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A Foolish Consistency

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The award-winning novel "A Foolish Consistency" is a first place winner in Chanticleer Review's Chatelaine Award and USA Book News Best Book of the Year Awards. It is also a finalist in 2016 Next Generation Indie Excellence Book Awards, the National Indie Excellence Book Awards, the Independent Author Network Book of the Year Awards, the and Foreword Reviews’ prestigious INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards. In addition, it was named one of WE Magazine for Women’s “8 Books Worth Reading This Summer.”

Sparks fly when Callie Winwood comes face-to-face with Will Tremaine, the man she fell in love with—and thought she’d marry—twenty-five years earlier. A chance encounter in a hospital emergency room reignites the feelings they have harbored for each other for more than two decades.

But their journey back to one another is anything but simple. In the two years since the death of his wife, Joanna, which he believes he caused, Will has devoted himself to his young son and daughter.

As Will and Callie wrestle with their own personal histories of love and loss, they must also navigate the complex emotions of Will’s children, who still grieve for their mother. At the same time, they must struggle with Joanna’s family, who will do anything to avoid facing the truth about their own lives.

Callie and Will come together at last, but their happy ending is short lived. When a scandal threatens to unravel their respective families, they put their children above all else and agree to separate—for good. That is, until an unexpected ally intervenes on their behalf.

A Foolish Consistency explores the dynamics of families in crisis and the emotional damage wrought by unacknowledged fear and grief. Yet it is also a passionate love story, and a testament to the power of hope, the importance of forgiveness, and, ultimately, the joy of redemption.

342 pages, Paperback

First published September 15, 2014

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About the author

Andrea Weir

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Andrea Weir is an accomplished journalist whose work has appeared in newspapers and magazines across the country and around the world. Born in Boston, she grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area then earned a degree in English literature from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She and her husband continue to live in Santa Barbara, where they raised their two daughters, Rebecca and Catherine. An avid reader and writer since adolescence, Weir composed her first stories in grade-school notebooks, and has kept a journal since she was 14. She has led writing workshops for high school juniors and seniors, and seminars on journaling for writers of all ages.

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December 12, 2014
“I've come to believe that in everyone's life, there's one undeniable moment of change, a set of circumstances that suddenly alters everything.”
----Nicholas Sparks, Safe Haven

Andrea Weir, an American author, penned her debut novel called, A Foolish Consistency based on emotional challenges in a relationship.

When a trip to the emergency room on Christmas Eve brings Callie Winwood together with Will Tremaine, the man she once thought she'd marry but has not seen in twenty-five years, their chance meeting reignites feelings each has harbored for more than two decades. Their journey toward one another is anything but simple, however. Following the death of his wife, Joanna, two years earlier which he believes he caused Will has devoted himself to his two young children, helping them adjust to life without their mother. As Will and Callie struggle with their own personal histories of love and loss, they must also navigate the complex emotions of Will's children who still grieve for their mother. At the same time, they must struggle with Joanna's family, who are not ready to accept that she is gone, and will do anything to avoid facing the truth.

Just as Callie and Will find happiness at last, they are forced apart when a scandal threatens to unravel their respective families. Putting their children above all else, Callie and Will separate — willingly but painfully — until an unexpected ally intervenes.

While reading this book, it reminded me of Nicholas Spark's Safe Haven where the children of Alex also finds it hard to accept Katie so easily in their lives. Similarly, in A Foolish Consistency , children as well as ex-in-laws of Will try each-and-every way to manipulate his blossoming relationship with Callie. I really liked author's approach of telling this simple love story in a classic way and the issues that she addressed in her plot are highly justified and believable.

The author has poured right emotions at the right moments, like when you meet an old flame after 25years, provided that both of them has lost their own life-partners, then sparks are bound to fly. The author has cleverly brought Will and Callie's relationship into life with enough passion and longing in their souls for each other. Their rekindled chemistry is nice to read and I really felt the warmth while reading about their blossoming relationship. However, since they were rediscovering their love for each other, their lovemaking might strike you as very heated and passionate.

