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Joshua (Joshua)

3.96 of 5 stars 3.96  ·  rating details  ·  2,801 ratings  ·  309 reviews
Rooted in a scrupulously accurate reading of scripture, Joshua is a profoundly moving, deeply inspiring book that no reader will ever forget.

Sometimes it happens. After two thousand years, the human race may be given a second chance.

When Joshua moves to a small cabin on the edge of town, the local people are mystified by his presence. A quiet and simple man, Joshua appears
Paperback, 288 pages
Published April 1st 1995 by Touchstone (first published 1983)
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Ben Zajdel
What if Jesus came back today? Would we recognize him? Joshua tries to answer that question. A simple carpenter moves to the outskirts of a small town named Auburn, mystifying the locals with his beautiful wood carvings and astute insights into religion. Joshua lives a happy life, making toys for children and fixing furniture for the elderly. People are drawn to him. He is friendly, never too busy to stop and have a conversation. The things he discusses speaks to their hearts. It doesn't take lo ...more
Jul 08, 2008 Meg rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: EVERYONE
What would you do if Jesus was living up the street from you? A simple man, doing God's will, who is as radical today as he was with the Apostle's? Welcome to the journey of a lifetime, where you are likely to question your understanding of God and Jesus Christ. I first encountered this book in high school, and just re-read it to be in solidarity with my freshmen who have this for summer reading. Some of the lessons I gained were the same, but many were different. I highly recommend that you tak ...more
This book suffers from the same syndrome that I believe ails most Christian fiction: a fantastic concept with weak execution. I would say the biggest problem I had was with the dialogue. Every page turns into a sermon, and subtlety is nowhere to be found. Moreover, the characters' words are all so stiff and formal that interactions cannot seem natural for the reader. There are a lot of positive aspects of the book, though. As stated, I think the concept is outstanding. How would we interact with ...more
Ugh...This book was a chore to read. Lifeless characters, wooden dialogue, a plot equal parts implausible and telegraphed. There is a refreshingly progressive message, but not at all artfully delivered.
Nicolas Shump
This is a compelling read, but is not the best written book. Girzone tells a pretty good story, but parts of this read like stuff coming out of an intro fiction writing class. The conversations are stilted and artificial.
Nevertheless, the conceit of Jesus coming back to Earth under the radar is refreshing. There is a sort of Will Rogers wit to Girzone's observations about religious practice, all the more interesting coming from a retired Catholic priest.
His riff on marriage is passionate, but in
Paul Dubuc
I have some mixed feelings about this book. Portraying Jesus in a modern setting is risky business. Sometimes I think there's a little too much of Fr. Girzone in Joshua, but I'm sure that there is also plenty of Jesus in Fr. Girzone. He has a good and thought-provoking message, one that is simply and clearly stated (if often too repetitive) so that many people will be able to understand it and think seriously about it. As an elaborate parable, the story conveys some important messages.

The modern
I have just finished this book for the third time and still love this story as I did from the very first perusal. Father Girzone retells the story of Christ through Joshua, a young man who moves into a small town in New York State. Joshua lives a simple life, making friends easily and winning the hearts of the neighborhood children.

