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Isolated and alone, Francis "Stitch" Stein is surviving the best he can while living two separate lives. On one hand, he's an honorable and decorated firefighter, and on the other hand, he's a questionable nomad in a Motorcycle Club. His only solace and comfort come from his brothers at the firehouse and club.

But when he befriends a young child, he's able to see things in a new light. With a renewed sense of what he wants, he meets the beautiful Grace Sinclair. Suddenly, he's seeing a future as a husband and a father. But can Stitch overcome his past demons and present chaos for a real chance at love?

230 pages, Kindle Edition

Published July 31, 2020

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About the author

D.M. Earl

34 books325 followers
USA Today Bestselling author, D. M. Earl creates authentic and genuine characters while spinning stories that feel so real and relatable that the readers plunge deep within the plot, begging for more. Complete with drama, angst, romance, and passion, the stories jump off the page.

When Earl, an avid reader since childhood, isn't at her keyboard pouring her heart into her work, you'll find her in Northwest Indiana snuggling up to her husband, the love of her life, with her seven fur babies nearby. Her other passions include gardening and shockingly cruising around town on the back of her 2004 Harley. She's a woman of many talents and interests. Earl appreciates each and every reader who has ever given her a chance--and hopes to connect on social media with all of her readers.

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Passion, angst, and drama: Earl's your girl.

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July 31, 2020
This is a new to me author so this review is based solely on the content of this book. This is the first of a new MC series that is also dubbed "paranormal". I have read hundreds of books in both genres so combine the two--I am in.

First the good stuff: Francis "Stitch" was so intriguing to me. I wanted to know more about him. We get some of his back story, but clearly he has honed his "skill" as he has gotten older. How did that occur? How has he kept that secret? I am a champion for the troubled hero and Francis fits that bill. Such a good heart and very self aware.

Damien: Super kiddo. Loved him to pieces but what the heck? Lots of questions that did not get answered. Is he like Stitch? How is that? How does his mom not know?

Then there are these issues with the story: The flow. I know it was the first book of a series, but there was just WAY too much thrown in. Too many segments of scenes that didn't move the story forward and at the outset, didn't serve a purpose. Perhaps they were set ups for future stories. Regardless, there wan't enough meat to make me interested in reading more about the secondary characters.

The genre: There was a bit of the MC life which is fine. Not every MC book has the nitty gritty of what it is like in the MC. But this is the first book of the series. What am I to expect going forward? I didn't get that sense from what I read. I didn't get that sense of brotherhood other than Francis needed the comfort of belonging that the club afforded him. And then paranormal. There was no explanation about what was going on. Does Francis have other worldly skills? Is he somehow enhanced? Is it biological or was it put upon him by his parent's experiments? Will the rest of the series explore others who have this gift? Too much unsaid to give me a clear picture. Given the club name of Grimm Wolves--I would have loved some shifter action with this group.

Finally the title: Never a mention of Behemoth in the book. Yes, Francis is a big scary guy. His street name is Stitch. The majority of the book, he goes by Francis. I am not sure how the title ties in to the story.

It was just ok for me. I may pick up another book in the series just to see where the author takes us.

*Complimentary copy provided for an honest review.
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August 7, 2020
I absolutely loved this story. The story was engaging and intriguing and heartfelt and emotional and full of anguish and despair and also so much love. The characters were wonderful and we absolutely loved Francis and Grave and Dylan.

Francis was a character that your heart hurt and bleed for everything that he had gone through at the hands of his parents but, our heart also went out to his siblings as well for all that this family had endured at the hands of those monsters they called parents. It's a wonder how that man even survived childhood.

Grace, we loved her found her to be to a survivor and sweet, kind, loving, and wonderful mother and we loved her independence and we loved how she strives to survive in order to give her child the best life possible after everything that beautiful child has gone through.

Dylan what a wonderful little boy filled with so much love even though people judge him and keep him at arms distance. He is special and I love how Francis notices that on there first encounter. I loved the connection he and Francis had with one another because I think it was a comfort to no another to be just themselves for just a little bit of a while.