However, when things get serious between both Will and Callie, the author challenges her readers with issues like letting go and acceptance in one's life. Yes, Will doubts when he realizes that he eventually has to introduce Callie in to his children's lives who were still grieving their dead mother. Moreover, Callie finds it hard to let go of her past and then life.

Soon they face more challenges when Will's ex-in-laws try to destroy his relationship with Callie. Moreover, the author here made all her supporting characters, especially, the in-laws very strong with great depth. Reading about these characters will definitely make you love to hate them, and for that I would like to praise the author for her effort in making the in-laws' demeanor so evil.

The protagonist, Callie, felt like a confused character. She always has second thoughts about almost everything. Moreover, it felt a very personal account of Callie's life. I wish, I could have seen the story from Will's POV also. Therefore, that let me down a bit.

The story progressed in a good pace and when we anticipated there would be happy conclusion, the author skillfully poured some twists that changed the whole course of the story, and that made me more hooked to the story until its very end. The narration was also engaging enough to keep me on the loops.

I really liked how the completely simple plot unfolded into something emotionally complex that will force us to question our own thoughts about life and relationships.

Verdict: I'll recommend the contemporary genre readers to read this book, since it's a very touching and deeply moving heart-breaking love story that you'll cherish it even after the end of the book.

Courtesy: Thanks to the author, Andrea Weir, for providing me with a copy of her book, in return for an honest review.
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January 6, 2015
A Foolish Consistency by Andrea Weir is a first reads win and I'm giving my honest opinion. After 25 years apart Callie meets Will Tremaine in the er room at a local hospital. he's the doctor who stitches up her hand after she cut it with a bread knife. Callie was visiting her friend Miranda for the holidays. Miranda is a DA. Will calls her on her cell phone and arranges for a coffee meeting. Will is a widower with two small children, Lizzy 13 and Wiley 11. His inlaws are having a hard time accepting his wife Joanna's death. Joanna was bipolar and wouldn't take her medication. Callie is divorced. Her husband Joe had several affairs. Her kids are older and in college. Son Ben and daughter Justine accepted Joe's new wife. Callie teaches Advanced English.
Will visits Callie in San Sebastian where she lives. Next she flies out to meet Will's kids. Lizzy is defiant and wants nothing to do with Callie. Callie can understand her. She goes to the zoo with them. Wiley is a little more easily to take. They go to Joanna's parents for lunch. They treat Callie brutally. Will walks out on them. Will they ever come to terms with Joanna's death? Will Lizzy learn to accept Callie? Do Will and Callie get the chance to love one another?
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1,628 reviews169 followers
November 16, 2014
As fun as romance novels featuring twenty-something characters are, there is something to be said for a romance with a more mature couple. Especially when the couple had their chance, walked away from it, and now get a re-do of sorts.

Callie and Will dated in college, but went their separate ways afterwards. Neither forgot the other, not even though marriage and children. Fate brings them together in a Christmas Eve emergency room visit, when Callie, in Connecticut to visit a friend, is treated by Will. This meeting spurs them to reconnect, and they discover that even nearly twenty-five years of time hasn't diminished their attraction to each other, or their feelings.

There are obstacles, though. For one thing, Callie lives across the country. Divorced and the mother of two grown children, she's got nice life for herself. She teaches, she's content in California, and if her life lacks love and passion, she's okay with that. Well, she is until she and Will meet again. Now she wants and needs him in her life.

Will, too, does not need a relationship. His wife died a couple of years earlier (and boy is there a story behind THAT), and he's stayed in town largely because he gets help from his wife's family in taking care of his two children. But Callie represents a chance to be with the woman he has always loved and always wished for.

