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Memories From Yesterday #1

Forgetting You, Forgetting Me

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My name is Lucy Tucker, and my life…it was perfect.

I worked the dream job. I had the most incredible family and friends. My home, Whispering Willows, a ranch in Montana, was everything I could ever wish for. My adoring fiancé, Samuel Stone, loved me unconditionally.

I had everything a girl could ever want.

But one fateful event shattered my perfect life. It’s unimaginable how simple, ordinary words can change a person’s life forever. For me those words were, “There’s been an accident.”

I thought Sam was my forever, but that forever came to a close the day Saxon Stone, Sam’s identical twin brother, came back. Saxon returned to Montana to help save Sam, however, the moment he entered my life, he turned my world upside down. But through chaos I somehow found clarity—clarity of who I was meant to be.

As time progressed, as seasons changed, and as a fire began to burn, I soon realized that Saxon was there for another reason…he was there to help save me.


First published June 26, 2017

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About the author

Monica James

41 books2,551 followers
Monica James spent her youth devouring the works of Anne Rice, William Shakespeare, and Emily Dickinson.
When she is not writing, Monica is busy running her own business, but she always finds a balance between the two. She enjoys writing honest, heartfelt, and turbulent stories, hoping to leave an imprint on her readers. She draws her inspiration from life.
She is a bestselling author in the U.S., Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, and the U.K.
Monica James resides in Melbourne, Australia, with her wonderful family, and menagerie of animals. She is slightly obsessed with cats, chucks, and lip gloss, and secretly wishes she was a ninja on the weekends.


Twitter: @monicajames81


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888 reviews666 followers
June 27, 2017
One of the things that make this a standout story is the fact that the author keeps you on the edge of your seat with this book. I love when books are not predictable and you don't know what's going to happen next.
This is an innovative love story that's different from anything on the regular love triangle/romance shelves. The characters are beautiful and flawed. I'm still raw with emotions, what a story. Loved it, totally loved it from beginning to end!!
Forgetting You, Forgetting Me is full of surprise and roller-coaster ride of feelings. Balancing on a thin veil of love, relationships are rocked once huge secrets are revealed in this phenomenal read. Definitely a #oneclick worthy read!!
Can’t wait for the next installment…

In short:
Heroes 5/5 | Heroine 5/5 | Plot (Point, Originality) 5/5 | Writing Style 5/5 | Steam 3/5 | Romance 5/5 | Angst-Suspense 5/5 | Darkness 1/5 | Humor 1/5 | Secondary Characters 3/5 | Drama-Conflict 5/5 | Mystery 4/5 | Twists 5/5 | Pacing Steady | Action 4/5
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693 reviews209 followers
June 27, 2017
5 full stars!

"Life isn’t all about happiness and good fortune. In most circumstances, it’s the shitty memories that emphasize the good. Makes you appreciate what you have, and stops you from taking anything for granted."

OMG!!! Que livro maravilhoso!
Fiquei presa a ele desde a primeira página, a narrativa é tão cativante que você não consegue parar de ler. A escrita da autora é muiiiiito boa!
Essa história que me deixou nas pontas dos pés, me senti uma louca porque a cada novo rumo que seguia eu começava a analisar e já enchia a mente de teorias tentando advinhar o que aconteceria na próxima página.
Mas nem tudo foi como eu imaginei, foi além e eu adorei demais!
Amo histórias que bagunçam as minhas emoções e essa com certeza foi uma delas.
Aguardando ansiosamente pelo próximo livro! <3

"You may not be my rose, but you’ll always be my sunshine."
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2,754 reviews313 followers
June 26, 2017
Forgetting You, Forgetting Me by Monica James
5 stars!!!

“Every scar means you were stronger than whatever tried to beat you.”

This has been an amazing read week for me, after having a drought of 5 stars, this week I have had quite a few and this was an amazing read to end the run with. This is the first book in a duet and by the end of this one you will be clamouring for the next one. Anyone that knows me knows that I crave emotion in my reads, that emotional connection to the characters as well as a well written book, and this one ticked all those boxes. Monica James delivered and then some. This week seems to have been a weepie week, how my tear ducts still have any tears left is a miracle in itself and whatever was left, this book drained. This book is EMOTIONAL, one of the most emotional reads I have read in a long time. A book that made me question what I would do if I found myself in the same situation, so many what if’s, so much empathy and sympathy, just every single sense and emotion heightened until they were strung so tight the avalanche of tears was the only way to break the hold. Despite those tears, I adored this book.

