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Return To Sender
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Return To Sender

3.56 of 5 stars 3.56  ·  rating details  ·  1,401 ratings  ·  190 reviews
Beloved "New York Times"-bestselling author Fern Michaels delivers a superb new novel--an unforgettable story about love, friendship, family, and the courage it takes to let go of the past.
Hardcover, 336 pages
Published May 1st 2010 by Kensington (first published January 1st 2010)
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And giving one star feels generous for this book. Awful from start to finish. The entire plot was completely unbelievable and ridiculous (17 year old girl finds herself pregnant and alone. Has to make a life for her baby, which she does, becoming a millionaire by the time she's 35. But even with all that decides to seek revenge on her sons dad for not being in the picture....oh but don't worry, the revenge isn't anything destructive, just mild pranks that amount only to her spending a lot of her ...more
Just awful. Contrived, inconsistent plot development. Loads of details about what she ate and wore, erratic coverage of motivations. The editing was horrendous and I've never been so conscious of poor editing as I was with this book. Here's an example: they delivered a package to Nick that was so heavy he could barely lift it. He opened it up and the contents was an iPod.
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While I usually like Fern Michaels books I do have trouble with the conversations she holds in them because it just does not sound the way a normal person would speak and I expected to feel that way about this book as well while none-the-less enjoying it. I was wrong. I really did not enjoy this book at all. It is so mean spirited and vengeful that I found no connection to the characters. Lin is so obsessed with revenge that it takes away from every other
Ashley Dawn
I enjoyed this book. Lin was 17 when she got pregnant with her son, Will. Over the years she sent letters to Will's father that were never opened and always marked 'Return to Sender'. Now Will is in college in New York and she runs into his father, Nick Pemberton, while there helping Will get settled. This starts a series of events that may just lead to the ultimate revenge!
I loved Lin and Sherry's friendship. Sherry was the grounded friend who didn't mince words. Lin was too softhearted in the
A fast paced reading. I liked the way the author gave us background to the main character (Lin), then jumped forward 17 years to when her son is entering NYU. We didn't have to wade through his growing up years which were immaterial to the story. Young girl (Lin) is raised in an abusive environment and is thrown out of her house with only the clothes on her back when her father discovers she is pregnant. She manages to raise her son and make something of herself. As her son enters NYU, she atten ...more
Lin Townsend had the misfortune to be raised by a religious fanatic, her father. When she became pregnant at 17 he kicked her out of the house. She was all alone with no one to help her. The one thing that she had was her pride. She used that to enable her to not only raise her son on her own but to become a highly successful business owner.
Lin had tried over the years to get in touch with her baby's father. She had obtained an address from a friend, so she wrote letters to her son's father.
Lin Townsend has had a very sheltered life and has endured being bullied and beaten by her religious maniac of a father. When she was very young she was made to go to school in urine stained clothes because he wouldn’t allow her to go to the bathroom until she had finished reciting the bible passage he made her learn by heart. So, at age seventeen when she has the very first opportunity to escape her father’s violence by attending a maths tournament out of town, she jumps at the chance.

