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Crazy in Love #1

The Problem with Crazy

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The problem with crazy is that crazy, by itself, has no context. It can be good crazy, bad crazy ... or "crazy" crazy--like it was when my ex-boyfriend sung about me on the radio." Eighteen-year-old Kate couldn't be more excited about finishing high school and spending the summer on tour with her boyfriend's band. Her dad showing up drunk at graduation, however, is not exactly kicking things off on the right foot--and that's before she finds out about his mystery illness, certain to end in death. A mystery illness that she could inherit. Kate has to convince everyone around her that her father is sick, not crazy. But who will be harder to convince? Her friends? Or herself? The Problem With Crazy "is a story about love and life; about overcoming obstacles, choosing to trust, and learning how to make the choices that will change your life forever.

296 pages, Paperback

First published February 12, 2014

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About the author

Lauren K. McKellar

31 books394 followers
Lauren K. McKellar is a writer of contemporary romance reads that make you feel. This hybrid-published USA Today best-selling author loves writing books with stunning local settings, heart-throb heroes, and leading ladies who overcome great hardships in their lives.
In addition to writing, Lauren loves to read, and you can often find her up at all hours of the night with a glass of wine, some chocolate, and a good book. She lives by the beach in New South Wales, Australia, with her husband, infant son, and their two dogs. Most of the time, all four of them are well behaved.

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345 reviews590 followers
January 24, 2015
NOTE TO SHELF : Stop judging a book by it's fucking cover and read the damn synopsis.

.... Oh well at least this story broke my heart in a good way...if there is such a thing.
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4 reviews2 followers
March 28, 2014
So… let me first start by saying I don’t write reviews, but this book compelled me to write one.


The Problem With Crazy had me:
Heartbroken at 10%
Devastated at 60%
Destroyed at 80%

I felt emotionally involved with this book, it made me smile, laugh, cry and sob big ugly tears (more than once). It ripped my heart out and put it back, only to do it all over again.

I won’t spoil it by telling you anything that happens, as to be perfectly honest you NEED to read it!!!!!

The Problem With Crazy, completely moved me and has made me look at life in a different perspective.

Learn to smile, dance in the rain and enjoy all of life’s experiences, whatever they may be!
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526 reviews51 followers
April 1, 2014
5 Addicting, so darn good Stars!

This a one day, can't put down kind of book (aka my favorite kind).

I'm saying that, deep down, nothing will change your perfect.

I had my next couple books lined up but then a friend recommended this to me and I told her I'd read it. She was thrilled that she had the power to make me say "yes" to a book she told me about without me asking questions. I trust her opinion and NOW I may have her telling me what all my next reads should be.

The Problem with Crazy had me from the very beginning. I thought it was going to zig one way to discover it zagged and then zigged and zagged again. Seriously I was so addicted to this story! It was such an incredible story of life. Life that ends up taking you down a path you did not see ahead. You think you have it all figured out and are excited to move on to your next chapter in life when something unexpected happens. Then this flaw starts the snowball effect of your problems. But then a light is shown and you're given hope, only for that hope to be taken away too.

I felt guilty when I indulged it, when I let that little spark breathe and gave it some air. I didn't want it to become a fire. I wasn't ready for that.

I'm going to be honest, tissues are required for this story but don't let that hold you back from reading it because it would be a real shame for you to miss out on this treasure of a book. Kate's story is one of a kind and should be experienced. I found it to be beautiful in the sense you learn how to enjoy the smallest things in life and how they mean the most, I found it to be heartbreaking in the sense of love screwing with you (again and again), and I found it triumphing in the sense you overcome the crap that's tossed your way.

What was the point in fighting it?
Sometimes you just had to let the rain in.

I highly highly recommend reading The Problem with Crazy! And I may go crazy if June doesn't get here quick enough with The Problem with Heartache.
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2,474 reviews171 followers
February 13, 2014
The Problem With Crazy is a great read. At first I was a little hesitant to read it because dealing with diseases that lead to death are always a scary read for me. But I have to say that Lauren did a great job writing this realistic story about the struggles families face when a family member is is and dying from a disease that has no cure.