What makes this book so good is that it's so real, at least when it comes to Will and Callie. Their relationship, their children, their jobs and lives - all of it is real and relatable. They are interesting and captivating characters, and you come to care about them. The drama with Will's in-laws is a bit hyperbolic, and those characters are straight out of Central Casting. But the rest of the book is so very, very good.

Will and Callie have real problems that they deal with like real people. There is a sweetness to their relationship that strikes a chord, and the whole "second chance at love" thing is well written. Andrea Weir gives you two people you care about, and she also gives you hope that they can overcome the obstacles in their way.

I was sad when this book ended, which is always a good problem to have.

Published on VoxLibris.net
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February 25, 2015
This novel felt like it was written about an incident that happened in my life not too long ago. I so related to Callie and her not trusting love. I think a lot of women who have been hurt in the past will feel the same way. It's a fantastic love story plus a dose of Self-Help. I learned some things about myself while reading this novel. There are several quotes that I highlighted that I 'll be sure to look back on when I get those crazy feelings again.

Callie, who dated Will 25 yrs ago met him again in the hospital after a minor accident with a knife she had on Christmas Eve. He was the doctor who patched her up. It started from there, but she lived on the opposite side of the country from Will. He had a family of two young children who had lost their mom two years ago. As a widower, Will had his hands full with his work as a ER Doc and his childrens busy lives. He relied heavily on their maternal grandparents who loved the children so much because of their lost daughter that they would go to any means to keep the family just the way it was when their daughter was alive. They had many problems regarding their daughter's death, her mother wouldn't even acknowledge that she was dead.

Callie had two grown children and just got out of nasty marriage but she had never stopped loving Will. When Will first started seeing her. Callie started having reservations of raising his two young children, she knew it was going be hard. She had lost her own mother when she was young and her father remarried a woman who tried to take over as her mom and she remembered how she rebelled against her. She gives a try and it 's one battle after another just as she expected, but in the end true love prevails.
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October 19, 2014
I was fortunate enough to have won this book from goodreads.com. It is a refreshing change to read a romance novel about women over 40. Romance is not only for the young. As a debut novel, this is a winner. The author kept the story moving at a good pace. I recommend this book. I just don't understand the title.
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June 3, 2015
May be the the of the story is a casual love story, but the way the author plays with words, and brings obstacles in the oddest situation is really lovely.
the moment you thing everything is right and the story has reached its happy end, Andrea Weir surprises you in a professional way.
The book include some parts not suitable for young teenages.
All in alls I really enjoyed the book.
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83 reviews3 followers
December 11, 2014
This was a debut novel for Andrea Weir & I really liked it. Although some of it was predictable, it really held my interest and was very well written. I look forward to more from this author. Very enjoyable read - I recommend it.
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51 reviews41 followers
April 25, 2015
I received this book through Goodreads first reads.
I liked it very much. I'm still overwhelmed by my emotions right now. Callie and Will are my babies ç__ç

Review soon to come!
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1,074 reviews68 followers
March 1, 2016

Who doesn't love a second chance romance and this is one that is certainly fought for as Will and Callie struggle to overcome the many obstacles thrown in their path as they try to find a way towards love and happiness once again.

After being offered this book to read and review, I actually downloaded a sample from Amazon before requesting it but it didn't take me long to realise that this was definitely a story that I wanted to read. It is brilliantly written and the storyline is well thought out. There are many emotional hurdles which are frustrating but necessary as you appreciate just what Will and Callie must face in order to find their HEA.

After coming face to face again Callie and Will, who having been college sweethearts before their respective career ambitions separated them, are reacquainted by circumstance as Callie ends up in hospital and Will is the doctor who treats her. Both Will and Callie are stunned to see each other and struggling to come to terms with a rush of forgotten emotions, they part assuming that their relationship must remain in the past. Will questions his ability to ignore this unexpected meeting though and, intent on finding a way back into her life, calls Callie. It's not long before Will and Callie are talking frequently and a visit is soon planned and from the first moment that they lay their eyes on each other once again they realise that they can't run from their feelings.

