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The Fragile Line: The Complete Series Box Set: Parts One, Two, & Three

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Her desire is strong.
There will be risk.
She could lose everything.

Chloe McCarthy has the perfect friends with benefits arrangement. But when she gets dumped for someone else, it triggers heartbreaking memories.

With the crushing reminder that she's all alone, she plummets toward rock bottom. Until she runs into the one guy who can always make her smile.

Matt Langston--mechanic by day, bouncer by night--lives a drama free life and wants to keep it that way. Which is why he needs to keep Chloe at arm's length.

Yet, with every rendezvous, another layer is peeled away from her rough façade, leaving him intrigued to learn more. She's not the woman she portrays herself to be. His curiosity wins against his better judgment and he can't stay away.

As their friendship deepens, old wounds begin to heal. Their connection is unmistakable. Their mutual desire, intense. But the last thing either of them needs is to re-live disastrous mistakes by giving in to their growing attraction for each other.

Before they ever have a chance to define what's happening between them, Matt gets the job offer of a lifetime. The only problem? He'd have to leave town.

He's only got one week to decide between his dream career and the woman he can't get out of his thoughts.

The Fragile Line Series is a spin-off to The Fine Line. Reading The Fine Line first is not necessary, but please note, this series contains spoilers to The Fine Line.

Intended for readers over the age of eighteen (due to mature content, strong language, and sexual situations).

Take home all 3 volumes at once in this complete series romance collection and save. Find out why readers are falling in love with the sexy, sweet mechanics at Tanner Automotive!

317 pages, Kindle Edition

Published February 25, 2017

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About the author

Alicia Kobishop

6 books191 followers
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Instagram: http://instagram.com/aliciakobishop
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Alicia Kobishop is a contemporary romance writer who lives in Milwaukee, WI, USA.

Before trying her hand in writing, she worked her way up in the field of administrative healthcare with experiences ranging from working within a large local healthcare organization to smaller independent physician practices.

In early 2013 her life took a change of course when she re-evaluated her passions in life and sought out to try many new things. She reclaimed her childhood passion for reading, and after reading tons of fictional novels in a short amount of time, and loving every moment of it, she became absorbed with the idea of taking her experience with books to the next level and decided to write one. Nine months later, her debut novel, The Fine Line was published.

Alicia loves connecting with readers. Feel free to reach out to her through email or social media.

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2,502 reviews1,218 followers
October 1, 2017
This is Chloe and Matt’s story and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Chloe was the ‘villain’ from The Fine Line and I already disliked her. I couldn’t help it and I think that was the author’s goal. So how the heck was it possible to ever like her? Could she ever be redeemed? I’ve got to say, the author definitely made me have a change of heart. So success!

Chloe was once a regular girl. Great parents, a loving sister, a typical teenage life. Until tragedy strikes and she loses her grip on the normal life. Being raised by her adoring sister, she still gets to experience a bit of normal and falls in love. Soon after her heart’s broken and to keep herself safe from future pain she creates what she believes to be an invisible and impenetrable forcefield around her heart. She comes off cold, callous, promiscuous, frivolous, immature and a bit obsessive, but thankfully Matt sees beyond all of that to the broken girl hidden inside.

In the end, I kinda liked Chloe and absolutely loved Matt. He was kind, considerate, generous, thoughtful, attentive, talented, and one sexy as all heck alpha. It takes great talent to get a reader to change their minds about a character, so kudos to Alicia Kobishop for achieving the almost impossible.
Release Date: February 25, 2017
Genre: Contemporary New Adult Romance
POV: Dual - 1st person
Heat: 3.5 out of 5
Type: Box set of 3 novellas

