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Billionaires and Bridesmaids #3

The Billionaire Takes a Bride

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Billionaire Sebastian Cabral loves his family, he just doesn't love their reality TV show, The Cabral Empire. So when his ex-girlfriend tries to rekindle their relationship on camera, Sebastian decides that drastic measures are in order.

By day, Chelsea Hall is a happy-go-lucky, rough and tumble roller derby skater. By night, she's still living in fear of her past. Most of all, she just doesn't want to be alone. And she really, really doesn't want to date.
So when their mutual friends' upcoming wedding turns Chelsea and Sebastian into fast friends, they realize they can solve both of their problems with one life-changing lie: a quick trip down the aisle.

But with one kiss, Chelsea and Sebastian suddenly realize that their pretend relationship is more real than either of them expected...

256 pages, Kindle Edition

First published October 20, 2015

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About the author

Jessica Clare

67 books4,184 followers
This is a pen name for Jill Myles.

Jill Myles has been an incurable romantic since childhood. She reads all the 'naughty parts' of books first, looks for a dirty joke in just about everything, and thinks to this day that the Little House on the Prairie books should have been steamier.

After devouring hundreds of paperback romances, mythology books, and archaeological tomes, she decided to write a few books of her own - stories with a wild adventure, sharp banter, and lots of super-sexy situations. She prefers her heroes alpha and half-dressed, her heroines witty, and she loves nothing more than watching them overcome adversity to fall into bed together.

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October 29, 2015
Apparently, I have a sweet tooth I didn't know about because Sebastian totally won me over with his sweet beta ways.

Chelsea Hall is a part-time artisan soap maker by day and a roller derby superstar by night. She meets billionaire Sebastian Cabral when she was paired with him for her best friend's upcoming wedding. For the first time in a long time Chelsea felt safe with Sebastian.

For his part, Sebastian just wants peace and quiet. He's a very private person and reluctant to take part in his family's reality show shenanigans. So he strikes up a marriage of convenience deal with Chelsea. What follows is a beautiful steamy-sweet romance that I really, really enjoyed.

I adored this story. Loved Chelsea, the heroine. She's tough but vulnerable. She went through a very horrific ordeal that changed her life but she never let it define her. Her strength and agency were evident throughout this book. I liked how she slowly opened herself up to Sebastian on her own terms.

Sebastian was the perfect hero for Chelsea. He was so patient with Chelsea and her issues that I gave him a nickname: Sebastian "Blue Balls" Cabral. He's protective, yes but never to a point of smothering her or making light of the trauma she experienced.

There's plenty of humor to be found here. From Chelsea horrible nicknames to Sebastian's awful similes, even Sebastian's crazy family had me laughing and grinning. But what truly made this book for me was the roller derby. Oh my gosh, I loved how Jessica Clare wrote this part. From the players to their player names (Tail Her Swift, anyone?), the roller derby sub-culture came alive in this book. And absolutely loved it!

Overall, this book definitely hit the right spot for me. I would recommend this to readers who love sweet beta heroes, humor and of course, roller derby.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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October 20, 2015

Fans of sweet romance with a sexy kick and beta heroes will adore this latest from the fabulous Jessica Clare.
This was my first book in the series by this author, and I had absolutely no issues picking this up 3 books in. I immediately grew a liking to the heroine, Chelsea Hall. This is clearly a woman with some cracks, but she's by no means broken. At least not in my opinion. She was strong in her own right, but I also absolutely loved her vulnerable side. This is someone that's been through something tragic and that's evident from the very first chapter.

Sebastian Cabral is a wonderful hero. I simply loved the way that he was with Chelsea; patient, understanding and kind. This is not your average brooding, manwhore billionaire with issues. That's not to say he's without any, but a kooky family and the issues that ensues from their popular television show just made him more endearing. In an effort to avoid a crazy ex intent on being famous, and for Chelsea to avoid men hitting on her, they come to a mutually beneficial arrangement; marriage...without the benefits. They become each other's safety nets, though it's not long before the sexual chemistry brewing between them begins to take hold.

Now you're probably thinking why only three stars. Well, as much as I hate to say it but this book was just too sweet for me.

Now now, don't judge me here! It's fair to say that this had absolutely nothing to do with the book and absolutely everything to do with reader preference. I prefer my heroes alphas, and a more unassuming beta hero doesn't tickle my fancy as much. While Sebastian is a great hero, he's just not what I prefer in my books. If you're looking for a story with a hero that's as rich as he is nice, then Sebastian is definitely your guy.

ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review

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October 16, 2015
- Enjoyable series : Ms. Clare has been one of my go-to authors when I need a light, fun read and this series in particular has been a great little bit of billionaire romance fantasy. The interweaving friendships between the couples and it being centered around Hunter and Gretchen’s wedding has been fun and seeing certain scenes from different perspectives is a great little bonus.

- This is quirky to the nth degree : When this story begins, Sebastian is finding out the crass and horrible new “storyline” for his family in their reality TV show and trying desperately to figure out how to avoid them like the plague without actually cutting ties with his family, since he does love them. Chelsea, a derby girl/artisanal soap maker, struggling to be in a group of new people because she’s had a very traumatic experience that makes it difficult for her to handle new social situations, especially those with strange men.