Everyone loves Joshua but people are mystified by him, wanting to learn more but reluctant to pry. Joshua, fortunately, makes himself easily accessible and becomes v
This is an entirely pleasant and peaceful story about Jesus returning to the world, but quietly. Joshua, a simple carpenter, shows up in an upstate New York town and begins to change those around him through his quiet acts of generosity and kindness. He reaches out to all of the various congregations in the town--the Jews, the African-American Pentecostals, the Catholics, the Episcopalians,the Methodists--and teaches them that religion is not important, kindness is. There are some fairly insight ...more
K.J. Kron
Man, I read these books around 1990. Now they seem so dated. At the time I thought they were great - so much so that I read three or four of them. Kind of clever, kind of interesting. How would Jesus be today? At the heart of it, I like the basic message of Joshua - Jesus would be seen as an outcast. But now as I look back at it, Joshua doesn't go nearly far enough - nor could it. The way I view Jesus now as compared to how I did in 1990 is worlds apart. But I'm getting away from the review of t ...more
I haven't taken time to read Girzone's other Joshua books, but this was an amazing story because the author challenged me to think literally about what the Christ would be like if he walked among un now in the flesh. WWJW bracelets can't come close to the thinking level available through this novel.
Jacqui Karre-magro
I thought as a Catholic that this book is highly heretical. It goes against a lot of the dogma of the Catholic church as well as preaches more with a protestant tone than a Catholic one. The author should not even use the word priest to describe himself any longer. In all honesty I only finished it so I would be able to discuss the book with the Catholic man who loaned it to me. It is a book, which if you read and did not know your own Catholic faith, you would be in trouble. Some of Joshuas cri ...more
This book is not literature- I should make that clear off the bat. Because of the total simplicity in how it was written, I found it really tiring to read. I would say the writing made me think of young adult fiction - not complex at all. But to be fair, the book is really not meant to be a study in beautiful phrasing and metaphor. It is a modern day parable bringing Jesus back to mingle amongst everyday people in the little town of Salem. I still found it a little hard to buy. People were these ...more
This book had so much potential and failed in most of it. Essentially, Jesus (aka Joshua)arrives in a small American town (Salem - PA, I think, but is from Bethlehem, he tells people), he is a wood carver, he has sheep in his backyard, he makes friends with a woman named Mary....the author wanted Jesus to appear in modern culture but lacked the imagination to make him "fit". It fell flat to have such obvious symbolism throughout the whole story - Joshua meets people in town who respond to him, w ...more
The story of a man (Joshua) who comes to a contemporary small town in America, lives the simple life of an artist, & has a tremendous impact on the community. He is constantly critical of the Christian clergy for exerting too much authority over their flocks (which seems to me an odd judgment on contemporary mainstream Christianity) and comes into conflict with them. Meanwhile, the people in the Jewish synagogue receive him enthusiastically. Much of what happens has direct biblical parallels ...more
I'm sorry if you recommended this book to me, but I couldn't finish it. The point of the book is that Joshua, the modest carpenter, moves into this town. His life is supposed to parallel Christ's life, and the way the town treats him is representation of the way we may treat him. Fine idea, but the author assumed the person reading couldn't draw their own parallels, and when Joshua carries a five foot beam of wood down Main Street to his shop, I just was done reading. Are you serious?! I don't k ...more
Josephine Winda
Buku ini bagi saya agak 'berat' untuk membacanya. Kebetulan saya beragama Katholik jadi sesuai dengan latar-belakang agama. Isinya kompleks, menyentuh dan membuat kita berpikir seandainya Tuhan hadir dalam hidup kita mungkin kira-kira kiprahnya akan seperti Joshua ini.

Seseorang yang tak lepas dari takdir kemanusiaannya sendiri, dalam hubungannya dengan komunitas, orang-orang di desanya bahkan ada beberapa wanita yang tertarik pada sosok Joshua. Ketertarikan tidak digambarkan dalam hubungan asmar
This was a good book for me to ready during Lent. Its a FAST read, and is a lovely 'Christ re-imagined' tale that imagines Christ here, present day.
The downsides: this book is written by a retired priest. He tells a passionate story, but he is not the best writer. This was distracting for me. The other downside: I often felt I was listening to the author as former priest rather than the main character, Jesus as Joshua. The priest's bias and agenda is more present than is believable of a present
Maybe it's just dated, maybe it's just me, but I found this book, although it does convey a message that needs to be heard, somewhat stilted, contrived, and overly simplistic. The author lacks imagination, painting his personal point of view too obviously, and the writing screams young adult, even for a high school reading list. Although I like and agree with the message, I didn't need it pounded into my brain over and over. A fast read, but pretty boring.
Tiff Miller
It's always a tricky business, fictionalizing the life of Jesus. I am always skeptical of those who try it, and I have yet to be satisfied in any characterization of Jesus outside the Bible. (And yes, he is all throughout Scripture, not just in the New Testament.)

