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Something There In Between

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Bree Sutton has lost everything.

Shattered dreams and a lonely park bench are her only companions.
Happy endings aren’t for people like her.

Survivor Declan James knows what rock bottom looks like.
But he knows there can be redemption, no matter how far you’ve fallen.

You can try and fight it, but love doesn't care how broken and battered you are. It's always something there in between...

This book contains strong adult content that may not be suitable for readers sensitive to hard to read subjects.

183 pages, Kindle Edition

Published December 16, 2016

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About the author

S. Ferguson

4 books384 followers
S. Ferguson is a military wife and mother of three. She loves to find beauty in the flawed and broken.

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Author 1 book50 followers
December 27, 2016
I'm still in awe that Something There in Between is S. Ferguson's debut novel, this story grabbed me from the beginning and it practically made it impossible to want to walk away from. This is not an easy read, the references of rape and child abuse, insecurities and self blame are written to the point where I felt the emotions, my heart ached, my protective shield wanted to jump into the story slap characters around.

In this story we have Bree, raised by a mother that only saw her as a burden and took her anger out on Bree leaving the scars of verbal and physical abuse . Her only chance is to runaway at 16 years of age with the first boy she falls in love with, they live life on the streets and then find themselves working for a man who is well known in the community and who is feared by others. He provides them with a place to stay and a job, leaving the reader to wonder what are his intentions? Bree's boyfriend not only breaks her heart, he leaves her with such a feeling of insecurities and self doubt she believes the only connection she deserves is through sex and with who ever is willing. Will Bree ever be able accept help from others and feel deserving of love?

Declan, just writing his name makes me smile. He has a past that he has worked through and he sees the same familiar sadness and pain in Bree and wants to be the one to help and protect her. Declan and his brother work for Ron the owner of the bar, Declan's brother is one of the muscles in the group of men Ron keeps near by. Declan works behind the bar with Bree and soon he hopes that is the opening he needs to get close to her. Bree soon becomes all he can think about and the closeness may be just to much for both of them to resist, their chemistry is hot. Will their time together be all they need to break down the walls that Bree has built up to protect her from herself, her past and future pain?

I highly recommend Something There in Between, it has the drama, suspense, sexual passion, surprises and emotions I enjoy in a really good book. S. Ferguson you did an amazing job with capturing the story line, characters and keeping the readers engaged. I look forward to her next book. 5 star must read!

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74 reviews45 followers
November 20, 2016
Something there in between by S. Ferguson I didn’t know what to expect , it is a heavy book and I don’t usually read this books, but as soon as I met Bree I felt that I wanted to hug her.
Loved the writing style and the editing the descriptions about the places or the smells , it made me feel as if I was reading a real life story, everything felt real, loved the sex scenes, I cried for Bree since the beginning, sometimes I wanted to shake her and tell her she was strong, Ze was amazing and of course Ron.
Declan…. I fell in love with him, he helped Bree in a lot of ways but at the end she found and loved herself and only after accepting who she really is she could smile and be happy.
This book made me feel all the possible emotions, I cried and I laughed .
Congratulations S. on your first book.
Loved the ending because it made me think that a next book is coming.
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540 reviews18 followers
November 2, 2016
What a debut! Sarah has written an emotional book about a girl Bree who has had a rough life. Her mother was the unloving and cruel type. She has no father. She had one person that she counted on in her life, her live in boyfriend, and he up and left her without a word. Bree feels worthless and unlovable.

She meets a hot guy , Declan. When Declan first sees Bree he immediately feels like there is a connection there. But Bree, between feeling like she is incapable of being loved, has a ton of walls up and Declan is finding he really has to work hard to break through these walls. What I really love about him though is he's patient and understanding and not giving up.

I'm really impressed with this author first novel. I think it's both heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time. That when you hit what you think is your bottom, having someone caring in your corner, you can become strong enough to lift yourself up and not only survive but thrive.
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480 reviews3 followers
November 22, 2016
S. Ferguson has written an amazing debut novel. Something There In Between is packed full of emotions and feels that will tug at your heart. A believable story of two broken souls drawn to the other.

Bree life hadn’t been easy. She had grown up without her dad, a mother who often used her as a punching bag and was always critical of what she did. When Bree ran away from home with her boyfriend, Alex, she never even reported her missing.

The final blow came when Alex left for a work trip and never returned home to Bree. Deserted, devastated, Bree’s self-worth was out the window. Her life was lonely and except for monotonous routine of working and the occasional hook up.

So, what would happen when Declan, Mr. Hottie, came crashing into her life? Finding Bree that day sitting on the lone park bench he could sense her unhappiness. Dressed all in black with her glittery, silver converse just sitting there by herself. But there was something about her that just connected with him. Was it Decan’s own share of lives perversions? Or was it his overwhelming want to protect her?