I loved the storyline of the story and that slow burn falling in love thing that they had going on and we loved that Francis was special too and it had a little bit of action and adventure and we really loved all the characters.

Overall I really enjoyed the story because all the characters were all so love-able but, what I didn't like was the ending one minute your reading the next boom in all comes to a stop. It was not a cliff hanger but, holy cow it felt like one. Where was the Epilogue? The story left us with a whole lot of unanswered questions about Graces ex and his club and why they are doing what the are doing to Grace, Dylan, and Francis. When things like this happen it pisses me off its one thing if the plot is ongoing but, just to say that Francis's club had past issues with Grace's ex's club is not enough to explain what is happening in the now. How and the heck can you write a story like this and have no epilogue it just pissed me right off because I was really loving the story. With this being said I found the club members to be interesting and we loved the prez so we are so looking forward to what comes next for the members of this club.
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3,038 reviews51 followers
July 31, 2020
What a way to stitch together the foundation for a new series!
Corny, I know, but this was one of those feel-good reads that left me well...
Feeling good!

So many things I enjoyed about Behemoth
The characters are well written and easy to connect with
The author did a solid job of laying the foundation for the series, tossing out those little bread crumbs that gave us hints at what the future might hold
Nothing was as I expected - that was probably, for me, the biggest plus. This had a small-town feel to the tone. Accompanied by the suspense and brotherhood you expect from an MC. All neatly wrapped up with a supernatural twist

Now being a first I knew there would be all kinds of tidbits tossed my way. And I was prepared for the ebb and flow that comes with setting the foundation.
We were give all kinds of little clues that set up the tone, introduced the characters and dangled potential plots for future episodes
I do have a few questions still -some I felt could have been answered in this episode - but I'm not the author just a greedy reader who wants it all and wants it now
The story line was easy to follow and quite entertaining

I'm going to start with Frances/Stitch.
WoW - He melted my heart almost instantly!
He was the stay puff marshmallow man in dingy armor
As a child, he was an amusement for his parents.
A toy to be played with, broken, then stitched back together.
I understand his need for two lives

And Grace?
As a young girl Grace was enraptured by the bad boys
She saw the goodness in him no one else did
Until that first "correction" - that "for your own good" bouquet he so kindly dealt her
Knocked down, left for spineless, believed to be put in her place
They could not have been more wrong
You boys are as blind as you are dumb!
Go get your happy ever after Grace!

Then there is the mysterious Damien.
So much of his mother in him
A fighter all the way
*sigh* I wanted to pinch his cute little cheeks

All the feels with just the right amount of angst and suspense.
I am looking forward to the next in series
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1,460 reviews16 followers
July 31, 2020
4.5 Stars

Yay to a new series with lots of characters to love and it's an MC. Who's excited? Me.

Francis was let down the people who should have loved him and cherished him the most. Sadly he get to carry those memories with him in the now but he also wears them in his scars on the outside. Most people struggle with the scars and don't really take the time to see the man behind it all. Keeping himself busy between his involvement with the Grimm Wolves MC and his job as a Fireman. Sometime it can be a struggle. When a young boy takes a wrong turn and finds him in the fire hall, everything begins to change.

Grace has been trying to stay under the radar with her ex's crazy MC and has been pretty successful or so she thought. Loving her work at the hospital and her time with her son. Damian is the best kid a parent could ask for. She is happy with the life they have built and quite content. When Damien comes home talking all about this guy he met at the firehall she is excited for him. When she meet the firefighter, her life begins to spiral but in a good way.

Will Francis share his demons from the past? Will Grace's involvement with the rival MC come back to bite her? Are the sparks big enough to convince them to take those next steps and see where their chemistry will take them? Could they be in for the HEA they never expected?

So looking forward to more from this MC Series.