Kate has her life planned out. She is going to graduate from high school and go on tour with her boyfriend for the summer and live a care free life. She is all set with her plans and on the day of graduation everything hits the fan. Her father shows up drunk and rambling on and she can't understand what the hell is going on. Once everything quiets down and her father starts to talk to her Kate soon realizes her life is about to change and not in the good way.

See her father has come to tell her he is dying from Huntington's Disease. This disease is one that takes so much from the body and mind and what her father reveals to her scares her because she now has to make the choice of getting tested to see if she has the disease or just live her life in ignorance. This is such a hard decision for Kate to make but as she goes through things with her boyfriend and her best friends she knows that no matter what her decision is she has family and friends right by her side and she knows that no matter the outcome she won't be alone.

What does Kate decide? Well you have to read this incredible literary read to find out and I promise you won't be disappointed!
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Author 18 books429 followers
June 5, 2015
How do you cope when your entire world crashes down around you? Family, boyfriend, career, health... everything changes in the blink of an eye for Kate and thus begins an incredible journey of self-discovery.

I found myself immersed in this story from the get-go. I felt Kate's pain, confusion and hurt, her heartbreak. Life can be cruel and Kate got hit with blow after blow.

This was an emotional ride for me. Lauren's writing is flawless. The story pulled me down, ripped me apart, built me back up again before totally gutting me... over and over. I cried both tears of joy and of sorrow with this one.

There are plenty of happy and fun moments too. I'm kinda a little speechless right now... Cannot recommend it any higher! Straight to the favourites shelf for me!

4/6/15 UPDATE: Just finished re-reading this one. Even though I knew what was coming it still made me a sobbing mess! Love it!
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Author 19 books332 followers
October 22, 2014
This book shattered me.

I can't remember the last time I cried so much reading a book. The characters I adored (and hated), and this book reminded me why I love YA books.

This book gave me all the feels, but it was uplifting as well. The writing is seamless, and I could not put it down! You know the books where time passes around you but you don't care because you're lost in a book? Yeah, that happened with this one.

This is one of my TOP READS for 2014. PLEASE Check it out.
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298 reviews207 followers
February 16, 2015
We are The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club, to know more about this book, go to the post in our website:

The Problem With Crazy (Crazy in Love #1) by Lauren K. McKellar

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The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club

The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club's Review:

Rate: 5 stars


The Problem with Crazy is a sweet New Adult/Young Adult romance story that has the power to break your heart, make you smile and ache with the characters throughout the whole story.

What happens when you discover that your dad has a horrible disease that will make him lose his mind? Well, the struggle is awful, and that's something the main character in The Problem With Crazy has to go through. But her life is turned upside down when her boyfriend dumps her because he doesn't want to have a girlfriend with an hereditary disease. She loses her chance to tour with her boyfriend's band, her former boyfriend and she's about to lose her dad. When you have reached the bottom, what drives you to keep living your disastrous life?

I can't tell you the level of emotions this book can cause to the reader. I instantly liked the main character. Kate is one of those characters with a bit sense of humor, good, strong and with the complains of a normal teenager. So you are instantly invested in what's about to happen. You suffer with Kate, laugh with her, cry with her and worry with her. She teaches us readers the value of life and how we need to appreciate the little moments in life. But she's a teenager and her fears and anger towards the disease, towards her dad and her boyfriend are understandable and real. It's something that a person will go through in her situation and it's one of the main things that make her an amazing character.

The side characters in the story are also important, like Kate's best friend, Stacey, and her boyfriend's best friend, Michael, who they both will be the main characters in the second book in the series, but her boyfriend is also important in Kate's struggle. Needless to say that he's a complete and utter jerk and ends up hurting Kate in a lot of scenes throughout the story.