Working together allowed Declan more time around Bree. Time that they could get to know each other better. Time for him to begin to chip away at the walls Bree had constructed around her heart. Walls to protect her heart from more sadness and disappointment.

There is no freaking way that you won’t fall in love with Declan. Nothing better than a tatted bad boy with a good heart! He’s so kind, thoughtful and patient with Bree. Gah, he’ll have you swooning!! And good Lord I wanted to just shake Bree at times.

Be prepared for quite a few surprises too. S Ferguson will definitely catch you off guard with some of the twisty turns in the STIB. BUT nothing will shock you more than the ending!!

Very well done, S. Ferguson. I’m looking forward to her next book.
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1,531 reviews1,348 followers
March 26, 2018
Actually, this book started very promising and I expected an intensely emotional book but it disappointed me as it progressed. So, after having finished it, it feels something between 2 and 2,5 points for me.

It is the story of Bree, whose father is dead and who was abused by her mother for 16 years before she finally ran away with the son of her mother’s friend, Alex, who later tried to sell her to a bar owner. The bar owner Ron is a very powerful and dangerous man who is also involved in illegal actions. However, he decides to take her under his protection and she has been working there for the past 4 years. Ron doesn’t let anyone bother or touch Bree but she lives with Alex for 3 years and Alex works in the bar with her, too. (Still don’t know why Ron let this happen if he wants her well-being).

After 3 years of a relationship and living together, one day Alex leaves Bree and his job at the bar and he isn't around for a year. After a year, when she sees him with a girl in town, he doesn’t even bother to explain why he left Bree and tells her rudely to move on.

Bree cannot get over the thought of being "not good enough for anyone" and her self-deprecating beliefs lead her to the beds of random guys who see her only as a sidekick, a booty call.

When it is clear that Alex is not coming back, one of the guys working in this bar, Jake, calls his brother Declan and tells him to come and take Alex’s job in the bar.

Declan and his brother were also abused by their father so he could understand Bree very well and he instantly decided that they were meant for each other! Declan feels insta-lust/love and everything else for Bree, from thinking she is his soul mate to wanting to be her protector and saviour. That was shocking for me.

One day, one of Bree’s booty calls sexually abuses her -- and after this event, the bar owner Ron and his men go and punish the guy - - and Declan is the one who takes care of Bree in his house while they are doint that! Lucky him :)

After this event, slowly, Declan and Bree get closer. I expected this period of getting closer to be monumental but it was mostly sexual. OK, maybe there was a teeny tiny bit of the mention of emotions but not enough for me.

The healing process of Bree is very smoothly achieved by Declan's attention, Ze (the self-defence trainer) and a therapist, who Ron found for her.

When Alex comes back one day to the bar with another very powerful bar owner Tony and his guys, things get complicated, (guns, fights & everything). On this day, some more facts are revealed about Alex & Ron.

And, the book ends, preparing us for maybe another book about the two other guys in the bar or so I think. If the epilogue was not a preparation for a second book, I have no idea why it was about them but not Bree and Declan.

The whole book is written by dual point of view (Bree & Declan) and the epilogue is written by Ron.

The book was mostly predictable and the plot twist about the identity of Ron was very clear from the very beginning. Still, it is not dragging or boring, it makes you want to read and learn what is going to happen.

However, at the end of the book, I was kind of stupefied and disappointed, with still lots of questions in my mind and these questions are the main reasons that make me question the value of this book. My other reason is the focus of Declan & Bree's relationship, being more on sex than emotions. I like a good balance of emotions & hot scenes. Well, also the hot scenes were not my kind of hot.

*Caution: The questions below include huge spoilers.

Here they are:

For all these reasons, I am grading it low and I will delete the book from my kindle but I will keep the cover pic... yummy :)

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1,038 reviews2,382 followers
April 9, 2017
"But there is always something there in between, a far off place where I am loved."

There's something to be said about going into a story blind. This book was not AT ALL what I expected. I was drawn to the series by the beautiful covers....because I'm fickle like that. LOL
Anyway, this story broke my heart into a million tiny pieces. It's raw, gut-wrenching, heart-breaking, and sad on many levels. However, its also hopeful and utterly beautiful. It's a story of finding light while surrounded by darkness. I was deeply moved.

Here's the breakdown: Bree is broken. There's no doubt about it. She believes she's worthless and because of that she merely floats through life closed off to real emotion and life. When she meets Declan, he makes it his mission to show her how beautiful she is. Their story isn't always pretty, but it's beautiful.

What I loved: I was beyond shocked by the writing. It's not perfect, but it's definitely one of the better debut novels I've read. What really worked is that novel is dark, but there's also humor interspersed throughout. That was a definite win for me! It was almost like a juxtaposition of the two characters. Light vs dark. Whether it was intentional or not, I thought it was brilliant!

