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Teardrop Shot Teardrop Shot by Tijan
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“Sometimes the hardest part of having a disease, or having something happen to you, is acknowledging that it’s happening. Once you do, your life is never the same. You’re never normal again. Once you acknowledge it and ask for help, you’re never the same person again. You cease to be you, and you become the you with the problem.”
Tijan, Teardrop Shot: A Friends to Lovers Sports Romance
“Have you ever been involved in a situation where you felt like the other person needed you so they could live?" I asked. "But you couldn't stay there because they were taking the oxygen you needed to breathe?”
Tijan, Teardrop Shot
“She grabbed me when we came in. I let her stay because I thought the guys would leave me alone then. Chicks on laps usually do that, unless they're hoping to share."

Oh. God. What I could do with that one from him. I gulped, only asking with a bite. "Do you usually share?"

He stopped. I almost slammed into him from the abruptness, and he rotated around.

"No," he clipped out, taking the sunglasses off and shoving them into his pocket. "Do you?"

I reared my head back. "Are you kidding me? I would never not be texting then. Everyone would be getting the texts."

He grinned, just slightly, and it made my heart flip over.

He shook his head, starting forward again as his phone flashed. "You are truly insane."

I snorted. "That's been established. Long ago. Keep up.”
Tijan, Teardrop Shot
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“You're annoyed at how much you love me. That's the most romantic thing anyone's ever said.”
Tijan, Teardrop Shot