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My mother warned me Jolie West was forbidden. Of course, I didn’t listen. Because all it took was one look at the girl with flaming, fiery hair, and I was captivated.

Enthralled by her beauty and the blaze I saw burning behind her blue eyes.

From the first touch of her warm skin, I was burned.


That is until one conversation with my father turned my world upside down. He let me know I had family duties that I couldn’t walk away from.

I went from fire to ice and broke mine and Jolie’s hearts.

It’s what was best for her.

Me? Not so much.

My soul was lost the day I sent her away.

Vowed right there she would forever own it. Even if, she’d never know.

That was years ago when we were just teenagers. Not a day has gone by that I don’t crave her. Miss that spark that made a man like me come alive.

I thought I was protecting her until I wasn’t. Someone hurt Jolie, and I won’t rest until I find out who.

Now that she’s back in my life, I won’t let her go.

Consequences be damned, I’m finally going to claim what’s mine.
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Kathy Coopmans

74 books2,676 followers
Kathy is a USA Today Best Selling Author. A wife, mother, grandmother, and book nerd. She loves chatting with her readers and making new book friends. You can visit with her and other book lovers in her reading group.

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3,477 reviews29 followers
April 13, 2022
5 HOLY MOLY STARS!! This book was everything....Control gave me all the feels all the way through. Jolie and Aaron have touched my heart in so many ways. This series has been phenomenal...you must read it.
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563 reviews3 followers
April 12, 2022
Ladies and gentlemen , the queen of the Diamond Empire has taken her seat next to her King but we ( the readers) have a new queen of writing…. Kathy Coopmans.
I didn’t think it was possible for me to root for a Mafia king that kidnaps, tortures and ultimately kills,either fast or torturously slow, his enemies , but here I am doing just that.
Aaron and Jolie were destined to rule the Diamond Empire together but the stars did not align in their favor. They parted ways under resistance on one side but not really. Now they are forced to be back in each other’s company till the threat is dealt with.
This book is definitely one of my all time favorites from this author. It gave me whiplash with the feels… love, devotion,extreme anger, sobbing uncontrollably and then I felt uncontrollable rage when “ that one sadistic animal” was introduced to us. What he did was just inhumane on many levels! There were many times that I cried for them. But that’s what this author excels at… making us feel. Well done Ms.Coopmans, well done .
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645 reviews64 followers
Want to read
March 26, 2022
Bloggers, Bookstagrammers & BookTokers sign up HERE to be a part of the release for this Romantic Suspense!

Now that she’s back in my life, I won’t let her go.
Consequences be damned, I’m finally going to claim what’s mine.

Control is the next standalone romantic suspense in USA Today bestselling author Kathy Coopmans’ The Diamond Empire series.
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1,522 reviews30 followers
April 12, 2022
Everyone knows that I love this author.
I love her books and meeting her in person was freaking awesome.
She's so sweet with a wicked Ming... Just saying.
Kathy Coopmans is the author in question and guys, you need to read her books.
Her writing is raw and wild, sweet and intense, with a touch of darkness in between.
Each book is special in its own way and I can't get enough.
Control is her latest release and explores the lives of Aaron and Jolie.
Guys, just one side note, do you know The Diamond Empire series?
If you don't, I advise you to read the entire series from the beginning.
You'll be hooked and won't regret it.
But to top it all, start from the beginning and read The Syndicate Series... See where everything begins.
One look that this cover and I really wanted to lick it...
Hot muffin...
Aaron and Jolie knew each other when they were teenagers.
The spark was there and they wanted to stay forever with each other.
But sometimes, family obligations demand their full attention, and sometimes, in order to protect the person you truly love you need to let them go.
That was what happened 15 years ago and Aaron to this day, he's been watching her from the shadows. Protecting her the best he can.
When she's attacked...
Jolie got her heart crushed into tiny pieces at the hands of the boy she truly loved.
Years had passed and she grew up walls around her heart until the day she sees Aaron again...
Lord have mercy on me because I'm a rack...
This book... This book gutted me, killed me in a way that I don't think I can recuperate right now...
I'm happy, I'm sad, I'm mad, I'm nervous...
My mind is blown out.
Superb plot, very well written, super engaging, and intense.
Each chapter was even more addictive than the latest and it was impossible to stop reading...
It really was.
One minute I was mad, and in the other, I was crying.
How? Why?
These two were perfect for each other and you can feel the love they share but they are freaking stubborn...
There were parts of the book that I wanted to hold them and promise better days, but then the table turned and I wanted to slap someone silly.
And the hot stuff... Lord have mercy... They melted my panties, lol.
The brutal scenes, the violence, the torture, and the drama are so present in this book that I was shaking reading some of them.
I knew that I loved this series, but this book... This book gutted me open
Kathy, you nailed it hun. This book was perfection and I can shout out that it was one of my favorite from you.
Perfect job hun and I can't wait for the next book.  I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. 
Profile Image for Lisa Stinson.
989 reviews12 followers
April 7, 2022
Kathy has given me my favorite couple of hers to date. I am a sucker for second chance romance and this one was amazing. Jolie and Aaron were truly destined to be together and while the road to their happily ever after is intense and very rocky, the end destination is beautiful.