Lachlan is the optimistic and kind of a life coach in this story. He's sweet, funny, friendly and lovable. He makes Kate see that while her life might suck she's still living and can make something out of it. He was definitely my favorite character in this story and oh, boy, the feels. I'm not saying anything else because I always try to keep the reviews spoiler free, but once you read the book you'll understand me.

I actually cried with this book. Like ugly crying, guys, and I was in a public place. So my recommendation? Read the book right now, but somewhere you won't mind crying out like a baby. I think this book might have ruined my future reads for the level of feelings and awesomeness there's in Kate's story.
Perfect for all the fans of The Fault in Our Stars, this is your kind of story! With an amazing, unexpected and full of emotions plot, The Problem With Crazy will make you cry, laugh and will definitely teach you a lesson about living the life we have and appreciating the little moments.
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211 reviews17 followers
March 15, 2015
I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

The “Problem with Crazy” is book one in Lauren McKellar’s Crazy in Love series and the first of her books I’ve ever read. It is also the hardest book I’ve had to review in a long time. I can’t decide how high I want to rate it. I loved it to a point. Then, I hated it and Ms. McKellar. Seriously, I was so angry, I couldn’t feel the overwhelming sadness that I was supposed to feel…and that made me angrier. Halfway or so into the book, I KNEW what was coming. Without reading a single review, I knew what was going to happen, knew I was going to hate it, but the story was SOOOOOOO good. I read, praying I was wrong and that Ms. McKellar wasn’t the evil author I knew she was going to be. I couldn’t help myself. The thing is, I felt it was so unnecessary. Everyone in the story was already dealing with so many sad, depressing issues. I felt that this last thing was a dump of crappier crappiness that life dealt everyone. I skimmed the rest of the chapter until I got to the next part of the story, where everyone was trying to move forward. At that point, I was able to read again, but I didn’t fall into the rest of the story like I did the first ~80%. Yet, even now, I’m pissed off. If the story made me feel that strongly, does it deserve a higher rating?

Outside of the unnecessary thing from above, I really did love the story. It wasn’t a light, easy read, but I felt (for the most part) it was real. The main character, Kate (18) and her mom are dealing with a lot. I read some of the reviews last night (to see if anyone else was as pissed as I was; they weren’t), and some felt that Kate was immature and selfish, but I felt as if her actions and thought process regarding her dad and his illness were very believable. She was selfish and immature at times, exactly like most teenagers would be, especially considering her dad had walked out on them the year before, and more recently, came to her high school graduation drunk. Finding out why someone does something doesn’t make you instantly change your perception and feelings.

