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The Omega Within (Alpha's Woman, #5)
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The Omega Within

(Alpha's Woman #5)

3.72  ·  Rating details ·  95 ratings  ·  42 reviews
Olly, dressed as a young boy to keep her identity as an unclaimed omega a secret, is searching for food when she is grabbed and taken to Garron, the great commander, to work for him as a bought and paid for servant. But when he discovers who and what she really is, he wastes no time in claiming her for his own.

Now, they must learn to exist as Alpha and omega while fighting
Published by Blushing Books Publications (first published March 5th 2020)
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Average rating 3.72  · 
Rating details
 ·  95 ratings  ·  42 reviews

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Mar 09, 2020 rated it it was amazing

I have/am a huge fan and follower of Ms. Faulkner's Alpha/Omega series devouring each new book as it is released. To have the privilege to read this ARC version of the 5th book in the series "The Omega Within" had me inhaling the story, the uncompromising, turbulent relationship between Gannon and Ollyah. As with each book prior, this story involves a battle-honed, domineering, ask questions later alpha general Gannon, and a very reluctant, yet admirable Omega Ollyah who has managed to remain un
Mar 10, 2020 rated it liked it
Olly is and Omega hidden in a world were shes valued as nothing more then a breading machine in this Post-Apocalyptic world. She gets by hiding as a boy living on the outskirts of camp during war with another camp. She's hungry and lives in fear of being discovered as female but when shes captured and the commander takes her in to take care of him and clean his things her situation will drastically change.

Garren has worked hard to get what he has conquering his enemies until there is only one ob
Mar 09, 2020 rated it really liked it
This novel was quite well edited and cleanly written, with no typos that would detract from the reading experience. The characterization in this novel was quite well done. This was a thoroughly enjoyable novel in this dark BDSM omegaverse series. The world building of this dystopian world was excellent, with the reader being able to feel the grim privation of this world viscerally. The BDSM scenes and development of the romantic relationship between this hero, who serves double duty as the villa ...more
Leanne Bryson
Mar 09, 2020 rated it it was ok
Having not read the other 4 books in this series may have caused some context issues for me. I had a hard time figuring out the omegaverse overall. And I am a huge fan of most omegaverse books. I think it would be helpful to read the other books first, again for context and background. That said, Garron and Ollyah's story is at times brutal and unforgiving. He sees her as HIS omega, but has no clue other than beating the crap out of her, to make her crave him as he craves her. Seeking help from ...more
May 21, 2020 rated it it was amazing
I think that this book may be the last one in this series, because it appears to wrap it up well. I would love to see so much more from this world. I would like to see how Garron's side and Zerk's side manage to interact in the next years. Maybe the next generation?

I think that Olly was very aware of what her life was going to be like if something happened, not that she actually had all that much life left, probably. I thought that she hid well, and I felt so sorry for her having to live the way
I feel the need to point out that arousal does not mean consent. But who am I kidding? When are omegaverse books ever consensual? I mean, I felt for Olly the entire time. And if we were supposed to like Garron... whoopsie. Definitely wasn't a fan of that douche canoe.

This one was pure alpha/dom vs omega/sub, no love whatsoever. No feels either. I barely felt any protectiveness, only possessiveness (and barely that too). Garron was just insane, in my professional opinion. I think this was too sh
Mar 09, 2020 rated it liked it
To be honest, I did not like too much of this omega world; maybe because it was already 5th book in series and I was missing understanding of the world… For me it was like a mix of different omega concepts, and none was clear to give definition. I read omega verse romance and usually they are on the darker side or romance; hot but dark and good omega verse usually left you with feeling that ladies are in good hand and will have HEA. Here; I was not convinced of that.
Start was good, had a great
Mar 25, 2020 rated it really liked it
The Omega Within is book five in Carolyn Faulkner's sci-fi omegaverse series. Much like the other books in the series, The Omega Within is a fairly dark take on a futuristic society where war is king and warriors rule the world. Our reluctant omega Ollie tries to get by in a disguise of a boy but gets found out by the most brutal of alpha's and so begins their total power exchange relationship. I did enjoy that the alpha in this one has some tender sides to him and truly cared for his Omega. I a ...more
Cristina Z.
Apr 08, 2020 rated it liked it
I must admit that I struggled a bit with this because it's pure Alpha. As in full-blown female objectification, servitude and breeding.

I'm more used to possessive male characters showing their Alpha side WHILE taking into consideration/respecting the woman's wishes. The book is miles away from this, so beware.

It's a good read for those who want to witness uncontrollable mating instincts and males who don't care about anything but sinking their claws into their females.

