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The Maze Runner #0.5

The Fever Code

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Once there was a world’s end.

The forests burned, the lakes and rivers dried up, and the oceans swelled.

Then came a plague, and fever spread across the globe. Families died, violence reigned, and man killed man.

Next came WICKED, who were looking for an answer. And then they found the perfect boy.

The boy’s name was Thomas, and Thomas built a maze.

Now there are secrets.

There are lies.

And there are loyalties history could never have foreseen.

This is the story of that boy, Thomas, and how he built a maze that only he could tear down.

All will be revealed.

347 pages, Hardcover

First published September 27, 2016

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About the author

James Dashner

97 books33.3k followers
James is the author of THE MAZE RUNNER trilogy and THE 13TH REALITY series. He also published a series (beginning with A DOOR IN THE WOODS) with a small publisher several years ago. He lives and writes in the Rocky Mountains.

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December 10, 2020
Why, why, whyyyyyy do I keep torturing myself with these novels?

Deeeeeeep Breaths

This book added nothing of value to the entire series. Why? Cause we're able to piece together the entire plot from blatantly obvious foreshadowing (or would that be back-shadowing?) from the original trilogy.

Secret Government Agency to get rid of virus? Yup, figured that one out in the first book.

Maze is designed by children? Hinted at and later confirmed in book 2.

And on....and on.........and on.............(you get the point).


WHY is there a freaking MAZE used to solve a viral zombie infection?

How in the world does that even make the least bit sense? Sure, they sprout off some mumbo-jumbo about brain patterns due to decision-making skills but even I can smell that bull.

MAYBE the scientists could take the millions of dollars they spent on creating movable 40-foot walls, spider-slug-robot hybrids, and insanely specific mind-wiping drugs...and INVEST it in something else - LIKE ACTUAL RESEARCH.

I did (semi) enjoy reading about the childhood of the Maze Runner characters. It was a bit interesting to see how deeply WICKED manipulated their lives but even that fell short - mostly cause Thomas had (still has) as much personality as a pancake and Theresa was (and still is) a back-stabbing wench.

Wasn't a fan before, definitely not now

Audiobook Comments
As far as audiobooks go, it's not a bad one. But the plot just soured everything for me.

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Want to read
August 31, 2015
The one person that instantly came to my mind when I saw this book was Newt.

Imagine this: Multiple POVs. Newt's desperate thoughts. Physical pain + psychological pain. (and double it all because he's my favorite)

And me:


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3,618 reviews984 followers
December 29, 2022
What can I say? The Maze Runner was a good read, the next three were mediocre at best, but this brought the series back to the original premise and quality as provides the direct origin of the first book :) I'm kind of tempted to suggest you only read the first and fifth book of this series, but I know so many of us booknerds are completists. A strong Three Star 7.5 out of 12.

2022 read
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October 17, 2018
0.5) The Kill Order ★✰✰✰✰
1) The Maze Runner ★★★✰✰
2) The Scorch Trials ★★✰✰✰
3) The Death Cure ★✰✰✰✰
“You look bloody fantastic for three in the morning.”

“WICKED was never going to stop. They were never, never going to stop.” Apparently, neither was Dashner. I have a strange attachment to this series, despite disliking most aspects of it. The Maze Runner was one of the first young adult series I read, so it’s a shame I have such negative opinions towards it now. The story itself is intriguing, but I loathe the writing, and couldn’t look past all the the plot holes. The sole reason I read The Fever Code was so I could receive answers to the many questions the trilogy left me with. This prequel unfortunately, didn’t clear up any questions about the plot, and added nothing significant to the series. Nearly all the information presented was already known, and there was only one element that was partially eye-opening. I was also expecting this book to be written in different point-of-view’s, so I was gravely upset when ninety-nine percent of it was in Thomas’ perspective – who still has about as much personality as an animal documentary narrator.

One of my biggest complaints is Dashner’s writing. I was truly hoping that his writing would have improved, but I was disappointed. It’s as monotonous as I remembered it being in The Maze Runner. I also found it exhausting to read from Thomas’ perspective. He has no distinct personality, and isn’t nearly as intelligent as he is suggested to be. His ignorance is incredibly frustrating, especially considering that the reader is already aware of WICKED’s intentions. Which brings me to my next issue …

Nothing new or relevant is uncovered in this backstory. I was expecting answers to questions such as, why are the trials necessary? How exactly do these variables lead to a cure? Why is the government wasting all its resources on constructing mazes and having children complete puzzles, when they can be doing something relevant with their time and money? Why not try virtual reality? This worked in Dashner’s other series! The approaches taken to find a cure are foolish, and I find it difficult to believe that the decisions that were made, came from intelligent scientists. With all the advance technologies and knowledge at their disposal, a maze filled with robotic slugs was their best solution? Why not try meaningful research?

This novel was approximately 350 pages, and bore me to sleep. Perhaps I’m being a bit harsh, but I simply wasn’t invested in the plot. The vast majority of the story revolves around Thomas’ dull classes that I didn’t care for. It’s quite repetitive, and wasn’t very intriguing. Although the last quarter of this novel picks up and we’re presented with some action, it unfortunately didn’t entice me, since I already lost nearly all interest in the plot, 200 pages prior the finale.

A small revelation occurred in this novel that was never expressed in the other Maze Runner books – the Grievers’ stingers contain mutated variants of the Flare virus … and WICKED has an antidote for this. By that logic, shouldn’t the scientists have found a way to develop a stronger serum based from that antidote? An antidote that could maybe cure the whole world and make it irrelevant to create a maze? Why didn’t WICKED invest all their efforts in that instead? Oh, how this series drives me insane.

In spite of the dozens of problems I had with this book, there are a few aspects I enjoyed. I promise you I’m not a heartless critic! I loved how we were able to see my little Gladers once more! I truly missed Newt, Minho, and Chuck! I was willing to forgive how absurd it was that practically every character from the series makes an appearance in this prequel, because I adore these characters so much. I was hoping to read a decent amount of this book from Newt’s point-of-view, but although this didn’t happen, I was still glad to read his prologue. I was also pleased to of had more insight on the Purge and what Thomas and Teresa’s roles were in it. The details regarding this momentous event, as well as the background of WICKED, were obscure in the original trilogy, so it was nice how more information was provided.

