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Exploring with Too Woo

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This book is about frogs, their toad cousins, and their fascinating amphibian lives. Frogs live all over the world, even managing to withstand freezing their own bodies. Cold-blooded, but astonishingly similar to animals biologically, they perhaps offer a glimpse of a common ancestor.

From an egg protected and nourished by frogspawn through its development first as the vegetarian fish like tadpole to becoming the carnivorous frog “A frog's life” is a journey of discovery into the lives and habits of one of nature's most treasured and diverse creatures. Worshiped as a goddess by the Egyptians and for many cultures a symbol of good luck, but for others a tasty treat.

A staple of French cuisine, an invaluable aid to scientists, biologists, Amazonian hunters and an early warning system of ecological problems. A frog's life explores the contribution of these amphibians with Evelyn Wood's usual mix of fact and fun, anatomical diagrams, cartoons a quiz and colouring pages.

36 pages, Paperback

Published February 23, 2018

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About the author

Evelyn Wood

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I am now a member of the Society of Authors, but started writing as a small child. I often got into trouble because, absorbed in my activity, I did not notice a new lesson had started. English, history, nature and art were my favourite subjects. At 13, I passed the exam to go to art school. The focus was on producing commercial artists with endless pressure to concentrate on inanimate still life. My focus was on illustrating my stories. Oddly, no one could explain that still life with its shape, form and shade is a vital foundation. Frustrated, I dropped out deciding to become a farmer instead. Many years later I learned to appreciate and paint still life.

I loved farm life and the animals, but realised if I were ever to own my own farm, still an ambition, I needed money and that meant business. My business career took me to most countries in the world and the privilege of living and working in West Africa, Ukraine, Central Asia (where I met my wife), Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. Discovering new (to me) flora and fauna in each country added a special excitement.

In 2010 I was diagnosed with cancer and that put an end to my business career. I'm a happy survivor, grateful to be alive and to have a new career. Well two actually. My wonderful wife works and I'm a house husband responsible for washing, ironing cleaning and cooking. I love cooking, especially Indian and Chinese cuisine, fish dishes and pastry. My second career is writing and illustrating and school talks. My series, ‘Exploring with Too Woo' so far has three volumes on Butterflies, Bees and Frogs – more are planned. I like writing for children and giving talks. They ask brilliant questions and enjoy the fact that I give them real information. Years ago I wrote an adventure story, 'The search for journey's end' and thanks to my wife it has finally been published.

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March 6, 2018
"A frog's life" is much more than a paperback book about the lives and habits of frogs. The author carefully explains answers to many questions children might have about frogs and toads with helpful illustrations and vocabulary banks. Also included are a story of a princess who kisses a frog, coloring pages, an explorer's kit and even a quiz! You will learn that toads have short tongues and no teeth while frogs have long, sticky tongues and teeth. How frogs eat, survive, and are seen in ancient and popular culture and cuisine are fascinating topics for children of all ages. Thanks for the win of this charming book. My only suggestion is to consider making a shorter "I -Can-Read-Version" that younger children can read alone as the pages of this book are packed with information and beyond the reading level of the youngest reader. Check out the author's other titles at too-woo.com.
March 22, 2018
An excellently put together fun and informative book for children, the 3rd in the series, my nieces have loved all 3!
1 review
May 4, 2018
this is definitely the best you have done Evelyn. Educational, informative and enjoyable. i have learned more about frogs in this book than I have learned in the past 70 years. I am sure it will be enjoyed by a wide age group. Looking forward to the next book which has a lot to live up to.
Trevor and Jacqui in Portugal

Displaying 1 - 3 of 3 reviews

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