“…I know if I dream, I’ll dream about the fact that Saxon and Samuel aren’t identical after all.”

Monica James exceled herself in this book, she brought these characters to life with a bang, she took a scenario that any woman would dread and made it real, she makes you live it, she makes you breathe it, she makes you question yourself and she makes you cry for our heroine, Lucy. I felt everything in this book, I experienced everything and I cried about everything. This is a book that grabs you from the get go, from the very start you are hurtled into the situation and the emotions hit you fast, the emotions only intensified through journal flashbacks into the past to show where it all began. A love born in teenage years, a love that has stood the test of time, a love that everyone was envious of and wanted to have. What should have been the happiest day of Lucy’s life turns out to be the worst and the hits just kept on coming.

“But I know, just as an unseen iceberg is dangerous to an unsuspecting ship, it’s what I can’t see that will do the most harm.”

This is a book that makes you question everything about the characters, their pasts and their presents. There is a lot of unshared history and you know throughout that whatever it is will have a huge impact on your thoughts, feeling and you dread their ramifications. It is this fear along with the scenario that these characters find themselves in that keeps those pages constantly turning and those tears constantly falling.

“You’re standing in a room full of people, but you’re still alone.”

One accident changes everything, everything you believe about the person you love and about the person you became. I want to go into details, I am desperate to try to make you understand why this book was so powerful, but you need to read it for yourself, to experience those highs and lows for yourself the way the author intended. Does this contain cheating…technically…yes, but you need to read the book to understand. Did it bother me? Hell no! Lucy was so strong, she was fierce, she was protective and she was loyal, but there is only so much a person can take before every single feeling is chipped away until nothing remains. For the person you love with every fibre of your being to destroy every single one of those feelings is devastating to witness, every barb I felt, because Monica James made it that way.

“You heard me. Get out! And take your memories with you.”

I felt for Sam, I truly did, but it seems that he has a god complex. He can do what he wants, when he wants, and fuck the consequences. He has been enabled by a mother I seriously wanted to stab and the victim has always been his twin brother, Saxon. Saxon had a heart of gold, he was the quiet one but deemed the delinquent by the actions of his twin. Saxon had the one thing he loved the most ripped away from him and despite being forced to leave the town he once called home, he comes back to save the brother he despises. It is Lucy’s pleas that make Saxon return but is Saxon here to save Sam or save Lucy?

“I see…you…”

Seriously, stay away from spoilers, read this book the way the author intended. Experience it for yourself, ride that rollercoaster, embrace those emotions and make yourself feel. It will be easy. This book is one that I will not forget, this is a book that is running through my mind at the rate of knots still not content with leaving these characters behind. I am desperate for book two. I need to know what happens, and while that last scene decimated me, I have read between the lines, I have my hunches and I think their golden, I just need Monica James to confirm and try to help me put these characters to bed, because they are relentless, how am I supposed to move on after that? Read this book!!

“You may not be my rose, but you’ll always be my sunshine.”

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462 reviews107 followers
August 14, 2017
English / Português

4.5 stars

Since I read the blurb I thought the book would be one thing. However, in the beginning the author shows that she would take another diretcion, it was completely different from what I thought. I didn't know the author, but it was another great surprise.

FORGETTING YOU, FORGETTING ME let me hooked up to the pages and it was hard to let it go. It's hard to remember that there are other things to do and get out of that trance. We get stuck in the story. We root for the best, but wtih our heart on our mouths the whole time.

The author didn't create the good boy and the bad boy. She has created two normal people who have their baggage of rights and wrongs. Saxon and Samuel are real and that's why it was even more painful to follow that story. I have a favorite, but my heart hurts for the other.

In other situation I would be angry with the heroine. However, I felt Lucy's pain, her worries and how her life was slipping from her hand, even if she tried to hold it tight.

I think it's a duology. And after that ending, I honestly don't know again what direction the author is going to take. What I want the most is the second book to release oh so soon, because I long for a happy ending. It was better than I expected. It was captivating. I loved the story. I loved the careful narrative. I can't wait for book 2.
English / Português

4,5 estrelas

Desde que li a sinopse achei que o livro seria uma coisa. Entretanto, já no começo a autora mostra que iria tomar outro rumo, foi completamente diferente do que achava. Não conhecia a autora, mas foi mais uma ótima surpresa.