I don’t know what to think about The Maze Runner books any more. At a glance, the series is quite mediocre and doesn’t have a compelling plot, nor unique characters. Yet, I still find myself being entertained by the story. Would I recommend this series? No. The plot holes are too immense to look past, the writing is too simple, and the protagonist isn’t very agreeable. However, if you ever do decide to read these books, I wouldn’t suggest reading The Fever Code first, because it does display many elements that are a mystery for most of the novels.

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November 30, 2014

Oh shuck it, the cover and synopsis have been revealed!

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September 26, 2018
"And now he needed to say something smart, something profound, something that would bind them together and start the terrible journey."
"This sucks"

I thoroughly enjoyed this Maze Runner prequel! We get insight into Thomas and Teresa's lives as they grow up within WICKED and all the brain washing that comes with it . We get to meet all the characters from the original trilogy - all before they enter the maze.
It was really interesting to view things from this perspective, to watch the build up to the maze trials and to see how involved Thomas and Teresa were and how their mindsets changed over time.
With all the action and drama we've come to expect from the maze runner books, this was a welcome addition and it has made me want to go back and reread all the trilogy again!
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3,535 reviews9,936 followers
June 15, 2017
Um. I sat here forever trying to figure out what I want the stars to be. I will just go with the three star rating.

I LOVED reading about the group again and reading about how some of them were taken and their ages. Those WICKED people really are evil. I'm guessing they picked the right name.

I just can't believe the kids lived all of their years there and just ugh.

And that creepy guy coming down the hall, "Save Me, Save me" Well, I don't remember if that's exactly what he said but along those lines.

That ending! I mean we all know what happens, at least the ones that have read the Maze Runner books but that was just cold. But, I still liked to see where it all came from, the before of where they were when they landed in the maze.

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January 30, 2019
This book was definitely the missing piece in this series, but I was left with more questions after reading this then going in. This book lacked the tension and twists the previous books had and it had some boring and weird chapters. It wasn’t renewing enough for a book that was supposed to have all the answered. I’m really disappointed. The three stars are for Thomas and the other Gladers, the prologue, for the amazing writing style James has and for the few answers I did get.

The Kill Order: 5 stars
The Fever Code: 3 stars
The Maze Runner: 5+ stars!
The Scorch Trials: 5 stars
The Death Cure: 4 stars

The maze runner trilogy is one of my favorite series of all time. But if I must be honest, it was sometimes like a weird dream. Not that I didn’t like that, but like in a dream there are not much logical explanations and that was a really big flaw of this series. After finishing the books in the trilogy I was left with a lot of WHY? Why was the maze necessary for finding a cure? Why where there two teams? Why only boys and the other only girls? Why throw Thomas and Teresa in last? Why where they even special? Why would this help cure the disease? (I have a lot more but I will stop now) So I was so happy to find out that this book was produced and that the synopsis was: The story of how the maze was built. Unfortunately none of my questions got answered. I also still feel like that this series has a wrong order, I mean isn’t it weird that we already know the ending and what will happen? It took away so much of the tension in this book.

CONTAINS SOME MINOR SPOILERS FROM DOWN HERE. Major spoilers if you haven’t read the other books in “The Maze Runner” series!!!!

”Stephen, Stephen, Stephen. My name is Stephen.
He figured he had two things to hold on to: his memories and his name. Surely they couldn’t take the first away from him, but they were trying to steal the second. For two days they’d pressed him to accept his new name: Thomas.”

This book had me crying, JEP CRYING, the first 6 pages. I’ve always loved Newt in the Maze Runner and this epilogue was emotional and heartbreaking.
[image error]

The first 200 pages where almost boring (with the exception of the prologue). They weren’t exciting, full of action and tense like the other books where. I was actually disappointed while reading. This book wasn’t as I had expected The Fever Code to be. I thought it would maybe contain short stories from all the Gladers about how they came with WICKED and how they then came in the maze. For some reason I didn’t expected Thomas to be the main character of this whole book. It just described how he lived with WICKED and that he builds the maze, didn’t we already know this? I got so tired of reading that Thomas was feeling alone and that he hated WICKED. Not that I didn’t feel sorry for him but I didn’t care reading about almost every class he took and how many tests he had to take. I wanted some Newt and Minho inside!!!! I was also annoyed that Thomas is kept in the dark so much, I understand from WICKED’s point of view but as a reader I was so annoyed! The first 200 pages aren’t renewing enough for a book that was supposed to have all the answered. I did like to read about what happened in the maze before Thomas and Teresa came in. Though I found the chapters about this way to short, I would have liked some more!
”But why do they keep us separate?” Newt asked, and the sadness in his voice broke Thomas’s heart. “Why all the tests and the games and the cruelty? I hate them.”

Besides Thomas’s daily classes and tests there were also some scenes about Thomas building friendships with the Gladers. I enjoyed reading about Thomas building the friendships and how cute and innocent they were as little children. But I don’t understand the purpose of letting them run in the hallways when they weren’t allowed? Was that also a test? I just don’t understand!? But I liked reading about Thomas, Teresa and the others as children. Five year old Thomas and Teresa, cuteeeee.

I once again loved Thomas! He’s a great main character.
Unfortunately I never really liked Teresa. I never understood her in the previous books, I always thought she was distant and maybe even a bit haughtily. She did some things that I wasn’t a fan of. But she redeemed herself in the first part of this book. She’s very smart, curious and badass. I loved her and Thomas their friendship in this book! But from page 200 she got all annoying again, keeping things from Thomas and believing everything WICKED said. And then she sold Thomas out, and I went back to hating her again. I also intensely hate dr. Paige!! I hated how she never answered Thomas, was just trying to smooth talk things like killing 19 people, how she manipulated everything, how she used every single person as a test subject and for what becomes clear in the end.
I loved Chucks role in this book. I always wanted to know more from the kid and he’s so cute and funny. All the other Gladers and the characters from group A had a relative small part, which I was kind of angry about. This book was supposed to give us more inside on them but I didn’t really got that. I only liked the few parts about Newt.

After the boring 200 pages The Purge happened.

I missed Dashner’s writing style so much. I don’t know why but it just appeals to me. No unnecessary details but still enough to not make it boring and still have an interesting world building. It lets some to my imagination! It’s also really fluent and I liked the short chapters. I will definitely read more from him in the future. I do, however, have to comment on how James described the disease and how WICKED is trying to find a cure. This is absolute bullshit, it could never happen like this. But I also kind of liked how he created this totally unrealistic Kill zone.