*** Advanced copy provided in exchange for an honest review. ***
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2,543 reviews94 followers
July 29, 2020
Not Quite as it Seems

For me this was more of a romance story than an MC story which is really fine in itself. Francis/Stitch was a man haunted by his past and lives with many scars both mentally and physically. He also has special skills that lend a hand in his firefighting job and within the Grimm Wolves MC who took him in.

Grace is a nurse practitioner raising her son, Damian. She finds that not all MC's are alike and the insta connection between Grace and Francis turns into a great romance. I also love the connection between Damian and Francis. Looking forward to what comes next.
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August 1, 2020
*3.75 stars*

This is definitely a new spin on an MC romance. Francis has “gifts” yet the author never goes into details about his powers besides he can read minds or has spidey senses. We know some of his some of his history as a child but we just don’t get enough detail in my opinion about him. It can make it confusing at times.

Grace and her son Damien also have a story that we don’t get to see clearly. Damien has powers as well. Francis says Damien is like him but because we don’t get an explanation of Francis fully it makes it hard to understand Damien. I think Damien has similar powers yet they are different.

There are interactions between Francis, the MC, Damien and Grace that I felt had gaping holes in the conversations. Because of that it made it hard for me to follow and connect with the story fully.

The plot is good. It’s not been done before. I think this book could use some fine tuning and once that is done it would be amazing with more than 5 stars.
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1,107 reviews22 followers
July 30, 2020
I adore Francis N. Stine, aka, Stitch. Brutalized by his parents, who wanted to cash in on the family lineage of Victor Frankenstein, Francis and some of his siblings were able to survive by using their "gifts." Scarred both emotionally and physically at the hands of his family, Francis is a loner because experience has taught him those who are different aren't often accepted. As a nomad for the Grimm Wolves MC he is able to use his abilities to help his club. As a firefighter he saves lives with those same abilities. The man has a hard time reconciling the halves of his soul that he feels are opposites, until a chance meeting with a young boy.
Grace is a hard-working nurse practitioner trying to raise her young son, Damien. Like Francis, he is scarred and has special abilities. Fate brings Francis into Grace's ER but her experience with MCs is brutal and violent, so she fights the attraction to the big biker with an even bigger heart. This couple has amazing chemistry and their sexy times are HOT.
DM Earl takes her beautifully broken characters and sets them up in a story unlike anything I have read before. It is an MC romance with a paranormal twist. Since this is the beginning of a new series so there is a lot of subplots along with Francis and Grace's story. Each intrigues me and I cannot wait to read the upcoming series.
Ms. Earl's characters are well-developed and scarred, but in their brokenness they find their strength together. Francis and Grace are each other's missing pieces and Damien is the glue that binds them together. Damien is a scene stealer and it was fun reading his relationship with Francis grow and his powers and their link become stronger. I know there are big things foreshadowed in this book and I anxious to see what the future hold for the Grimm Wolves MC and Grace, Francis, and Damien.
I have read all of this author's works and have enjoyed each and every one, this book is no exception. So find a comfy spot, grab a beverage and your choice of reading device and dive into something a bit different from your normal MC read and enjoy.
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4,307 reviews49 followers
August 6, 2020
This is a new author to me and I can’t believe I am just now reading her!! She has a new spin on this genre and I am along for the ride. Francis/Stitch is a nomad for an MC and a firefighter with special talents. He is scarred from his past both mentally and physically and is drawn to Damien a boy with special gifts also. While in the ER he meets Grace the boy’s hard-working nurse practitioner of a mother. The chemistry between the two is undeniable but she is leery of jumping in with both feet because of her past experiences with MCs. When truth is finally revealed Stitch and his brothers step in and prove to Grace that all MCs are not bad. This story is fast paced and heart wrenching. I can’t wait for more!!
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July 21, 2020
3.5 stars