These two are paired up for Hunter and Gretchen’s wedding party and decide, after a series of incidents of course, that the best thing they could do is a fake marriage to protect them from his family and her fear of men. This setup is involved and has so many quirky elements, some fun, other just exhausting, but overall a bit more serious in tone and that’s all due to Chelsea’s horrible past.

- Chelsea’s not your typical bubbly heroine : Chelsea is a mass of contradictions, but they all serve to make her relatable and not just the typical bubbly blond heroine she could have easily turned into. She's funny and needy, courageous yet anxious. Her love of derby is fun and I did enjoy those scenes alot.

Now this story could have easily veered into super-sweet territory without Chelsea’s very real problem with being in sexual situations. Her history, and why she's so leery of men, is very serious and very horrible. It’s so horrible that it almost doesn’t fit with the entire tone of the book. I think it’s a credit to Ms. Clare’s writing that she handles it in a very sensitive manner and there are no quick, magical fixes to Chelsea’s issues with intimacy. I think pairing her with a hero like Sebastian was absolutely necessary, and the pacing is sloooow, but it’s understandable.

- Sebastian is sweet beta hero : Sebastian’s wacky, tacky, reality tv loving family notwithstanding, he comes off as a bit aimless because he’s hiding his true passion for art from the world, holing up in his study to draw and sculpt. Sebastian’s has protective alpha instincts, but he is beta all the way with Chelsea. He falls for her pretty quickly but his patience and understanding made him perfect for her, even if a bit passive for most of the story.

- Struggle to connect : I appreciate the writing by Ms. Clare, and I had no complaints regarding the quality, but there was a deliberate choice to have a lack of romantic connection between Chelsea and Sebastian in the beginning. That choice, while making sense for Chelsea and the trauma she’d suffered, left me as the reader disconnected from their romance. It played more like a friendship for most of the tale, and by the time things changed, I was already more casual observer than fully invested. It was easy to put down and at times, especially in the beginning, it dragged. The balance between the funny and the drama isn’t an easy one and I’m not sure it worked completely for me here.

A fairly serious backstory for the heroine gave a bit of weight to this tale. I liked it, even if it’s not my favorite of the series. I am looking forward to Asher and Greer’s story.

**ARC provided by publisher via netgalley for review**
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November 30, 2017
Wow! Supportive, strong and sexy hero with a sassy, emotionally damaged and struggling heroine.

Jessica Clare's "Billionaire and Bridesmaids" series is very hit or miss with me. I have noticed that the Billionaires and Bridesmaids series is all about Gretchen and Hunter, the Beast of Beauty and the Billionaire and their attendees.

I have a nanowrimo to write so I'm keeping this short.

The H is awesome. REALLY awesome. The h is cute and has some major damage as in a rape as part of her backstory. Sadly, the H is saddled with the Real Housewife of Nowhere/Kardishian-esque mother from hell who damages the story with her cutesy but truly damaging antics.
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2,988 reviews688 followers
July 20, 2018
I am between 4 and 5 stars for this book. And at the end decided on giving 5 stars.

I am amazed with Miss Clare. On how she can make a horrible, horrific event becoming a fun and sweet healing without losing the sensitivity of the topic. She creates Chelsea. She is a kick ass character. She is vulnerable, strong and brave woman. She takes charge when she is needed too. I love she is showing her vulnerable side to Sebastian.

Sebastian is a character of patience man. The perfect patience man. Plus he is a billionaire. What else a woman can ask for?

5 stars
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1,344 reviews387 followers
October 7, 2015

**The Billionaire Takes a Bride generously provided by tour host in exchange for an honest review.**

Releases October 20th!

4 "On roller skates..." Stars

My first Jessica Clare Billionaires book and certainly not my last. The Billionaire Takes a Bride provides a uniquely, zany story about a woman broken after a terrible tragedy and the Billionaire who takes exemplary notice. Sebastian Cabral and Chelsea Hall need each other for more than just the quickie marriage they arrange to solve their problems. The exploration of their friends to lovers relationship unfolds intriguingly throughout the course of this story.

Tainted by an unspeakable tragedy, Chelsea has put up walls around her heart, mind, and body that are impenetrable. Sebastian, jaded by the exploits of his wacky and notorious family, guards himself against woman using him to get noticed for their own fame. The two are paired together for a wedding of mutual friends and bond right away. Each of their stories are uniquely them. Their hobbies are uniquely them and provide such great conversation points once they each discover the others talents. The safety of their bond provides an easy out for the problems plaguing them both. A hilarious and endearing ride through their lives together ensues while the reader can do nothing but sit back and enjoy.

This book is full of quirky anecdotes, interesting secondary characters, and a H/h who are so comfortable with each other you can't help but love them. Sebastian Cabral is a more a beta male than alpha male. A beta billionaire. And he is so damn sexy because of it. He gives, his heart is open and full, he's understanding and supportive - Sebastian Cabral reminds Chelsea to live and love at her full capacity. Chelsea is broken yet full of vigor. Her smile and laugh are infectious to even the reader, her quirks and acceptance so honest. The two are quite the match. Their ride to their HEA is a ride worth taking.