As we would expect, life throws a spanner or two into their path. Will has young children to consider, Callie has her new found independence to protect, Will has his job the hospital, and Callie has her school career, so merging both lives was never going to be straightforward. What Will and Callie didn't expect though is the strength of feelings from Will's first wife's family. Having died tragically, Joanna was a caring but troubled mother and now Will and his children are trying to move on with their lives but Joanna's family are determined to remind Will of his commitment to their late daughter on a daily basis.

This story has so many emotional peaks and troughs that you will be exhausted trying to keep up with Will and Callie as they try to overcome the forces working against them. The romance in this story is sweet and not overpowered by sex. A true contemporary romance for book lovers everywhere.

Copy provided by the author in return for an honest review.


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January 8, 2015
Thank you to netgalley for the ARC!
View the original post here: http://wp.me/pE9ue-eC

A trip to the emergency room reconnects Callie Winwood with college sweetheart Dr. Will Tremaine. After twenty five years, a divorce for Callie and a dead wife for Will, and two children for each, they rediscover their love for each other.

But reconnecting is not as simple as they thought it would. Callie has her issues and has a fear for failure. She thinks their lives are different, with situations that can’t be reconciled and she is incapable of being loved.

Will, on the other hand, has two very young children who are still grieving for their mother. He is also struggling with the fact that the death of his wife may not have been an accident, as she was suffering from a mental illness. He often leaves his children to his in-laws who tend to be manipulative.
A Foolish Consistency’s story is fairly simple, with the plot developing at a good steady pace. I loved how Weir builds up the story and their relationship. When the reader thinks their happy ever after is right on the horizon, something happens to pull them back to reality. And since the protagonists are both adults in their middle ages, don’t except sparkles and roses in the narration. But that doesn’t mean the romance (and the sexy scenes) are not hot. On the contrary, their scenes are perfect for two lovers who, since they have found themselves again, express their yearning and loving after so many years.

As the story progresses, conflict is raised internally as Will tries to figure out how to integrate Callie into his grieving children’s life. Callie also tries to figure out if she’s actually willing to let go of her now peaceful life for Will.

External conflict comes from the the overly manipulative in-laws of Will, particularly the mother-in-law, Eleanor and sister-in-law, Rowan. Although there was a battle between Will and the in-laws, there was also a battle between the in laws versus friends and grandchildren in the background. It is here where I loved how Weir made all the supporting characters very strong. Whether they are supporting the relationship or attempting to destroy it, they provided great contrast and texture which makes it an even better read.

A Foolish Consistency is a great read. It is about love rediscovered, acceptance and forgiveness. It is also about families recovering from loss, letting go and learning to become united.
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4,093 reviews320 followers
August 9, 2015
This review was originally posted on Cocktails and Books

If you are looking for a book about finding your first love again this is the perfect book for you.

This is a story about Callie and Will – 25 years earlier feel in love, but like it does for most people in their early 20’s life takes a different road for both. Will was accepted to medical school and thought that the best thing was to literally drive away leaving Callie behind. During the 25 years there were marriages, divorces, deaths and children on both sides but not a day went by that Callie didn’t think about Will and the loved they shared.

Flash-forward 25 years – Callie visiting her best friend across country she cuts her hand pretty badly and needs to go to the ER. Callie is recently divorced mother of 2 grown children she is just now learning to be on her own. In walks the ER doctor and its Will, both are shocked at this unexpected turn. Will recently widowed also has 2 children much younger. He is trying to navigate through everyone’s grief of losing his wife and their mother and trying to make her family happy. So seeing Callie again is a shock but a welcome one.

