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Les Belles Lettres Les Belles Lettres by Sarah Loven
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“We are the young and reckless hearts,
destined to fly, and fall, and fly again.
The world doesn’t treat the wild souls well,
because maybe it doesn’t quite understand.
But in the end it remembers the super novas
that burned so bright we blinded them all.”
Sarah Loven, Les Belles Lettres
“A true artist is never satisfied with settling, so you will never see them stay the same for very long. They are like chameleons... ever-changing, ever-scheming, ever-chasing that glimpse of divine inspiration that creates them anew.”
Sarah Loven, Les Belles Lettres
“What I’m after, above all, is a sense of divine inspiration
that touches the very core of my being.

That lives throughout every aspect of my existence,

so all I do and all I see is beauty in the simplicity,
and mystery in the unknown.

To let nothing drag me into the monotony of living,

but to always move to the unique rhythm of each passing day.
To give nothing but all of me- my soul, my heart, my fire.”
Sarah Loven, Les Belles Lettres