Starting this book I had zero expectations and what I got from it was just a fun story. All of the pieces fit together perfectly and the added enjoyment of the wacky world of women's roller derby was such a treat. Jessica Clare holds a great story-telling ability with a real niche for unique and satisfying characters to carry her plots. Though, the writing in places got a bit wonky and there were a few transitions that threw me as to who was speaking making it necessary to go back and re-read. Overall though, I was engaged from beginning to end. If you like contemporary romance books that are fun and flirty with very low angst and great characters I highly recommend The Billionaire Takes a Bride.
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2,026 reviews108 followers
May 10, 2023
Second Read: Still enjoyed this. The dude is so patient and kind and understanding. No OW/OM drama. There is no way the heroine could have survived living in NYC on her soap making business. She was super casual about it and really benefited from marrying a billionaire!

First Read: This was pretty darn good. We have a heroine that went through a pretty traumatic experience and a hero that is willing to wait for her and work with her in the way she needs. I love the “there is no script for how to be a survivor” thing in this book. There is no “right way” to recover and enter into a romantic relationship when you’re struggling (or ever, really). The consent and celebration of personal agency is strong in this story. Sure, there’s some bizarre over-the-top drama with the mom, but it took second place to two people who are unsure and willing to try for themselves and their partner.

Loved it!
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August 31, 2020
2.5... ho letto tutti i romanzi tradotti della Clare e questo è il meno bello: non c’è crescita, approfondimento, tutto buttato là con un tema delicatissimo che meritava secondo me la giusta attenzione.
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November 12, 2015
This was such a great story, really entertaining and super hot! Sebastian is the sweetest! I love him. :-)

I think Sebastian has got to be one of the most amazing guys ever. He was awesome! So supportive and loving and I just wanted to squeeze him and hug him. I loved Chelsea. She was so strong and a little broken but her heart was in the right place and she got stronger every day, she had a great attitude. I love how Sebastian was there for her. They had such a great attraction but on different levels, I loved everything building, learning all the details, and them coming together… and when they do, it’s swoony hot!

I thought this was a really fun, enjoyable read. There were some really cute parts that made me smile and laugh. There was a bit of drama but not super heavy but there was a tough subject matter involved and I greatly appreciate how the author dealt with it. Not to in depth but it was emotional and made you feel for Chelsea.

Sebastian's mother was a piece of work. The kind of woman you want to slap and also think, is this chic for real?! I really liked her character though, she was a great addition to the story. Definitely whack job material though, lol!

I flew through this! It was fast paced but loaded with details really drawing you in. I thought it had a decent balance between the lighter moments, the sexy times, and emotion. It had a great mix of everything!

Complimentary copy received for honest review.
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April 19, 2017
Chelsea's character was quirky but as the book went on and you learn more about her I wanted to see what came next. I still prefer the original series however.
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September 28, 2016

Reviewed for herding cats & burning soup.
Amazon: http://amzn.to/1VPzs3Y

Oh wow! Clare delivered a spectacular romance that had me completely invested and rooting so hard for these two to find love, passion and healing. I was expecting a fun light hearted read. A little fluffy sexy romp. And I totally got some of that--yay! But there was so much more, too, as Sebastian and Chelsea become each other's safety dates to survive the ordeal of a friend's wedding and found so more than either was looking for or ever expected.

man candy, hot guys, men in suits, sexy menThe quick of it is that Sebastian and Chelsea have been paired up as bridesmaid and groomsman for a wedding they're both attending. And it's a BIG wedding with a year of events leading up to it and lord help em it's gonna crack em. Everyone is in match making mode and these two...NOT on board with it. So...they strike up a deal. They're gonna be each other's "Safety Dates" and pretend they're a thing so people will get...off...their...backs.

These two. Yall. Gah they about did me in. I adored them both down to their toes! Chelsea is a cheerful roller derby badass that's hiding some deep down fears and she just made me ache. I loved everything about her and how strong she was even if SHE couldn't see her own strength. She was fun, sweet, broken, a survivor and a fighter. And Sebastian. This guy. He's what all men should be. He may be a little aimless in life but he's such a good man and was amazing with Chelsea and being there for her when she desperately needed someone to help her find peace.

This one does have some triggery issues. Chelsea was raped years earlier and she's still very much dealing with the trauma and fear. It's hard to watch her terror when it overtakes her, see her struggling with being intimate with someone again, healing and falling in love. But it was also amazing seeing her work through things with Sebastian. Seeing him with her and how much he cherished her and was there for her no matter how "broken" she felt.

