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I’ve always been a wild child and my own worst enemy.

Ditched by my best friend at a biker bar.
A broken Jeep in a new town with no one to call.
What else could possibly go wrong?

I’m Makenna Dixon, not a damsel in distress.
My parents taught me how to survive on my own.
But a handsome stranger thinks he’ll be my saving grace.
A challenge leads to a lip lock I can’t quite forget.

I always swore I’d never fall for an alpha like my father.
And Austin Moore is as bossy as he is sweet.
A wickedly sexy combination.
But beneath the cocky attitude is a man fighting the demons from his past.

206 pages

Published September 6, 2020

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About the author

Chelle Bliss

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Chelle Bliss is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author. She currently lives in a small town near the Gulf of Mexico, but hates sand. She's a full-time writer, time-waster extraordinaire, social media addict, and loves everything romance.
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938 reviews77 followers
September 18, 2020
Mak and Austin

Mak was a bad ass woman who got what she wanted. Austin was a mystery to her. One night at a local bar they bump into each other. Mak has sworn off all men. When maks jeep won't start she had to wait for the tow truck. So Austin waits with her. The next day they meet. This is their story. The Gallo Family is included. What a great surprise
Profile Image for Melissa  ❤️ bookaddict_fanatic .
950 reviews73 followers
August 30, 2020
Absolutely a perfect blend of the Gallo family and the Dixson family (Mark & Charlie) from Corinne's Salvation world! This is one book you'll have a hard time putting down, I definitely did.

Austin and Makenna's story was a fun, witty, slow burn that seduces your heart and captivates your soul. These two were bound to be just friends but you undoubtedly can't deny the heart what it wants and in the end it wanted love, just as it was meant to be!

It was so much fun reading about some of my favorite people....the Gallo family who love unconditionally no matter who you are, as well as, Mark and Charlie who love and cherish their family and those who help their family. Come get lost in the Salvation world you won't be disappointed!
Profile Image for Christy.
326 reviews44 followers
September 6, 2020
Ahhh! I loved this story so much! I love when two worlds collide and Chelle did this one exceptionally well! Makenna is a spitfire and Austin is just the one who can tame her... or can he?
Profile Image for Steph's Romance Book Talk.
2,641 reviews1,262 followers
September 9, 2020
4 Stars / 2 Steam Fans

I suggest reading the Salvation Series by Corinne Michaels before reading books in the Society, but it is not a requirement.

Key Points for this story in the Salvation Society Collection:
- Contemporary
- Chance Meeting between Two Families
- Found Family and Connections
- Salvation Series connection is Mark from Defenseless

Video review available in Week 35: Aug 23 – Aug 29 weekly book reviews.

For other video book reviews, check out my YouTube Channel: Steph's Romance Book Talk.
Profile Image for Becky.
1,639 reviews54 followers
September 7, 2020
Great catching up with the Gallos!

I really liked Mak and Austin! I liked there connection, I liked the chemistry and I liked how they were friends first even with all the chemistry. I think Mak had $π°t taste in friends! If any friend left me asa we went out to a rough bar, that he begged me to go to, to get laid and not care he was leaving a female alone, is straight up not a friend or decent human being! I don't care if Mak is G.I. Jane junior and can take care of herself, you DON'T LEAVE a girl on her own in a biker bar!!! Blondie deserved to get the herpes and his @$$ kicked by Mak in front of the other men in there unit! Stars deducted for quick wrap up of the story and for cheating we the readers out of Mak and Austin's HEA. Few pages and wam bam thank you mam, the end! Boo this was the beginning of an amazing story and characters and I felt cheated not to get to experience the full story this could have been! Great beginning & middle then complete let down ending! Don't blink or you'll miss the HEA bc that's how fast it wraps up.
Sad reader today 😢 2.5 stars
Profile Image for Lady Raven RAVE!.
1,827 reviews1,133 followers
March 10, 2021


Style: Contemporary Romance (Military)
Story: 3/5
Enjoyment: 3/5
Dark Level: 0/5
Sexual Level: N/A
Triggers: No
Violence: No
Male: Sexy & Sweet
Series: Book
Pages: 206
Audio: GuyV: Good & FemaleV:Good
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

The book was good; it even kept me engaged. However, it seemed incomplete. I felt like it got me to my peak, and I wasn’t allowed release. I love Mak tough girl with attitude and her spiciness towards Austin was delightful to read. Austin was everything sexy, hard and the sweetest guy all role into one. The way Mak and Austin met reminds me of City’s and Suzy’s story in, Throttle Me.