I thought this book was supposed to explain to us the quote: WICKED is good? But all I read about was child abuse, imprisoning, and physical and mental abuse. WICKED IS NOT GOOD!!! Even if the whole world is dead you can’t do this to the only people that are the only ones that stand a chance to survive, the Munies. I don’t get that WICKED can be this cruel to children.

Things I got wiser: (SPOILERS don’t click if you don’t want to know the plot!)

”You were always my favorite, Thomas.” Dr. Paige said. “Let’s get him prepped.”
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Shelved as 'anxiously-waiting'
July 21, 2016
Running toward this book is like...

Give me.
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October 16, 2016
"They march on through the dust
Believe their leader, they can trust
In all the noise they lose the way...


Well. This is it. The Maze Runner prequel we've all been waiting for.

I should warn you, though...it wouldn't be a Dashner book without a few moments that make you go all...

The original trilogy, those helped define the end of my time in high school and the start of my community college years (Death Cure having come out about a month after I started there.) Then came The Kill Order, which I loved when I first read it, but alone of the Maze Runner books, it's probably the only one I wouldn't re-read.

When news broke that there would be a new prequel focusing on the Gladers we know and love, well, you can imagine I was just as overjoyed as anyone else in the fandom.

After taking a few years to write The Mortality Doctrine, Dashner's finally given us The Fever Code in all its post-apocalyptic glory. Imagine, if you will, Ender's Game with zombie Cranks instead of alien Formics. That's the roughest, most high-concept summary of this book I could come up with. The primary difference, though, is that in between all the laughs and fun of Thomas, Teresa, Alby, Minho, Newt, Chuck, and more meeting up before the Maze, there's a ton of horror both physical and psychological. Physical because we're seeing the monsters as visceral as ever (especially after seeing the first two very stellar movies, with their creepy clicking Grievers and Cranks crawling all up and down the bloody walls!), and psychological because we all know what's coming if we've read the original trilogy first - and yet, we don't. Some of those WICKED people are every bit as wicked as you can imagine. Not gonna name any Randall names, but...some of those shucking klunk piles needed Launcher shots to the chest.

If Wes Ball doesn't get a chance to direct the Fever Code movie, this world's getting cheated.

Now that we have another year to wait until the Death Cure movie, at least we've got this book to tide us over. And what a book that is, one of the most intense, raw YA books of 2016 so far...and now topping my list of favorite books of the year. For sure, just like the Scorch Trials movie won a Pinecone Award last year, this book's full-tilt, panic-inducing story guarantees it a win this year.

So, once again, a huge thank you to James Dashner for penning these books, helping set the stage for Dylan O'Brien to become this generation's next great action hero, teaching us all that "WICKED is good," and of course for just plain horror-fying YA literature like nobody else.

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June 1, 2019
I cannot tell you just how much I needed this book. I loved it so friking much! I was left feeling all emotional after reading The Death Cure, this just brightened me all up. It was so cute that Newt, Minho, Thomas, Teresa, Chuck and Alby were friends before they got sent into the maze.
I'm actually mad at myself for finishing it in a day. This is one of those books that should be read slowly but I just could not help myself.
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84 reviews30 followers
December 29, 2018
Well that was heart wrenching. Seeing my babies as babies basically killed me. ALSO, that ending changes EVERYTHING. I'm pretty sure I just stared at the book dumbfounded for a few minutes. Oh, and another thing. Chuck is my favorite. (Don't tell Brenda, she's my second favorite)
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2,063 reviews1,473 followers
November 1, 2018
First Read: September 2017, Rating: 4 Stars
Second Read: October 2018, Rating: 4 Stars

For an ardent dystopian fan such as myself, ‘The Maze Runner’ series is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only are there three books in the original trilogy, but two full-length prequel novels.

This takes place directly before the events that occur in The Maze Runner, yet should be read last, as per Dashner’s specific instructions. The book chronicles the conception of the WICKED organisation, as well as how Thomas, Teresa, Newt, and the rest of the beloved gang, came to be affiliated with it.

As in the other books, the reader is invited into this near future vision of our world through the eyes of Thomas. His astute observations give us an honest insight into events but his young age, and the plethora of information that his kept for him means the truth of the situations are unfurled slowly for both the reader and himself.

With the suspense at an all-time high, and the reader already aware of the traumatic events that are to follow, this is possibly the most poignant and emotional franchise instalment. The young cast of characters are depicted as innocent bystanders helplessly caught up in an organisation that has no regard for them as humans. The moment they stepped through the compound doors, however unwillingly, they became WICKED test subjects and nothing more. Whilst this fact has always been known, The Fever Code confronts the reader with the reality of this utterly heartbreaking scenario and disallows any of our sorrow to be spared.

Despite the brutality of the organisation and the loneliness and confusion experienced by the children imprisoned there, this isn’t a book without its joyous moments. And knowing how hard each smile was fought for made every fleeting moment of happiness that much more precious for both reader and characters alike.

By this alignment of emotion, it meant that as the novel progressed, the action increased, and the suspense rose in intensity, the reader was already placed firmly on one of the two opposing sides. With differing opinions on what was deemed an acceptable action to save the world, this also posed a multitude of philosophical questions that added some levity to the previous action-dominated plot-lines of this series.
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24 reviews17 followers
October 7, 2016
wow... that was definitely worth it. I was afraid it was going to be too short...I was afraid it was going to be repetitive..well it was everything but! I sincerely hope there will be another chapter!
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151 reviews41 followers
September 2, 2023
"I’m coming for you, Newt," Thomas whispered, so softly that no one could possibly hear him.

trigger warning: (attempted) suicide

Isn’t it utterly gutwrenching yet all the same "oh so tragically poetic" (but cruel) when you realize that Thomas was willing to go into the maze instead of helping WICKED find a cure because he couldn’t bear to watch Newt suffer and struggle with depression any longer…
…and that Thomas wanted so desperately to save his friend from that anguish by freeing him and giving him hope in spite of the fact that he knew full well that Newt wasn’t immune and that he was never going to make it if he left the maze for good,
…and that Newt, who felt as if he had nothing and no one left to live for, who had made peace with the idea of giving up and giving in, who had tried to take his own life but was denied that by WICKED, decided that he would trust Thomas, some guy he knew for less than a week,
…and that Newt was ready to follow him anywhere, even if it meant dying or losing himself to the virus, and that he did follow Thomas without hesitation, which did lead to Newt’s demise that Thomas was trying so hard to prevent from happening in the first place,
…and maybe, just maybe, Thomas actually could have saved Newt, if he had just stayed right where he was, helping WICKED find a cure. A cure for people like Newt.