The Billionaire Takes a Bride was just a lovely story. Beautiful, heartbreaking, full of hope and sweetness. Clare simply wowed. I enjoyed every second of these two as they dealt with family, friends, their lives unexpectedly changing and all of the wonderful things that brought them.

~~~~~~~Lurves this series and omg so good so far. She's a derby girl! And it's the whole fake mates thing. Happy.

Reviewing for herding cats & burning soup.
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October 15, 2015
4.5 roller derby stars

There comes a time when you pick a book you love. That book gives you chills, makes you so giddy that you cannot control yourself and you realise that you reached the jackpot. Even more awesome is the book comes from your favourite author then its becomes dynamite.

Everyone loves a billionaire stories. I love them. Lets say im addicted to them. Well im addicted to Jessica Clare's billionaires. Each of her billionaires like this one captivates me and makes me swoon and fall in love. I feel so giddy(yes giddy is going to be used a lot). You know that feeling you get in your heart when you read a good, well thats what I got when I read this book.

We meet Chelsea Hall, a soap maker and roller derby girl who meets Sebastian Cabral, an heir to a fortune and billionaire at one of their friends' engagement party. They decide to have a fake marriage and little did they know they will actually fall in love.

Jessica Clare gives a new and refreshing story of a woman with a broken past and a man with family that irritates him. She gave us a unique outlook on a womans personal journey to love someone nomatter how dark your path is. I totally loved it.

The characters were funny, charming and simply irresistable. I was addicted and I wanted more of them. Chelsea Hall a woman plagued by a horrible past was the character I gravitated towards. I loved how strong she. Sebastian Cabral a man who had no sense on what to do with his life, lost and often stressed by his family was the perfect man for Chelsea. He made me swoon and I loved that he wasnt a douche like most billionaires I read about. The chemistry between them was flawless and their sexy banter was so infectious that I was smiling from ear to ear.

The Billionaire takes the Bride is a story of hope, bravery and love. This story made me believe that no matter how dark your past and nomatter what horrible things you go through love will found you.

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review
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7,013 reviews835 followers
October 20, 2015
Gabi's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

This series is killing me! I can't take it every time I read one of the books I fall for the Billionaire, then the next book comes out and Darn you Jessica Clare I find myself loving the newest Billionaire more. I was so ready to HATE Chelsea. I mean a hot girl who does Roller Derby is not worthy of my time, I mean the billionaires time. But she was written so perfectly I fell in love with her too. Darn you again Jessica Clare.

Sebastian was written so perfectly and he truly had the ego to match his bank account, but had the humble shy quiet loving nature that made me want to jump into my kindle and cuddle. Chelsea had the beautiful heart, the truly heart breaking broken girl issues, but she smiled and she laughed and she loved loyally. It was impossible not to close your eyes and wish for the happy ending at the end. I am sure I'll eat my words but I dont see how the next couple can compete with these two. Together they were by far the most enjoyable couple to read about this year!

Review copy provided for an honest review.
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540 reviews38 followers
August 27, 2020
Questo terzo libro della serie Billionaires & Bridemaids, devo dire mi ha destabilizzata. Sono abituata a leggere le “serie” in cui i protagonisti sono fortemente legati tra loro, ma in questo ho notato che nessuno è un’appendice dell’ultimo uscito.

Sebastian e Chelsea, sono legati in modo marginale ai protagonisti dei libri precedenti e questo un po’ mi ha fuorviata, perché chi ama leggere le “serie” tende ad affezionarsi a tutti i personaggi come fossero una grande famiglia, proprio perché uniti da un sottile filo narrativo. Solitamente il volume successivo è quasi sempre preannunciato dalla curiosità riscontrata nel volume precedente, ma in questa serie non è così, e ho trovato questo approccio narrativo molto originale.

E quindi la famosa serie sui testimoni milionari e le damigelle, continua con questa storia descritta in forma tragicomica e davvero ben strutturata nei dialoghi alternati tra reale e surreale, drama e humor.

Troveremo i protagonisti Sebastian e Chelsea, alla famosa e indimenticabile festa di fidanzamento di Hunter e Gretchen (dove a quanto pare sono nate tutte le coppie della serie).

Sebastian Cabral è un uomo ricco, buono e un appassionato artista, che non vuole avere niente a che fare col mondo superficiale del reality a cui la sua famiglia miliardaria lo costringe da anni. Schivo nei rapporti sociali e molto infastidito dalla pantomima a cui marginalmente la sua stirpe lo costringe, cerca in ogni modo di aggirare telecamere e giornalisti, che lo assediano ossessivamente.

Conosce Chelsea in modo alquanto bizzarro alla festa di fidanzamento di loro conoscenti e subito c’è una fortissima connessione. Lei altrettanto schiva e segnata da un evento del passato che l’ha irrimediabilmente distrutta, preferisce la solitudine alla mischia. Tranne quando è in pista come giocatrice professionista di Roller Derby, dove si trasforma diventando una guerriera combattiva e alquanto rude.

