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Special ops agent Dillon Gavin is taking a break from his demanding schedule when his life takes an unexpected-and complicated-turn. Her name is Jordan Kane, a beautiful artist. Legally blind, she paints with her inner eye-which affords her an uncanny, and sometimes breathtaking, clairvoyance. What she sees in Dillon-comfortable in an unpredictable world of intrigue, espionage, and brute violence-is the kind of man that an artistic, gentle soul like Jordan never experienced before. Her sixth sense tells her that Dillon wants her. Her common sense says stay away. But from his first sensuous touch in the dark comes an irresistible urge that dares to take Jordan where's she's never gone before.

314 pages, Trade Paperback

First published March 6, 2007

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About the author

Kathleen Dante

7 books17 followers
National bestselling author Kathleen Dante is an inveterate reader who began reading romances with her mother’s Mills & Boons at age 8. Although romance dominates her library, she enjoys scifi/fantasy, manga, encyclopedias, dictionaries and the occasional non-fiction.

She made her first stab at writing fiction when she was 9 and was traumatized when it sounded awful read aloud. Creative writing courses in college provided additional trauma when she was forced to attempt the Extremely Short story. After that disaster, she set aside all hopes of fiction-writing.

Discovering Emma Holly and Angela Knight opened Kathleen’s eyes to a new world of possibilities, one that gave life to the characters of her imagination. Inspired by eyecandy and the examples of others, she returned to fiction-writing after a hiatus of over a decade.

A refugee from the world of trade journalism, Kathleen started her first novel in 2003 — and almost never finished it due to work pressures. In 2004, fed up with office politics, she quit her job to devote time to her writing and looked back only to sigh in relief over her harrowing escape.

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3 reviews1 follower
April 1, 2007
I admit to an addiction to romance novels that bizarrely parallels my passion for non-fiction.
Walking through the bookstore, the steamy cover of this book caught my attention. Reading the back, I assumed that it would be a usual romance novel. Blind artist meets/makes love with Black Ops agent and falls in love. Normal plot.
Or so I thought.
It turns out that Enticed is set in a pseudo-modern world where everyone is in some way a warlock or witch. I can live with that. But, what I didn't realize was that Enticed is also part of a series of sorts. That prior knowledge that is no doubt found in earlier books would have been useful.
With the witch-world setting, the plot becomes more and more unfeasible. The blind artist can see via second sight. I'd have to ask what the point was in making her blind in the first place? Answer: sex.
Being a romance novel fiend, I have no problem with sex, even when it's graphically described. Sometimes that's refreshing as certain euphenisms for erotic content get boring. But, the sheer amount of extremely graphic sex in the novel ultimately helped along the process of destroying my suspension of disbelief. Everytime I tried to buy the plot, setting, etc. the hot and heavy action jerked me back to reality. Add in a "twist" that's apparent from the beginning pages and the book, even as a romantic bit of fluff reading, died for me.
Those interested in fantasy-romance may want to give Enticed a try but be warned if you err on the reserved side or haven't read the other books. Enticed left me rather uninterested.
Profile Image for Cindy.
1,626 reviews9 followers
April 23, 2019
Bought this back in 2007 & accidently read it before book 1. This is the second in the series, but can be read as a stand alone. Lantis & Keira from the first book make an appearance.

This is Dillon's story. We met him in the first book as Lantis' friend & co-worker with the black ops group. He meets Jordan & sparks fly. The problem is, someone's trying to kill Jordan. They're doing a lousy job of it, fortunately for her, but other people are dying.

This is an alternate universe that is comfortable with magic & everyone uses it in everyday life. This adds to the story IMO. There's also a lot of sex. I mean A LOT OF SEX! If you don't like that, then skip this one.

The cover is ok, but the woman looks nothing like Jordan is described.
Profile Image for Darla Stokes.
295 reviews12 followers
November 21, 2013
I have to admit, the third star is mostly for the promise of this book. There was so much about this book that could have made it outstanding.... but it appears to have been omitted in favor of more sex scenes.

The biggest thing is that the heroine is blind, though she has a kind of clairvoyance that makes it mostly unnoticeable. That could have been explored a lot more, but for the most part, as a reader I forgot she was blind. Even the sex scenes mostly ignored this, and were just standard dull sex scenes that could happen between any two characters in any setting.

The futuristic/paranormal setting had a lot of promise, as well, but it was mostly just mentioned and then ignored. I'd have liked to know what a psy-print was, how it differs from an ordinary painting, and how she created them.

I was mostly frustrated by the many missed opportunities in what could have been an awesome story.
Profile Image for Lara.
93 reviews11 followers
July 7, 2009
I was so excited when I found this book at my favorite used book store. I LOVED Dreamwalker by Kathleen Dante and couldn't wait to read anything else from her. Boy was I ever so disappointed. This book was all over the place. I couldn't figure out where, when or what the main characters were. It was so frustrating. There were flashes of the brilliance of Dreamwalker but it never made it over the hump. I liked Dillon and Jordan but couldn't get invested in their plight. Confusion led to frustration. I really wished this book was better.
Profile Image for Cynthia.
690 reviews18 followers
February 2, 2010
While I enjoyed the love story of Dillon and Jordan, I am not a fan of magic, scrying, wands, spells, et al. Also, Jordan's cat, Timothy was written as a major character and even spoke quite often, "Prpp". The synopsis on the back of the book doesn't give any indication of magic, killer stalker, or silly pets. With Jordan constantly using her clairvoyance, her blindness wasn't much of an issue. Does "paint" mean "psyprint"? I should have left this one in the bookstore.
13 reviews
November 29, 2012
I might have liked it more had I read the others in the series first, but maybe not. The internal and external struggles were not well-devloped compared to what else is out there in the romance market.
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