Austin’s and Mak’s physical chemistry was good. I love the build up, but it ended, and I wanted more.

I love that this book included the Gallo family. I am just getting into the series and have not read all the books. Austin’s team/ Navy SEAL buddies sounds so sexy and hot, they need their own books.

Overall, a good story but I felt as though I needed more from it. There was so much more that needed to be told. I need to see what would happen to their relationship because in the military it was not allowed.

***I don’t equate these stories to real life. It’s about personal taste and what you would or want to tolerate with the books you read. I know we all have different opinions and preferences with what we read and hope this review was helpful.
August 27, 2020
This was an Endearing Read❤. I was smiling throughout the story.
I completed it in less than 4hrs. MaKenna & Austin are So perfect for eachother!

#My 1st by Chelle Bliss & Certainly won't be my last. I own a few of her books, never read though..Now I totally would! I wanna know more about the Golla family.

MaKenna, New in NAVY, is Mark & Charlie's Daughter [Salvation Series], she was exactly like I'll expect Their kid to be! Feisty, Wild, Tough, Smart-Mouthed. She's thoroughly Adored by them❤.

Austin, SEAL, is Pike's Brother [Men of Inked Series], He had a Hard childhood & painful past..But he knows love. Given by the beautiful Golla family! He's Alpha, Charming, Protective, Sweet❤.

When the two met [The blurb scene], Sparks fly! Start of a 'Flirty' Friendship *giggle*.
ALERT: Fun Banters + Swoony scenes ahead!

In just a few days before her 7 month Deployment and Before he goes back to his base, the two Grow closer..
There's the Gym scene (Just wow, That was HOT!), ‘Dare/Bet’ Dates, Meet-ups, Meeting the Families!
(Yup, you won't wanna miss the Scene when Austin meets Mark, All SEAL style. AND When later MaKenna meets Austin's Fam! Those scenes were sooo exciting😍. Totally sweet+Fun!)

With Mak+Aus's 'Rank' complications and later, the Miles b/w them, I'd wonder how'll this work.
But, Where There's a Will, there's a way. It works out Quite Nicely for them, I'm so happy!
The epilogue was Sweet+Beautiful❤. That End was sexy *wink*.

P.s. I was so glad to see All 3: Mark, Charlie, Cullen in the epilogue! Mark was such a sweet protective Dad in the story😍. I love him! #TwilightLOVER

ARC Received for a honest Review.
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893 reviews70 followers
April 19, 2021
Fearless by Chelle Bliss is a fantastic addition to Corinne Michael’s Salvation Society Series. Fans of this series will recognize Makenna as the daughter of Mark and Charlie. Mak is strong and fiercely independent. Not at all surprising given who she was raised by! As Mak is preparing for a deployment, she meets Austin who she is immediately drawn to. They only have a few days together before a 7 month deployment but they make them count! Austin is protective and charming. I really enjoyed the friendship they formed first which later turned into them falling for one another. Although neither really had time for a relationship at this point in their lives, the heart wants what the heart wants, and the development on their relationship was beautiful. I am not familiar with the Gallo family but I am definitely intrigued and have added Chelle Bliss’ Men of Inked series to my TBR!
Profile Image for Philomena Callan Cheekypee.
3,900 reviews395 followers
September 6, 2020
I read some of this authors books a few years ago. I loved her stories but haven’t had the time to read any recently. I couldn’t wait to read this story.

Well Fearless was a brilliant read. I was super happy to see more of the Gallo family. Austin is part of the Gallo family.
Mak is a badass likeable character. Her parents sound awesome and I can’t wait to go back and read their story.

I absolutely loved this story and feel as if I was grinning most of the time reading it. Definitely recommend this story.
Profile Image for Addicted 2 📖.
323 reviews6 followers
October 24, 2022
not even sure what the point was

This was short and boring.
Zero plot, zero steam, zero point and not even written well. Apparently I’m in the minority, because I clearly do not understand the 5 ⭐️ reviews🫤

The MMC is 25 and the FMC is 23…she referred to him as ‘much older’ Ummmm, what!? 🤔🫠

First for me for this author, did not impress.
Profile Image for domestic_godess_reads.
677 reviews20 followers
September 9, 2020
Wow this book was not what I expected but I really liked it. This is a crossover from some of the other books. Austin is Pikes younger brother so we get to see some of the Gallo family also. But you don’t need to have read the other series. Austin and Makenna meet at a bar when her Jeep breaks down. They have a connection but with them both being enlisted they know they don’t have much chance of making a relationship work, but fate always finds a way.
Profile Image for Flavs is Mrs David Gandy♥~♥’.
2,928 reviews2 followers
September 6, 2020
I loved Chelle Bliss Galo Family Series and getting to read about them again as so awesome.
Mak's best friend ditches her at a Biker bar so when she leaves her new won't start. Thats how she meets Austin. Who tries to help but Mak is an independent women who can look after herself and has no problem telling him that.
After that Mak and Austin sort of become friends, even though they chemistry they try to deny their feelings for each other. And when Austin asks Mak to go to Tampa wit him to visit his family things start to get complicated. But they are both adament they don't want a relationship and their careers are all they want. But when you meet your person there's no denying your feelings.