“Va bene”, disse Sebastian, facendo scorrere il pollice sullo schermo. “Dammi il tuo numero, Safety Girl”

Durante la chiacchierata del loro primo incontro, i due, capiscono di essere simili e di avere necessariamente bisogno l’uno dell’altra e decidono di accordarsi per far sì che nessuno li importuni in futuro. Come? Sposandosi immediatamente. Senza complicazioni, costruendo nel tempo un’amicizia, che la fiducia immediata, non può che rendere solida. E sigillano così con un bacio di prova questa decisione.

“Un matrimonio di convenienza. Né più. Né meno. L’unione di comodo di cui lui aveva bisogno, e il sesso avrebbe solo complicato le cose, doveva ammetterlo”

Ma tra il dire e il fare però……

Sebastian resta giorno dopo giorno affascinato da questa donna sempre allegra, dinamica, irriverente che lo ammalia coi suoi modi da pin up, ma lo destabilizza anche con le sue paure che nascondono un segreto che lui vuole in ogni modo portare a galla. Chelsea non è assolutamente la donna spensierata che vuole far credere e lui, col suo animo sensibile, lo comprende lentamente.

Presto i segreti di entrambi verranno in superficie e questo produrrà un’esplosione di sentimenti contrastanti. Di cui Sebastian si farà carico.

Tra loro iniziano a prendere forma dei sentimenti che provano in tutti i modi a contrastare. L’amore tra loro sarà profondo perché non carico delle aspettative che solitamente si hanno leggendo una storia d’amore. È descritto come un sentimento non voluto, ragionato. Un progetto su cui entrambi lavorano con meticolosità. Un amore che non nasce al primo sguardo o da un’attrazione. Prende forma nelle loro anime attraverso un cammino di conoscenza e di fiducia. Sono abituata a leggere di sentimenti d’amore che nascono improvvisamente, ma il loro tipo di amore è intersecato in forma diversa, tanto da rendere tutta la storia davvero pazzesca per l’originalità della trama.

“Sai quanto tempo è passato dall’ultima volta che ho visto il tuo bellissimo viso? Non so tu, ma io l’ho contato: sono stati gli 11 giorni più lunghi, le 264 ore più strazianti e i 15.840 minuti più lenti di tutta la mia vita”
continua su https://www.vanitiromancebook.com/boo...
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392 reviews
February 12, 2018
I enjoyed this story, first time reading a Jessica Clare book. Will definitely look for more.
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634 reviews76 followers
May 17, 2016
5 Supportive Stars

Sebastian is a caring type of man, who will give up control to put his girl at ease. I couldn't help but fall in love with him. He rather hold her and have blue balls forever rather than let her feel diminished because of something that was not her fault. Sebastian meets Chelsea at their mutual friends engagement party.

Chelsea has trust issues regarding men, but feels comfortable around Sebastian and they become fast friends. Chelsea is brave , sexy, and a bad ass roller derby skater. I see why Chelsea fell hard for Sebastian.

“Sebastian gave her a small nod. “I can work with that. And anyone who sees you knows that it’s not off the mark.”
“What does that mean?”
“It means if this wasn’t platonic, I’d be all over you like peanut butter on jelly.”
“Peanut butter on . . . jelly?”
“Is that a bad one? How about sand on a beach.”
“Sand on a beach?”
“Terrible simile, I know. I’m really bad at them.” He grimaced. “You won’t hold it against me, will you?”
“Hold it against you like. . . .” she teased.
“Like . . . an alien face hugger in those horror movies?” He gave her a hopeful look.
“You’re right. You are terrible at this.”
“Told you.”

“I never want to do anything that would hurt you, Chelsea. You know that.” His lips brushed over her forehead. “I love you too much for that.”

“I love you, too,” she said softly, and pressed her cheek against his chest, her arms going around his waist in a hug.

ARC/R2R received for my honest review.
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252 reviews518 followers
March 20, 2022
Ma come è possibile scrivere una storia così brutta?
Avendo amato i libri precedenti di Jessica, ho deciso dopo anni di dimenticanza di rispolverare questo ebook dal kindle

Ma non sono riuscita ad affezionarmi a nessuno dei due: lui senza una personalità.
L'unica personalità di lei, invece, è essere stata st*prata due anni prima: fine.
Letteralmente non c'è altro
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2,063 reviews10.5k followers
July 20, 2017

Originally posted at Booklovers For Life

Jessica Clare’s billionaire reads are with a doubt always auto-buy books for me, because she just never disappoints! She has such a talent for writing entertaining books – she takes these tropes and spins them in a unique, fun, and sexy way… I love them! The Billionaire Takes a Bride is Jessica Clare’s newest billionaire release, and is an utterly enjoyable, hilarious, heartwarming read. It’s a little different than her previous billionaire books, but it’s a book that surprised me in the best way. I think fans of the author will wholeheartedly enjoy it – I know I did.

The next couple in Gretchen (GOD I LOVE GRETCHEN) and Hunter’s wedding party to fall in love are Sebastian and Chelsea, two people from totally different worlds who find a connection with one another and become fast friends. Sebastian has a family that is completely over-the-top. The Cabral Empire is a reality TV show about his family, which he wants nothing to do with. Add in an ex-girlfriend who wants screen-time by trying to get back with Sebastian, and he’s had it with all the fake people in his life. Chelsea is a roller derby skater – how cool is that!? When she puts on her derby skates and uniform, she’s this kickass, fierce woman, but when she’s out of them, she’s very much still living in her past, terrified. With Sebastian though, her fears aren’t as strong – and the two of them concoct a plan to marry one another so they don’t have to deal with their problems. The marriage is supposed to be temporary, but what happens when real feelings for each other start to come up?