The story has a lot of twists and turns with all types of emotion from joy to bitterness and ultimately betrayal. The style of writing is a little different – when Andrea is writing in Callie’s POV its in first person, but when she is writing from Will’s POV its third person. It does take some time to get use to the switching though I do like both sides so I got use to it. I also loved the development of the secondary characters especially on Will’s side – his children and wife’s family were the main antagonists and they were flushed out extremely well. Callie has her own issues except hers was more introverted while Will’s was more extraverted. The dual POV styles help with those narratives. I also enjoyed the set of friends both Will and Callie have they definitely were on their side and wanted them together; they were refreshing and even brought some comic relief.

I loved this story – its well thought out, pace is great and I really liked Will and Callie. Highly recommend it!

Reviewer information can be found under the Tags section of the post on our site.
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543 reviews27 followers
December 21, 2014
**I won a copy of this book from Goodreads First Read Giveaway.**

Congrats to Andrea Weir for a wonderfully written debut novel. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by how I much I enjoyed this.

My Thoughts:

1. What I loved most about this book is that because the characters are older (+40 in age) there wasn't any unnecessary drama in the book. It was a very realistic portrayal of a second chance romance.

2. I had really liked how the author had managed to subtlety switch character POVs throughout the story. It made the book so much better to know what other characters were thinking and to understand the reasoning behind their actions and behaviour.

3. The pacing of the book was very comfortable. There was never a point where I thought the plot was dragging. I was totally engrossed in the story.

4. I'm not gonna lie, I did shed a few tears while reading this book. So keep a box of tissues handy just in case...

5. I loved the story and was really into it, but ending felt very rushed. The plot also became a little too predictable for my liking. I wished that the author had included an epilogue because everything ended too quickly.

6. Overall I thought that this was a very solid romance novel. The writing and characters were very enjoyable but plot and character development could use a little more work.
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636 reviews61 followers
November 16, 2014
A box of old letters tumbles off a closet shelf, or you open the dusty college yearbook—suddenly you are eighteen and in love—in love with someone you haven't thought about in twenty years or more. "What if," you ponder for maybe a minute, and then the box goes back on the shelf, the book is dusted, and the memory fades as quickly as it came. It's happened to lots of us, but this is not the way it happened for Callie Winwood.

Visiting a good friend on Christmas Eve, Callie pays more attention to the conversation than slicing the bread. In the emergency room, all Callie wants is out of there—until she sees the doctor who comes in to stitch her up. She knows Will Tremaine, and once upon a time, she loved him. The roller coaster ride begins. Their lives become more entangled as their love reblossoms both emotionally and physically. (Reader, there are some explicit scenes.)

Predictably, things are more complicated this time around. There are and have been other loves—especially the four children. Will's young ones are still struggling with the recent and sudden loss of their mother and Callie's barely adult ones divide their love between their newly divorced parents. Will and Callie realize their loyalties; the romance fades and life goes on. Almost. But maybe, maybe it will work out. Finally, it looks like the two lovers are headed for a happy ending with just enough uncertainty to leave the reader wondering and hoping.

Good reading for anyone who has ever wondered, "what if?"

by Trilla Pando
for Story Circle Book Reviews
reviewing books by, for, and about women
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8 reviews3 followers
May 4, 2015
I was fortunate enough to win a copy of this book in goodreads.com this is my honest review.

The story follows Will and Calli as they meet again after 25 years of separation. both of them had established their own lives and had their own kids. both of them had their own dark hunting pasts. it has been 25 years and they changed and got older yet as soon as they saw each other they felt young again. one of them became an excellent parent while the other is having some difficulty especially with the in-laws who are trying to have complete control over his life and the lives of his children. denying what they chose no to accept and demanding that everyone deny it, too, even if it meant their misery.

this book is a contemporary novel. it had a subtle amount of action and is an easy read. it displayed beautifully how the characters were conscious of their age and how they developed and cared for their lives and their families.

the only set back I had with this book was the ending. I know some people might have enjoyed it. But I felt there was still potential for more dramatic effect in the book.

Nevertheless, I would recommend this book for anyone who likes contemporary and is over 18.