I enjoy dark tear-jerkers, so my opinion my vary from others, but this tragically raw novel cut to the heart of me. I was an emotional wreck while reading it and I loved every minute. So the shock value of it really worked for me. I'd really like to interview the author to find out her thought process for putting these characters through hell!!

The subplots were a bonus. There are a few other storylines floating around in the background that definitely piqued my interest and kept me engaged.

Overall, a very solid debut novel! I read book 2 immediately after completing this one, so the author definitely held my interest :) These beautifully broken characters had a definite impact.
I rate it: 4.25 Stars

Disclaimer: While I'm a reading masochist, I certainly understand that not everyone else is. So be warned - Triggers abound in this one. I would not recommend this book to anyone sensitive to safety issues.
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416 reviews281 followers
December 13, 2016
5.0 "B-GIRL" STARS!!!

*Sigh! What a beautiful story! I love it to pieces!!!

One of the reason why I love debut novels is the fact that I was so blind to everything. From the author's style of writing to the story and the fact that I get to follow an author's growth in her writing career. I feel like I am with the author's journey too and that's why I was so excited to get my hands on this book. And boy,Something There In Between is a wonderful debut novel. It was perfect and my expectations were exceeded.
I know exactly what I am.
I’m the girl you call for a fun time.
You don’t take me on a real date because why waste the money? You know you’re going to get laid.

Bree...How do I even begin with her? Right from the Prologue, my interest was heightened. I was so curious about this woman and where the book would lead me that I literally did not put the book down because I was too hooked and captivated. More than that, I pained all over because of this woman. My heart ached for her that I feel like I was so broken too. She perceive herself as a damaged goods. A broken woman who exist in the world of illusions. Barely living and flawed. Her story is so emotional and heartbreaking that reading it wrenched my heart so tight that I hurt so much. Entered Declan, just like Bree his life was never easy too. But I adore this hero so much as I adored Bree. I love how he was portrayed in the book. He may not be the usual hero I root for in every book I read but he's the kind of man/hero that is so right Bree. His protectiveness and will to give Bree what she deserves is so awe inspiring. I love him and he stole my heart. That being said, the chemistry of the two is just as strong as how broken they are. And that's one of the things I love about this book. The characters may be flawed but they are just perfect for each other. And never did I got bored reading their story. It's just perfectly imperfect and boy how I love it!
“You’re worth more than I could ever give you. I’ll never be able to give you what you deserve, what you’re worth, but I’m selfish enough to spend my life trying. I care about you enough to show you what you mean to me. Every. Single. Day.”

Really, the book is good and I'm not just talking about the characters but in totality. It may be Sarah's first book but it was well written and she really aced it. It was not long of a book but she condensed in a way that everything was covered. The words and lines of the book are heavy and full of emotions. She has a vivid way of writing a scene and she's really a good story teller. I do not know if I'll cry or scream at frustrations or just embraced it fully because damn she's a woman of mission with this work. The roller coaster ride of emotions together with the twists and turns had me on the edge while I keep on turning the pages and I tell you this, it wasn't just an emotional one but goodness!!! The sex scenes were just hot!!! She had me there and I was even looking for more. Call me crazy but despite all what was goin' on had me anticipating on her next sex scene because it was jut WOW!!! It's drool worthy and panty melting. Sure Declan and Bree just nailed it with their intimate moments. Perfectly written Sarah! You made me a slut too, turned on despite the darkness of the scene and take note I was even looking for more. ;)
"I want to taste you.
I want to eat that pretty little pussy and make you come in my mouth."

But more than all I mentioned, I love this book because it portrays so much about the realness of life and how life sometimes is just so unfair. For Bree, really I hurt for her but then, she's one of the strongest heroine I read. It's her show more than Declan. And how I love that with Declan she finally got to find herself again, to find the real her , to finally see her worth. To live and move on from the darkness of her past. Ze was right, Bree might be happy with Declan but it's within herself on how she's going to fix the broken pieces.

Kudos! I highly recommend this book. Just really a warning though, this book may not be for you.

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2,048 reviews308 followers
December 10, 2017

This book started off really strong and I was enjoying the H/h interaction.

The writing is superb and keeps you interested in the book. I didn't know that this is a borderline mafia book so I'm also quite iffy when it comes to this.

Declan was all for the heroine and he wanted to be part of her life. He makes it clear with his POV that she is long time. Then what I didn't like was his brother fobbed some skank off to him. He got a bj and a f$ck in the mens room and then decides to leave with said skank but is too embarrassed to look the heroine in the eyes. She sees most of it up close and this isn't what I'm looking for in romance at the moment.

I've read some other reviews and it is clear that I won't like the rest. This is just my opinion.