Chelsea Hall was now his to protect. He wouldn’t fail her. It was clear that someone had failed her in the past.
Never again.

I adored Chelsea and Sebastian. Chelsea is unlike any other heroine of Jessica Clare’s – she’s split between her strong, derby self and her more fragile, vulnerable self, but with Sebastian, she realizes she can be both. She’s a wonderful heroine who had me both laughing at her wittiness and hurting for her past. Sebastian is really just perfect for Chelsea. He’s patient, considerate, funny, and not to mention, gorgeous… I loved him so much. The way he grows to care so much for Chelsea had my heart swooning, and I just loved how determined he is to show her that their marriage doesn’t have to be temporary at all.

“You are my family, Chelsea. Don’t you get that? I love you with all of my heart and soul. If you’re not in my life, I have nothing. I don’t care if you’re the woman you think I need, but you’re the woman I want. I love you and adore you, and every minute without you is worthless.”

What I absolutely appreciated was how Jessica Clare was adamant in her story that Sebastian is not the cure to Chelsea’s problem. She’s the kind of heroine who finds the strength within herself to not let the past drown her, and for that I admire her so much. The love and support from Sebastian, though, definitely helped a long way.

Overall, The Billionaire Takes a Bride was a joy to read. A little slow sometimes, but a great read nonetheless. Jessica Clare always writes the best stories, with incredible characters, humor, and heart. If you plan on reading this book (which you should), I’d say to have a little patience, because I promise Jessica Clare will deliver.

Quotes are taken from the ARC and are subject to change in the final version.

Thanks to the publisher for generously providing me an ARC to review.

Amazon Ebook: http://amzn.to/1wg7UUt

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October 23, 2015
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Calling all fans of sweet romance...Jessica Clare's third installment to The Billionaire and Bridesmaid's Series will satisfy your hunger!!! The Billionaire Takes a Bride has one of the sweetest beta hero, who will leave you swooning on how perfect, patient, understanding, and loving he is. Usually when we think of billionaires, they are usually identified as arrogant, dominant, in control, and total alpha but in this book, Ms. Clare made readers fall in love with a charming hero and his sweet beta ways.


Billionaire Sebastian Cabral doesn't want to take part in his family's reality TV show that is similar to that infamous reality on E! He loves and adores his family but can't stand his mother's crazy antics on how to boost TV ratings. So when he meets Chelsea Hall, a bridesmaid that he is being paired with for Hunter and Gretchen's wedding, they instantly clicked. He loved that Chelsea didn't care for his money. So when Sebastian proposes marriage to Chelsea as a way to get his mother and ex off his back, they decide that it will be totally platonic. Just two friends helping each other out since Chelsea is not looking for anything romantic. But as they continue to spend more time with each other, Chelsea begins to open up to Sebastian of her painful past and why she has a hard time with intimacy. Without realizing it, they both begin to cross the lines from fake marriage to possibly something "real." Can Sebastian slowly heal Chelsea's fears of intimacy? And will Chelsea's past destroy her chance at love and happiness?

I adored this sweet read!!!! There is something refreshing about reading a book with a hero that was super sweet in his beta ways!!! All I can say, Jessica Clare continues to mesmerized here readers with the sexy, sweet, steamy billionaire romance that has a way of stealing your hearts.


Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages: http://fourchicksflippingpages.weebly...Jessica Clare
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October 17, 2015
Billionaire Sebastian Cabral has a family he loves but at the same time cannot stand. His family is the famous "Cabral's" they are a reality tv star. Sebastian has made it clear he wants no part of it, he only has a few appearances and that is always when he wants to see them. When Sebastian finds out that they are bringing back his annoying ex who he wants nothing to do with, he has to come up with a plan to keep her away.

Chelsea Hall is all about becoming her close friend Gretchan's bridesmaid, however a lot has happened since they were roommates and Chelsea is carrying a couple of secrets. When she meets groomsman Sebastian, she makes an offer to Sebastian to be his pretend hookup, that way both of them will be off the hook for getting hit on and have a friend to hang with during the festivities.

Sebastian takes it one step farther though, he suggests they have a pretend marriage and with what Chelsea is dealing with it is a win win. Neither expected to have anything more than a marriage of friendship, but Sebastian finds he is falling hard for his wife and he hopes she feels the same. Can two opposites connect?