FORGETTING YOU, FORGETTING ME te prende nas páginas e é difícil largar. É difícil lembrar que se tem outras coisas pra fazer e sair daquele transe. A gente fica preso na história. Torce pelo melhor, mas fica com o coração na mão o tempo inteiro.

A autora não criou um bonzinho e um Bad boy filho da p*. Ela criou duas pessoas normais que tem sua bagagem de erros e acertos. Saxon e Samuel são reais e é por isso que foi ainda mais doloroso acompanhar essa história. Eu tenho um favorito, mas meu coração dói pelo outro.

Em outras situações eu ficaria com raiva da mocinha. Entretanto, eu senti a dor da Lucy, suas preocupações e como a sua vida tava escorregando da sua mão, mesmo que ela tentasse segurar bem forte.

Creio que é uma duologia. E depois desse final, sinceramente, não sei que rumo que a autora vai tomar. O que mais quero é que lance logo a continuação, pois almejo muito um final feliz.

Foi melhor do que eu esperava. Foi cativante. Amei a história. Amei a narração cuidadosa. Mal posso esperar pelo 2.

* Pick a Book

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3,401 reviews437 followers
June 29, 2017
I'm just going to put this out there -- I'm really confused and unsure where I stand on this one.
I really liked the story and characters -- the entire plot has great potential . . .

However, I had such a terrible time getting into the thick of it because of timeline and characterization issues. Too many uncertainties - nothing balanced. And it was mostly in the set up. Midway things shifted and I found myself really enthralled and enjoyed it just fine.

I've read all the reviews -- nobody else seems to have had these problems. So, I'm going back and doing another read to make certain I didn't flip my wig and read it all wrong. But when you haven't seen someone or talked to someone or know where someone lives and you send them a wedding invitation -- WTH? Does the mailman just use his psychic powers? And you wonder why they didn't RSVP? Has Saxon been away for 1 year - 2 years - or 3 years? Sometimes it felt like Saxon and Lucy knew a lot about one another, and in the next breath they knew nothing. She's buying him Christmas presents. And he's holding up in some hooker's house for months in the same town and no one knows it? I was lost! And then there's the accident -- no brainwaves -- and then suddenly at the sound of someone's voice less than a week later -- the patient is up and running around the farm, drinking, driving. Again, WTH? It's a dang miracle!! And that therapist needs to go back to school -- because she was just worthless!

I've read Monica James's books - and I really liked them. But never have I ever experienced this "fog" with one of her books before.

Let the rotten egg throwing begin! I've got ducking down to a fine art.
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7,517 reviews16 followers
July 2, 2017
'Forgetting You, Forgetting Me' By Monica James is the story of Lucy, Sam and Saxon.
This does end with a cliffhanger... to keep their story going into the next book.
I will tell you now that I think this is the best book Ms. James has written so far. It takes you on a great emotional roller coaster ride that you just have to hand on to your book and keep going!
Lucy was adopted by very loving parents and from a early teen years started to have a crush on Sam. Sam and Saxon were very different brothers on the inside but on the outside it was hard to tell them apart unless they showed their character differences. But Lucy just knew she loved Sam and they did progress to dating, living together and then getting engaged. But on the day of their wedding, Sam was in a serious car accident. Now everything had changed from having it all to not sure what you are doing. Saxon has been estranged from his family and they don't even acknowledge him when the Dr ask if there are any siblings we could notify in case blood or a kidney might be needed. Lucy is the one that tells the Dr that there is a brother and makes the call for him to come home.
Things for Lucy and Sam are no longer certain due to his mental health and now that Saxon is back...Lucy is finding him way to attractive. Saxon has step up help support Lucy while Sam is not being his normal self to Lucy. Which is opening new feelings for Lucy and wondering if she may have picked the wrong brother.
Just loved this book....can't wait to see where their story goes!
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."
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984 reviews14 followers
October 27, 2019
DNF 74% 1.5 star