In the end, I’m going with four stars. Any book that can ruin my birthday, making me cry myself to sleep, was written by an author who knows how to draw a reader in. I have the second book in the series, and I’m scared to read it. I don’t want my heart to break again, but I do want to fall in love with characters. So, I’ll start it tonight.
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Author 10 books320 followers
May 26, 2014
OMG, what a fantastic read! Wow. I'm still dumbfounded, even though I finished this book last night.
I have to admit I was a little wary when I started the book for two reasons: it's not often I get hooked by a YA/NA story and the other reason being the author is also my editor. So what if I didn't like the book? How would I tell her the reason for my 2 star rating? Turns out these were all unfounded fears because this book blew my mind.
I got immediately sucked into the story and couldn't let go. I just couldn't put it down, not even when I started crying, fat, ugly tears and sobs. Seriously, I was sobbing! The story struck a chord and it tugged at my heartstrings. It's such a powerful and emotional journey, that I still haven't been able to get over it.
There is a part (and I won't say what, otherwise I'll spoil the fun) where I had to stop to send a message to the author telling her I was thinking about unfriending her-but even then, I couldn't stop reading. Even through the tears and the sobs I still managed to smile at the sweetness of the story.
I love Kate. I haven't loved a teenager heroine in a book since Hopeless by Colleen Hoover. I have to say Kate has definitely earned the top spot in my best teenager character chart. She's fantastic. Funny, sweet, strong and fragile at the same time. She's the person I'd like to have been when I was eighteen.
Dave, Kate's boyfriend, is the perfect jerk, and Lauren managed to depict him perfectly. I found myself wanting to slap him every time he waltzed back into the story.
Lachlan. Well. Lachlan. I guess no words would ever describe how I feel for him. He's simply ADORABLE. And that's not even enough.
Kate and Lachlan's has to be THE cutest meet-cute in history. I loved it and laughed like an idiot, grateful for the privacy of my room. And afterwards it was just "aw" and then "lol" and "aw" again and "lol" and, well you get the picture. I just can't wait to read the sequel!
If you're looking for an intense story, with some strong themes and equally strong emotions that will touch your heart, squeeze it and never let go, well, this is the story for you.
But first be sure to follow these steps:
-lock your door and leave the whole world outside;
-unplug your phone and mobile;
-bring enough food and drinks so you won't have to leave your reading nook;
-stock up on Kleenex. Lots of them.
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379 reviews24 followers
April 22, 2014
Let me start by saying that I have been trying to write this review for weeks, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Lauren McKeller at my very first author signing event in March and she is without a doubt one of the funniest, sweetest people I have had the pleasure to meet. I had The Problem With Crazy sitting on my kindle for a little while, I picked up my signed paperback copy at the event and I felt like it was staring at me, goading me to pick it up and finally dig in. When I finally had a day off, I picked it up and started the journey, the experience that is The Problem With Crazy, in the effort of having full disclosure I was warned about how life changing McKeller's story was, how life changing it is, how I needed tissues, and possible a bottle of wine at the ready.

So what's it about, I warn you, I'm going to be deliberately vague because you need to experience this story as blind as possible. Kate has her life planned out, but what do you do when your perfect existence, everything you took for granted - boyfriend, family, career aspirations, health all come crashing down around her, leaving her lost, scared and alone, with no light and the end of the tunnel?

Lauren weaves a story of harrowing pain and tragedy, a world so dark at times that it left me as the reader feeling alone and distraught. The Problem With Crazy is a story that despite absolutely destroying me, in ways I didn't even know was possible, ultimately healed me, it's message, life affirming. Weeks on and I can't stop thinking about McKeller's words, her characters, the world she created. Breath taking is the only way I can find to describe the sheer beauty of TPWC.
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Author 14 books33 followers
January 12, 2015
Well... This is a very sweet book but I had some issues with the main character, Kate. She isn't a very likeable character and I couldn't find it in me to care about what happened to her. She was kind of a jerk. Also, Dave... I don't believe people just change out of the blue so his personality change was a little unrealistic to me. Also, I really wanted Kate to grow a pair and stand up to Dave... At least once. I can do without the helpless "I'm just a girl" crap... Stand up for yourself, damn it.

Lachlan... Sweet character but honestly, this is a little too much Fault in Our Stars for me. I predicted most of it and after that, it just wasn't as dun to read.

Lee... That entire plot is unbelievable to me, I'm sorry.

It's not a bad book, obviously people like it, but it didn't strike my fancy.
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Author 13 books221 followers
September 4, 2015
I've beta read this story twice now and boy, it's one of the best issue driven NA contemporaries I've ever read. It made me laugh, cry, and sigh. Overall, I think the interactions between characters feel so real. The book really captures what it feels like to be around a person with Huntingtons and Kate’s range of feelings; denial, anger, grief are all so real.
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71 reviews1 follower
October 12, 2017
Lauren hiciste pedazo mi corazón desde el comienzo de este libro, y terminaste haciéndolo añicos hasta el final.
Todo venia de sorpresa y ya cuando sentía que nada más malo podía pasar, viniste y lo pusiste peor.
Dejaste bien en claro que nada es color de rosa, que hay pocos pero pequeños momentos de los que nos tenemos que maravillar y que debemos de aprovechar cada segundo vivido aunque sea absurdo.
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669 reviews48 followers
December 16, 2015

I made my sister choose an ebook from my Kindle for me to read, because I have like 70plus ebooks stored in it. And she chose this book. The first thing I'll say (more like, YELL) to her the moment she comes home will be YOU. YOU CHOSE THIS BOOK. THIS BOOK BROKE MY HEART. YOU CHOSE THIS BOOK.