I really enjoyed this story. I loved that the became friends first and then their relationship developed from there. I loved that we got to spend time with the Gallos. This was definitely a sweet friends to lovers romance that will get you hooked on this authors stories😍💖

Read on behalf of
Fay's Corner
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1,270 reviews102 followers
September 6, 2020
I haven’t read any of the Men of Ink books before but definitely want to discover more of Austin and his family after getting a snapshot of them in this world . Makenna is young navy sailor who happen to find herself needing help from the hero after she gets stuck in a hard place. Austin is older and wiser and it shows.
He seen the world and wants to remain free from responsibilities. However both of them get underneath their skins and things changed in a heartbeat. Bliss knows how to play the long game. These two know that they have a short time to get know each other so this story follow their journey in the early stages where they have to put things on full speed as Austin supposed to be in the area for a few weeks and Makenna is supposed to be off on tour soon.

Despite their glaring timing issues , you can see that there is going to be no barriers for these two . They manage to sail the treacherous waters in front of them and come out the other side. Happy as they can be . Bliss knows how to capture the attention despite the slow burn nature of this story. From start to finish Austin and Makenna know how to draw you in and fall in love just based on a moment of fate.
Profile Image for happilyever.hailey Hailey Pojar.
251 reviews11 followers
August 31, 2020
This was a fun and quick read! It was also my first Chelle Bliss book and it did not disappoint! I’m a veteran Corinne Michaels fan and once I heard the Salvation series was turning into a full blown society, I FREAKED. In a good way of course. I loved meeting Austin in this book, I have to read her other books now! The Gallos family sound like a doozy but also in a good way. Makenna Dixon, (daughter of Charlie and Mark Dixon) she’s a spitfire and it honestly doesn’t surprise me in anyway. No daughter of Twilight and CIA agent Charlie could be anything less than.

You know I just I don’t have anything bad to say about the book! I love myself a good slow burn book.
Profile Image for Helena.
490 reviews6 followers
August 23, 2021
This one was a short, but very enjoyable book.
Mak and Austin had a really great chemistry from the beginning. They're scenes together were really sweet and full of desire from both parts. Her father and his family were definitly a nice addiction to the story too.
The guy Mak called "friend" was an asshole, if i was her i would never talk to him again.
I listened to the audiobook version and the narrators did a really good job.
I wish the book was bigger, but for the lenght i think it was really well developed.
Looking foward to read the books about the other characters that appear, since this is only my first book by Chelle Bliss.
September 6, 2020

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McKenna is a recently applied Navy seal officer who is enjoying her little break from reality before her deployment. Grown up with a Navy seal officer as a father and a CIA agent as a mother, she has been taught how to take care of herself. Once night she and her friend goes out to a biker vlub for fun but he ditched her later that night. Now alone and having car problem, she met Autin another Seal officer. They could feel the attraction between them but they both try to fight it beacuse they both were not in the right place in life for love. But fate has other plans. They fell in love. Can they make their relation work after being deployment far away from each other? or was it just a fling for them?

Perfect merge of the Gallo and Dixon family.
This story was not what I was expecting at all. Mckenna and Austin really blew this out of the park with their off the chart chemistry and love.
I was intrigued by the book from their first meeting. There meeting was a coincidence or was it?
It was a fast-paced well-written book in the salvation series world. The characters made you feel all the emotions.
Non-stop action from the beginning to the end. There are Cameos by some other character of the Salvation world series. I was missing out on some details as I haven't read the other books in the series but I am going to remedy that as soon as possible.
Profile Image for Lynn Reynolds.
1,679 reviews38 followers
September 6, 2020
Rating: 4.5 Stars

Makenna is a woman who knows what she wants to do. Austin is a man who doesn’t give up. Will his persistence pay off? This may seem as if it’s about an older man and younger woman but I didn’t find it to be an issue. Never would have known if it wasn’t put out there. It’s just about someone who has more life experience than someone else.