This book was horrible on so many levels.
ANNOYING heroine. Doormat at its best.
Asshole boyfriend. Really, I wanted to punch him in the face.
Weird hero. Though out of the three main characters, he was the less bad.
Timeline a freakin’ mess.
So many wrong decisions, thoughts, events, twists....
I’ve been fooled by the average rating and all the five stars reviews. I’m so mad right now I can’t even go through my own review! This was NOT what I expected.
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171 reviews
June 28, 2017
Muito bom, mas o que fode é a porra da continuação que so será lançado só Deus sabe quando.
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1,208 reviews200 followers
January 8, 2018
OMG. Estou sinceramente obcecada por esse livro. Senti cada um dos sentimentos dos personagens.
Uma história maravilhosa, ADOREI.
Profile Image for Aishwarya✨️ chronicleofreads.
217 reviews36 followers
August 2, 2022

Right of the bat, Samuel sounded like a dream, so you know something isn't right.
My heart went out to Saxon, he was so sweet and so in pain.


• Right now, you’re running on emotion. It’s a dangerous thing.”

•I needed to feel pain to know I was alive.

•“Every scar means you were stronger than whatever tried to beat you.”
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358 reviews52 followers
March 18, 2018
3,5 αστέρια

Το γεγονός πως από το 1ο κεφάλαιο είχα προβλέψει την εξέλιξη της ιστορίας ήταν αρνητικό στοιχείο για μένα. Το πως τελειώνει το 1ο βιβλίο από την άλλη είναι επίσης δίκοπο μαχαίρι. Δεν ξέρω αν θα συνεχίσω. Φοβάμαι πως θα μου χαλάσει ότι όμορφο είχε η ιστορία και δεν θέλω. Είναι κρίμα. Θα έπρεπε να το χειριστεί διαφορετικά η συγγραφέας.
Δικό της το βιβλίο. Δική μου η επιλογή!

" Life isn't about perfection. It' s about experiencing imperfection, to appreciate every imperfect breath you take. "
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1,213 reviews23 followers
January 20, 2021
Heart wrenching read

Oh this book! Dive into this one blind. All you need to know is that it is written with so much heartfelt passion. 2 identical brothers with a history of lies and deceit. One heroine on her way to her wedding and one massive detour in everyones life. Very well written, had me flipping pages quicker than usual. And one massive cliffhanger.... on to the second half right now.
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359 reviews4 followers
October 18, 2017
Mônica James foi uma das escritoras que tive a oportunidade de conhecer através da nossa editora Planeta Portugal que editou “Viciado no Pecado” e “ Empurrado para o Pecado”.
Desde que li estes dois livros decidi começar a seguir todos os trabalhos que a escritora pretendesse lançar e foi assim que decidi desafiar-me a ler o meu primeiro livro em inglês. Além de poder treinar um pouco mais o meu inglês pude verificar que a leitura digital não é assim tão má como pensava.
“Forgetting You, Forgetting Me” é o primeiro livro da série “Memories from Yesterday” que a autora lançou este ano. A sinopse e a capa deste livro prometiam proporcionar uma leitura magnifica ao leitor.


Quando comecei a ler as primeiras páginas deste livro senti que seria uma leitura cheia de emoções e foi exactamente o que aconteceu. Nas primeiras páginas veio o sentimento de pena pela Lucy, a seguir a raiva pelo Sam e por último a paixão arrebatadora pelo Saxon.
Quando o terminei tinha o meu coração ao rubro. Lágrimas de felicidade e tristeza corriam. Um livro com uma história incrível que nos faz pensar se realmente somos as pessoas que queremos ser ou se somos aquilo que as pessoas querem que sejamos.
É um enredo bastante fluído e que nos prende desde o início até ao fim. Será uma leitura que os amantes de romance não vão querer perder.
Aguardo ansiosamente pela continuação desta história. Pelas impressões que pude trocar com a escritora, será para breve.
Desejo e imploro à editora Planeta Portugal que consiga os direitos de autor sobre este livro. Seria uma óptima aposta que poderiam fazer ainda este ano ou no próximo.