Aaron made the extremely difficult decision 15 years ago to let Jolie go so that she would be able to live her life to the fullest and not fall victim to enemies of the Empire. In doing so, not only did he shatter her heart, he broke his own as well. Instead of truly living, both Aaron and Jolie have just gone through the motions of daily activities. They haven't truly been living. When Jolie is threatened by an unknown enemy, Aaron realizes that the place she belongs is right by his side, as his Queen.

Jolie is extremely hurt when she is forced to be in the same place as Aaron. She had built a wall around her heart to shield her from any more pain that may come her way because of Aaron. He broke her years ago and she isn't sure she could ever look at him the same again. But life threatening situations have a way of opening your eyes to what could truly be.

Jolie is hands down my favorite heroine from Kathy. She has got to be the strongest woman I have ever read in a story and I couldn't love her more. I loved that she didn't just immediately forgive Aaron, even though she could see where he was coming from all those years ago. I loved that she embraced her calling to be by Aaron's side as he ruled the Empire. She didn't shy away from all the ugly that was forced upon her. She fought and she fought hard. And she came out the other side even stronger than before.

I am absolutely loving this generation of the Empire. I honestly don't know how Kathy will be able to top this book...but I am excited to see her try. Can't wait for the next one.
Profile Image for Kylee.
2,430 reviews31 followers
April 10, 2022
From the very first page this story has you on the edge of your seat and pulled right into the chaos and darkness. The King of the Empire pushed the one person he loved away many years ago to protect himself, but because she owned his heart and his soul there was no way he could totally let go. However as the world he never wanted to touch Jolie comes storming in, he will need to rectify the mistakes of the past and not only conquer the darkness that now surrounds her but he will need to knock the walls down around her heart that he unintentionally built. As the past they thought never to return comes back in the shadows reigning death and destruction, the King and his rightful Queen will need to fight with everything they have to not only protect themselves but the ones they love. I had no control when it came to this story, I was unable to put it down and walk away, hence the bags under my eyes after finally finishing it at 2am. Their story had my heart lodged firmly in my throat as the wickedness tried to destroy them. This story might have you pulled into the darkness but the chemistry and uncontrollable connection between Aaron and Jolie gives you the light you crave. It was passionate, steamy and filled with a love that radiated through every sweet and harsh word. As your heart pounds and your pulse races these two will show you a love worthy of dancing with the devil. A story that at times might be brutal and confronting also is overflowing with heartfelt emotions. Another amazing story in the Diamond Empire that has you dancing on the tips of your toes in anticipation for the next book.
Profile Image for Marnie.
1,042 reviews16 followers
April 12, 2022
Outstanding third book for the second generation of The Diamond Empire!

Ho-leeee Craaaaaap!!! Author Kathy Coopmans again has given everything within her heart and soul to her characters and to her readers, and now Aaron and Jolie are her best book yet!

How is it that we all fall so much in love with a king in the mafia world, an absolute alpha who learned to kill at the knee of his father? A man who loved hard but gave it all up to protect them both.

Ms Coopmans absolutely hit the ground running with this book, and even as my heart dropped when Jolie was violently dragged back into Aaron’s world after 15 years, I knew it was going to be a powerful heart-wrenching book, an amazing second-chance romance, and they’re are up there as my favourite to read.

The emotion and the chemistry, the sheer power of Aaron’s words to Jolie, his actions, her reactions, wow I was rigid with anticipation and couldn’t put the book down. CONTROL was everything that I love from Ms Coopmans, and she delivered – in spades!!!!