DBF @ 41%

Book received in exchange for an honest reviewu
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Author 5 books289 followers
November 5, 2016
Emotional, raw and heartbreakingly beautiful. Something There in Between is the quintessential mix of every emotion all packed into one magnificent debut.
If I hadn’t already known better, I never would have guessed this was S. Ferguson’s first book. I was so engrossed in this story; I didn’t want it to end. It definitely gave me all the feels. I was sad. I was angry. I was nervous and scared. I laughed. I cried and I was turned on. *fans self* I’ll be Declan’s spider monkey ANY day.
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3,338 reviews109 followers
February 7, 2017
Bree (Bartender) - Heroine
Declan (Bartender) - Heroine

For me New Years resolution involving reading, I said I would do one book a month that is out of my comfort zone. I usually prefer to read about heroine who do not hook up or have sex with men who have girlfriends. Bree ran away from her abusive mother when she was 16 years old with her boyfriend, Alex. They went to a man who was known in the area as a criminal, Ron, to look for work. There, Bree gets hired as a bartender. Shortly after, Alex leaves her with no explanation and Bree pines for him thinking that she is damaged goods and no good enough for anyone. Bree likes to sit on a bench in the park almost everyday. One day, Declan runs into her at the park. Declan ends up working at the same bar as Bree. Declan also comes from an abusive relationship. Declan tries to get close to Bree. From there, their story begins.

I liked the beginning of this book. I liked the premise and the story, but I felt that the ending was rushed. The pace was good but then towards the end...pasts come back, secrets revealed, and everything is solved all at once. All in one situation/night. It all felt too good to be true and rushed.

Bree likes to hook up with random guys which would bother me, but the author did a good job making me understand why Bree was the way she was.

There are a few things I did not understand. Maybe I just misread the situation.
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48 reviews15 followers
June 1, 2018
I recently received the 3rd book in this series in a montly subscription box and was blown away by this author. I immediately found the first 2 books and downloaded for a long rainy afternoon. I have since re-read this book 3 times in May. S. Ferguson has become an instant buy for me. I don't have many on that list.

Bree and Declan's journey was painful and healing all the same time. At times, I was close to putting the story down and walking away for a breather, but I absolutely could not have put my Kindle down even if the house was on fire or there was a sale on running shoes. I had to see how their story worked out out because there was no way in hell it couldn't have a HEA. Bree and Declan both deserved their HEA.

I can't wait to see what is next!
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Author 35 books487 followers
October 31, 2016
I loved, loved, loved the author's style of writing. So much so that I was envious through quite a bit of it. She has a way of describing the minute details and quirks of a person without it being boring. The details that a lover would notice. I felt like I knew Bree and Declan. Especially, Declan! The author did a wonderful job of building a wonderfully likable hero. And I was hooked and drawn into their story and I was rooting for them the whole time. And the chemistry between them is fire!!! I'm totally impressed by this debut author. Bravo!
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530 reviews
June 30, 2020
Among the many many other issues in this book the hero has decided that he’s in love with the heroine and they belong together. He is determined to convince her that he is different from other guys... Until he suddenly does a 180. His family comes to visit and brings him a woman to screw. He screws her loudly, at the bar that he works at with the heroine, where she can hear it, then he takes the woman home and continues to have sex with her. Heroine was right there to witness the entire thing, and he couldn’t even look her in the eye. So even the author thought it was a douche move. Then he goes back to pursuing the heroine. Just a big fat nope.
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1,842 reviews44 followers
November 22, 2017
**4.5 Stars

Wow!!! What a debut! This is exactly why I love taking chances on new authors. I get to be there from the beginning and watch them grow. It's beautiful really. I know with some it could be their one and only book but I have a feeling S. Ferguson will be around for a long time. I thought it was awesome and brave to start with a book with triggers. Triggers that could make people stop that one-click but with others it will make them click faster. That's me. I saw the warning and wanted it. I crave them in between my sweet and sexy reads. Now...it has that too but it's not all hearts and flowers...

Bree has been through too much for only being twenty years old. She ran away from her monster of a mother when she was only sixteen and hasn't looked back. Since then she thought she found love to only be abandoned by him at nineteen. It has almost been a year since Alex left but it still feels like yesterday since her heart was ripped out and stepped on. In her mind, it was her fault. It always was. She wasn't worth anything to anyone. She had the men at the Bar she worked at, they were the closest to family she has ever had but she still had her walls up. They knew to leave her alone. That was until Declan walked into her life and saw right through her...

Declan needed a job and his brother had one for him. He didn't want it but after seeing the woman bartender that named started with a B at the park his decision was made. From the moment he saw her he wanted to help her. And as time went by he wanted to be the one to make her smile. He didn't know her whole story but he knew enough that she was alive but not truly living. He wanted to prove to her that she was worth it. That she was worth everything that he could give. But he knew he had to go slow. Each brick she let fall from her walls was progress. And when he heard her laugh it was heaven. He knew she wasn't ready for him but she needed to know that when she was...it would be there waiting. He knew from the minute he saw her sparkle pink converse that she was his soulmate.