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15 reviews
January 7, 2015
This is a nice, easy read that is enjoyable and kept me engaged with the plot. It is a little predictable in places but has a range of characters that do have emotional depth and that you do care about. I found that there was too much gratuitous sex but for my taste that didn't add anything to the plot and it felt like the author felt the need to add in the sexual content (perhaps to compete with the 50 shades style books). I would happily recommend this to anyone looking for an easy to read story that touches on some real issues about blended families and the complexities of falling in love once you have a family of your own. How do you find the love you need at the same time as managing the needs of your children, parents, in-laws and so on. The only other minor criticism is that it swapped from 1st person to 3rd person in a way that didn't quite work. The chapters about Callie where in 1st person and the ones about Will in 3rd person but it wasn't clear who was the 3rd person! Was this Callie describing Will's life? But if so, how did she know these things if she wasn't there! I found this irritating too.
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650 reviews9 followers
May 27, 2015
I received a free copy through Goodreads.
I really enjoyed reading this book.

Life is not a fairytale, and this book reflects it. It's nice to have a touch of reality, especially since Will and Callie fought hard to be together, especially with the in-laws, families and an ex thrown in.

Will and Callie were meant to be together, but a decision made over 20 years ago meant they went down separate paths and each had their own families and encountered various difficulties and hardships. You can feel the love and passion they clearly have for each other, even after so many years apart.

Through all the obstacles and challenges, you can't help but root for them...to make it work, for the families to accept their love and for the hurt (death of wife or abandonment) to finally go away.

The story goes from first person POV (Callie) to third person POV (Will and the other family members) to give you different perspective of the story and what's going through their minds and tell you more about their behaviour.

While the ending was a little cliche and predictable, the story as a whole was very much enjoyable and kept at a constant pace.
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547 reviews23 followers
August 6, 2015
“A Foolish Consistency” is a very real story. Two people miss making a lasting connection and start lives. They have children and experiences that cause them to evolve and grow as people. Callie’s marriage failed while Will’s wife died. Each character carries their own level of insecurity and guilt left from their relationships but are willing to test the waters to build a new bond with the one that got away. Moving on is especially tough for Will as his late wife’s family is eager to keep him locked to her memory.

Weir’s understanding of her characters and ability to convey them is a skill. These are fully realized humans fighting very real emotional battles. The supposed “baddies” have very clear motivations and while misguided are very well meaning in their influence. All in all “A Foolish Consistency” is not the sort of novel I would normally embrace but it is beautifully constructed and impossible not to appreciate the level of care the author gave her story and characters.

If you like contemporary romance and human stories, “A Foolish Consistency” is a perfect read for you.

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2,232 reviews16 followers
April 14, 2015
For me, this was a powerful second-chance story. There are elements that mirror my own life one way or another. The positive attitude of Will that everything would work out no matter what endeared him to me. His life had not been an easy one and he was willing to own up to his mistakes. His love for his children was strong and he wanted them to remember their mother and stay connected. As for Callie, she had the strength to live on her own after dealing with her cheating ex-husband and to finally accept the positive outlook of Will. I enjoyed the relationship between her and her grown children. This is a second-chance story of an older couple, showing that true love can find us at any time. It shows the struggles of bringing baggage and children into a relationship. During this story, I laughed, I cried, I fretted, and I sighed. Thank you for an enjoyable journey.
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247 reviews9 followers
April 25, 2015
Andrea is a skilled writer whose stickling for a script with minimal errors was evident throughout.

She writes from a perspective I have no experience in, and only faltered in when she wrote from Lizzys perspective. It seemed out of her age scope, too mature and way out of her personality.

The book itself, sported thick pages. At first, it was a luxury. The more I read the more of a burden it became, it's heavy and left my hand cramping from the weight of what should have been a fairly light to hold read.