I was soooooo torn rating this! Behemoth is hands down one of the most unique twists on an MC romance I’ve ever read. There is not one other book I’ve encountered in the genre that is anything like it. D.M. Earl created something truly special in this book. All of that probably has you questioning why this wasn’t five roaring stars for me. Mostly it was due to the flow.
As the first book in a series I know to expect there to be a lot happening, after all we’re establishing a world here. Unfortunately for me this one was a bit too far in that regard. There was so much going on and not much of it being resolved. I know some of that is probably to lead into the coming books in the series, but ultimately it was too much all at once for me.
With that out of the way let me hit on what was stand out awesome in this. I loved and I mean LOVED Francis, AKA Stitch. This man was so unique from his haunting past and his physical appearance to his special “skills”. He was a great blending of bad@#$ and vulnerable. He was loyal. He was kindhearted. He was flipping wonderful! He genuinely made this book for me. I’m looking forward to seeing where this series goes because I see a lot of potential for awesome in this.
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254 reviews3 followers
March 10, 2022
I can safely and fully honestly say it’s been a good while since I’ve immediately bought an entire series based off the first book. I COULD NOT read this fast enough. I fell in love with these characters so quick, I needed more, and right then. 10/10 gold stars for you author. This was my first book I’ve read written by this author also, not a shred of disappointment in sight.
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175 reviews
August 7, 2020
When you go through life thinking that you are a monster, it is hard to believe that you can find true happiness. When school field trips introduces you to a little with the same abilities that you have your life begins to change.

Francis "Stitch" has scars all over his body because his parents had an obsession with Frankenstein. All his life he has been treated like a monster and with his special ability his weird factor is even higher. He has never had a friend or a women to love. Now as an adult he feels like he is living a double life. Half a normal firefighter and the other half a nomad for the Grim Wolves MC.

Grace is a nurse practitioner and a mom. She has been to hell and back with her ex, a member of a MC. When her son was small he suffered at the hand of his dad and the MC. Grace vowed never to get involved with another MC again. Never say never Grace.

After a fight with Satan's Flaming Marauders MC, Francis ends up in the hospital he finds the women his soul was looking for. Grace is beautiful and kind. But her past has her hesitating to get involved with another MC. The connection between Grace and Francis is to strong to fight. But starting a relationship with a member of an MC is never easy.

This is a great story. I was hooked from the very beginning and with every chapter was better then the next.
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2,178 reviews42 followers
August 6, 2020
This is a new author for me as well as the start of a new series. Anytime a new series starts book 1 is often slower to get moving because it’s setting up the series. I found that to be true in Behemoth HOWEVER, not as drastically in some series I read, so it definitely didn’t affect my reading pleasure. What it did do is let me know this is going to be a humdinger of a series to come. I really enjoyed Behemoth’s storyline and the characters were outstanding.

Francis N. Stine, AKA Stitch, is a nomad Biker and a firefighter. He was raised by sadistic parents and left with both mental and physical scars. Emotionally dysfunctional he longs for just the sense of belonging and being loved. But due to his outward facial and body scars as well as his physic ability to read people's thoughts, most people turn the other way and never get to know him. He has found a little sense of home with his brothers of the Grimm Wolf MC as well as his fellow firefighters but he longs for that personal connection. One day Stitch meets a young boy, Damien, who is touring the fire house. They have an immediate connection. They get each other on “every level” and it brings a bit of peace to Stitch. Little does he know meeting Damien is about to change his life not only because of their connection but Damien brings Grace into his life as well. Grace is a nurse practitioner at the local hospital and Damien’s mom. She too is fighting her own demons. Demons that tell her to stay away from Stitch even though her heart is telling her to give him a chance. But sometimes life events throw you a curveball and you just have to roll with it and the author has given us an amazing ride with Stitch, Grace and Damien.

Fantastic start to the series and this reader can’t wait to see what happens next with the Grimm Wolves MC. I highly recommend grabbing up Behemoth and getting started on the series from the ground floor. The characters and the plot were great, a few questions left unanswered but hopefully those answers are in books to come. 2 Thumbs Up and 4 stars.
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1,176 reviews54 followers
July 29, 2020
This was the first book I've read by this Author so I went in without any reservations .
Through out the book I was getting really engrossed in the storyline it is a different spin on the MC genre definitely not your typical one that's for sure .
I liked the man character Francis he had been put through hell in his life at the hands of his sadistic and cruel parents leaving him scard both mentally and physically. He has special abilities that come in handy as a fireman and a brother in his MC and never in his wildest dreams did he think he would everg find love but he did and his saving grace comes with a eight year old boy who seems to possess the same abilities as Francis.