Bree knew what Declan was doing. She didn't want to believe that he was just another asshole that only wanted one of two things from her. Sex and booze. But that was her life over the last year. She had to be careful. She actually liked the guy. She didn't want to because she saw the way he looked at her. He could see her sadness. She her hurt. It made her feel vulnerable but in a good way. And with every smile she had because of him it was harder and harder to stay away. She was finding herself living again but how long would it last? What will happen when he figures out that she isn't good enough? That was was going through her mind.

I loved this book! It wasn't just a love story about a broken girl that finds her knight in shining armor. It's a journey of self-discovery and if a man wants to be by her side during the journey then she might have found the one she is meant to be with. A man that doesn't want to demand. But is happy to just make her smile. To make her feel special. To love without conditions.

I thought the characters were well-developed. The writing was beautiful. And I want more! I am so hoping that a certain character gets his own story. I won't say who but he intrigued me from the beginning and I had the hope of getting to know him better from the start. And yum! Eeekkk....

Overall...it was amazing debut! I can't wait to see what S. Ferguson has for us next!


I exist in a world of illusions. Some are stronger than others, but in the end it’s all a lie.

A man could write songs about her smile.

I like you even when you’re walking around like Wednesday Adams, but I really like you when you’re being Bree.”
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3,428 reviews238 followers
December 24, 2016
It’s been over two days after reading this story and I still haven’t gotten it out of my head. I keep replaying scenes in my head and the main characters in my head. The way the story was written had so much detail to it that it felt like it was really happening. I felt like I knew the characters and found myself intrigued by the secondary characters within the story. S. Ferguson has delivered a fantastic debut novel. I did not know this was the first novel for the reading until after I finished reading the story and found myself surprised. The writing style of the novel was done in the way that I thought this was what the author has been doing all their life.

Bree was a strong character that I really admired because she took the first steps needed to make herself a stronger person. I found that it was a very courageous thing for her to do and something that character really benefitted from it. I was interested in the character from the start of the book because I wanted to find out what had happened to her to make her fell the way she was feeling. My heart broke for her during her depression that she was suffering from and the way that she didn’t think she wasn’t good enough because of the things that happened to her. But she was a beautiful character that had a lot of people that cared about her.

Declan was an alpha male that I absolutely loved because he was an incredible sexy character and very down to earth. I love the way that he is protective of the ones he love especially Bree and his brother. Its clear that Declan has had a rough life and he has down what he could to move on with his life. I absolutely adore him and I seriously couldn’t stop smiling when he would mention the t-shirts that he wore. I absolutely love the way that Declan is patient with Bree and the way he shows her that she is worth so much more then she thinks she is. Declan was a character that I absolutely loved within this story and especially with the way that he was with Bree.

Something there In Between is about Bree who has suffered a lot of heartbreak and lot throughout her life. Declan was looking for work and was offered a job working as a bar tender at the place his brother works at. When Declan sees Bree at the park bench she spends most of her time at he knew that she was similar to him. Bree was also the other bartender to work at the bar that Declan just got a job at. This saw the start of a slow burn romance between the two characters.

S. ferguson has written a story that was really well done that it was able to tell the story that even though you might hit rock bottom that you can always raise above. This story was heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time that has written so much emotion and angst in it that you couldn’t put the story down. I absolutely loved this story and I would love to find out more about the secondary characters within the story. Congratulations S.Ferguson on an incredible debut novel, I can’t wait to read what you bring out next.
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868 reviews29 followers
November 16, 2016
Review 4.25 Stars

This debut novel by S. Ferguson was an emotional rollercoaster. So much so, that I am still thinking about it and that’s a good thing people! I will ask you all this, read the synopsis and trigger warnings for those who have an issue with sensitive scenarios. You’ve been warned.

From the very beginning you are going to want to hug Bree. Growing up, Bree did not have the best of life, her father disappears, her mother is not only an emotional abuser but a physical one. At the age of 16, Bree runs away with her then boyfriend Alex, a person who she thought could give her the love she so desired. Where they end up for work isn’t somewhere you would want a 16-year-old to work, a bar. The owner Ron, sees the broken girl in front of him. He offers them both a job, that is until the day Alex disappears. Now at the age of 20, Bree is still so broken and feels so unloved. She uses her body to get some type of intimacy that she wants and craves.

Enter Declan. You all are going to fall in love with Declan. He sees right through Bree from the very beginning. He’s sees a broken soul because he too has been broken. You see the patience Declan has with Bree, but at the same time, he will make her see her self worth and that she is worthy of love and being loved. Ron (the bar owner) plays a big role in Bree’s life and the turns of events are going to leave you like WTF.

