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The Line (The Line, #1) The Line by Teri Hall
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“Don't you see? You can't be brave without being afraid. The brave ones are always afraid. But they do what they must, even so.”
Teri Hall, The Line
“That's your mom, right?" Pathik smiled. "She looks nicer than she did when she was dragging you away the other night.”
Teri Hall, The Line
“Look, we need to make time, but we also need to be somewhat quiet."
She faced him. "I am being quiet!"
Pathik held a finger up to his lips. "Seriously. Quite. You don't really want to attract a lot of attention out here if you can help it."
Rachel didn't like the sound of that. "Are there sheep-cats?”
Teri Hall, The Line
“Rachel had decided he WAS handsome during their hike to the camp. Though the way he kept telling her to speak more quietly or to look where she was going was annoying. By the time they finally got there, she was beginning to think his looks were his only good attribute.”
Teri Hall, The Line
“As long as the sun has not set on a day, anything can happen.”
Teri Hall, The Line
“Understanding and agreement are not the same thing.”
Teri Hall, The Line
“...didn't see what good all the talk about justice was if nobody tried to help when things got risky.”
Teri Hall, The Line

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