Full review available on Bo
Likes Books
Apr 05, 2020 rated it did not like it
Rape and torture and a stupid ending. So the male character rapes the female repeatedly "for her own good." Then the female character thinks about suicide or goes numb, then the male character beats her with a cane for being to scared to tell the male character she is scared to death of him for beating her. Then all of a sudden it is all good in the end? Really?
This is the worst fantasy world. Who wants torture and book endings that take a 360 degree ending!
Kristen Lewendon
Mar 09, 2020 rated it really liked it
It seems really strange to have a meet-cute kind of moment at the start of an omegaverse book, but that’s what Olly and Garron’s introduction looks like. I enjoyed most of this story. This is probably my favorite of the Alpha's Woman books. However, it’s in the author’s own words that I find what bothered me the most about this series: “… omegas in particular. They might be rare and precious, but they certainly weren't treated like that…” I prefer to see submission as the gift it is, and we do g ...more
Mar 11, 2020 rated it really liked it
This final book in the series finds all the omegas coming together for one final battle. This book focuses on Olly and Garron, the opposing warlord to the earlier alphas. Olly, an untouched omega, has managed to escape notice until her hunger finally leads to her downfall. Garron has never had an interest in taking an omega, until he realizes the identity of his latest acquisition. This final book seems a bit lighter than earlier books. Although Olly struggles with life and with accepting Garron ...more
First, let me advise potential readers that this is the fifth in a series. While it's not necessary to read the others to understand the MC and their relationship, characters from the other four books do appear later on and most of the explanations for how this world came to be are in the first book only.

The entire series is hard to rate as it's not as violent as some omegaverse stories and yet it's often too violent for me (the first less so than the subsequent three). Truthfully, I find the om
Mar 09, 2020 rated it it was amazing
This is the first book I have read in this series and I enjoyed it. Ollyah is a rare omega which makes her valuable during a time of war. She disguises herself as a boy and avoids direct contact with others as much as possible. Food is extremely scarce and she is on the brink of starving to death when she suddenly sees scrapes of food which leads to her being captured. Garron, army commander needs a houseboy and buys her not knowing she is a young girl. When he discovers what she is, he decides ...more
Mar 07, 2020 rated it liked it
Shelves: arc-tbr, booksprout
I have read three of the first four books in this series (not sure how I missed one)
This is a a post-apocalyptic omegaverse each book follows a different couple but interlocks with the others in the series
The running background tone keeps the suspense high and the possibilities endless
This is a quick read that has all the juicy goodness of an omegaverse romance with a touch of suspense
- it is omegaverse what more do I need to say?

Olly does not want to be a mindless breeding machine and she is
Mar 09, 2020 rated it it was amazing
Ollyah lived as a boy hanging around the army camp then she is tricked and sold to Commander Garron.
Omega Ollyah dressed as a boy survives around the edges of the army camp loosely attached to the camp followers and hanger-ons scavenging through bins and rubbish piles left by the soldiers for food and other usable items. But she is finding it harder and harder to get enough food so when she sees a half eaten apple she grab it and eats then she finds another fruit. This trail leads her further aw
Mar 12, 2020 rated it really liked it
"Olly", Ollyah is an Omega who dresses as a boy so she won't be found by the Alpha Men. She is following an army and gets caught while scavenging for food. She is then taken by Garron, an Alpha, who is the commander of the troop. Garron does not find it necessary to have a woman at all times but when he finds out Ollyah is an Omega, he cannot stop himself from wanting her and taking her right away. He goes out of his way to protect her from other Alphas and such tenderness toward her despite his ...more
Mar 28, 2020 rated it really liked it
Olly was hiding herself from the others because she knew what her fate would be if she was found out. She's an unclaimed omega and when hunger draws her to take food she is caught in a trap. Only they think she's a boy and want to work her like one. She is taken to Garron to be his cabin boy but when he forces her to strip for a bath he learns what she truly is. Olly doesn't want to be used for only breeding but it seems like that's her fate. Will Garron be a better fate for Olly than what she w ...more
Mar 04, 2020 rated it it was amazing
I have yet to read the first four books in this series but loved this story and want to read the other books. Olly, who is an Omega wants to be kept hidden so as not to attract any Alpha males. If they find out who she really is, not a boy but a woman and an Omega she will be claimed without her consent. Garron finds out Olly is an Omega and claims her to get her into heat. They have to work together as a true team of Alpha and Omega if they want to win the biggest fight of Garron's life as a tr ...more
Mar 09, 2020 rated it it was amazing
Olly is portraying herself as a boy and is skin and bones because she has trouble finding adequate
food and that is how she is grabbed. She is taken to the commander of the military and is scared.
Garron quickly finds out that he is a she and an omega at that. There are many twists and turns
and their relationship becomes bonded she finds she does not want to be alone without him. There
are threats of wars and this does not set well with other Omegas and they set out to end it. A must
read, a real pa
Suzanne Irving
Mar 09, 2020 rated it really liked it
This is book five in a series and can be read on its own but you will understand more of the back story if you read them in order. Combining omegas with a dystopian future and war between two groups this book wraps up all the stories from the previous books. I understand that this is a “spanking” series but I can’t help wishing that more had been made of the story, which is an interesting one, and less to the domestic discipline. Maybe though that comment will make you more interested in reading ...more
Mar 16, 2020 rated it liked it
Another good read within this series. This time we get the Omega story of Garron and Olly. Garron being the invader that all the previous Alphas were banded together to ward off. Olly is like the previous females, underfed, underweight and fighting to stay out of sight. After being mistaken for a boy and sold to Garron, her true nature is discovered and he proceeds to claim her.