Descrição do livro:

Lucy Tucker sentia-se a mulher mais completa do mundo. Tinha um emprego de sonho, uma família maravilhosa, amigos incríveis e um noivo que a iria amar para o resto da sua vida.
Lucy estava prestar a realizar um dos seus sonhos, casar com Samuel Stone o seu namorado de liceu. No dia que iria ser um dos melhores da sua vida recebe a noticia de que o seu futuro marido teve um acidente de viação e que estava a caminho do hospital.
Quando chegou ao hospital estava desesperada por saber noticias do seu estado clínico até que o médico a informa que será necessário uma transfusão de sangue e provavelmente seria necessário doar um rim. Sem conhecer as desavenças do seu futuro noivo e dos pais para com o seu irmão gémeo, Lucy desesperada pede-lhe ajuda. Tudo o que ela queria era trazer o seu noivo de volta e estava com a esperança que Saxon Stone iria salvar o seu irmão.

Será que Saxon irá ajudar o irmão Samuel? Qual é o futuro que está reservado a Samuel? Conseguirá Lucy sobreviver sem Samuel?

A vida que Lucy achava perfeita tornou-se numa verdadeira mentira. Quando achava que o homem da sua vida não era capaz de lhe mentir, mentiu. Todo o seu futuro poderia ter sido outro se Samuel não escondesse a verdade.

Será que Saxon vem para a salvar a ela, e não ao Samuel?

Talvez, mas Lucy terá que tomar uma decisão. Decisão essa que poderá mudar o seu futuro e a pessoa que achava que era.
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1,159 reviews35 followers
June 26, 2017

OMG!! Talk about angst!! My heart was clenching and squeezing while I read this book! I've never read anything by Monica James and the blurb caught my attention. After reading this book she is now stuck with me as a fan!! This book was such an emotional rollercoaster!!

“You may not be my rose, but you’ll always be my sunshine.”

Lucy had the perfect life so it seemed until everything changed. Her fiancé Sam gets into an accident and loses his memory of Lucy. Lucy does her best to get him to remember but it's not easy. My heart broke for her during this process. I couldn't imagine the man I loved and who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with forgetting who I was. Then you have Saxon, who is the identical twin brother. As time goes on their feelings and attraction to each other becomes evident. Talk about messy!!! Lucy was like a rock in a hard place!! I don't want to go into too much details but trust me it's deep!

“Love doesn’t make sense. Love happens when you least expect it. It’s inconvenient, messy, and reckless, but that’s the beauty of it. It isn’t a decision; it’s a promise—a promise to chase inconvenient, messy, and reckless love with someone who embraces the chaos with you.”

With this being my first time reading anything by this author, I was very impressed!! The plot held my attention, the writing style was on point. It had everything I loved in a book. Only thing is that I would have loved Saxon's point of view while reading this story. I would have loved his thoughts on how he felt going through this situation.


For more reviews check me out at: http://www.shellysbookcorner.com

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215 reviews
March 16, 2018
"Love doesn't make sense.
Love happens when you least expect it.It's inconvenient,messy and reckless but that's the beauty of it.
It isn't a decesion-it's a promise.
A promise to chase inconvenient,messy and reckless love with someone who embraces the chaos with you."

"Life isn't about perfection.
It's about experiencing imperfection,
to appreciate every imperfect breath
you take."
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1,192 reviews1,024 followers
June 26, 2017
I LOVED THIS BOOK! Review to follow!

“There’s been an accident.” These are some of the last words you want to hear, especially on your wedding day. Lucy was set to marry the love of her life, until she wasn’t. Samuel is on death’s doorstep, and there is only one person that can save him, his identical twin brother Saxon. Saxon is the black sheep of the family and has had zero contact with his brother for years. She is left to deal with the physical and emotional wreckage of Samuel’s accident. She is also left to deal with Saxon. Lucy is heartbroken and left questioning everything about her relationship. That's all I'm going to say. You need to go into this book blind!

Lucy, Samuel, and Saxon’s story is going to rock your world. I thought I knew where this story was headed and then BOOM! MASSIVE PLOT TWIST. Forgetting You, Forgetting Me was full of emotional plot twists and turns. My head was spinning, and my heart hurt until the very end. There is no chance I will forget this book anytime soon. This might be my favorite book by Monica James. WOW.

This review appears on www.kindlecrack.net, www.facebook.com/kindlecrack, Goodreads, Amazon, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter. A review copy of this book was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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686 reviews46 followers
September 20, 2019
This was my first book by this author and it won't be my last. I was introduced to her work through the Ladybugs bookclub that I'm in. I was told ahead of time she will put me thru an emotional rollercoaster. Wow did she ever and it started from page 1.