You had me at roller derby which is a hobby for Chelsea. I loved Chelsea she is a fascinating and so warm it radiates off the pages. Sebastian is an enigma he is a bit of a loner and yet is so welcoming to Chelsea he becomes an instant favorite for me. I am anxious to read the next in the series and loved all the Gretchen moments. Excellent read.
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October 13, 2015
When it comes to Billionaire stories, I have to admit I am a sucker. I love the whole concept and this one offers a unique concept and story that you will not want to put down.

The author is well known for her books under several different author names and I was surprised at how many books she has written. When I first agreed to review this book, I did not realize I had read others by Jessica Clare, but I have and I was excited to see mention of other characters toward the end of the book that ties the friends in this Billionaires and Bridesmaids series all together! But this is definitely a stand alone read that is well written and a delight to read.

I loved the different story line with Chelsea's issues and Sebastian is the perfect man for her. Funny and quirky, these two really have a good time together while working through their interesting marriage. These crazy kids work really well together and the author did a wonderful job at keeping the story surprising and touching at the same time. You just can't help but love the HEA!

I thoroughly enjoyed this great read and look forward to more in the Billionaire's and Bridesmaids series of books, plus other works by the author too. Definitely one to check out if you enjoy a lighthearted read with a message and a strong HEA!
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February 7, 2016
4.5 (Billion) stars

"A copy of this book has been provided by the author in exchange for an honest review."

Jessica Clare (aka Jessica Sims aka Jill Myles) does it again with this fabulous billionaire romance that's both fluffy-fun and incredibly sweet... "It" being taking a cheese-y billionaire romance idea and reinventing it into the best kind of guilty pleasure read that is just plain delightful to immerse yourself in.

This time we are treated to a wacky-yet-vulnerable gorgeous derby chick with considerable intimacy issues who despite her very understandable hang-ups (which is deftly handled by the talented Jessica Clare) manages to bag, tag and friendzone the ultimate über-sensitive bachelor who is not only a plain ol' good guy but is a billionaire to boot.

Their fairy-tale-esque romance is super sweet and just plain HOT (BTW... Jessica Clare does HOT really well) and while they hit some snags on the way to happily-ever-after I was rooting for this couple since their well-contrived meet-cute.

All in all 'The Billionaire Takes a Bride' was a pleasure to read and I'm very much looking forward to the billionaire-love story Clare cooks up next!

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November 1, 2015
Awful, headache-inducing.
Everything that could be wrong with this book was wrong. This is fiction, but its so poorly conceived, once again making the heroine a victim of a violent and awful crime, proceeding to her being magically cured (but she really wasn't, she told us many times), and then when she finally had the chance to bring her assault and attacker to justice, made it all about the hero's feelings. And then there was the perpetually bruising of the same heroine, who was excessively sporty, and somehow perky and cute at the same time. The hero might as well have been a piece of furniture for all his presence in the book, a billionaire piece of furniture although. This was a absolute travesty of a book.
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October 11, 2015
The Billionaire Takes a Bride was the first book I have read in this series and while I enjoyed it overall, I found most of the book boring. I think for me the biggest problem I had was Chelsea's issue with intimacy. It's understandable after what she suffered but I feel it hurt the story because it just dragged. Sebastian was sweet but unfortunately to sweet for my taste. With that said I would still like to go back and read books 1 & 2.

***ARC provided by author for honest review.***
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December 30, 2015
Hero is deeply in love, heroine is deeply in love. But heroine has a traumatic past. And likes to play derby.

It was an enjoyable read. I really didn't like the reality show plotline. But it was nice to read about a hero who was patient and kind.
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March 4, 2021
Chris McGranitt - per RFS
“Non ti scegli la famiglia” è un concetto che Sebastian Cabral sa bene, dopotutto la sua famiglia “vive” per un reality al quale lui cerca di sfuggire con tutte le sue forze; per questo fare da testimone alle nozze dell’amico Hunter (vedi volumi precedenti) non è un problema, anzi gli dà la possibilità di allontanarsi dalle luci della ribalta che sembrano perseguitarlo ovunque. e Quando persino la sua ex cercherà di coinvolgerlo, gli occorrerà una soluzione rapida e di impatto per cavarsi d’impiccio, e la soluzione porta il nome di Chelsea Hall.

Lei è una forza della natura, splendida, e il suo aspetto luminoso contrasta con la scura bellezza mediterranea e il fascino latino di Sebastian ma oltre questo c’è di più. È una giocatrice di roller derby, precisamente una blocker, col nome di battaglia Chesty LaRude e abita con la sua derby wife, collega, migliore amica e spalla, che per lavoro dovrà trasferirsi lasciando Chelsea nel delirio più totale… eppure, inaspettatamente, sarà la cosa migliore che le possa capitare!

Un testimone e una damigella, cosa può esservi di più scontato? Nulla a parte il lieto fine, che sappiamo essere una garanzia (per fortuna).