However that is not explained as to why Damian has the same abilities in the book I'm hoping that there will be another book that will explain that in detail.
Grace is a nurse practitioner raising her son on her own she is weary of MC's due to her past with Damian's father who is serving a life sentence. However he still continues to torment her and his son from behind the walls of prison . Eventually she comes to see that not all MC's are the same and ends up fitting in well with the club and her relationship with Francis flourishes. As I said I hope that there will be another book as there seems to be so many questions and not enough answers and the ending left me feeling a bit flat to be quite honest. But in saying that as I said I loved Francis and look forward to hopefully reading more about him and his abilities.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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210 reviews12 followers
August 2, 2020

Francis has a huge heart except most people can't get past his appearance. The Grimm Wolves took him under their wings when he was younger and they are his family. Never actually knowing what love was/is or what it means to have someone care about you. His life was pretty bad from the start. Tortured by his parents since birth I assume, his life was not that of a normal everyday kid.

Grace and Damien, this mother and son duo also had it rough. With her ex in prison for life for what he did to their son, she thinks her life is just going to keep on going without any interference from the ex. However since Wrecker was in charge of the Marauders MC club he makes sure they are watched. Once they find out Damien has made friends with Stitch aka Francis a war starts to brew.

She never really paid attention to what the Marauders did or how they interfered in her life until Francis, not wanting to end anything with Francis or Damien to lose his new friend she continues to build a relationship with him. Francis knew all about the Marauders and how they treated their women. He wasn’t backing down without a fight. And he did not back down from anyone

My take:

Behemoth, this read was okay. I am not gonna lie here. Felt choppy and the story line although unique as far as characters go felt; I don’t know a little off to me. It felt like there was a lot of repeating. A lot of always saying pretty much the same thing just in a slightly different way. Now, this is just MY perception of this book. Of course everyone has their own opinion.

I always like to give a decent review, like I’ve said this book wasn’t bad just felt off a little to me. But I always check out books no matter the star rating, there is always a chance the book is amazing to me and not the person who reviewed it. With that being said…….go get lost in a book you’ll love tonight!!
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March 10, 2022
Behemoth (Grimm Wolves MC Book 1) by D.M. Earl
3 Stars

My favourite books to read are paranormal romances. I also enjoy a good MC romance. This book is a blend of both. Despite having a traumatic childhood, Francis a.k.a Stitch grew up to be a gentle giant. At 6’5 full of scars, he’s intimidating. Even after all the cruelty that his parents bestowed upon him, he still has a heart of gold. He always felt like he was split in two. Being a firefighter and part of an MC, satisfies both parts of him. Growing up unloved, Francis never thought that he would find his one true love until he met Grace. One fateful day, Damian walked into his life and through him, Grace. They fill his life with something he never knew he was missing.

I thought the story was good and the characters were so lovable but I had a few issues with this book. Francis had some special abilities that were never really explained. Was he born with them? Did they appear because of the experiments his parents performed on him? Damian had similar abilities which were never explained as well. How does he have them? Did Grace never realize that he had them? Their relationship from day one was perfect. They met, fell in love and their future was set. Yes there were some bumps caused by Grace’s past but their relationship never suffered. It was unrealistic.

