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The Owl Service The Owl Service by Alan Garner
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“She wants to be flowers, but you make her owls. You must not complain, then, if she goes hunting.”
Alan Garner, The Owl Service
“Lleu is a hard lord,” said Huw, “He is killing Gronw without anger, without love, without mercy. He is hurt too much by the woman and the spear. Yet what is there when it is done? His pride. No spear. No friend.”
Roger started at Huw. “You’re not so green as you’re grass-looking, are you?” he said. “Now you mention it, I have been thinking— That bloke Gronw was the only one with any real guts at the end.”
“But none of them is all to blame,” said Huw. “It is only together they are destroying each other.”
“That Blod-woman was pretty poor,” said Roger, “however you look at it.”
“No,” said Huw. “She was made for her lord. Nobody is asking her if she wants him. It is bitter twisting to be shut up with a person you are not liking very much. I think she was longing for the time when she was flowers on the mountain, and it is making her cruel, as the rose is growing thorns.”
Alan Garner, The Owl Service
“I wanted us to have a holiday, not a ruddy breakdown.”
Alan Garner, The Owl Service
“That man’s gaga,” said Roger when they were out of hearing. “He’s so far gone he’s coming back.”
Alan Garner, The Owl Service