As I mentioned earlier, this is S. Ferguson’s debut novel and she did not disappoint. S. Ferguson hit all the points you would expect in a seasoned author: emotions, reflection, anger, tears, you name it, she did it and did it well. I see great things in the book world for S. Ferguson. If ever you are going to give a new author a chance, then she’s the one to look out for in the future.

*An ARC was provided for an honest review.
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1,908 reviews23 followers
December 3, 2016
I'm giving this debut book by a new author a five star rating...why you ask? It's not because it is the best book I've ever read ( I have too many to list) nor is it because I loved it so much...but because it is real and obviously came from a deep, dark place that the author must know about very well. At times the story gets very dark and will make you want to hide in your bed under a warm blanket...at other times it is sexy and steamy and you will want more...but above all else, there are strong supporting characters who deserve (and should get) their own books and a lot of hope and healing that goes on. Give this new author a try when this book is released later in the month and I hope you like it as much as I did. Great job on a first novel.

***** 4.5 ***** "some people are broken beyond repair" stars
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1,041 reviews25 followers
February 13, 2018
This is emotional and amazing. I'm floored this was her first book. I enjoyed it and recommend it to everyone.

*Review copy given for honest review in anticipation of the 3rd books release.
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4,065 reviews313 followers
December 13, 2016
3.5 Cocktails

If you're looking for an angsty read, this book is definitely one you may want to pick up. There will definitely be trigger points for some readers (abuse and rape) but if you can read those kind of stories you'll find a character who finally figures out her self worth and learns to start living her life.

When we meet Bree, she's a broken girl. Abused by her mother and then abandoned by her boyfriend, she doesn't feel like she's worthy of love. That there is something intrinsically wrong with her that makes her unlovable. She uses sex as a way to get some kind of human contact, but locks herself off from the one group of people who always keep their eye on her. The bar where she works may be a reminder of her ex, but it's also where her family is. She may not see it that way, but you can instantly see those men would do just about anything for her...and not just because their boss told them too.

Things for Bree change when she meets the new bartender Declan. He's instantly drawn to her, but Bree is weary. She's trying to protect herself as best she can, but she finds she's not strong enough to fight off the smiles Declan brings or the safe feeling she has when she's with him. And no matter what else Declan says or does through the book, I liked him because he was willing to do whatever he could to make Bree smile.

There are mob undertones to the book, which I would have like to explored a little further, but since neither of these characters actually lived it that world we only got a cursory view. With the epilogue, I'm hoping we get to delve into the world a little more in a future book and see exactly what Ron's crew is up to.
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August 31, 2018
“I need to remember that I am damaged goods. There would be no happy ending for me. If I ever forgot that, I’d run the risk of being hurt again. Something I wasn’t sure I could survive.”

This book is heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. There is a lot of pain, fear, regret, soul searching, hope, new beginnings and healing. My words can not do this story justice so I’m going to leave a few quotes to inspire you to one-click an amazing story.

“She may be alive, but she isn’t living.”

“The feeling of being powerless, yet again, is a vice on my chest...”

“I see nothing but lies and fake relationships. Everyone who has ever claimed to love me was lying. I’ve tried for so long to exist anyway and I just can’t do it.”

“Everyone has a story, and their stories can help you, if you’ll stop feeling sorry for yourself long enough to hear them. If you would listen to the truth, not this ‘everything is my fault’ shit you keep spoon-feeding yourself.”

“I know you’re tired. Let me carry this burden with you. Let me in. Please...”

“Sometimes, you don’t forgive. Sometimes, you just refuse to let something hold you back anymore. That’s not the same as forgiveness; forgiveness is for people who are sorry.”

I can’t wait to read Between the Secrets to see Jakes story unfold.
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August 10, 2017
Bree has had a rough life and she's barely 20. She's heartbroken, lost and she thinks that her life will only get worse. Declan didn't have a nice life himself, but he moved on from his past and is trying to live as well as he can. Bree and Declan meet because he starts working as a bartender in the bar where Bree has been working for years already. He really sees her, and tries to make her see all the good things she has in her and help her recover from her past traumas.

What can I say. This book was too short compared to what I usually read, but it contained much more than longer titles. You'd think Bree and Dec would have an usual love story with them falling for each other at first sight and some drama happening in between, but this is not what "Something there in between" is about. This book deals with abuse, trust, relationships, and the way people deal with these real problems. The main characters have both been victims of rape and violence and they treat the traumas differently and help heal each other.

Bree starts off as a fragile girl with a sad story who is trying to move past her most recent suffering. She is at her lowest point and can only find solace sitting on a bench in the park in front of her house. Declan may look like the annoying playboy when you read his POV, but he's nothing like that. He found strength in his traumas and is now trying to make a living. These two fit so well together because Declan can understand what Bree went/is going through, since he's witnessed it happen firsthand. I liked how he starts to make Bree know that he is interested but he doesn't try to speed up the chemicals between them, he tries to give Bree time to believe in him and that his feelings are honest. It was great that Bree and Dec's road to finally be together was slow and the author showed us each step of the way in a realistic manner, which it rarely happens in many indie books. Plus, the drama level was the lowest I've seen in ages, which is good because you don't always need drama to create a plot.