It wasn’t long before this book became very addictive. If you’ve not read this author before than this would be a good choice to see what her writing style is like. You’ll get some chuckles along with two people that are fighting an attraction that’s not hard to see. It was nice to get to know family without them overtaking the story. But it may make you curious as to whether they have their own story or not – author will give you a hint on that if you read her Letter To The Reader.

This was a quick read that you can get done in one day – I didn’t want it to end. One thing I liked was that the author made me feel as if I was a part of the story. It was as if I was standing on the sidelines watching these characters interact with each other. What was sad was that this was just a small point in time but an ending that leaves you smiling is never a bad thing. If you’re a fan of military romances than you might want to check this one out.

I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
Profile Image for Mary Mooney.
2,374 reviews53 followers
August 26, 2020
I am in love with grownup Austin, he and McKenna are the perfect couple. If you have read any of the Men of Inked series and know the Gallo family, then you know a little about Austin and his life growing up. Now he is in the Navy making his life better and meeting Mak things begin to heat up.
Mckenna "Mak" Dixon comes from a powerful family. Her Dad was a Navy SEAL, Mom is part of the CIA. So she follows in Dad's footsteps and joins the Navy. She is a tough cookie, takes care of herself, and doesn't take anything from anyone.
When Mak's best friend ditches her at a biker bar, she gets stranded when her jeep won't start. In steps Austin, he wants to help but Mak is ballsy, puts him in his place, and lets him know he can take care of herself.
Mak and Austin become friends, he takes her home to meet his family. And his family is the Gallo's. All those bad-boy, mean-looking, teddy bears, and grandma Gallo. The family is crazy but oh so lovable.
This story is wonderful and I didn't want to put it down, not even to sleep. Author Chelle Bliss has a way with these Gallo/Moore men that you will fall in love with them all. And the women they fall for are the best friends we all want as our own. If you haven't read this author before, I highly recommend you give her a read, you will not be disappointed.
**Copy provided by the author and this is my honest review**
Profile Image for Renee.
3,604 reviews37 followers
September 6, 2020
I received a copy of this book from the publisher/author to review for Stephanie's Book Reports.

I've always been a wild child and my own worst enemy. Ditched by my best friend at a biker bar. A broken Jeep in a new town with no one to call. What else could possibly go wrong? I'm Makenna Dixon not a damsel in distress. My parents taught me how to survive on my own. But a handsome stranger thinks he'll be my saving grace. A challenge leads to lip lock I can't quite forget. I always swore I'd never fall for an alpha like my father. And Austin Moore is as bossy as he is sweet. A wickedly sexy combination. But beneath the cocky attitude is man fighting the demons from his past.

This is the kind of story that is a slow burn and one you will not be able to put down. This is the perfect blending of the Gallo and Dixson families from the Salvation World. These two are so drawn to each other they are perfect friends and you know they are destined to be so much more. This story was fun to read and I just love anytime I get to spend more time in the Gallo world.
Profile Image for Erin Lewis.
4,197 reviews133 followers
August 31, 2020
5 star review Fearless (The Salvation Society) by Chelle Bliss

I loved this story from the first to the last chapter. Ms. Bliss wove a story about Makenna Dixon and Austin Moore that I could not put down. The characters were so easy to relate to and I have to say I have wanted Austin’s story since he was first introduced in a previous book.

His story was everything I hoped for, it was sweet, romantic and ticked all the boxes for me. The chemistry between was so hot and steamy. Austin is Pike’s little brother and Makenna is just the one to handle him. She is feisty, sassy and in my opinion the perfect woman for Austin.

The journey to get their happily ever after was at times challenging however they got there in the end. Fearless is a fast paced story that will draw you in and keep you invested till the end.

The craziness of the Gallo's that appeared in this story made me feel like I was back home with my family.
Profile Image for Jackie Wright.
4,297 reviews81 followers
September 3, 2020
I loved everything about Fearless, it captivated me from the first page and there was no putting down until I had read the final line. This is Makenna Dixon and Austin Moore’s story and it bridges the Salvation Society Series and the Men of Inked effortlessly, the characters are easy to relate to and story is everything I have come to expect from the very talented Ms Bliss.
A strong sassy heroine and a cocky hero shouldn’t work but a chance meeting puts Makenna and Austin in each other’s lives and that’s when the sparks fly. This is a couple not looking for a relationship, their careers in the military are what comes first but as their friendship grows so do their feelings for each other. The chemistry is sizzling, the banter witty and once you get appearances from the Gallo’s and all their craziness you get a well rounded, funny, beautifully written, entertaining romance. This is a must read so I urge you to one click this gem.
Profile Image for Kari Hansen.
9,123 reviews55 followers
September 6, 2020
Makenna has followed in her father’s footsteps and joined the Navy. While awaiting her first deployment she is convinced by her teammate and friend to have a night out which is where she meets Austin who refuses to leave her fend for herself when she has vehicle trouble.