That’s w
Carol  MacInnis
Rosalind Townsend (Lin) was brought up by a very cruel father who would make her kneel on the hardwood floor as far back as she could remember, while her father read from the bible. He made a pulpit which he would put in the middle of the room where he read from and if Lin ever once expressed a desire to take a break he would strike her. Her mother was no help to Lin at all as she just cowered and accepted her husband's abuse towards her daughter. At 16 years old Lin got pregnant and her father ...more
I have so many friends that love Fern Michaels, I have never been a fan. I came across this book at work that someone donated. Since I left my book behind at home, I decided to read it during my lunch. At the end of my lunch hour, couldn't put it down. I found myself laughing out loud quite a few times, which was great. Lin Townsend is a woman that becomes pregnant at an early age. She is kicked out of the house by her crazy religious father. On her own with no money, Lin sets out to raise her c ...more
Charlie Jackson
This is the first book by this author that I have read. It sounded interesting but I found it was to predictable and also I didn't like that some parts of it was repeated over and over.
Lin met Nick and became pregnant with his child. She doesn't how to reach him at first but she finally comes across a girl who has Nick's address. Lin sends him letter after letter but they all are returned unopened. Lin decides to raise the baby on her own. When Will is old enough to ask about his father Lin t
Tracy L.
I thought this was another well written story by Fern Michaels. The middle of it was a little hard to stick it out. Hoping the Lynn wouldn't get herself into some serious trouble with trying to get even with Nick. Considering the type of upbringing Lynn had endured, she managed to overcome those struggles to become a successful business woman and mother.
Such a good read. "Return to Sender". Lesson of book, things are definitely not what they seem to be. First she wanted revenge, you want what's best for you and your child, then getting even, then wishing him well, then you wish for the happy ending. Wow , what a roller coaster. Totally engrosses you in their lives. Great read. Highly recommend.
Honestly, I could not understand Lin's motivation, so it was impossible to connect with her. As the synopsis states, Lin got pregnant at 17 and tried for 18 years to inform her baby's father, but every letter she sent was returned unopened. So, after nearly 20 years of this, she had given up, but it's revealed that during those years she has managed to build a wonderfully successful life for herself and her son. However, when she randomly sees her son's father after all this time, she suddenly d ...more
This was my first encounter with Fern and I was thrilled with this somewhat predictable love story and plot of the story. I would like to try one of her Sisterhood novels since they come highly recommended.
Beth Pearson
I thought I was going to read a romance story of how the single mom reconnects with the father of her child and they forgive each other all the wasted years and live happily ever after. This isn't a romance at all!

It's more a story of a recent empty nester running into the father of her child and wanting revenge for all the years she had to scrimp & struggle because he wouldn't claim the child as his own. Various pranks and schemes follow as she gets her BFF to go along with her plan for re
I really enjoyed this "domestic - family" novel by Fern Michaels! A lovely woman and the main character (Rosalind "Lin" Townsend) raised her son alone because when she was young she got pregnant when she adored her boyfriend but after he moved he simply deserted her but did not know that she was with child. "Lin" lost touch with him and had to raise her son with the bare minimum of necessities to say the very least. Lin's father was a sick man who tortured her as a child using religion as his re ...more
Hannah Barton
I wanted to like this book so much,

Sometimes you don't want a novel that is so riveting it makes you skim the pages as quickly as you can, just to hurry to figure out what in the world is going to happen next, sometimes you just want a warm, lovely, well written book to curl up with and indulge in a life that isn't your own after a hard day. This was what I hoped to get out of this novel.

Fern Michaels seems to have a reputation as a talented writer, so in all due respect, this novel fails to s
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Still another badly written book about unlikeable people. Incredibly unrealistic, the "heroine" - and I use the term loosely - went from being an unwed mother at seventeen, rejected by her parents to a multi-millionaire in less than 15 years all told. Not incredible in itself, but she did it by waitressing in a diner, later buying the diner with a bank loan of a half-million and going on from there. Pray tell me - what bank would lend that much money to a waitress who had to work double shifts t ...more
Purple Iris
Okay, from reading her bio, I can tell Fern Michaels is probably a great person. She seems to be very generous and caring. And I probably shouldn't spend too much time or energy writing negative reviews. BUT. But, let me just say it is a really bad idea to reprint 2 or 3 pages of text within the same chapter -- or at all, really. You can say that a character repeated her story without actually reprinting it. How does her editor not know this? Also, I'm not sure why an oncologist who has lived in ...more
I’ve enjoyed the few books that I’ve read by author Fern Michaels, so I was excited to read this one. The blurb sounded like something I would enjoy, but sadly, the book didn’t live up to its expectations for me.