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444 reviews
February 27, 2017
"Follow your instincts, and My Lead"
This is a series of three parts all put into one box set, and is a must read! I do highly recommend that you read The Fine Line novel first as this is a spinoff from that book! It is a standalone, but if you read this, then go to read that, you will have major spoilers. I loved both and I hope there are more written, since this author, Alicia Kobishop, is amazing at pulling you in! This is about Chloe McCarthy, who was raised by her sister after her parents passed away in a tragic accident. However, that wasn't the end of her horrible past, and she has been betrayed by so many, that she has lost herself. Matt Langston works as a mechanic at a garage owned in part by his best friend. His past with his first love is not a good one, but he has found himself. Yet, he doesn't let anyone close to his heart again. After a night of just being themselves and hanging out, the two don't really see each other. He is one of the only people that have seen her and not the mask she wears. Both vowing to never have their hearts broken again, they do start to like each other over time, without anything more than friendship and talking. Then Matt gets an offer, but he would have to leave. Will he take it? Will he ask Chloe to go with him? Chloe accidentally overhears this offer and knows he can't turn it down. With a blast from Chloe's past. Is this all a game changer? Can you find yourself when you're with someone or do you have to do that on your own? What happens with everything, everyone, and especially Matt & Chloe?
405 reviews4 followers
November 10, 2017
4.5stars...this is my first read from Alicia, which means I haven't read The Fine Line yet....this is standalone/spin off, and I was able to get into the storyline easily (hooked actually) but I do feel it would have been even better if I had read the The Fine Line first....nevertheless, during the first few chapters you get the picture of how Chloe McCarthy's character was in that other book...honestly, probably I would not have liked her back then, but when her story unfolds in this book and once I got a deeper look into her psyche, it all makes sense, and I truly hoped that this girl gets her HEA....regarding, Matt Langston...I have no words, he is simply perfect! These people are so young (21/23) but Matt is so clear in his thought process and he knows where he stands and how he may need to approach things e.g. getting the air cleared with Logan, and not rushing into any decision due to his own past....I. could be wrong but seems this book ties up all the loops from the other book..eg Chloe and Liv etc...I liked the writing style, and the story itself, and will surely read other books from author :-)
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169 reviews9 followers
September 5, 2017
Couldn't put it down.

I finished this book in a day. I couldn't put it down. The ending felt a little rushed to tie up loose ends but it definitely wasn't disappointing. It was raw and yet not raunchy. Really kind of left you wanting more.
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798 reviews6 followers
March 2, 2017

This novel starts off where The Fine Line ends....
It explains Chloe and Logans arrangement, before Logan fell in love with Liv
Chloe is broken, was comfortable with her relationship with Logan...
But when it ended, she needed a friend...

Matt is the friend she needed,
He is loyal, fierce, and genuine.....
things do start to heat up...

Will he be what Chloe needs? Is she want Matt needs?

Part 2....
Matt finds out Chloe didn't have plans on Christmas.....
Matt took Chloe home for Christmas...
Matt was offer a job of life time, but things with Chloe were not yet to be define...

Chloe learns the meaning of love, her choices are made out of love..

Part2 broke my heart.....part3 put it back together...
Chloe grew as person....she left the clubbing, drinking, random men...
When the call Logan was hurt she went to see him....
.....Matt was also there....

This was an amazing conclusion to part 1 and part 2
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114 reviews3 followers
February 24, 2021

Completely in love with how Matt and Chloe's character development evolved in this book. So far my all time favourite in the series. Can't wait to see what you write next!
668 reviews3 followers
February 27, 2017
This is one series that you will definitely love! The heartaches, the hope, the lessons, the forgiveness, and the love, that we'll be reading here are amazing!!! You will fall in love with Matt, you will cry with Chloe, and you will surely smile and swoon with the two.

This series is a treat to read! Awesome!!
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201 reviews
October 9, 2020
Worth it

At first I didn't like Chloe. I was confused who Ryan was because she was with Logan. But then the story jumped back to when she was younger and explained who he was. I'm not a big fan of stories that jump back and forth from the past to present. But overall I enjoyed this book. Chloe kinda grows on you. She puts up walls and is defensive but she has a lot of scars from her past. She doesn't think she's good enough even when the perfect man comes along.
I absolutely love Matt. He knows whats going on in her head and helps her stay out of it. Even when she pushes him away.
Chloe has a rough relationship with her sister. But her sister literally dropped everything to take care of her.
I would like to see this become an audio book. Maxine Mitchell and Jacob Morgan would be my pick.
Profile Image for Alyscia Northrup.
Author 2 books22 followers
October 4, 2020

I love this. I love how you feel the growth between the two. Close and Matt and too hott for anyone. It was amazing to read Clo growing up and learning her worth. Matt was such a good man. This was an amazing story.
February 15, 2023
oh man my heart

This book kicked the first books a** !! IN LOVE. I had mixed feelings when I saw it was Chloe’s story. But now I get it. I loved how in depth her side was! How it broke her down. LETS HEAR IT FOR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT
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