Andrea succeeds in writing a book that stirs a broad spectrum of emotions in the reader. I certainly didn't like Cal, I thought she was an idiot and chose her happiness over the safety of her family. Will was spineless, but the book did what it set out to do. A good book overall.

I received this book as part of goodreads first read giveaway.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
957 reviews4 followers
March 27, 2015
I love reading about good things happening to good people, even after tragic events might make their lives difficult. “A Foolish Consistency” by Andrea Weir was such a book. Even though the story line was not a new one, the problems encountered by the main characters were many, which gave the novel a more interesting twist. The only thing that I found difficult in reading this book was the very tiny print. I was not able to read as much at one time as usual. All-in-all this book was a good investment of my time. I did not understand the title’s relevance to the book however. I’m still pondering that.

I was sent a free print copy of this book by NightOwlReviews.com in return for my honest review. You can find my review on my website at http://wp.me/p2pjIt-eV.
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70 reviews2 followers
October 19, 2014
We all know about wicked stepmothers, but less about wicked stepchildren. Yet when a couple, who have been lonely after marriages that have ended through death and divorce, find new soulmates, children can be as merciless as any wicked stepmother. The ex in-laws can add a further problem as is the case in the relationship between Will and Callie. A golden future looks high on the cards after a gap in their relationship of 25 years, but there are a few issues to be resolved if there is to be a happy ending. Andrea Weir has worked her way through all the factors that can put a damper on their love affair to produce a highly readable story.
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1,165 reviews26 followers
August 16, 2015
College sweethearts Will and Callie get a second chance years after going their separate ways. But it's not as easy as picking up where they left off even though both are single again, one through the death of a spouse, the other divorce. They both have families - children, adult children, and involved in-laws - to consider and this is what makes their romance feel as if it were drawn from real life. The conflict that inevitably arises is a real page turner and, to me, overly dramatic compared to the tone of the rest of the book.
231 reviews
December 30, 2014
I received this free from a Goodreads Giveaway.

I wavered between 3 and 4 stars for this one. This is a story about 2 college sweethearts that meet again after both have been married and become parents. They both are now single and gave rekindled their romance. However, former in-laws threaten their happiness.

The story and characters were entertaining. Some of the naive actions of the main characters were irritating but added to the anxiety and suspense of the story. Some parts of the romance seems ridiculous and eye-roll worthy. But in the end, the story was worth the read.
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89 reviews2 followers
October 31, 2014

Ms.Weir takes a realistically traditional romance to the next level by not glossing over the delicate choices involved in starting over at love and commitment. Eventhough the plot is quite simple,Ms.Weir does a fine job maintaining tension, primarily through various characters.

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607 reviews6 followers
May 12, 2015
I received this book as a goodreads giveaway and appreciate the chance to read it.Once started I couldn't put it down. It was delicately and well written covering the complexities and inconsistencies as a result of getting a second chance at love and life when contemplating a blended family and all the problems it could involve.
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3 reviews
October 7, 2014
I really enjoyed this book. The author quickly established the characters. I was very attached to them & couldn't wait to see what happened next to them. The story moved quickly & I couldn't put the book down! I hope there will be a sequel!
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December 28, 2014
this book was very good . i really liked it the inlaws was another thing. i know its hard sometimes to let things go but . they were aweful, the story line was good.the kids went through alot. but in the end it turned out good.
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November 1, 2014
I won this book as a good reads first read giveaway and the book was everything it was promised to be in the previews.I highly recommenced this book as a contemporary romance with surprising twists and turns.
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February 7, 2015
I received a free copy of this book from the GoodReads First Reads program in exchange for an honest review. I loved this book and couldn't put it down! It's refreshing to read a contemporary romance with mature adults, instead of twenty-somethings that seem to have the intelligence of teenagers.
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February 6, 2015
I loved it. Definitely worth the read, though it was a bit confusing at times. I managed to be one of the lucky ones who received a copy of this book from Goodread's First Reads Giveaway.
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