I was very disappointed that there were no wolf shifters in the MC. Their name is the Grimm Wolves and the book is supposed to have a paranormal twist. The title is misleading. My biggest issue is the ending. It just stops. It’s not really a cliffhanger but the story doesn’t end. For me, this book is just a set up for the rest of the series. Which is fine, I’ll still read the rest. I just wasn’t expecting this book to end the way that it did.
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11.4k reviews150 followers
August 5, 2020
Behemoth was a very original MC story with a kicker of paranormal, making it even more interesting in my eyes.  Francis is not only a nomad for the Grimm Wolves MC, he's also a fireman.  He's very broken because of an ugly childhood, so while he has a huge heart & will put everyone before himself, it hurts when people are scared of his outside scars.  The day a little boy named Damien came into his life, things took a huge turn for the better actually.  See Damien's mother, Grace, is a beautiful woman who can see past his scars, but the moment she saw that he was part of a MC, she took a tiny step back.  That doesn't stop fate from taking an active interest in them, so it's not long before they're really getting to know each other.  Unfortunately, the reason why Grace is gun shy about MCs comes up, they're in danger along with Francis' brothers.  So there's suspense, sexy times, sweet moments with Damien, and just an entertaining story.  The problem for me is the ending.  The book just stopped with no questions answered so I'm still in the dark.  I'm hoping the next book in this series answers at least half of my questions.  In the meantime, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!  
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164 reviews1 follower
March 13, 2022
This book has wolves, romance, and thrillers. It has the best of multiple worlds.

How can a guy manage to live two lives at the same time? As a firefighter, one has honor, but as a Nomad in a Motorcycle Club, the other has doubts. Add to the already perplexing combination an incredible skill set that allows him to absorb the thoughts and feelings of others. Stitch, or Francis M Stein, is doing the best he can with the hand he's been dealt. In both his firehouse and MC, he has found an extended family in his brothers. He is still alone, alone, and living a life of loneliness with little prospect of change in the near future.

He's just existing. That is, until Damien, a little child, enters his life and shows him what he has been missing. Francis is now able to see a future for himself that involves a wife and children. Grace Sinclair is all he's ever wanted in a woman and more. There is good and terrible in Francis' life, as there is in everything. Will Francis, Grace, and Damien be able to overcome their difficulties and live happily ever after, or will fate intervene once more? Only time will tell if this is true.

I loved this story. I loved every page of it. Every chapter was exciting. This is my first book from this author and I can’t wait to read more from this series.
3,104 reviews15 followers
July 28, 2020
Francis/ Stitch & Grace + Damian

His entire life has been the horror his parents made of him as a child. His scars have made him tormented until the Grimm Wolves MC took him in. In addition to basic duties for the club and work as a local Fire Fighter, he has special skills that have helped the club in many ways. Now he needs the help of the club.

Grace didn't know who Francis the firefighter was but she did know he'd been kind to her son who had received limited such treatment in his difficult young life. Damian (who I fell in love with throughout the book) has much in common with Francis. When they did meet he didn't think such a beautiful kind woman would be interested in him with his scars and club affiliation. Surprise, the three got along and more.

She knew about MCs and didn't believe they could be as Francis explained his. When another MC made threats to her and Damian, Francis' club steps in to help protect her.

It is touching, steamy, has great characters, and I want more. I did feel the transitions could have been better and the ending was a bit abrupt which is the only reason for the four-star rating.
Reviewed for Words Turn Me On
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244 reviews13 followers
August 13, 2020
Francis N Stein A slight supernatural twist to MC life....

Ok I found this a little strange to start with as it was different from other MC books I have read before. Though that's what sucked me in.

I haven't been well or able to concentrate on reading last few weeks but I wanted desperately to read this. So I gave it a go and a few hours later I realised I hadn't moved at all and managed to finish it in one sitting rather than the quick chapter or few pages I was going to try!

I loved that Stitch is not your perfect handsome male lead. He has his scars, a trouble past plus juggles being a firefighter with his MC life.

Stitch hides from the school children that are visiting the fire House as they tend to get scared because of size and the scars. However, one child has wandered off, Damien bumps into him and he finds a kindred spirit.

Damien has scars from when he was in a fire as a child. But its more than that. Francis can hear people's thoughts and Damien seems to also have something special about him.

The relationship between the pair is amazing and written so well. I think prefer that to the romantic relationship with Damien's mum.