To recommend this book as an absolute must read is an understatement and it deserves way more than a measly 5 Stars 🤎❈🤎❈

#mumsalwaysreading #bookblogger #bookreviewer #marnsreads #marnsj
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122 reviews7 followers
April 12, 2022
I wanted to give Control by Kathy Coopmans 5 stars so bad. While I loved the story and especially Aaron, he is his father's son after all, I found Jolie kind of annoying. Sorry Kathy, I just couldn't wrap my mind around her like I can the other female characters.
Jolie is still a fierce, strong woman. The things that she goes through in this book would have any other women (maybe not women of the Empire) crumbling into a hollowed out shell. Can I pin point why she annoyed me? Yes, but I won't in a review because it is my opinion. You should read Control and decide for yourself. Then message me and we can discuss it.
Aaron...oh my heavens. He is everything needed for the head of the Diamond Empire. Ruthless, commanding, smart, scary and controlling. It doesn't hurt that he is sexy as sin, loves deeply, and protective. Anyway we can make him real? No? Dang.
As always the world Kathy Coopmans writes is intense with deliciously dark moments. It is easy to get lost into the pages. Who needs things like food/drink, bathroom breaks and sleep when you can read one of her books. I recommend adding Control to your Coopmans collection.
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1,865 reviews18 followers
April 6, 2022
All hail the Queen!! And by that I mean Kathy Coopmans!! She has out done herself with Aaron and Jolie's story! And! And she managed to reduce me to a broken mess, whilst lying on my sun lounger, again!! And! I am on holiday in the same resort I was five years ago when, whilst reading Come Back To Me a woman asked if I was okay?!!
Anywho, I digress!! This book! It's absolutely consumed me!
Aaron has lived with regret for 15 years and that regret pours off the page, seeps into your soul. Holds you captive as he tries to right some of his wrongs and bring his Queen home. But Jolie won't come quietly!
Damn! This woman!! She is strong, ferocious and loves hard. Family is above everything.
That WTF moment?!! Sweet baby Jesus!! My lips are sealed but I will say, I did not see that coming at all!! The after shocks are like ripples on a pond. My poor heart!!
Jolie is indeed, Aaron's Queen but this author is mine!
Go, add this to your tbr now! Please and thank you!
Profile Image for Hopelessly Addicted To Books .
3,240 reviews100 followers
April 11, 2022
The next generation of the Diamond Empire continue where their parents left off. The tragedy that has followed this family has shaped them all. Aaron is his fathers son but he is not in his shadow he is very much his own man.

Aaron is the head of his family and rules with a brutal iron fist his methods for retribution are severe. There is no denying this has some very dark passages however they fit the storyline and anything less would not have been realistic. Like all the men of his family he has a weakness and her name is Jolie. When circumstances bring her back to him all bets are off. We see the regret pain and even the guilt he has felt over the separation and we feel the deep pain and anger that Jolie feels towards him. I liked that like Jolie I was pulled in different directions forgive him or love him. Jolie is such a strong woman who was destined to sit by him as his Queen. Her ferocious spirit takes her through some dark times she triumphs where many would have fallen.

This is not a family they are a dynasty that stands strong and I dare you to try and break them. Goodbye until next time.
Profile Image for Lisa Petty (Book Bangers Blog).
1,451 reviews12 followers
April 11, 2022
Yes, I think this is my favorite out of this series. Aaron Diamond is the King of Diamond Empires after taking over for his father. Fifteen years ago he made the tough decision to let Jolie West go. He thought he was doing right by her with his becoming King. Jolie has always loved Aaron and when he broke her heart she had no choice but to leave to save herself. Now someone has come after her and it's all his fault. He never thought this is how he would get a second chance with the love of his life. Now that she's here he will stop at nothing to keep her. However, someone has other ideas and they will both have to fight to stay alive. Can Jolie be the Queen he always thought she would be? Kathy, you nailed Aaron to a T and I loved Jolie's character.
Profile Image for Sophie Ruthven.
1,595 reviews97 followers
April 13, 2022
I love how this author always manages to surprise me, no matter how many books I read by her.
This one started off with a bang and didn't let up until the very last page.
This will not be an easy read for some, because as usual this talented author leaves no holds barred with her descriptive detailing, but trust me boy is it worth it.
This was the perfect second chance for two souls who were destined to be together, but will fate and the villain of this story allow that to happen? Or will the Empire kingdom crumble beneath his ill placed wrath?
Because of what happens between the pages I can't comment much more on the characters or plot, but this book was easily added to my top reads list if that helps make your finger one click.
Profile Image for Tammi.
1,821 reviews25 followers
April 7, 2022
I have yet to read a Kathy Coopmans book I didn't love (FYI I have read nearly all her books) This is right up near the top of my favorites.
I was completely addicted to Aaron and Jolies story! It made me angry, broke my heart, slowly healed my heart and then made me smile.
It has all darkness and steam I have come to expect from this author but also a second chance love story that made my heart melt.
There is a OMG! moment that had me reading wide eyed. So freaking good!!
He is the king and she is most definitely his perfect queen.
653 reviews1 follower
April 11, 2022
Another great book and 5 star 🌟 read yet again from Kathy Coopmans! I love this series and I am in love with Aaron! I read this is one go I didn’t want to stop, and it was non stop all the way though , Jolie how can you not love her as well she is a bad a$& like Aaron they are so suited to each other ! Again with this series of you love Mafia books read this ! And the others ! Loving it !!! I need condemn - next book now !
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895 reviews3 followers
April 12, 2022
If you love second chance romance, this book is for you. Aaron and Jolie are in love as teens, but he breaks both their hearts when he breaks up with her in hopes of keeping her safe. Little did he know it would backfire on him. I really enjoyed Jolie's character, she was one of the best written and strongest heroines I've read. I like Aaron, but I'm simply not the biggest fan of 2nd chance. Overall, I enjoyed this book it definitely recommend it.
Profile Image for April Symes.
4,991 reviews403 followers
April 14, 2022
Control is book 3 in The Diamond Empire series by Kathy Coopmans. This is Aaron and Jolie's story. Get the tissues ready because it's full of angsty, angry, heated, passionate, twisted, gripping 2nd chance at love romance. There are twists, turns, feels and gripping moments that will keep the readers attention hooked from the start of the book until the action packed ending. Aaron and Jolie bring the chemistry, connection and romance + feels.