HAHA. But yes. Sigh, them FEEEELS made me cry at my best friend's hostel. I am SO NOT HAPPY with this book, but on the other hand, I am so so in love with this book. I love this book because of how it touches on the topic of being crazy. People used that word loosely, never really understanding the definition of crazy. But honestly, WHAT does crazy mean?

Kate thought she had EVERYTHING. She had her life figured out. She's graduating and going on tour with her almost-famous boyfriend. Her life was near-perfect, until her dad crashed her graduation day ceremony. DRUNK. She thought having him embarrassed her in front of everyone was bad enough, but things got worse when he reveals about his mental illness.

What's worse? That illness is hereditary. So Kate has a fifty percent chance of going loco like her dad. I think what I adored about this book is the way the story was being told. I know that there are A LOT of books out there, touching on suicidal, death and illnesses. But what makes this book UNIQUE is how the book flowed really nicely. AND THE ENDING. As much as I honestly HATE the ending, it kinda makes sense. This book is a must-read. It placed you in the shoes of people who had a sick family member, and I think it makes me realize that no matter how bad someone seemed in their terminal state, they're still human. And sometimes as much as we want to be mad at them for screwing things up, it isn't intentional. SIGH. READ THIS BOOK GUYS. YOU NEED IT.

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243 reviews21 followers
March 10, 2015
What I liked: Can I just say how I loved the romance in this story? It was really sweet and Kate deserved a guy like the boy she ended up with, and the way they interacted was totally on par with how I could see it going once I got a sense of how Kate is. Was her original boyfriend all that great? Hah, no. No he was a real jerk with how he treated her, always pushing her it seemed when he was in the scene. I also liked how much it showed Kate coming to terms with what's happening to her father, and what could potentially happen to her in the end. The best part of this book though? I couldn't put it down without thinking about it (until I was in my history class because that class requires full attention, but different story).

What I didn't like: The death of a certain character, I mean, really? Really? She's having a good day and something bed just had to spoil it. It felt too contrived, too coincidental to have been a part of the story. I just, it befuddles me still, hours after having finished the book that it really happened.

Overall Review: This story was really addicting and I can't believe that it's over, I really found that Kate's story was one of great change where she learns to accept one possibility in her future and one that will definitely be happening. Kate goes through a lot in this story, and some of it was touching and some was devastating to see her go through. In the end though, I'm glad how her story ended in this book, and can't wait to see how her story continues!

Recommend?: Yes! I don't like reading many contemporary book so I'm glad I took a chance on this one even though I had never heard of it before hearing about its second book, Eleven Weeks. It was good, go read it if you like!
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Author 9 books204 followers
January 26, 2015

It's been a long time since a book as affected me this much. Everything from the story to the characters sliced right through me. The Problem with Crazy is about hope as much as it is heartbreak and I think that's what sets it apart from other books in the genre that it will inevitably be compared to. An Australian The Fault in Our Stars, except not really. Inside of a week, Kate's father shows up drunk at her graduation and embarrasses her, she discovers he has a fatal, incurable disease that affects his behavior, and her boyfriend of two years dumps her, leaving her with no post-graduation plans, since she was supposed to go on tour with him and his band. Oh yeah, and that fatal disease her father has? Yeah, that's genetic.

The plot centers around Kate coming to terms with her father's illness and the potential that she's inherited the disease, the end of her relationship, and what, if any future she has. How do you plan your life when you may not have long to live? When she runs into a strange yet adorable boy, Lachlan, who believes in doing everything once just to try it, she begins to see her world in different terms than just now and later. To let go of the uncertainty of the future and live in the moment.