Poor Lucy all she wanted was to be Mrs. Stone until the day of her wedding something drastically changed her life forever.

My heart broke for Lucy, Sam and so much for Saxon. I can't wait for the next book. I'm also waiting for someone to put Kellie in her freaking place. No idea what Lucy will do it will be easy if she can have her two loves but guessing this is not one of those series lol.
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529 reviews59 followers
June 25, 2017
Lucy Tucker was living the life. She loved her job and her family was everything she wanted in life. She was about to get married. Until one moment stole her happiness. An accident. Sam Stone was everything her heart desired. She’s loved him for as long as she could remember. So that one moment shattered her heart to pieces. Unsure of Sam’s future, she can only hope for the best even when faced with the worst circumstance of the unknown. When Sam’s identical brother, Saxon, comes to save his brother, her world is thrown into a complete spiral that no one saw coming.

“Every scar means you were stronger than whatever tried to beat you.”

Despite the chaos in Saxon’s presence, Lucy funds peace. It’s unnerving as it is intoxicating. Their connection is palpable. I refuse to give any of this story away. Any pre-conceived notions about this story and how it unravels should be dismissed. This is not the type of story you’ve read before. Messy, yet beautiful. Heartbreaking but the storyline bewitches you. The characters, magnetic. Their story? Profound.

“I see…you…”

The writing? Electrifying. Consuming. Absolutely breathtaking. Nothing is off limits. Everyone is vulnerable. Emotions are raw. She takes risks with this book. There is a beauty in the complexity of this story line and the characters. I think this is what separates this author from everyone else. Her characters are unguarded. She writes without abandon. She puts her all in every word and twist to this story. She pushes and pulls her readers to experience every moment. I continue to be in awe of her ability to masterfully create such a multifaceted story. No one could have ever executed this deeply compelling story in the way that she did. Her talent is simply unmatched.

Forgetting Me, Forgetting You is an unforgettable read. I am counting the days until the author releases the second book. I am usually one to wait until a series is released to read, but not this time. Do yourself a favor and do not wait. I’ve been looking for a story to blow me away. One to keep me turning the pages. This is it. I know I am vague on the details, but this is one every reader should experience within the depth of this book. Stunning and unexpected, this can easily be placed as one of my top reads this year.
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260 reviews14 followers
June 27, 2017
Wow! Forgetting You, Forgetting Me is a beautiful and emotional story of fate, second chances and find one's self.

It a roller coaster of emotions as we watch Lucy, Sam and Saxon navigate the life decisions and tragedies.

This was my first Monica James book and surely will not be my last. I cannot wait to see what happens in the continuation of this story.
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690 reviews7 followers
June 26, 2017
4.5 Stars
Three words. Identical. Twin. Brothers.

Oh my goodness was this a brilliant read!

Monica James has delivered another amazing read with Forgetting You Forgetting Me.

The story is based in Montana with Lucy being the heroine and the two heroes, yes I said two, are Sam and Saxon.

It all begins with tragedy on Lucy and Sam’s wedding day, when Sam gets into a car accident and is seriously injured. Because of the severity of his injuries he falls into a coma. The story continues from there when Lucy decides to call Sam’s estranged twin brother, Saxon to donate blood.

What happens from there is one of the greatest stories I’ve read in quite some time. The book kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire story. The feels were out of this world. You could feel every character’s emotions through the words on each page.

The only reason this book wasn’t a 5 star is because of the ending! One word – cliffhanger!! I can’t wait to get my hands on the next part of this story.
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852 reviews10 followers
June 24, 2017

I hated it! I hated it because it was so good that I finished it way too fast! I couldn't put it down. I stayed up late just turning page after page until there was nothing left to turn. The worst part was waking up and wanting more to only realize I finished it! I hate when that happens. So I hated it because it ended, and I just needed SO MUCH MORE of Sam, Saxon, and Lucy. Especially, Saxon!!! I'm SO #teamsaxon!! I don't know why, but I always seem to fall for the underdog and boy did I fall hard for Saxon!! With the way things ended, I'm really hoping that there's a book 2! I'm also really hoping that it comes out soon because I NEED IT!!

My favorite quote...