The author's writing was good too and she was able to create two realatable characters and literally bring them to life. I know there is a second book in the series about another couple (that I won't mention because it would be a spoiler), so I may read that to know what happened with Bree and Dec as well. :)
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December 27, 2016
Something There In Between by S Ferguson
3.5 stars!!!

“…you’ll realize there’s something there, something in-between that you’ve been missing.”

This was a great debut novel from S Ferguson, and with a fantastic array of characters introduced I am hoping that this is the first in a series. This book is a great foundation for the world of Ron and his men, who can resist alpha mafia men? While the mafia element of this book is only a background story, as these characters are hopefully explored I am hoping that this side becomes more developed especially when the hero becomes one of the mafia men.

“…she’s on autopilot. She may be alive, but she isn’t living.”

This book is Bree’s story, Bree is a woman who is “alive” but barely living. Never having known her dad, she was brought up by an abusive mother who had done more than scarred her physically. Bree had a low sense of self-worth and believed that she was unlovable, this was only exacerbated when the boy she ran away with eventually deserts her too. Having ran away together at the age of sixteen, they had some rough times on the streets, eventually finding their “normal” when a mafia don, Ron, takes them in, gives them a home and jobs. Bree and Alex were inseparable…until they weren’t. Alex just upped and left and left a broken Bree behind. Years later Bree is still in pieces, a jigsaw puzzle that was seemingly unsolvable because a piece was missing…but was that piece really Alex?

“I will never be whole again. How did this become my life?”

Declan has his issues too, being from a similar background as Bree he recognises the signs, the tells, those dim eyes. Declan was enamoured by Bree the moment they met, not being put off by her prickly persona, he takes the time to get to know her, to understand her. Declan was adorable, 6ft 5in of pure muscle and a body made for sin. However, Declan has a huge heart and despite his alpha personality he knows when to tread lightly and when to stomp his way in.

“I don’t know why you enjoy hanging out, but I like it. It makes me feel… it makes me feel like I’m worth something.”

This is a book about coming to terms with a painful past and moving forward. Understanding and forgiving those that have wronged so that you can move on and make a future. Taking all the self-doubt and leaving it behind, realising you are worthy and at the end of the day, knowing you deserve it and more importantly, want it. S Ferguson delivers with the dialogue, chemistry and the emotion as we are taken on Bree’s journey, my only niggle being, some parts I wanted fleshed out more. I did see the twist coming and while I felt the ending was a little rushed, after that epilogue, I am hoping that this is a little glimpse into book two. For a debut author, this was a fantastic read and as hopefully this series progresses I am sure S Ferguson will be honing her craft.

“Best of all: who knew I would find me?”

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December 27, 2016
I will admit that I did NOT read the blurb before reading Something There In Between, I wanted to be surprised at EVERY turn, and oh my was I ever. S. Ferguson completely blew me away and had me in tears READING THE PROLOGUE!!!!!
Every chapter I read my brain kept running wild with the possibilities of "what the hecks" I fell in love with all of the characters and they were immensely developed that I felt like I was a part of their "family" And there was a few times that I wanted to be in the same room with these characters and yell at them. The characters also don't listen to them when you tell what you think is going to happen hmmmmm. I think they should come out with interactive books so I could have gotten my hands on some of the not so savory characters we are introduced to.
The LOVE story that takes place throughout this story is COMPLETE FATE intervening, ( you will know what I mean when you read it)
Declan and Bree are more alike than either one of them even realizes. They may not heal each other but learn how to heal themselves through one another!!!!! I can not wait to see what is next for this gang!!! LOVE IT!!!
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December 28, 2016
A very surprising debut novel, I wasn't expecting any of this ... Trust me, Sarah Ferguson is an author to follow!