I'm hoping that as the series goes on that there will be more with these characters as my only problem with the book was having so many unanswered questions. It didn't feel completely resolved and I just wanted more. As long as it still has more books to come though I'm hopeful that this can be continuation I will enjoy and look forward to reading other books by this author.
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647 reviews16 followers
March 29, 2022
I really enjoyed this book....and this is my first book that I have read from this author. When you meet Francis aka Stitch you cannot help but feel a heart wrenching story of his childhood that what he endured. He is not only part of a Motorcycle Club but he is also a firefighter. Everything changes with Stitch when he meets a wonderful little boy at the firehouse named Damien. When Damien's mother, Grace, meets Stitch at first she was hesitant when she found out about the motorcycle club. Grace is a protector and strong and I loved that about her character. There is a reason why Grace wants to protect Damien from anyone whom belongs to an MC. Will Grace see past the kutte and get to know Francis aka Stitch?

This story flowed so easily and gave me so many emotions...I cannot wait to continue this series and see what happens next!
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132 reviews1 follower
July 28, 2020
Behemoth by D.M. Earl. 4 stars
I enjoyed reading this story about Francis and Grace. This book is much more of their love story than it is a
MC book. The MC is a very small part of this story. Francis is pretty much a loner firefighter/biker he has some special powers and experienced a horrific childhood so he doesn’t trust easily. He meets Grace at the hospital when he needed some medical attention. He’s instantly smitten and it seems she has the same feelings. These two have some issues to work through and the author made their journey enjoyable. I would recommend this book to my friends. Thanks to the author for allowing me to read and review. I look forward to the next book- Carolyn for Book Haven Book Blog
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2,230 reviews16 followers
August 7, 2020
This story had quite a tragic thread throughout, but it did have a happy ending. Behemoth/Francis underwent a horrific childhood, but I was glad that it did not totally destroy him. He was a good man with the right guidance at the right time. Grace had her own baggage but was willing to take a chance on Behemoth. Their attraction helped heal them somewhat. There were elements of special abilities, violence, intrigue, and family that kept the story moving, though at times, I felt it was a bit repetitive. There was a continuing storyline, unresolved at the end of the book, but Grace and Francis did get an HEA.

I received a copy of this story through Enticing Journey Book Promotions, and this is my unsolicited review.
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318 reviews29 followers
August 16, 2020
“Life is a journey & only we can continue on the path we truly want to go down”

Everyone has a past, a present and a future. Francis “ Stitch” Stin’s life has been full of darkness and pain. But his future and present are looking brighter. Can Stitch take the road less traveled and find the comfort and peace he has always wanted but never knew he was missing, or will he let it slip through his fingers?

Grace’s life has been just about her job and her family, but when grace meets a monster sized man can she learn to live and love or will she allow her past to dictate her future?

Behemoth's book is a first by author DM Earl for me and now I am ready and eager for more of the Grimm Wolves and I can't wait to see what else she has in store for us with the larger than life men. I love her flair for the MC World and how she writes them.
August 28, 2020
I didn't start this series with this book but with Bottom of the Chains and I just HAD to read this book. I wanted the mysterious Stitch's story so bad. Boy am I glad that I went directly back to read it because what a great book!!! This would be my second book by D.M. Earl and if the rest of the series goes like this couples story than this is going to be a winning series for me.

Stitch isn't like most MC men, he is special and finding someone who can understand that isn't going to be easy. He never thought that having a happy ending was in the cards for him but one look at his future and there is no denying it. They are worth the struggle and fighting that is just going to escalate. After having a past like he has had he isn't about to let the good that is finally his go without a fight. But will she understand and accept just how special he is? Will she see the proof of his past on him and decide he isn't for her?