Newt stood up straight and wiped the tears from his eyes. He appeared to feel no shame whatsoever at letting anyone see him cry. "That’s the way of things, Tommy," he said, his voice not quite steady. "The world outside’s gone to hell. Why should we expect any different in here? It’s just the way of things." He said it as if they’d been friends for years.

Alright, now why am I making myself cry while writing this review, ugh. Okay, so… Reading The Fever Code was a rather interesting and eye-opening experience (guys!!! turns out I DON’T ACTUALLY HATE TERESA!!!), especially cause it’s been so long since I’ve finished the original trilogy (this is me debating whether or not I should dare a re-read).

It’s been approximately eight or nine years since I discovered The Maze Runner and… wow, it’s been an intense rollercoaster. Anyone who knows me - or has had the luxury *cough cough* misfortune of witnessing that obsession firsthand - knows about my somewhat unhealthy relationship with this trilogy and my unconditional love for Newtmas.

"What’s up, Tommy?" Newt exclaimed, his face filled with genuine happiness at the pleasant surprise that’d been sprung on him. Thomas couldn’t remember exactly how long it’d been since the last time he’d seen Newt. "You look bloody fantastic for three in the morning."

The Maze Runner and its incredible fandom in particular (no seriously, this fandom is everything) is my comfort blanket (though The Maze Runner is simultaneously the reason I need a comfort blanket, to begin with) and according to Letterboxd, I’ve rewatched those movies at least thirteen times (it’s more than that cause I constantly forget to log stuff).

I know, The Fever Code came out years ago but I kinda forgot about it altogether, thinking "no, I don’t care how the maze was built, I don’t want to read a WICKED-centred prequel." Which is why I only just now picked it up. And… oh boy… there’s a lot to unpack here (which is weird, cause there's really not that much happening).

"Well, look who the bloody copper dragged in," Newt said, pulling Thomas into a big hug. He pounded his back a few times before letting go.

First things first: this book is a cheap and totally unnecessary attempt to milk the cash cow. I’m fairly certain this novel (as well as The Kill Order) never would have happened if it weren’t for the overly enthusiastic fandom (James Dashner pretty much dedicated this one to the fans and the fans alone). Please, The Fever Code was literally published during the long hiatus between The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure movie.

So yeah. I know your tricks, you greedy money-hungry fellas, but I’m still willing to bite. Cause why wouldn’t I? I’d do anything to get my hands on more Newtmas content, duh. Overall, ​​The Fever Code was kind of a snoozefest that really has no reason to exist in the first place.

He found himself thinking of Newt, maybe the one he liked most of all of them.

Still, I was eager to get through it and annotate the heck out of it because I came here for Thominewt and... well, it did deliver. It even made me tolerate - actually like - Thomesa, my be-loathed (though, probably not in the way Dashner had intended cause this installment once and for all solidified my 'Thomesa are siblings' headcanon which, honestly, would have made for a much better and more compelling conflict in the follow-up books, but whatever).

Ironically, Teresa was one of the best things about The Fever Code. Yes, I did just say that. I know, I’m as shocked as anyone who has been there during my TMR phase and has witnessed my extreme Teresa hatred. This just goes to show how much a change of scenery can help with that (and the fact that she wasn't merely a love interest but a more fleshed-out character who had some agency and ofc the fact that I'm older now and don't just randomly dislike female characters).

Anyway, Teresa was awesome and I'd be here for a Teresa-centred prequel that has nothing to do with good ole' whiny Thomas (it's funny: for someone who absolutely despises Thomas, I sure have a lot of ships including him) but I guess we can't have nice things. Though: James Dashner does suffer a little from J.K.Rowling syndrome (didn't he just announce another Maze Runner book called The Maze Cutter or some other silly title?), and we did get The Death Cure from Newt's PoV recently, so maybeeeee... Who knows.

*rubs hands together* NOW. Onto the good stuff. AKA: Thominewt / The Gladers. Listen, I'm the first one to admit that the Maze Runner series is flawed AF and, for the most part, mediocre if not worse (though I still believe The Maze Runner was a pretty solid entry). BUTTTTTT... these books did give us THE GLADERS and Thominewt and the Thomas x Chuck dynamic and my all-time favorite trope happens to be "found family" so whatcha gonna do, huh.

So yeah, I ate that (little) Gladers-content we were given up like the starved and desperate fangirl I am. I didn't care for WICKED or Thomas or how the Maze was built, all I wanted from this book was Thomas, Minho, Newt, Alby, Chuck, and Teresa hanging out together and having some fun (I know, I probably could have just read a fanfic for that lol). Hence the three stars, cause in spite of all the boring and needlessly detailed chapters about Dr. Paige preaching about WICKED and the maze trials, we still got a couple of wholesome moments between the Gladers. I said it before and I'll say it again: ALL I'M ASKING FOR is a Gladers' tv show spin-off (with the movie cast, of course). Come on, I don't even need a plot or anything, just... the Gladers hanging out in the Glade going about their daily lives, plsssss ???

In all these years since WICKED had taken Thomas, he'd never felt so alive. He could feel the bonds of trust growing between them, although he still had no idea where that trust was leading. It was as if the original purpose of their summons had been lost in a burgeoning friendship. Alby, Minho, Newt, Chuck, Teresa. Thomas had friends.

And... last but most certainly not least: Thominewt. Sadly the Thominho and Minewt interactions were scarce. I'm still pissed that we didn't get to see how Minho saved Newt after his attempted suicide (though, I'm not entirely sure if Minho being the one to find Newt is book canon or only movie canon). Once again, I'm convinced Dashner favored Newtmas in this installment due to the pairing's popularity (esp. at the time of this novel's publication) but I'm not complaining... He even managed to add more angst and suffering to the equation (didn't think that was possible, but here we are). Plus: the more lighthearted and humorous moments between them hit hard.

Thomas jumped at the sound, then stumbled. Newt tripped over him, and then they were both laughing, legs and arms tangled in a pile on the ground. "Are you sure WICKED knows what they’re doing with you?" Newt joked as they picked themselves up and brushed themselves off. "You seem a little more clown than elite."