The interactions with Lachlan are where the story soars into the stratosphere. These are the moments when Kate lets down her guard and just lives. Where she thinks about the world outside herself rather than being caged inside her own mind. Where she can forget for a small moment in time that life is uncertain.

World Building
The small Australian beach town where Kate lives comes alive with all five senses as Lauren McKellar weaves in enough detail to put us squarely in the middle of the scene. I've never been to Australia, but I almost feel as if I have. I started this book a few days after our Australian exchange student went back home, not even realizing the setting. But it was like having a little piece of Gaby still here with us as I read the familiar Australian expressions and the mention of Tim Tams (which are just as good as you've heard, by the way.)

The book is largely character driven and the characters are...just, wow. Lachlan is the boy by which all other boys will be judged in young adult/new adult novels. And I can tell you now, no one will ever come close, and this makes me both happy and sad, because the world needs more Lachlans, but also because he's one of a kind which makes him eternally exceptional.

Top Five Things I Loved About The Problem with Crazy
1. The first time Kate meets Lachlan. Their initial meeting is as adorable as it gets and it showcases Lachlan in all his Lachlan-ness, sealing him in my heart forever.

2. Lachlan's art. The way he memorializes every one of his "firsts" in black and white is just another thing that makes him remarkable.

3. The way Lachlan stands up to Dave in the restaurant. Dave is a complete douche. How Kate never knew this in two years of dating is beyond me, but Lachlan figures it out in about two seconds and his response is awesome.

4. Michael. Just because I don't want this to be all about Lachlan (even though it really is). His loyalty to Kate and Stacey, at the expense of his position in the band, makes him one of the really good guys.

5. Lachlan. Because really, he's just that amazing.

Bottom Line
The Problem with Crazy is heartbreakingly beautiful. It ripped my heart out, shredded it, and left me bereft, before slowly rebuilding it, piece by agonizing piece, leaving me hopeful.

I was provided with a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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1,393 reviews62 followers
March 20, 2015
I have been finding some really good books lately due to all the great blogs I have been following lately. That’s where I found this one, and I completely loved it-so much in fact that I have already read the second one, titled, Eleven Weeks, and it was just as good.

Kate is a young Australian girl getting ready for her graduation. When her father ruins the ceremony, that’s nothing compared to what is coming in Kate’s life. It turns out that her father has a horrible disease, and it’s hereditary. Kate has a fifty percent chance that she will develop the same disease. Her wannabe rocker boyfriend doesn’t take it well, to say the least. He’s not exactly a nice guy.This is not a simple story, and a lot happens. Eventually,Kate meets a guy named, Lachlan, at her new job. What follow is a sweet love story between the two. But, this is way more then just a romance.

Kate was a good character as a girl who hasn’t been happy with her father for awhile. When he comes back into her life, all of a sudden, she has to become one of his caretakers. Kate’s journey of acceptance of her father being back in her life, of his horrible illness, and consequently the possibility of also having the same disease, was nothing short of fascinating. Kate isn’t a cookie cutter character. She might have been in her previous life, but her life now is almost unrecognizable. Lachlan, was a wonderful character. He’s all about new life experiences due to his own illness and recovery. He is a major part of Kate’s journey, and I found him to be the best part. Kate’s best friend Stacey is the quintessential party girl, the most popular, and the prettiest. She has a part to play in this book, and I liked her part a lot. At times, she is Kate’s voice of reason, her reason to get up in the morning, at other times she isn’t around, and I wondered about that. Turns out she has her own story-the next book, Eleven Weeks. It was a great story,and where she was,does get explained.

This story wrings out every feeling possible from the reader. It runs the gamut from embarrassment, disbelief, heartbreak, new love, and loss. At times, I was shocked, maddened, and at other times, on the verge of tears-and I am not a crier when I read books usually. I couldn’t put this book down, and enjoyed the story immensely. I can’t think of one thing that I hated about this book! 5 stars for sure, if we still rated that way.