I am thrilled to finally be getting my hands on a book by this author and I am glad that I found this series!! I can't wait for more!
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August 5, 2020
Book 1 in a new MC series by this author who is a new author to me. This is an MC with a difference one that sees Francis/Stitch with special abilities, abilities that he uses for good. He is a nomad who fits his times between the MC and the fire station he works for. He meets Damian a kid who like himself has abilities and in turn he meets Grace who is Damians mom. She is wary of him a first because of the MC connections and because of her past but Francis eventually gets past her defences. Their romance has lots of feels about it and their attraction is instant and explosive. There is plenty of drama, angst and suspense and we see snippets of the brotherhood of the MC one I cant wait to read more about. I enjoyed this book and I’m looking forward to reading more.
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August 6, 2020
Book 1 in a new MC series by this author who is a new author to me. This is an MC with a difference one that sees Francis/Stitch with special abilities, abilities that he uses for good. He is a nomad who fits his times between the MC and the fire station he works for. He meets Damian a kid who like himself has abilities and in turn he meets Grace who is Damians mom. She is wary of him a first because of the MC connections and because of her past but Francis eventually gets past her defences. Their romance has lots of feels about it and their attraction is instant and explosive. There is plenty of drama, angst and suspense and we see snippets of the brotherhood of the MC one I cant wait to read more about. I enjoyed this book and I’m looking forward to reading more.

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March 31, 2022
Behemoth - Grimm Wolves MC Series (Book1) by D.M. Earl
Five Stars

This author really knows how to tell a story. Francis (Stitch) is such an unusual character. I wasn’t sure were this story was going when I first started reading, but it blew me away by the time I reached the end. Francis and Grace are wonderful together, but Damien steal the story and my heart. This book is told from many different viewpoints and I really enjoyed getting everyone’s thoughts. This story is action packed from beginning to end. I can’t wait to see what this author has in store next.
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March 8, 2022
Behemoth (Grimm Wolves MC Book 1) by D.M. Earl. If you love MC books and paranormal then this is for you! It was amazing. Its the story of Francis/Stitch who sorta has two different lives. One life he is a firefighter and the other he's in the Grimm Wolves Motorcycle Club. In both lives he has the family of his work and MC club but he's still lonely. Life has not been great to Francis. When he was young his parents were so abusive to him and his siblings and he has had to learn to live with those scars. When he meets a young boy named Damien who wondered into the firehouse he is taken with the boy! When Damien goes home talking about this cool firefighter he meet Grace his mom has to find out what is so special about him. When Grace and Francis meet sparks fly and Francis realizes that he could maybe have a family one day. The only problem is Grace has secrets that involve the MC's most hated rival club. When those secrets come out everything is up in the air. Will Grace and Francis be able to make it work or will the secrets they both have destroy everything? Read Behemoth to find out!
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March 11, 2022
I have a lot of thoughts surrounding Behemoth but I can say I enjoyed the book overall and I do look forward to reading on in
the series. There were segments in the book where I felt like I was missing something, it was eluded that Francis could
often tell someone’s thoughts- even his brothers knew this but I never truly understood the context. I thought a couple times that I must have zoned out when reading and missed the backstory. The only other “criticism” I would have is that I expected a lot more “action” throughout the entire story line.
All of that said… the characters are FANTASTIC. Grace, Stitch and even the secondary characters tugged at my heart strings. I am really excited to see what this author and series has to offer because I am anxious to learn more and be involved in the inevitable character development. The book was a pretty fast read and did keep my attention. I would definitely recommend it if you like motorcycle clubs and relatable characters.
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March 11, 2022
This was a great 5 star read. I was pulled in right from the beginning and excited to start this new MC series.

Francis, he is a firefighter and an MC member. He has scars inside and out that he is dealing with. Grace is trying to lay low and live life hidden as best as she can. Her ex is part of an MC that she wants no part of and her son Damien is adorable.

When Francis meets Grace there is something about her that pulls him right in. Will he open up to Grace about his past? What will happen when he learns Grace's secret?

Overall I really enjoyed this read. My emotions were all over the place. All of the characters added a great element to the story, a few of them tugged at my heart strings. I loved Damien.
I have lots of questions that I’m hoping I will get answers to as the series progresses. The author does a great job with her writing and I can’t wait to read more from her and the series. 1-click and get started today.
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