Okay, but: James Dashner gay up turned Newtmas into an extra-tragic star-crossed lovers trope, doomed from the very first interaction (please: Newt is unconscious and Thomas wants to take a look at him but then some WICKED soldier pulls him away but Thomas breaks free because he needs to check on Newt, what fanfiction is this from?? Oh, no wait... it's actually canon), kept apart and separated by the odds, yet they find each other again and again, even after their memories have been wiped out. Like ??? Come on. How am I supposed to live with that knowledge ???

We also get a version of Newt we've never had the pleasure of meeting before (a much more joyous and cheerful one) which made my heart ache terribly on more than one occasion... because this boy *clenches fist, wipes away tears* is so strong and courageous despite all the shit he's been through and ugh, I love him so freaking much (but what's new(t)?). I'm usually not the one to applaud authors for pretty much dumping all the #tragedy and all the #pain and #suffering onto one (1) single character (especially if the character in question is queer and the story taps into the 'gay suffering' aspect, Newt already falls victim to the 'bury your gays' trope, so there's that), but hey, otherwise Newt wouldn't be the best and most fleshed-out character in this series, so... kudos (nevertheless, it's not unproblematic).

Thomas turned off the feed. He couldn’t take it anymore. He already knew that someone had saved Newt, pulled him out of the maze back to the safety of the Glade. And he couldn’t bear to watch one more second of it. Newt, Newt, Newt, Thomas thought, feeling as if the very air around him were turning black.

Alright, I've been rambling for way too long, but... overall: The Fever Code was fairly average, at times enjoyable, but for the most part rather boring and eventless. Frankly, I only came here for the Gladers and Thominewt and I got what I wanted. Though, not much else. Except, maybe, Teresa's "redemption". Oh, and of course: can't forget the precious Thomas x Chuck moments (*sobs*)

The Fever Code (#0.5) ⭑⭑⭑☆☆
The Death Cure (#3) ⭑⭑☆☆☆
Crank Palace (#3.5) ⭑⭑⭑⭑☆
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206 reviews77 followers
December 20, 2016
Este libro me gusto bastante.
Odié mil veces más a Teresa, a Brenda y la Dra Paige.
Amé mil veces más a Newt, Minho, Chuck y Thomas.
Cruel es una mierda, ya lo dije.
James Dashner, por favor, nunca dejes de escribir sobre Thomas.
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Author 1 book957 followers
February 23, 2017
Este libro necesitaba ser publicado en el 2014/15 y no la otra precuela insulsa. Después de tanto tiempo ya el interés por los personajes es casi nulo. El libro no llega a responder ni por asomo la cantidad de preguntas que te deja la saga, sino que te crea aún más incógnitas (lo cual no es malo, pero con podría haber respondido ALGUNAS preguntas, saben).
Mucho relleno, fácilmente podría haber sido una novella corta o un libro de 150/200 páginas. No 400.
Reseña completa en Gracias a los libros.
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Author 4 books272 followers
March 24, 2017
No hay palabras, este libro tiene todas las respuestas que deseaba desde La cura mortal y Virus letal el comienzo. Me enganchó desde el principio, conocer el pasado y ahora si todo lo de esta enigmática "empresa" por llamarla así no me dejó apartar la vista hasta el final. Super recomendado.
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664 reviews88 followers
April 16, 2017
WICKED was never going to stop. They were never never going to stop

i feel like this book was the missing piece in this story but it still left me with so many questions that i need answered. I've been waiting for another prequel like this that answered my questions from the trilogy and i wasn't disappointed of course.

I loved the multiple POV's in the book from all of my favourite characters especially Minho and Chuck and i was happy to also see all the other characters from the trilogy come back in this prequel. Thomas was one of the POV in the story and i finally learned what he was like in the early years before the Maze and during the beginning of the Maze been created by him and three other kids with the help from WICKED. I started to like Thomas more in this one and this book restored that like after i didn't like him in the third book of the trilogy. Teresa was also in this book and i honestly still have a strong dislike for this character and this book just makes this dislike stronger, theres just something about her that i can't seem to ever like about her. She was a liar throughout the whole book once again like she was in the trilogy keeping secrets and lying to Thomas but i know she had her own agenda that she was trying to live up to.

It was really enjoyable reading from Newts POV in the book because you got an insight to what his character is like and i feel like this book delved deeper in his character development then the trilogy ever did. Newt is the character that really impressed me so much in this book and was the stand out for me in the book of course.

WICKED are cunning and very manipulative throughout the whole book and also in the trilogy but what they got these kids to do and endure was so cruel to do.

SPOILER WARNING: i recommend you read the Maze Runner trilogy first before reading this prequel because there will be spoilers

I loved this book because so many questions were answered and i started to finally remember stuff from when i read the trilogy about 2 and half years ago.
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August 18, 2023

به نظرم مجموعه دونده هزارتو از این تابع پیروی می کنه

Y=|X-3|+3 , X=1,2,3,4,5
لازمه بگم؟ اینکه ایکس جلدها هستن و وای امتیاز اون جلد. حالا خیلی در بند کمی و کیفی این معادله نباشید. این فقط یه نظریه اثبات نشده س

البته همه اینا برای اولین دور خوندن هست. چون برخلاف اینکه میدونم فرصتش نیست خیلی دلم میخواد یک بار دیگه از اول بخونمش. حالا که خیلی از ابهاماتم رفع شده، دوست دارم دوباره بخونم تا ببینم ریز و درشت ماجراها رو هضم می کنم یا ...؟

با این جلد خیلی مشکلی نداشتم و نه تنها مشکلی نداشتم که خیلی هم برام جذاب و هیجان انگیز بود. اینکه می فهمی پشت همه این داستانا چیا بوده و نبوده. درسته خیلی هاشو طی جلدهای قبل میشد حدس زد، اما اینکه مهر تاییدی کوبیده بشه بر حدسیات و احتمالات و... خودش میتونه هیجان انگیز باشه
حتی توی ص382، دکی پژ علنا میگه که توماس خیلی ساده لوح و زودباوره و سریع به همه اعتماد می کنه و اصلا بخاطر همین خصلت مسخرش هست که کلی تا حالا ازش سواستفاده کردن و خواهند کرد. این خصلت ساده لوحی توماس از ج2 همش رو مخم بود. هنوزم هست. هنوزم نمی تونم باور کنم یه آدم ساده لوح و زودباور بتونه یه عده ای رو در شرایط بحرانی رهبری کنه و تصمیمات فوق خفن بگیره، حتی اگه جناب دشنر از زبون دکتر پژ اینو علنا به زبون بیاره. بازم شخصیت پردازی توماس برام غیرقابل قبوله. اینطوری فقط موفقیتهای توماس در شرایط بحرانی به شانس و امدادهای غیبی برمیگرده نه درایت و زیرکی خودش. یعنی هر شنک دیگه ای رو میذاشتیم در قالب این کارکتر با اتکا به شانس و کمک های آسمانی، همین نتایج چه بسا نتایج بهتری می گرفت