Highly recommended to ages older teens to adults, probably 16 plus, that like a wonderful emotional, but romantic read. I have already bought the third book,The Problem With Heartache, which also features Kate as the main character-can’t wait to get started on it!(PureTextuality.com)
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1,350 reviews151 followers
January 28, 2015

The future seems bright for Kate and her boyfriend Dave. In a few short days she will be finishing High School and heading off on tour with Dave and his band mates. Having helped organize the tour she has found herself a calling as an event organizer of sorts and is hoping to make that her career. But when her father shows up at her graduation after months away from home and makes a scene, her bright future begins to dull just a bit.

Kate’s world turns upside down when she is forced to confront her father’s illness, the impact it has on herself, her family and also her relationship with Dave. She is taken on a journey that teaches her about life and loss, heartache and healing. Being only 18, Kate is faced with a lot of issues all at once. When Lachlan enters her life, she finally begins to see a light at the end of the preverbal tunnel.

The problem with life is that it gets crazy sometimes. For Kate, a little too crazy. Kate’s character is so honest, true and pure - it was very refreshing, I instantly loved Kate and felt for her through the entire book. All the characters in this book were perfectly portrayed and Kate’s relationship with Lachlan was nothing short of beautiful and I really cheered for them as a couple! I was completely sucked in and truly believe it has touched me in a way not many books have.

The emotional roller-coaster that had become Kate’s life spilled over into my own feelings when reading this story. I smiled, I laughed, I got frustrated, I cried and I wept. It was everything a great story is supposed to be and at the end I felt the author had offered me an important life lesson…see the good in life, the positive in every situation, don’t be afraid of those “first” experiences and to be thankful for all experiences, crazy or not.

Do yourself a favor - grab this book, a box of tissues and find a comfy chair. Yes you will cry, but it’s too good to pass up.
February 1, 2015
3.5 emotional hearts!

At some point in all our lives somehow some version of a terrible disease destroys someone we know. When that someone is especially close, a member of our family, thoughts of genetics and our own mortality weigh heavily.

Reading someone else's journey through the unexpected of illness, its heart wrenching. Kate has a life we all dream of. Graduating high school, following her boyfriend's band on tour as their event manager, its nothing short of perfect. But then the unexpected happens. The curveball of life gets thrown and now Kate is left grappling with the pain of a father who is slowly losing his mind and his body.

The boyfriend....ugggg...what a douche! He gives all my favorite rocker book boyfriends a bad name! Then Kate makes some seriously immature decisions and has some ridiculous thoughts. But Lachlan, OH BOY! When he enters Kate's life, it's like the clouds open up and there finally is a bright light that was needed.

"The Problem With Crazy" is a tearjerker for real! It will leave you with so many questions on what you would do in such a situation. The relationships between all the integral characters were enjoyable to read, touching you 100%. The last few chapters will kill you.

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March 7, 2015
Kate has just graduated high school and has the entire summer looking bright and fun while heading out with her boyfriend on the tour she organized for his band. But, then her drunk dad shows up and her plans do a complete 180. He's sick...and it's hereditary.

While The Problem With Crazy didn't win me over entirely, it definitely gently tugged at my heartstrings during several scenes. The plot is great! I couldn't put the book down because there were so many questions asked towards the beginning of the book that I needed answers to.

The strong suit of this book is definitely it's characters. McKellar did an outstanding job creating these characters! First, Kate- man, oh man she is such a raw character. The way she handled each obstacle throughout the story was very real and believable. Not once did she annoy me. Dave, on the other hand..I never thought it possible to hate a fictional character so much. He is the king of jerks! No, he is definitely not the swoon-worthy bad boy type. He is the definition of ignorance. My blood is still boiling. The "other guy" that becomes the love interest is a sweet heart! The only reason I will not say his name is because McKellar definitely builds up the reveal of his name in the book! But, he is the cutest, philosophical, dorky glasses wearing heartthrob!