"My heart breaks. Actually, it doesn’t just break; it shatters into a million irreparable pieces. I don’t know how I’m going to get through this."

My heart totally broke! The beginning, the ending, and everything in between broke me piece by piece. Plus, this is exactly how I feel right now! I don't know how I'm going to survive waiting for book 2!

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762 reviews108 followers
March 17, 2018
“Love doesn’t make sense. Love happens when you least expect it. It’s inconvenient, messy, and reckless, but that’s the beauty of it. It isn’t a decision; it’s a promise—a promise to chase inconvenient, messy, and reckless love with someone who embraces the chaos with you.”

I'm at loss of words for what this book did to me... If you're thinking that it's a book about a love triangle and nothing else then you're totally wrong, it's so much more... I loved it beyond words...
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June 29, 2017
“You may not be my rose, but you’ll always be my sunshine.”

MYGAHD, THE TORTURE! I've never needed a sequel like I do right now.
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June 25, 2017
OH HELL! WTH have you done to me, Monica??? I am not going to MEL to see you anymore! I am NOT!!!! (Stomping my feet like a toddler) … Not until you give me book two!!!!
Seriously though, I have been waiting for Forgetting You, Forgetting Me for a long time and let me tell you it is well worth it! I fell in love the author’s Dirty Dix series – erotic and sexy but this book shows a new side of her. Brilliant!! You must read!!!

"You may not be my rose, but you'll always be my sunshine."

Here is the scoop: Lucy Tucker seems to have a perfect life – a warming home, a handsome fiancé Sam who loves her unconditionally. Then one day, she lost it all right before she walks down the aisle to the man of her dream. Sam desperately needed help so Lucy reluctantly turned to his identical twin brother Saxon. Saxon had skipped town a long time ago and neither Sam nor Lucy have any relationship with him. The last thing Saxon wants is to come back to his home town and deal with all the hurtful memories. But he did! What happened when Lucy realized Saxon isn’t there to save his brother but rather he is there to save her? Is the man she vows to love forever really who she thinks he is? How is Lucy going move on with Sam when she is falling into the arms for Saxon, the man who made her feel safe and protected.

From the sound of it you might think there is cheating involved but I don’t see it that way. You have to really read the story to judge for yourself – their relationship is anything but simple. It’s messy, complicated - a huge roller coaster of past, present, lies and secrets and poor Lucy is caught right in the middle of it. I feel for Lucy – she is beautiful, smart, brave and has a good heart. She grew up in the system and was mistreated but it hadn’t hardened her spirit – she turned the cruelty that brought upon her to helping others in needs.
Sam is a good old boy – his parent’s golden child. He can do no wrong but oh, he did wrong! Very wrong! What Sam did back in high school was unforgiveable – it was a game at first but once his heart involved, there was no going back. I wanted to hate Sam badly, but in the end, I just could not. You will see why …
Saxon – whoa!!! I want to take him home. Saxon is misunderstood by everyone. As long as he remembered he is a just thorn on his parents’ side – unwanted, unloved. We as reader knows better, don’t we? Saxon is rugged, sexy, kind-hearted, and caring. What he did at the end was once again selfless – showcased his true character that I fell in love with all along. The book ended with Saxon and Lucy finally came clean with their feelings. Sam is still confused about who he is and what he had done? Lucy loves both men for different reasons – one can’t live without her while the other needed her more. What will she do? So yeah Monica? What will she do and where is the rest of it? LOVE YOU!

"I will never forget you.  I can't."
"I will never forget you either, Lucy.  Ever.  You're a part of me, now and forever."

I need not to tell you about Monica’s talent of storytelling – nothing short of spectacular. She is super sweet guys, but she is wicked. She doesn’t play safe and this storyline proves it – unique, unexpected, and just brilliant. You will be taken on a roller coaster of emotions. I cried a lot but I laughed too. Some of the dialogues were hilarious compliment of the feisty Lucy. I love everything about this book – the complexity of each characters, the clever dialogues, the narrative and everything in between. There is plenty of angst, drama, secrets that will keep you captivated from beginning to end. Let’s not forget the swoony and sexy parts though – Monica is the queen of writing panty-dropping sex scenes. This story is quite a surprise! Monica James doesn’t disappoint. I have faith that the author will bring us an epic ending to this magnificent story.