به خودم میگم بیخیال. حرص نخور. مسائل مهمتری هست که هنوز نتونستی بپذیری

ببینید زمان وقوع داستان مربوط میشه به 200 سال دیگه (البته امیدوارم درست متوجه شده باشم. ��ون توی ج 4 حرف از سال 2217 و 2219 بود و توی ج5 این اعداد به 217 و 219 و 231 و ... تغییر پیدا کردن ). اگه طبق پیشگویی های اینهمه کتاب که تا حالا نوشته شدن، چیزی پیش نیاد و دایناسورها و اینا حمله نکنن و جنگ هسته ای 4 گوشه عالم رخ نده و طوفان خورشیدی نشه و ویروس جدید اختراع و تست نشه و خلاصه بشر در صلح و صفای نسبی که الان داره به حیاتش ادامه بده، خب طبیعی هست که تا 200 سال دیگه(یا هر تعداد سال دیگه ای در آینده) یه سری اختراعات و اکتشافاتی صورت بگیره که الان به ذهنمون خطور نمیکنه یا نشدنی می دونیم و میگیم واییی مگه میشه؟

مثلا فرض کنید یه اسلحه ای اختراع میشه که با فشار دادن ماشه هر جونوری که جلوی صاحب اسلحه باشه، به بخار تبدیل میشه و هیچ اثری ازش نمی مونه.(دقیقا جانور نه گیاه و مصنوعات و اینا. برای انسانو حیوان کاربرد داره)
یا یه صفحه ای اختراع شده به اسم صفحه انتقال که طی الارض رو ممکن می کنه. همون پودر جادویی که توی هری پاتر بود و می ریختن توی شومینه و سه سوت بعد به مقصد می رسیدن، این همونه فقط اینطوریه که وارد اون صفحه میشی، مولکول هات تجزیه میشن، به مقصدی که برای صفحه تعریف کردی ارسال میشن و اونجا دوباره مولکول هات سرهم میشن و کل این داستان در عرض ثانیه یا کسری از ثانیه رخ میده. سالم و سلامت میرسی اونجایی که میخوای
یا علم پزشکی و علوم وابسته اونقدر پیشرفت کردن که یه تراشه نصب می کنن بالای گوش آدم و خاطرات اونو و شاید بشه گفت مغز اون آدمو کلا کنترل می کنن. نه تنها می تونن بعضی خاطرات خاصشو پاک یا ویرایش کنن بلکه قادرن اونو برخلاف میلش وادار به انجام کارهایی کنن

دیگه خودتون فکر کنید چه دست آورهای شگفت انگیزی حاصل شده. یعنی بشر به چه سطحی از علم رسیده

این بشری که به چنین دستاوردهایی رسیده و چیزایی رو ممکن کرده که یه زمانی تو خوابم نمی دید، اومده یه ویروسی رو ساخته که اولا درمانش رو نداره و دوما رفتار اون ویروسو کاملا اشتباه تحلیل کرده. قطعا این ویروس رو همین الان که نساخته. سالها بلکه دهه ها روش کار کرده و مدام سعی کرده اونو بهبود و توسعه بده و به چیزی که میخواد نزدیکش کنه. قرار بوده ویروسه وقتی رسید به میزبانش مستقیم بره داخل مغزش و همونجا سریع دخلشو بیاره و تموم. بدون درد و خونریزی میزبان کشته بشه. حالا اینا اومدن به بهونه زیادی جمعیت و کمی منابع زمین، ویروس و ول کردن وسط ملت. بعد یهو دیدن عههه!!! چرا اینا نمردن. چرا ویروس اینطوری شد! چرا هی داره جهش پیدا میکنه؟ چرا تو بدنهای مختلف اینهمه رفتار متناقض نشون میده؟

یعنی اونایی که به اون سطح از پیشرفت توی علم رسیدن، اونقدر حالیشون نبوده که حداقل برای حفظ جون خودشون پادزهرشو بسازن و بزارن یه گوشه برای وقتی که یهو شرایط از کنترل شون خارج شد! با مطالعه موارد پیش اومده قبلی طی قرنهای قبل و مشاهده آمارها و اطلاعات و تحلیل اون، یعنی نفهمیدن که لازمه یه پادزهری چیزی داشته باشن؟!!

بعدم اینکه اینا با اون حجم از پیشرفت علمی، چطور رفتار ویروس رو مطالعه نکردن و خبر ندارن که قراره توی بدن میزبان چیکار کنه بعد انتظار دارن صاف بره تو مغز و طرفو بکشه و وقتی این اتفاق نمی افته یهو غافلگیر میشن و دو دستی می کوبن تو سرشون که دیدی چی شد؟ بدبخت شدیم. ویروس چرا اینطوری رفتار کرد؟

می دونید چی میگم؟
اگه این اتفاق الان بیفته قابل قبوله. چون همین الانم کلی ویروس ساخته و طراحی شده و یه جایی داره تست و بررسی میشه و اگه کنترل یهو از دست دوستان در بیاد حرجی بهشون نیست. چون صفحه انتقال و تراشه کنترل حافظه و اسحله بخارکن نداریم. هنوز توی علم خیلی اول راهیم

یه طورایی با اصل قضیه یکم مشکل دارم. که اگه بخوام خیلی بهش پروبال بدم اونوقته که کل این 5 جلد دود میشه میره هوا. چون چیزی که بخاطرش اصلا این مجموعه طراحی و خلق شده، یه موضوع بی پایه و اساسه و یه طورایی مسخره به نظر میاد

