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The Star Machine The Star Machine by Jeanine Basinger
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“Deanna Durbin's movies are about innocence and sweetness. They're from a different time and a different place. Outside the movie house, there was Depression, poverty, war, death, and loss. Audiences then were willing to pretend, to enter into a game of escape. No one really thought that the world was like a Deanna Durbin movie, they just wanted to pretend it was for about an hour and a half.”
Jeanine Basinger, The Star Machine
“and Boyer has to be on the Jack Nicholson end of the old routine in which he tries to order a slice of cheese that comes only with the apple pie. (Why did no one mention that Five Easy Pieces [1970], with its “hold the chicken salad, just give me the toast” routine, was recycling old-movie dialogue that had appeared in many films?)”
Jeanine Basinger, The Star Machine