My Rating: 4.5 stars *********
Profile Image for Tammy.
1,323 reviews6 followers
April 8, 2022
Holy what a read this was! Jolie is absolutely perfect for Aaron, both are tough, strong and intense! This book will have your mind spinning, and wondering what will happen next, it kept me gripped to the pages, I couldn't read fast enough. There is no way you will read this book and Not fall in love with the strength jolie has to stand by her man, and the love these two have together.
Profile Image for Stacy Hahn.
730 reviews10 followers
April 12, 2022
Control is going to keep you on the edge of your seat gasping for so many reasons. If you love dark romance that pulls at your romantic soul, then Aaron and Joliet’s story is going to feed your soul at the same time your heart is being eviscerated at what they have to endure. I absolutely loved this book!
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439 reviews9 followers
April 12, 2022
A very well written story, I just couldn't get into this one. It's nothing personal or even against Kathy Coopmans' work. Its just bad timing of me reading the story. My head wasn't into reading, too much going on in my personal life. Please if you love Kathy's work read it I promise you will love it.
Profile Image for Christine.
1,530 reviews
April 10, 2022
Aaron is one loyal compassionate complicated man. Jolie is one smart compassionate woman. They have a all consuming connection. They are each other’s other half. Could not wait to see where the story was going. My favorite in the series so far. A must read.
Profile Image for Dawn Hurst.
301 reviews9 followers
April 12, 2022
Holy cow did author Kathy Coopmans knock this book out of the park! I could not put it down- I ended up staying up way too late for my day job reading it and couldn't fall asleep been because my brain was still in the book!
This book offered everyone I love in a Mafia romance!
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1,121 reviews3 followers
April 12, 2022
A dark alpha that will have you practically tremble. Kathy Coopmans is absolutely brilliant in this second chance romance in a series that will blow you away.
Profile Image for Crystal Gray.
1,082 reviews30 followers
April 12, 2022
Wow. I was hooked right from the start. I spent my day off devouring this instead of cleaning. If you don't know about The Diamond Empire, what are you waiting for?

#not sorry
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685 reviews23 followers
April 20, 2022
✯✯Aaron & Jolie Filled Stars!!!✯✯

Argh I’m in LOVE with Kathy Coopmans Diamond Empire Series . Starting from the very original to this series with their children in charge. It’s a great mix of old and new and everything in between.

I love Roan Diamond when he was in charge so getting inside Aaron’s head was something I’ve wanted since the beginning of the series. I gotta admit that the wait was worth it.

Aaron Diamond has been in love with Jolie West since the minute he laid his eyes on her when they were teenagers and he planned on spending his life with her. Then his life changed. When his older brother didn’t wanna takeover the empire after their dad it was up to Aaron. He knew that he’d live with a target on his back and he didn’t want Jolie to have one as well Bc if something happened to her he wouldn’t have been able to go on so he broke both their hearts that day.

Since then Aaron has kept bodyguards on Jolie and even watched her from afar. When Aaron gets a call from Hattie, his employee and Jolie’s grandmother that Jolie has been attacked and was given a message to give to him he’s furious. Aaron also realizes that the best place for Jolie is next to him as his Queen for as long as they have. Aaron doesn’t care how long it’ll take her to forgive him Bc he’ll wait. He also plans to takeout whoever hurt Jolie and is after his Empire.