با چند نفری که صحبت کردم معتقد بودن که بشر همیشه گیج میزنه. همیشه خطا داره. هر خطایی توی هر سطحی از علم قابل تصوره. نباید فکر کنیم که چون یه سری پیشرفتای خفن صورت گرفته پس دیگه خطاهای این مدلی نداریم... نمیدونم. بازم نمیتونم بپذیرم که در اون سطح از پیشرفت، مثل عصر پارینه سنگی رفتار بشه

به هرحال برای جلوگیری از دود شدن این مجموعه دو هزار صفحه ای، مجبورم مثل توماس ساده لوح و زودباور باشم. بلکه امداد غیبی صورت بگیره و مشکلاتم حل بشه

درکل از خوندن این مجموعه بشدت خوشحال و راضی ام
از جناب دشنر و همه علمی تخیلی – فانتزی نویس های ملی و بین المللی هم راضی ام
که به قول جناب سعدی" به راه بادیه رفتن به از نشستن باطل، وگر مراد نیابم به قدر وسع بکوشم" فقط میتونم بگم آفرین

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October 24, 2018

La historia planteada en este libro es sobre la vida de Thomas antes de entrar en el laberinto. Esta vez el autor cuenta la vida de Thomas con más detalle, desde el adiós a su madre (con el cual llore un poco), su nueva vida en la sede de CRUEL hasta su participación en el desarrollo del laberinto. Creo que la historia de esta trama es un poco aburrida, pues solo muestra que la vida de Thomas es una monotonía, con sólo unas pocas aventuras poco sorprendentes.

Las primeras 200 páginas son demasiadas aburridas (con la excepción del prólogo). No eran emocionantes, llenas de acción y tensas como los otros libros de la trilogía principal. Yo estaba realmente decepcionada mientras continuaba con la lectura. Es que en verdad que las primeras 200 páginas no fluyen lo suficiente para un libro que se suponía tenía todas las respuestas.

Pensé que tal vez contendría historias cortas de todos los larchos sobre cómo llegaron a CRUEL y cómo vivieron en el laberinto antes de la llegada de Thomas. Por alguna razón no esperaba que Thomas fuera el personaje principal de todo este libro. Solo describe cómo vivió en las instalaciones de CRUEL y él construyendo el laberinto, ¿no sabemos ya esto? y de echo no sabemos gran cosa de como construyó el laberinto, no se detalla mucho esto.

Simplemente me cansé de leer que Thomas se sintiera solo y que odiaba a CRUEL. No es que no tuviera lástima por él, pero no me importó leer acerca de casi todas las clases que tomó y cuántas pruebas tuvo que tomar.¡Quería un poco de Newt y Minho dentro de CRUEL!!!!

Además de las clases diarias de Thomas y de las pruebas, también había algunas escenas sobre Thomas construyendo amistades con los larchos. Disfruté leyendo acerca de la construcción de las amistades y lo lindo e inocente que eran como niños pequeños.
Me encantó el papel de Chuck en este libro. Siempre quise saber más del chico y él es tan lindo y divertido.

Hay muchos personajes en esta novela, pero para aquellos que han leído la serie The Maze Runner no será difícil recordar a los personajes, como Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Minho y Alby. También hay algunas nuevas figuras que refuerzan la historia de la novela.

Este libro contesta varias preguntas formuladas en los libros anteriores incluso del libro Virus Letal, y aunque no contesta todas las preguntas, hay una que me planteo este libro y es qué diablos tiene que ver la supuesta cura con toda la mierda de las pruebas, el laberinto, el desierto, etc.

Creo que no tengo nada más que decir... ya que sigo algo en shock con ese final, es que...


Como conclusión creo que la saga es entretenida y te hace pasar un buen rato, no se yo podría incluirla en mi top de sagas, pero reconozco que me gusto, volveré a leer algo de James Dashner? Mmmm no estoy segura.

P.D. Aunque Brenda aparece en un par de paginas, sigo odiándola!!!
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October 23, 2017

"Our plan is for this to be the command center for what we're calling the Maze Trials, as advance a facility as any research institution has ever had."

I LOVED this book, finally the old group is back and this is where and when everything started.
We meet our characters in here since their very beginning and very first interactions with WICKED.
It was so informative, we discover everything that is related to the main purpose of why these mazes were created and we go trough the whole building process.
Finally we know how Thomas ended up there, how he firstly met his friends and especially how he met Teresa.
Their friendship in here is very interesting, because both are pro WICKED but at the same time they are suspicious too.

I loved how the group sneaks around the building to discover and learn new things (and get in trouble lol)
There are a lot of old names too that you will hear here, and it was very interesting to see how these people were involved in all of this and what was their role and fate.

The whole Maze concept is super cool and this book along with the first one are definetely my favorites, there's so much going on, but it's very easy to understand and follow.
Sometimes there's some mystery too, and I was glued to the pages to understand what was happening.

The finale reconnects with the first book and it's finally explained too how and why Thomas and then Teresa were sent in the Maze.
It's explained why Teresa has the WICKED IS GOOD sentence written, and I appreciated a lot that there are a lot of details that are found in the first book.

The best part as I said was definetely knowing how everything in general started and automatically I'm talking about the whole book lol
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February 6, 2017
It really saddens me that the only book worth my time after the first one was the fifth entry in the series. As prequel to The Maze Runner, it gives a great insight of how the maze was built and some of the motivations the main characters follow.
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October 27, 2016
When I started this and found out it was going to be about Thomas and Teresa I was really nervous. I loved The Maze Runner, I thought The Scorch Trials was quite good, but I was so disappointed by The Death Cure ....
This was such a turn around from the last book and I am so happy to say it exceeded all my expectations!
I enjoyed watching Thomas and Teresa grow up and develop in WICKED headquarters. You can see their character development so much better! As a result, I still hate Teresa!! Ugh she's so awful!
It was really cool getting inside information on how WICKED came to be as well. Everything that went on behind the scenes, who knew who before the Maze... all of it was really cool to read about.
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February 6, 2023
First off, what the (long and exaggerated BLEEP)!?

That was actually devastating. I mean, never has a prequel (or any sequel for all that matter) ever made me want to immediately go read the firsf book again. Like, I'm actually dying to read The Maze Runner, but my reading schedule is so fricking packed, I'll probably just go through the whole thing next year. Because, first of all, I know for a fact that books one and two were underrated SIMPLY because they put me in a reading slump. Secondly, I totally forget some things and after this ending, I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED to know what happens to Thomas and Teresa in the Glade.

