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Dirty Secrets (Get Dirty, #4) Dirty Secrets by Lauren Landish
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“Tell those voices in your head to shut up. That’s my brother they’re talking about, and I love him. I love you, Teej.”
Lauren Landish, Dirty Secrets
“I can understand that there are good guys on the wrong side, and sometimes even they have to do awful things for the greater good. It’s a harsh justice, but it is righteous in a dark way.”
Lauren Landish, Dirty Secrets
“She’s pretty in pink, she’s dirty in denim, and she’s naughty in nude.”
Lauren Landish, Dirty Secrets
“We spend all our lives growing up with this image of what life is supposed to be. We draw it in our minds from tv shows, books, our parents, just the whole world around us. But the reality isn’t always like that. We don’t get to order it up like a burger made our way. So what about just saying fuck it and taking life as it comes to us?”
Lauren Landish, Dirty Secrets
“that whether you’ve known it or not, you are mine, marked eternally as such. Because you’ve marked me.”
Lauren Landish, Dirty Secrets