There were so many twists and turns in this book that you wouldn't expect. I felt all the emotions! Happiness, anger, sadness, and joy.

The next installment in the Crazy In Love series, Eleven Weeks, focuses on Stacy, Kate's best friend.
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March 13, 2015
So I finished this book last night, and I had to sleep on it before forming an opinion. So I will start from the beginning and make my way through.

The beginning was dull. I almost put it down. It seemed to drag the first few chapters when the main character reacts poorly to news her father is ill.
Dealing with disease is hard, and I guess when there's a 50/50 chance of it happening to you, perhaps you would act the way Kate acts in this book. But this seemed to drag on for just that bit too long and I was beginning to wonder if I was going to read an entire book of selfish, bitchy whinging.

But I am SO glad I continued with this story, because it is a touching story of love, loss, and heartache.

Where it gets good:
As soon as she meets mysterious boy, Lachlan. I loved his cockiness, how much he cared, and the way he showed Kate that a disease shouldn't define you. He is 'OMG' perfect.

I thought this book was going to be predictable. Half way through, I thought I knew what was going to happen... and then the author knocks me off my feet with a complete twist. The twist having the same result as my prediction, but done in a different way that felt like I was being punched in the gut.

It was touching, and heartbreaking, and a great story.
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April 6, 2016
Let me start by saying that I liked this book. I was so looking forward to reading this after a couple of the rave reviews that I glimpsed at. However, there were parts that made it so cliche’, that I almost just put it down. I kept reading because I wanted to see just how Kate handles everything that is thrown her way. She was a hard character for me to like, really.

Let’s be real here, Dave sucked! The moment that his character is introduced, I knew that I would dislike him. The way Kate described him, add in his own monologue, and I was just done. I honestly don’t see what Kate saw in him. My only definitive answer is that she’s young (just like I was once), so I let it go. Love, love love Lachlan, by the way.

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February 19, 2015
There were so many things about The Problem With Crazy that I loved but there were also so many things I didn't like.

I loved the message of the story and Kate's growth throughout.

Kate was an unlikeable character for me from the get go. I thought she was selfish. He Dad was going through Hell but she only cared about herself and how it was affecting her and her relationships. I did love her by the end of the book though.

I understand why the entire Lachlan story was there but it was too rushed and then with the ending of it I was heartbroken.

I hated Dave...hated him...period.

Overall the book was good but there were several things that had me irritated. Rushed story lines, grammar and spelling errors, plot twists that seemed unnecessary.

3.5 stars
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June 19, 2016
2015 tbr challenge

Yeah, okay. This book made me cry.

While I did write a couple of notes about this book, it's been sitting around and I haven't had the inclination to actually make a review of it, so I'm gonna put these here so they won't get lost :)
*The story's actually very emotional.

*But I never really connected to Kate, or loved her.

*I absolutely hated how she introduced Stacey, her amazing, supporting, caring best friend by... implying she's dumb?... and the only reason she's the school queen and valedictorian and stuff is cause of her rocking bod?... what even?!

*What a douche boyfriend.

*The ending would slay people. But also put a smile on their faces
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July 9, 2014
Uh! This is one of those books that grabs you by the scruff, shakes you, and asks you what you've been doing with your life.
Absolutely loved it, and hanging out for the sequel. Lauren creates such real, relatable characters that you can't help but empathise with. Her description of how Kate handles stress, loss, and inner turmoil is bang on.
Love your work, girl, and I'm waiting for the movie! :-)
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January 22, 2016
Why have I waited so long to read this book. This book had it all. I felt sorry for Kate having to go through a family illness.

I was warned that I would be in tears but I was not prepared for it to happen when on a break at work. Lol.

Overall I loved this book and Lauren has started a great series.
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