Okay, here we go: it was so incredibly overwhelming to see those characters again. Seriously. Here's a list of everybody that made me smile as soon as I read their names:

-Chuck (MY BUDDY 😭😭😭)

But it was also super sad to read their names, and every single time I read their names, I died a little inside... ESPECIALLY MY BUDDY!!! ESPECIALLY TOWARDS THE END!!!!

WHAT THE (long and exaggerated BEEP)!?!?



I'm totally fine...


I'm fine...

ANYWAYS!!!!! I really loved everything about this book, from the characters to the Maze Trials creating, to the getting dumped on by everybody, to the... 👿 end..... I HATE YOU, JAMES DASHNER!!!!! I HOPE YOU STUB YOUR TOE TTHHRREEE TTTIIMMMEESSSS!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, on a serious note, I have a mild complaint: I really don't hate WICKED... like, at all. Aren't they literally stopping the extinction of the human race? Who cares if Paige (who is probably like my favorite dystopian antagonist now) does a couple of sick things to do that? Is she right to be completely cruel? No. Is she wrong to end human extinction? No. Tbh, it's the lesser of two evils. I feel like I'm missing something/forgetting something from the original trilogy, something about why we really hate WICKED, but the only reason I can think of is that stupid little Rat Face... so if I'm forgetting something, please let me know.

So, if I could describe this book in one word, it would be: ABSOLUTELYFRICKINGDEVASTATING.
One of the two.

So there you have it. I loved this book. It's probably now my favorite in the series, followed by The Kill Order, but I think that The Scorch Trials will retake 1st place when I re-read the series. Which will take a minute for me to do. In the meantime, I'm gonna keep reading trashy books and writing trashy reviews, and I think that you guys should stick with me every book of the way.

If you finished this, I genuinely pray for the immaculate number of brain cells that you lost doing so. You would do better banging your head against a wall repeatedly. But also thank you so much!! See you on the next one!!

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Want to read
May 10, 2015
The only thing I want... NEWT
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February 3, 2022
"Someday we'll be bigger."

This book was WAY better than I expected. I really liked getting to see all of them when they were little and growing up with them. The beginning times of the experiment sure was interesting! I loved getting to see the early days of WICKED and understanding more of the organization. One things for sure tho: WICKED is not good.

Definitely should read the other books before this one as it does have some spoilers. Unpopular opinion, but I kinda wish Thomas had gotten his memories back....and Newt....and Minho.....is that just me?

Obviously love Newt. And now we get to know a little more about him and his sister❤️❤️❤️ he's such an amazing big brother and person. I love will him forever❤️😘


"Once there was a world’s end.

The forests burned, the lakes and rivers dried up, and the oceans swelled.

Then came a plague, and fever spread across the globe. Families died, violence reigned, and man killed man.

Next came WICKED, who were looking for an answer. And then they found the perfect boy.

The boy’s name was Thomas, and Thomas built a maze.

Now there are secrets.

There are lies.

And there are loyalties history could never have foreseen.

This is the story of that boy, Thomas, and how he built a maze that only he could tear down.

All will be revealed."

Thomas and the others form strong bonds of friendship. Positive messages of family and fighting for what's right.

A few mentions of prayers. Mentions of spirits.

Descriptions of Cranks (semi-detailed and grotesque). Pain and injury described. A young boy has pain inflicted upon him. Thomas and some of the others have to do 'the Purge' which is pretty graphically violent (death, pain, attacks etc). A boy is attacked by a Griever. A boy attempts suicide by throwing himself off one of the maze walls, he only gets a broken leg. Kids are used as test subjects.

Hugging. Some touching (not inappropriate).

"H--l" and "d--n" said several times. "p--s" said once or twice. Mentions of cursing (nothing said). We hear some Glader lingo. Some crude/rude language.

The kids are knocked out with drugs. They are given something that makes them forget everything/lose their memories.

Great prequel to the series. Highly suggested to fans of the other books. Recommended 13+ for graphic violence and language.


~Happy Reading~
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November 11, 2016
Ei James Dashner, senta aqui, vamos conversar... Era pra ser um prequel esclarecedor sobre a construção do labirinto, certo? Tão tá bom.

Anos depois de ler a trilogia, a única coisa que eu me lembro dela é de gostar bastante. Me lembro como me senti aflito e investido nos livros, e me lembro também como tudo aquilo foi por água abaixo em Ordem de Extermínio. Esse livro é um meio termo entre aquele prequel horrível e a trilogia que eu amei. Foi interessante rever os personagens e conhecer um pouco do passado, e a leitura, no geral, entreteve. Foi divertida pra passar o tempo. Mas só. A narrativa é fluída, mas tive alguns problemas.

Achei a escrita um pouco simples e, às vezes, infantilizada, comparado ao padrão dos outros livros. Outra coisa que me incomodou também é que a premissa seria mostrar a construção do labirinto, mas o livro não mostra quase nada??? Eles estão basicamente ali no CRUEL fazendo vários nada e, só então, você tem um breve relance do que foi. Não há muitos conflitos que valham a pena, ou tão interessantes assim. A verdade é: o livro te deixa com mais perguntas do que respostas. Pra um livro que promete responder tudo, isso é decepcionante. Parece que o James Dashner tem a NECESSIDADE de criar mistérios e esconder tudo atrás das mentiras dos personagens, e NUNCA revelar nada com precisão. Que frustração.

O que mais me incomodou é que muitas das cenas não fazem diferença alguma, e o ritmo do livro é bem desigual. A sensação é que existem cenas "X" que o autor sempre teve em mente, e entre elas ele escreveu um monte de coisa pra preencher o buraco. O livro se passa durante 10 anos, e essa transição de tempo não é feita da melhor forma, com saltos preguiçosos que evitam mostrar coisas que podiam ser interessantes.

Além de tudo, a gente tem uma coleta de informações velhas repetidas, mas que foram jogadas de modo forçado, como se a aparição de um personagem da trilogia arrecadasse aplausos de quem tá lendo... "OLHA, É AQUELE FULANO QUE A GENTE AMA". Ao mesmo tempo, não parece que é um livro feito para as pessoas que leram a série e buscam respostas, parece um livro pra quem quer começar a trilogia com vários spoilers.

O entretenimento valeu, mas a decepção foi considerável. Acho que é melhor deixar os 3 livros lá bonitinhos, e não tentar ficar inventando coisas ao redor. Um beijo, outro.
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