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(زديج (أو القضاء (زديج (أو القضاء by Voltaire
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“An Opportunity of doing Mischief, says -Zoroaster-, offers itself a hundred Times a Day; but that of doing a Friend a good Office but once a Year.”
Voltaire, Zadig - or - The Book of Fate
“When one is loved by a beautiful woman, says the great Zoroaster, one always gets out of trouble in this world.”
Voltaire, Zadig
“Learn that there are no basilisks in nature, that people are always healthy with sobriety and exercise, and that the art of making intemperance and health together is as chimerical as the philosopher's stone, judicial astrology, and the theology of magi.”
Voltaire, Zadig
“Father," said Zadig, "what's all this I see? You seem in no way like other men: you steal a golden basin studded with precious stones from a lord who receives you magnificently, and you give it to another who treats you with indignity."
"My son," replied the old man, " that magnificent man, who revieves strangers only out of vanity and to have his riches admired, will become wiser; the miser will learn to exercise hospitality. Be astonished at nothing, and follow me.”
Voltaire, Zadig
“The wicked," replied Jesrad, "are always unhappy. They serve to test a small number of just men scattered over the earth, and there is no evil out of which some good is not born.”
Voltaire, Zadig
“The truth of the matter is as follows: I was walking toward the little wood, where I afterward met the venerable eunuch, and the most illustrious chief huntsman. I observed on the sand the traces of an animal, and could easily perceive them to be those of a little dog. The”
Voltaire, ZADIG - The Book of Faith (Historical Novel): A Story from Ancient Babylonia
“Whether thou art the child's favorite or not, thou shalt have his mother.”
Voltaire, ZADIG - The Book of Faith (Historical Novel): A Story from Ancient Babylonia