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The Red Pyramid (The Kane Chronicles, #1) The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan
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“It takes strength and courage to admit the truth.”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
“Oh no." I said panic rising in my chest. "No, no, no, Somebody get a can opener. I've got a god in my head!!”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
“Die, enemies of Ra!" Sekhemet yelled. "Perish in agony!"
"She's almost as annoying as you," I told Horus.
"Impossible," Horus said. "No one bests Horus.”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
“Well," I said. "If you need me, I'll be outside, playing with sharp objects.”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
“Fair means everyone gets what they need. And the only way to get what you need is to make it happen yourself.”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
“Ah, Mastery of the Five Elements!"
"Is that the one we want?" I asked.
"No, but a good one. How to tame the five essential elements of the universe - earth, air, water, fire, and cheese!"
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
“In person, if possible, Anubis was even more drop-dead gorgeous. [Oh . . . ha, ha. I didn't catch the pun, but thank you, Carter. God of the dead, drop-dead gorgeous. Yes, hilarious. Now, may I continue?]”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
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“Have you ever noticed how parents can go from the most wonderful people in the world to totally embarrassing in three seconds?”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
“Our baboon was going completely sky goddess - which is to say, nuts.”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
“I guessed his name was Face of Horror. I wondered how long it had taken his mom to think of that. Bob? No. Sam? No. How about Face of Horror?”
Rick Riordan , The Red Pyramid
“She blinked. "Hmm? Oh, don't care. What did Anubis look like to you?"
"What did... he looked like a guy. So?"
"A good-looking guy, or a slobbering dog-headed guy?"
"I guess... Not the dog-headed guy."
"I knew it!" Sadie pointed at me as if she'd won an argument.
"Good-looking. I knew it!"
And with a ridiculous grin, she spun around and skipped into the house.
My sister, as I may have mentioned, is a little strange.”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
“Far, far below, red liquid bubbled. Blood? Lava? Evil ketchup? None of the posibilities were good.”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
“So you've got no name?" I asked. "They couldn't think of one ugly enough?"
The creature snarled, stepping over the unconscious policeman.
"Set animal is too hard to say," I decided. "I'll call you Leroy."
Apparently, Leroy didn't like his name. He lunged.”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
“Now the tattoos," Zia announced.
"Brilliant!" I said.
"On your tongue," she added.
"Excuse me?”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
“You know how hard it is to feel like an extreme falcon-headed combat machine when somebody calls you "chicken man"?”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
“And this is the east shore?" Sadie asked. "You said something about that in London--my grandparents living on the east shore."
Amos smiled. "Yes. Very good, Sadie. In ancient times, the east bank of the Nile was always the side of the living, the side where the sun rises. The dead were buried west of the river. It was considered bad luck, even dangerous, to live there. The tradition is still strong among... our people."
Our people?" I asked, but Sadie muscled in with another question.
So you can't live in Manhattan?" she asked.
Amos's brow furrowed as he looked across at the Empire State Building. "Manhattan has other problems. Other gods. It's best we stay separate.”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
“It’s my birthday, Horus insisted. Wish me happy birthday!
“Happy birthday!” I yelled. “Now shut up!”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
“Tell you what," I said. "After the testing after the Demon Days, when things settle down -"
"Things won't settle down."
"- I'm going to take you to the mall."
She blinked. "The mall? For what reason?"
"To hang out," I said. "We'll get some hamburgers. See a movie."
Zia hesitated. "Is this what you'd call a 'date'?"
My expression must have been priceless, because Zia actually cracked a smile. "You look like a cow hit with a shovel.”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
“Wha-what?" Her eyes fluttered open.
"Nothing," I shouted. "We're being followed by a slaying machine. Go back to sleep.”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
“Carter Kane, 14, died tragically in Paris when he was eaten by his sister’s cat Muffin.”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
“I just love family meetings. Very cozy, with the Christmas garlands round the fireplace and a nice pot of tea and a detective from Scotland Yard ready to arrest you.”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
“Now, now," Bast said. "It's not so bad."
"Right," I said. "We're stuck in Washington, D.C. We have two days to make it to Arizona and stop a god we don't know how to stop. And if we can't, we'll never see our dad or Amos again, and the world might end."
"That's the spirit!" Bast said brightly. "Now, let's have a picnic.”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
“Right," Sadie said. "And Set will just stand there calmly while I read him to death.”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
“Unless you stop him. Perhaps next we meet."
"You'll be just as annoying?" I guessed.
He fixed my with those warm brown eyes. "Or perhaps you could bring me up to speed on those modern courtship rituals."
I sat there stunned until he gave me a glimpse of a smile-just enough to let me know he was teasing. Then he disappeared.
"Oh, very funny!" I yelled.”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
“I thought maybe she'd whisk us off by magic, or at least hail a taxi. Instead, Bast borrowed a silver Lexus convertible.
"Oh, yes," she purred. "I like this one! Come along, children."
"But this isn't yours," I pointed out.
"My dear, I'm a cat. Everything I see is mine." She touched the ignition and the keyhole sparked. The engine began to purr. [No, Sadie. Not like a cat, like an engine.]”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
“I seriously needed an extra-strength magic pillow, because my ba refused to stay put. [And no, Sadie, I don't think wrapping my head in duct tape would've worked either.]”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
“You both should feel honored.”
“Right, very honored,” I said. “Always wanted to be possessed!”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
“At first I was protecting you two because I promised. Now even if I hadn't promised, I would. You two are like kittens to me. I won't fail you again."
I'll admit I got a lump in my throat. I'd never been called someone's kitten before.
Sadie sniffled. She brushed something from under her eye. "You're not going to wash us, are you?”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
“Doughboy," I said. "What is this scroll?"
"A spell lost in time!" he pronounced. "Ancient words of tremendous power!"
"Well?" I demanded. "Does it tell how to defeat Set?"
"Better! The title reads: The Book of Summoning Fruit Bats!”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
“I’m the god of funerals. I know every death custom in the world—how to die properly, how to prepare the body and soul for the afterlife. I live for death.”
“You must be fun at parties,” I said.”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid

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