In this particular rendition, Jesus has shown up in the form of a simple wood carver, in a tiny village within a few hours' drive of New York City. He makes cool things with wood, lives in near-poverty, takes walks in a conveniently pl
Lindsey De Pew
This was a graduation present from my church, given out each hear to high school graduates. It is a moving book about what Christ might be like if he were to show up today. It reminds us of the most important part of our religion that we usually forget: love. Joshua also reminds us of the downfalls of institutionalized religion and what both christianity and religion in general should be. A good read for a person exploring their faith.
"Trite, preachy, condescending, chauvinistic, theologically flawed, overly simplistic, and a chore to read." These are but a few of the highly accurate descriptors used by fellow reviewers. If I hadn't read this book --and the bad reviews-- I might never have thought to create a bookshelf called "I-Wish-I-Hadn't-Read-That".

I have suffered through two-thirds of this book and now I'm calling it quits.
This is inspiring. This is a story about a carpenter who transforms ordinary lives with words of peace and loving actions. Joshua portrayed how Jesus came into our midst in today's time, and how we treated him.

Joseph Girzone has done an excellent job of telling the story about a man trying to live in our modern society, and yet be true to his beliefs about God and Jesus' teachings.
A friend gave me this book and recommended it highly. I wanted to like it, the premise was appealing, the story compelling at times, but it was less a novel than a polemic about what is wrong with the Christian religion. The Christ figure "hero" certainly has valid points, many of them in fact but he just keeps on preaching on topics that the average reader "gets" from the early pages. Nonetheless, Joshua's interactions with the people he meets in his brief time span are compelling and could pro ...more
Mike Da Silva
Everyone has at least one friend who finds the Bible too difficult to understand, too much to finish, the excuses go on and on. This is the book for them. It's about Jesus coming back today, and how the world perceives this simple carpenter. It really shows how the story of Jesus can easily translate to today's age.
I first saw the movie called Joshua and then found a copy of this to read. Wonderful series of books, I have not read the whole set. Joshua-(Jesus) in modern day stories told by a priest who likes to fish.
Sharon E.
This was a great book for people of all ages. It presents an illustration of someone who so ordinary and yet extraordinary, and it left me with a sort of hope-filled excitement and joy.
Deborah Spisz
What a powerful message this parable provides to all .... I couldn't put the book down .... A challenge is written in these pages, uncover it and walk it out ... Highly recommend it!
Marlena Vely
Joshua, seorang pendatang baru misterius di suatu kota kecil bernama Auburn. Pekerjaannya adalah sebagai tukang kayu yang menerima bayaran yang tidak seberapa. Hanya cukup untuk membayar tagihan dan hidup sehari-harinya. Cara hidupnya yang sederhana dan sifatnya yang suka menyendiri membuatnya menjadi topik pembicaraan para penduduk kota kecil tersebut.

Tapi ketika didekati, ternyata Joshua adalah pribadi yang ramah dengan pikiran yang terbuka dan berwawasan luas. Walau begitu, dia tetap rendah h
Christine Stanford
Book 1 in the series
Davina Bell
I must say that once again I was referred to a christian novel that seemed to have a lot of hype behind it, but once again it did not live up to the hype. First, the setting is outdated. I know that it was written in the 1980s, but the setting does not stand the test of time. Second, Joshua's experiences in the "modern" time mirrors his experiences from biblical times. I could not help but wonder why he would repeat these activities. If he was just coming back to repeat his biblical life, why no ...more
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JOSEPH F. GIRZONE retired from the active priesthood in 1981 due to health reasons, and embarked on a second career as a writer and speaker.

In 1995 he established the Joshua Foundation, an organization dedicated to making Jesus better known throughout the world.

His bestselling books include Joshua, A Portrait of Jesus, and Never Alone. He lives in Altamont, New York.
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