams. But life got in the way. When her parents passed away, her sister almost run the business into the ground. But she couldn't let that happen to Blythe's so she gave up her dreams to run the business. It's not going well. Her sister did quite the number on it and she's not rolling in cash. As she's getting ready to close up shop, her knight comes walking back in.
Oliver is amazing. I don't know much about Tarot cards so I had to look this up. But he fits the Knight of Wands perfectly. He seems like he lives in the moment but when you've got his heart you've got him. And boy, do I want to have his heart!! Also, I love Claudia's Easter eggs. You'll have to pay attention to see if you catch them!
Cannot recommend thus book enough! You'll fall in before you know and hug your kindle like I did!!
Profile Image for Kerry Melton.
488 reviews10 followers
October 3, 2018
Knight of Wands by Claudia Burgoa is a novella that is part of the Cards of Love series which is actually a compilation of several authors. I enjoyed this novella a lot. The characters were extremely likable and the storyline was well written. I’m such a sucker for a second chance romance.

Kaitlyn and Oliver were childhood friends. They both had been through so much in life, yet they always managed to keep in touch through letters... until one day, the letters stopped. After 12 years without contact, Oliver finds himself back in his home town feeling lost. He spent all this time in the military and now that he’s home, he’s a bit conflicted.

Kaitlyn is a chef running her family’s business. She is drowning trying to keep it afloat. Kaitlyn's sister is supposed to be helping, but all she’s doing is making it harder. Kaitlyn has given up her own dreams in order to keep her parents' dreams alive. Oliver sees Kaitlyn struggling and wants to help her. Can these two become friends again? Or is there more to their friendship?
Claudia Burgoa is always a favorite of mine. For being a short story, Knight of Wands was fabulous. I'd be interested to read some of the other stories in the series.
Profile Image for MJ Symmonds.
951 reviews15 followers
October 2, 2018
Kaitlynn has been trying to keep it together for so long all on her own. Trying to save the family restaurant after losing her parents, putting her dreams on hold while her sister has decided to dump all the hardships on her. She's tired, run down and frustrated with life in general. All she wants is someone to lean on.

"Our mouths move against each other. It's a soft kiss. The tenderness pieces back together the broken shards of my heart."

Oliver is back from years of serving his country. Not sure what his future holds but knows that before he decides anything he needs to reconnect with Kit Kat. His childhood best friend that he's now certain could be so much more to him. Now if only to convince her to finally put her trust in someone, in him.

"She's like the stars: beautiful but unobtainable. And I'll probably never get close enough to either. Yet... I'm tempted to try."

This is such a beautiful second chance romance with one out of this world, amazing hero <3 .

Ms. Burgoa certainly packed one heck of a story into a novella. She made every word, sentence, paragraph and page count and delivered a story that will hook you from page one.
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