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In Toronto, 2032, the human race is all but extinct. Only a few humans have survived the Outbreak. Ewan, a former high school biology teacher, and his son Tim have made the Royal Ontario Museum their home, a last outpost of humanity. They are both haunted by the loss of their family who were savagely killed by the Creatures who now rule the Earth. Ewan has given up on having any kind of future for his son, but when they encounter another group of survivors he realizes they may have a chance against the Creatures. The survivors set out on an epic journey to find an antidote. But what they don’t count on is a new, powerful force that has evolved from the ashes and is intent on exterminating humans all together. outbreak, extinction, reevolution, revolution, re-evolution, mankind, exodus, zombie, monsters, mutants, reckoning, survival, nuclear, bombs, threats, terrorism, terror, war, warfare, terminator, pacific rim, maze, games, hunger, world, cause, effect, final, chapter, love, shades, shadow, stargate, saving, avenger, hero, last of us, universe, phantom, iron, sky, robots, transporter, ghost, dragons, thrones, transforming, faster, furious, floods, skyscrapers, attack, virus, monsanto, syngenta, gmo, gvo, genetics, modified, round up, herbal, vegan, crisis, shapes, darkest hour, justice, team, league, aliens, out of space, final frontier

530 pages, Paperback

Published July 8, 2015

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Guido Baechler

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December 3, 2015
I'm going to preface this review with a warning -
I'll absolutely never be able to do this book justice, I'll never remember to include everything that I loved about it here.

That said - this book was insane! In a good way.
When I stepped away from it, I missed it horribly. I actually am still thinking about the characters and dying for Volume 2! It really stays with you - at least it did for me.

When the book opens, I'm intrigued... I think it might be a futuristic deal of a time I cannot relate to.
This isn't the case at all. While it is obviously set in the future, it doesn't seem far-fetched at all. In fact, based on the explanation later given (sorry to be vague, but I don't want to spoil anything for you) it is completely plausible and makes me a little bit terrified that it's going to come true - and not super far into the future!!

Ewan clearly is making the best of a dire situation... it's easy to wonder why he still bothers except - he does have a reason. His son. His son has a hard time remembering or relating to life as we know it now - even though it wasn't that long ago for him ... the world is just that drastically different that it's hard to imagine a different one.

The Creatures - they're not zombies. Don't just think "this is another zombie book" because that's not the case here.
Again - I do not want to post any spoilers but - there are a couple of different species and they can be highly intelligent. Animalistic yes, but also hunanistic - that'll make sense if you read it. They truly are a new race (or races.. read the book).

Naturally - cannibalism is a thing and the humans that have survived have sorted themselves into packs so it's dangerous EVERYwhere.
Make a home for yourself, find a means to survival - but it's so fragile because of the situation.

This book is SO interesting, while being adventurous and thriller-esq.
Truly a fascinating, addicting read and I honestly cannot wait for more.

Cover: Gorgeous and appears to be professionally done. Fitting. LOVE that it's relevant to the content and not generic.
Formatting: Well done, book is easy on the eyes. Appears professional.

Highly highly recommend ... cannot say that enough.
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