Jolie West has only lived Aaron Diamond her life and was crushed when he broke-up with her outta nowhere.

When she attacked in her apartment one night after work and the guy says Aaron’s name it makes her fight back harder Bc he’s threatening the man, the family and Empire she loves.

The minute she’s face to face with him her heart races and yet she wants to slap him silly for hurting her all those years ago. Jolie is forced to move into his place which scares her Bc she’s not ready to forgive him even though she can see it in his eyes that he’s sorry and he’s just as sad and lonely that she’s been.

This is one couple that truly belongs to each other and that never should’ve been apart for so long.

It takes Aaron a little while but he figures out who’s coming for him, his family and his Empire and when they find out who it is everybody’s shocked. ESP his parents.

I’m so glad I read this book. Kathy Coopmans continues proving why she’s on my favorite author list with every book she release’s and this book was no different. I’m looking forward to seeing what is next for the Diamond Empire.
Profile Image for Brianna at Renee Entress's Blog.
3,647 reviews111 followers
April 15, 2022
4 Stars!

Kathy Coopmans is back with the third book in her addicting Diamond Empire series and y'all, I have to say.. I'm really loving this spin off series. I adooooored the originals (some of my fave re-reads!) and now.. the second generation is capturing our hearts all over again in the best ways and moments.

Control gives us Jolie and Aaron’s book and I promise, you're heart sure ain't ready for these two or their story. Packed to the brims with heart, heat, suspense, danger, angst and all those pesky af feels y'all.. Control will hook you from the very start and keep you going until the very last word.. it sure did me.

I absolutely love Kathy and she is a frequent must read author for me. She writes romantic suspense with the best of them and I can't help but fall for her swoony heroes every single time I meet a new one.

I totally recommend this book.

Reviewed for Renee Entress's Blog.
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198 reviews1 follower
April 14, 2022
This just might be my favorite of the series. You always know what you are getting into with the Diamond Empire Series. Holly hotness of hot Men who are controlling. This book gave it all to me. Jolie and Aaron meet when they were teens, the love between them was unreal until Aaron broke her. with his family obligations that he needed to make he mad the one decision that was best for Jolie or so he thought. the only way to keep her safe was to let her go. free from him he would not have anyone hold her against him while she was his one weakness. Aaron always tried to make sure she was safe but 15 years had gone by and when she was attached he couldn't stand in the shadows any longer. this book has done it for me. it had me with all the feeling, it was another well written book that i didn't want to end.
Profile Image for Meghan901.
985 reviews20 followers
April 15, 2022
5 ⭐️

Control by Kathy Coopmans is the third book in The Diamond Empire series and it was so freakin’ good! Truthfully, once I started reading I couldn’t stop. I needed to know how it was all going to play out. This series continues to get better and better with Control being my absolute favorite.

Aaron and Jolie were two incredible characters. So perfectly made for each other. Aaron was strong, raw, and extremely intense but had the softest heart for Jolie. She was his weakness but also his strength. The history they had with each other made this story all the better. Their journey was full of twists and turns and was not easy whatsoever.

Overall, Control was everything I thought it was going to be-intense, gritty, dark, and totally unputdownable. It was hands down her best work to date. Highly recommend reading it!
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682 reviews1 follower
April 15, 2022
The past comes Bach to haunt!

Wow!! Control is book 3 in the Diamond Empire and it is intense! Kathy will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, holding your breath!

Aaron Diamond is the head of the Diamond Empire now that Roan, his father is "retired" and being the head of the family doesn't come without sacrifice. At 18, when Aaron found out that he would be the head of the family instead of his older brother he sacrificed the love of his life thinking it would be safer for her.

Jolie West has been living half a life for the last 15 years, since the night her heart was ripped out by a man that swore he would be with her forever.

The past comes back in an evil way when Jolie is in the sights of a mad man set of Aarons destruction. Aaron comes to realize that Jolie is safer with him than not and vows to never let her go again.
Profile Image for Christie Marsh.
456 reviews3 followers
April 16, 2022
This book is explosive, full of twists I never saw coming and the control of one man who's family is well known for it. Aaron Diamond is the strength that has become the Empire's King, the master of demand, dissecting his prey in the best of ways, while trying to maintain the control he was taught from his father Roan and reigning it all in after finding out the one secret his family didn't know could break the control he strives to maintain for the one person he let go of physically but never mentally; Jolie West the strength and heart of Aaron Diamond. Together their hearts beat as one. He will fight to win her trust again and live the life he should have never let go. Loved this read and cannot wait for more from this series. Kathy Coopmans is the master of twists and dissection. Love her dark series and the characters she brings to life.
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