Austin is a Navy SEAL who is drawn in by Mak’s strong and sassy personality. She is unable to turn down their challenge and although they call it a friendship they realize that their feelings for each other run much deeper during the weekend they spend with the Gallo clan. With their careers taking them in different directions will their relationship end in heartbreak or happy ever after?

The interactions between Makenna and Austin were fun and flirty and everyone in their lives realized they were meant to be together. As a bonus it is always fun to catch up with the other characters we know and love from this series.
Profile Image for Elizabeth.
2,043 reviews17 followers
September 5, 2020
3.5 stars

The biggest flaw with Fearless (Ms Bliss’ addition you the Salvation Society spin off from Corinne Michaels’ Salvation series) is that it’s not longer.

The focus here is Makenna (Mak), the daughter of Mark and Charlie, and the handsome stranger who rescues her when she may or may not need it. I genuinely liked both characters and enjoyed getting to know them.

Ms Bliss does an excellent job of introducing us to Mak and Austin and pulling some of own Inked characters into the story. But, we got to the end of the story and I felt a bit let down because I really wanted more. There were so many potential conflicts that were not explored, this is a work that may have been done a disservice by having to fit within certain parameters for length, etc. I hope Ms Bliss will be bringing us more Mak and Austin soon, I’d love to know what happens next.
Profile Image for Shelley.
2,278 reviews30 followers
August 29, 2020

The minute I saw that this story was for Austin - Pike’s brother, I immediately started reading as I absolutely love the Gallos and all their family😁 Austin meets Mak at the Rusty Knuckle biker bar when she suddenly finds herself abandoned by her friend Blondie and stranded when her Jeep conks out on her😳

Anywho, Austin and Mak deny their chemistry to the point they try to convince everyone that they are “just friends”, unconvincingly. When Austin asks Mak to accompany him to visit his family in Tampa, we get a good old fashioned dose of the Gallos😍 Loved this story and I hope we get more of Austin and Mak in the future❣️I received an advanced copy and I voluntarily leave my honest review🤩
Profile Image for Melissa.
573 reviews53 followers
September 9, 2020
Mak & Austins story was amazing! I read this one in one sitting, it was that good!
I love the authors Gallo family, a lot! I’m also a huge fan of the Salvation Series by C Michaels so this crossover was highly anticipated for me...I loved Makenna. She’s a wonderful lead. Strong, independent, successful. On a night out from the Navy, in walks Austin!
Oh how I loved Austin. He’s not letting her mouth or attitude sway his interest in her. He sees someone he wants and he’s going to get her!
This story is full of lots of lol moments too. I absolutely love ALL the family members appearances.
Must read for fans of these original stores. New readers can dive in but I sure loved that I knew history of the families!
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Highly recommend!
Profile Image for Melissa Machado.
392 reviews2 followers
October 8, 2020
I 💙 Austin

This book was amazing! I absolutely LOVED grown up Austin. He's just as sweet, funny, cocky and arrogant as he was when he was a teenager chasing after all the Gallo girls. The big difference now is he's bigger, stronger, and wiser.
Makenna is a badass. She's tough as nails and can hold her own. She's not the type to let a man hold her back or get in her way. She's pretty fearless. I admire her strength and loved her sass. Austin definitely met his match with her.

You'll be happy to know that we do get some of the Gallo crew in this book. And of course his brother Pike too. It was nice to see how Austin's relationship with Pike has evolved. I am really really really hoping Chelle gives these two another book, I feel like they have so much of their story left to tell.
Profile Image for Ga Books LoverX.
2,287 reviews22 followers
September 4, 2020
This was an endearing and interesting book to read! I am new to this world and the author, but I liked the overall story line! The characters were real and you could feel their emotions, which is something I 100% want with my romance books!

All in all, this was a quick and sweet book to read. I did feel as if the chapters cut off a bit abruptly and then the introduction into the next one was a little choppy to me, but other than that I adored the characters and story and thought it was a fun read! 4 outta 5 stars from me!

PS: Thank you to Chelle Bliss and Candi Kane PR for allowing me an advanced copy of the book to read and review honestly!
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