Narrato dal punto di vista dei protagonisti, questo è un romanzo che può essere letto singolarmente essendo autoconclusivo, ma per una migliore comprensione dei personaggi consiglio vivamente la lettura dei precedenti volumi, che comunque sono altrettanto piacevoli e ne valgono sicuramente la pena.

Tornando ai personaggi, non mi ero resa conto di quanto mi potesse dare fastidio trovare per una volta un miliardario che lo fosse di nascita e non per merito lavorativo. In un certo senso era una cosa che avevo dato per scontato, la classica equazione “hai i soldi? ok, te li sei sudati”, mentre qui Sebastian è un uomo buono ma che in effetti, poco incoraggiato dalla famiglia, non ha un vero sbocco e anche per questo l’incontro con Chelsea sarà una boccata d’aria fresca. Chelsea è un personaggio interessante e complesso e non è facile capirla, anche perché non sarà un libro aperto nell’immediato e ho cambiato spesso opinione su di lei, eppure alla fine mi è piaciuta tanto; l’unica cosa che forse non ho apprezzato è stata la sua eccessiva aggressività, ma per il resto la storia di entrambi è stata ben caratterizzata e insieme sono una coppia esplosiva.

Sinceramente è un romanzo scritto bene, ironico, divertente, ma ho trovato anche dei toni più cupi, cosa insolita nei personaggi di quest’autrice, che in genere sono più o meno uguali, mentre qui sono più vicini alla realtà. Sono presenti poche scene hot rispetto ad altri precedenti romanzi, al fine di prediligere la loro storia personale, una scelta azzeccata.
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August 25, 2020
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Per acquistare il libro clicca qui

Abbiamo lasciato da poco la gattara Edie e il programmatore di videogiochi Magnus, ma siamo già pronte a conoscere la nuova coppia, ed è come se facessimo un salto indietro nel tempo. Infatti le storie di questa serie si svolgono praticamente in contemporanea, partono tutte dalla stessa occasione e poi ognuna di loro segue il suo corso nel tempo.
Anche Chelsea e Sebastian infatti si conoscono alla festa che Gretchen e Hunter organizzano per far conoscere tutti i membri del loro corteo nuziale, i due sono stati accoppiati proprio dalla sposa che sembra avere un vero talento da cupido.
Lo scapolo d'oro va a nozze (Billionaires and Bridesmaids, #3)<br />by Jessica Clare
Sebastian Cabral è un milionario, ricco di famiglia, che ha il suo bel da fare per tenerla a bada. I suoi famigliari sono infatti i protagonisti di un reality show e provano in tutti i modi a coinvolgere anche lui nel programma. Così pensa che sposandosi potrebbe tenerli a bada e proprio in quel momento nella sua vita arriva Chelsea, che lo colpisce immediatamente con il suo sorriso e la sua allegria.
Chelsea ha da poco perso la sua coinquilina che si è trasferita in un’altra città per lavoro, normalmente una cosa del genere non dovrebbe destabilizzare così tanto, ma la ragazza ha subito un bruttissimo trauma in passato e ne soffre ancora molto. Così la prospettiva di poter vivere di nuovo in compagnia di un’altra persona e la naturale fiducia che sente verso Sebastiano fin da subito le fanno accettare la proposta.
Quasi immediatamente però Sebastian capisce che i sorrisi e gli atteggiamenti allegri di Chelsea non sono altro che una maschera che nasconde una ragazza profondamente ferita e spaventata. A questo punto allora il nostro milionario si trasformerà in un cavaliere dalla lucente armatura pronto a sconfiggere i demoni della sua amata.
Questo romanzo, rispetto al precedente della serie, sale di un gradino nel mio gradimento. Mi è piaciuta molto la storia, la caratterizzazione dei personaggi e il legame che i protagonisti sviluppano attraverso le avversità.
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November 19, 2020
Si tratta di un #contemporaryromance che fa parte di una saga di autoconclusivi con coppie diverse appartenenti allo stesso gruppo di amici, di cui però io non ho letto i precedenti.
LO SCAPOLO D’ORO VA A NOZZE è un romanzo piuttosto passionale, con alcune scene abbastanza divertenti, ma che tratta una tematica molto forte e impegnative, che forse avrei voluto leggermente più approfondita, anche a livello di introspezione dei personaggi. Ammetto che mi aspettavo una storia più vicina alla commedia romantica rispetto al Romance puro, ma sono rimasta comunque soddisfatta. Per quanto riguarda lo stile forse posso associarlo un po’ a quello di Elle Kennedy, anche se il testo è narrato in terza persona e con il doppio Pov.
La vicenda si svolge intorno al topos del “finto fidanzamento”. Da un lato abbiamo Sebastian, un milionario con una famiglia eccentrica protagonista di un reality show e sta facendo di tutto per coinvolgerlo al suo interno; dall’altro lato abbiamo una ragazza qualunque, Chelsea, in apparenza sempre sorridente e spensierata, ma che nasconde un trauma che condiziona le sue relazioni e le sue nottate. Soltanto quando indossa i suoi pattini per praticare il Roller Derby, si sente di nuovo sicura di se’ e protetta.
I due si incontrano a una festa pre-matrimonio di amici, stranamente si trovano subito un sintonia e alla fine decidono di fare un accordo: i due si sposeranno e andranno a convivere insieme, in modo che lei non sia costretta a vivere da sola, nella paura dopo che la coinquilina si è trasferita e lui sarà salvo dall’insistente ex che partecipa allo show della madre. Peccato che nonostante Chelsea abbia chiuso con gli uomini, riesce a legare sempre di più con il bel milionario, il quale dimostra fin da subito la volontà di trasformare il finto matrimonio in una vera relazione.
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