Review to come!
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December 20, 2016
5 stars of a mixed cocktail of emotions

I will never regret taking a chance on this author. It might be her first book but not the last one that I will read.
When I started to read this book and looking for teasers I was kind of " Ok, this will break my heart" and it did
We have the story of Bree and Declan, 2 beautiful broken souls. Living with her mother after the death of his dad, Bree didn't have the life of her dreams growing up next to her mom. She made her life a hell, making her think that she was worthless. But everything changes in one night when she mets a guy that shows her a light of hope and love, but after a time he runs away and leave her without explanation and with a broken heart.
Declan had his share of pain too, having a bad relationship with his father, trying to protect his little brother and mom from the monster that his dad was.Declan lost hope in a few things but never in life, never in love.
Bree has a chance to be a new girl again, to love, to breathe, to be herself again, but the pain is too much and even if she has this opportunity, she really thinks she is beyond repair. She is so lost and she feels that nothing can make things better.
Well, what can I say about this book, the writing? Perfect, the story? Beyond perfection! I felt Bree's pain, I've cried with her and I tried to breathe with her too, I loved this book not because I've cried, but because the story of a broken soul, looking to live, to be whole again, showed us that the happiness not only depends of what is happening outside, but how much we put of ourselves to be in one piece, but we can't, we don't lost a part of us, we change, we break but we don't lose ourselves, be became a better us, that was Bree. I loved this book and that Final?! I knew it that something was happening there!
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December 18, 2016
Rating 3.5

Overall I enjoyed this book from first-time author S Ferguson. It is full of anxiety, pain, and so many emotions that it will definitely take the reader on a journey.

Bree has been through hell in her short 20 year life, coming from an abusive mom she and her boyfriend ran away only for him to end up leaving her. She does find a job working in a bar for a mob boss who vows to keep her safe. She then meets Declan the brother of an enforcer who works for Ron the mob boss; Declan is also a bartender who doesn't want to be part of the mob life he just needs a job. As Declan and Bree grow closer Bree begins to understand she needs to come to terms with her past if she wants to move forward.

Declan is fascinated with Bree and wants to show her that she does deserve happiness. Declan has his own demons but has come through to the other side and wants Bree to see that it is possible. Can Declan keep Bree safe and prove to her that he is trustworthy?

I loved the chemistry between Bree and Declan - the dialog between these two characters is well written as well as the scenes between the characters. Told from both POV's you as the reader get insight from both characters. Where it fell a little short for me was the timelines and some of the backstory especially for Bree. The big reveal towards the end was out of place to me as well. The set-up for the next book is very interesting - I am looking forward to the next book. I think as Ms Ferguson continues to write her books they will get better and better.
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December 28, 2016
Bree Sutton has never known real love, and it's made her numb. Her mother was a witch to her, and the man she thought loved her, shattered her completely. Now she just works, and goes to a lonely park bench everyday. She believes in what's left of her heart that she doesn't deserve better, and that happy endings aren't for her. Declan James came from a horrific childhood, so he recognizes serious pain when he sees it. And he sees it in spades when he meets the gorgeous Bree, so he's made it a mission to get past her walls. But will he ever succeed in getting those walls down so he can show her that she's worth something?!

WOW! It appears this is S. Ferguson's debut book, and I would have never guessed that from the awesomeness that I just experienced! I devoured this amazing story cover to cover in one sitting, ready to beg for more. Her talented writing style had me fully captivated from the very first page, and I couldn't get enough. The twists and turns that come out of every direction had my heart racing, with the f-bomb parade playing loudly. My dramatic girly girl emotions were out in spades with Bree's feelings seeping out my kindle, making them palpable, and I had leaky eyes more than once. On the happier side, I was laughing hard at the well placed humor, not to mention Declan and Bree's bedroom antics were all out, panty meltin', SIZZLING HOT HOT HOT! What a EPIC way to start a new series, and I CANNOT WAIT to read the next book, so I can't HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND Something There In Between enough, to EVERYONE!
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November 21, 2019
 photo Warped-STIB Teaser 5_zpsooue6gdc.png

Ma chronique en français: sur mon Blog

3 stars

A very promising Debut Novel.

Very emotional, with all the great ingredients: Bree, an absolutely broken heroine, who is just breathing but not “living”, and Declan, a man with a tragic past too, who sees through her walls, well… who really SEES her, and then we have this criminal background with its own dangers lurking…

This is sad, sometimes dark, raw but also warm, sexy and even with some funny moments.

I may have felt sometimes that some big events came little too fast or some plots were solved a little too easily (I won’t be more specific tin order to avoid spoilers). I feel like there will be more of those characters, besides Bree and Declan, seeing the way it all turned out in the story. Maybe more books to come with Jake’s story?

All in all S. Ferguson did a very good job in her first book.

***ARC provided for an honest review***
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December 7, 2016
Oh how I love these types of books. Broken and ready to give up, Bree is tired of being the reason everyone leaves. A bad break up a year earlier, Bree is just an empty shell of a woman. Until Declan. Dec is instantly taken with Bree and feels he needs to fix her, help her heal. But is that what Bree wants? She doesn't want to add another person to her list.  Is there hope for her? Can she heal? Is Dec just like all of the rest of the people in her life? Absolutely loved Declan and felt sorry for Bree. So much happened in this book and you kept cheering for the change, for the healing. This book was a great read with a great ending. I actually gasped at one part as the truth came out. Highly recommend you give this book a read, you won't regret it (just be warned there are some sensitive topics addressed).
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