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Gut Deep (Torn Worlds Book 1) Gut Deep by Donna Augustine
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“Even if I wanted something more, she’d never trust me. How did you uproot your life when every conversation was a tug of war? How did you try to make a future work when the present wouldn’t?”
Donna Augustine, Gut Deep
“I’m fine,” she said, nodding. I’d heard the “I’m fine” answer before. It usually came right before I broke it off with whatever female I’d been dating. The “I’m fine” ushered in a whole new territory of relationship baggage, where you then had to set off on a truth-seeking mission, like some emotional scavenger hunt.”
Donna Augustine, Gut Deep
“Sometimes I wondered if the accident that killed my father had been an intentional suicide. We might not live as long as vampires, but a thousand more years with my mother might make anyone think life was too long. In death, he’d finally escaped the misery that was Larissa Tessa.”
Donna Augustine, Gut Deep
“He was like a cookie laced with arsenic, sweet to the taste but deadly.”
Donna Augustine, Gut Deep