The story involves Lin Townsend, a single mother who pulled herself and her son out of a poverty stricken life to become a successful business owner. When Lin’s son, Will, goes off to college, Lin spots Will’s father, Nick, whom she has tried contacting, unsuccessfully, since Will’s b
Tracy Riva
Return to Sender by Fern Michaels was a huge disappointment. Given the reputation of Fern Michaels I was expecting a wonderful story with great characters. I didn’t find any of those things. The female lead of the story, who I think Michaels intended to be its protagonist, is so set on vengeance she sells out the scruples she has, but then only takes one action you could actually consider as “bad”. Her attempt at vengeance is hollow and unreal and most of what she does is harmless. I found it ha ...more
Veronica Bale
Oh boy ... I have given a few too many negative reviews lately, and I was really hoping to be able to give a good one with this book. I can't ... I just can't.

I won't rehash all the reasons why this book disappointed me so much. I just don't have the energy. If you check out all the one-star reviews on Goodreads and Amazon for this one, they pretty much sum up how I felt about it. The character development, the confusing love interest, the ridiculous pranks and the far-too-tidy plot line. I'm so
Return To Sender by Fern Michaels was not what I was expecting, and unfortunately I did not really enjoy the novel. Reading the summary I thought Return To Sender was about an "evil" family member or friend keeping the main character and her love interest apart by sending back the letters unopened…it turned out that I was wrong. The novel is about Rosalind "Lin" Townsend getting revenge on her son's father Nick Pemberton since he never helped Lin or her son Will when they needed it. The novel pr ...more
Return to Sender by Fern Michaels. Innocent girl, Lin, from an abusive home gets in the family way. Thrown out on her own, loses chance of college education, has a son all alone, is a waitress. Works hard, does well and all through the years tries to connect with the baby’s father. Her letters come back, “Return to Sender.” In the mean time the father is extremely wealthy, tied to a woman who tricked him into marriage, behaves deplorably at work, at home and out on the town, and has a terminal i ...more
Return to Sender to a novel about misunderstanding. Lin Townsend has a weeklong teenage love affair with the man of her dreams. Shortly after returning home, Lin finds herself pregnant and out on the street after her father finds out. She ties to contact Nick Pemberton, the baby’s father, the only way she knows how, by mail. All of her letters come back unopened and stamped return to sender.

Over the course of her son William’s life, Lin becomes successful and is able to provide a good home in s
Eva Gerus
This was my first ever book of Fern Micheals that I read, and not the last. I love this book for many reasons, since it is about Lin, a very strong female character that in spite of being left alone by her family and pregnant is able to succeed on her own. The love she has fro her son , Will, is so strong, that it made me cry on a few times while readong this book. She wants revenge, to the man that ignored her letters and his own son. However, she puts that aside, and concentrate herself on bui ...more
Dec 29, 2013 Diana rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: no one
Kept reading hoping it would get better, it didn't. This book is not a romance. It is a book about a single mom out for revenge on the dad of her now grown
18 year old son. The heroine and the son's father were neither one likable characters. The love interest if you
can call him that, is a doctor Lin meets and with in a couple of HOURS, they fall in LOVE/LUST. Not believable at
all. The story is written with so many cliche's. The story lines are not all tied up by the end of the book. The title
I did not like this book. The whole story was about a vindictive lady who was wronged 20 YEARS ago and still was carrying a grudge. I understand her feelings about being a teen age girl pregnant with no support but she became successful and raised a great child without Nick Pemberton--why do stupid stuff 20 years later? Get over it! Act like an adult and go on with your life. The whole 3/4 of the book was just blah-blah. I got half way through it and decided I was done. I was tired of the things ...more
A story of revenge and redemption. Lin Townsend finds herself alone and pregnant at 17. Somehow she manages to not only raise her son alone, but to make a successful life for herself, all the while wanting to get back at Nick Pemberton, her sons father, for his seeming neglect of his responsibilities to her. After a chance encounter with Nick in New York, Lin embarks on a course of revenge to destroy Nick's life. (Didn't someone tell this woman that success is the sweetest revenge.) A lot of tim ...more
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Fern Michaels isn’t a person. I’m not sure she’s an entity either since an entity is something with separate existence. Fern Michaels is what I DO. Me, Mary Ruth Kuczkir. Growing up in Hastings, Pennsylvania, I was called Ruth. I became Mary when I entered the business world where first names were the order of the day. To this day, family and friends call me Dink, a name my father gave me when I w ...more
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