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The Golden Spiral (Hourglass Door, #2) The Golden Spiral by Lisa Mangum
6,676 ratings, 3.85 average rating, 740 reviews
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“Somehow difficulties are easier to endure when you know your dream is waiting for you at the end.”
Lisa Mangum, The Golden Spiral
“You were all given the same chance. This day was your test. The monk who dropped the scale did so at my request. I was watching to see what you would do. I need someone who can wait with patience, and yet know when it is time to act without fear. Someone who is able to see patterns even when none may be obvious. Someone who can also express his own artistic viewpoint...I want someone who will leave the world a more beautiful place than he found it.”
Lisa Mangum, The Golden Spiral
“What do you want, Zo?"

"What does anyone want, Abby?" he countered. "To be loved. Peace on earth. The winning lottery numbers.”
Lisa Mangum, The Golden Spiral
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