His claim and his attempt to hide her before the clash of the Alphas all lead up to this moment.

There are a few dub co
Kristine L.
Mar 09, 2020 rated it it was amazing
Olly is an Omega who dresses as a boy so she won't be found by the Alpha Men. She is following the army as they march through eating the scraps of food and hiding in small boys clothes. Garron is drawn to the boy and has asked him to assist him with his daily duties. What a mess when Garron finds out that Olly is an Omega and not a boy. As an Alpha he mates her right away as he knows she is his Omega. Characters were very engaging has has a fantastic storyline. I received a free copy of this boo ...more
Mar 13, 2020 rated it it was amazing
Loved the book it was great, the story was well written and the characters are interesting. Once I started I could not put the book down from start to finish you just could not get enough left you wanting more twists and turns, when Gannon bought Ollyah, he thought he bought a male and surprised how long it took to find out different. Can things be better for Olly. Things only get hot and steamy as time goes on.
Thank you for allowing me to review your book.

I received a free copy of this book via
Elizabeth McDaniel
Mar 13, 2020 rated it it was amazing
Ollyah dresses as a boy and lives on the outer edges of the encampment where she scavenges for her food so no one will find out that she is an omega. She doesn’t want to be forced into the life of a breeder like her mother. She gets trapped and taken to the commander to be his cabin boy. Garron is the alpha leader of his army and only has his mission on his mind. Until she gets dumped in his lap and then he has to have her at any cost.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am vol
Feb 29, 2020 rated it it was amazing
This is the last book of the author's Omegaverse. Garron finds Ollyah by accident. Once he realizes that she is an omega, he works to bring her into heat. Of course, for an omega, that means frequent and thorough punishments. This was a great book and it neatly tied up the different storylines from previous books. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. ...more
Lynn Stifle
Mar 06, 2020 rated it it was amazing
The Omega Within is the fifth book in the Alpha's Woman series and it was amazing! Olly, an Omega, dresses as a boy as not to get noticed by the Alpha men and be claimed. Garron finds Olly and claims her and tries to bring on her heat. This story is well written and engaging, with great characters, and a storyline that held my interest all the way through until the very last page.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Margaret Corcoran
Mar 07, 2020 rated it it was amazing
This author is amazing and this is an excellent example of her talent. There are plenty of elements to hold the readers interest. I loved the interaction between sweet, lonely and strong Olly and Alpha cranky Garron. There are plenty of spankings and hot spicy sexy scenes. This story finishes the series leaving no unanswered questions. An amazing ending. I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this story and I very highly recommend it. A story that leaves nothing out. Wonderful.
Mar 09, 2020 rated it it was amazing
A well written book. I enjoyed it very much. I like how it starts with Ollyah and gives some insight in her background and feelings, like why she hates being an Omega. At first I wondered how no one figured out that she was female, then I realized. My favorite part was how the omegas banded together to accomplish their wants......

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Mar 09, 2020 rated it really liked it
This is the 5th book in the series and for best enjoyment I do recommend reading them in order. Olly has been following the army and living off scraps to survive. Garron is the great commander and Olly is taken to him to become his servant. When Garron learns that Olly isn’t a small boy but an Omega disguised as a boy he knows he will be taking her for his own. Fast-paced read with intense chemistry and loads of steamy. Great world building and an entertaining story. I liked it.
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Carolyn was one of you as a kid, with the intriguing seeds planted in her head of the shivering thrill-thoughts that came with words like spanking, or discipline. As with you, those kinds of words and thoughts connected the heated blush of her cheeks with feelings elsewhere, which got more and more interesting the older she got.

I bet you know just what I'm talking about.

Like some, she started writ

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