Highly recommended!!!!
Stars??? Who cares – IT IS A MUST READ!!!! PERIOD!!!

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April 19, 2019
I seem to be in the minority on this one.

Sam and Lucy were high school sweethearts, went to college together, bought a ranch together, and on their wedding day at age 27, Sam doesn’t show up to the altar. Sam was in an auto accident and is in a coma. Sam’s estranged identical twin, Saxon, comes home after 9 years of silence to donate blood to Sam at Lucy’s request. He sticks around to help when Sam comes to with amnesia. He doesn’t remember Lucy, or much of anything after he met Lucy in school. Naturally things are strained and hard as Lucy tries to reconnect with Sam and hopes his memory returns. Meantime, Sam treats her like dirt, and she and Saxon grow closer.

I’m not sure that it’s possible for Lucy to be more of a wishy washy doormat! I get sticking it out and trying to help someone you love who’s going through a “thing.” But Sam literally hates her. And while it’s probably a reasonable reaction for someone in his position, the back and forth is ridiculous. At one point, during a fight she tells him to leave and not come back. He tells her basically, no problem and by the way, give the engagement ring to Saxon to give back to me. Then Lucy laments the possibility he may not come home. What!? This character literally gave me whiplash. Lucy is also an abuse survivor and several times through the story she exclaims she won’t be a victim again, yet, she goes all in on being one the next minute.

Also, Lucy’s super helpful friend thinks that during all of this drama it’s a fab idea to throw a party. So late 20 somethings have a rave with “hundreds of people, most they don’t even know.” Yes, I can see how that would help the amnesiac.

Sam’s specialist doctor makes house calls to them and also makes google eyes and starts dating her patients identical twin, yeah that is totally realistic. These are just a couple of examples. Don’t get me started on the
Lucy’s diary entries, and oh look, Saxon also keeps a diary. How cool. And if Lucy explains one more time how she “has kept a diary since the day she learned to read and write”, I think I will have to break my kindle. Who says that? Like who talks like this.

Oh, almost forgot. So at one point Lucy showered and applied make up before going out to start her day of chores on the ranch! She’s probably one of these women who also wear full face make-up to the gym.

It ends on a cliffhanger, a really really bad one. I don’t want to ruin anything, but like seriously? The old black out and hit the head on the way down... classic, and not in a good way!
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December 30, 2019
Als Lucys Verlobter bei einem Unfall sein Gedächtnis verliert ist nichts mehr so wie vorher. In ihrer Verzweiflung bittet Lucy Samuels Zwillingsbruder um Hilfe und als er tatsächlich auftaucht ist das Chaos vorprogrammiert. Samuel ist, nachdem er aus dem Koma erwacht ein richtiger Arsch! Die erste Zeit hatte ich wirklich Verständnis für ihn und seine Situation aber so wie er Lucy behandelt hat fand ich einfach nur furchtbar 😑 Saxon hingegen mochte ich von Anfang an super gerne. Er war so verständnisvoll und hilfsbereit und immer da. Nach und nach erfährt man warum sich die Brüder nicht leiden können und ja...das hat mir Samuel nicht sympathischer gemacht🤭🙈 Er ist ein so verzogener und manipulativer Mistsack😠 bääähhh! Am liebsten hätt ich ihm ein paar Steine an seinen dämlichen Kopf geschmissen. Lucy empfand ich als sehr authentisch. Ich konnte mich in ihre Situation hineinversetzen. Ich hab zwar ein paar Gedanken und Handlungen nicht nachvollziehen können und hätte sie gerne ab und zu mal ordentlich geschüttelt aber sie hat sich während der Geschichte wahnsinnig gut entwickelt. Diese Geschichte hatte einiges an Drama. Sehr viel hin und her. Sehr viel Gefühlschaos. Aber ich fand alles daran toll😍 Ich habe mitgelitten und mitgeliebt. War verzweifelt, fassungslos, habe inbrünstig gehasst und war des Öfteren unfassbar wütend und ich habe mich in Saxon verknallt😏 Ich wurde extrem gut unterhalten und freue mich nach diesem Ende (ernsthaft dieses Ende ist blöd) auf band 2. Ich bin wahnsinnig gespannt wie es mit Lucy,Samuel und Saxon weitergeht. .
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