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Under the Rose Under the Rose by Phen Weston
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“If I could count the infinity of you
I’d place each second within your soul,
and lay my breath between the stars
that form your heart and whole.”
Phen Weston, Under the Rose
“The Tuesday Seamstress said
our souls were sewn apart.
Delicate embroidered tomorrows
travelled without a start.”
Phen Weston, Under the Rose
“Was it privilege to love you?
Painted hues of viridescent lives
to those lost seconds when we saw
the world begin again in strides.”
Phen Weston, Under the Rose
“What sanctuary is there in indulging the whims of falling stars?”
Phen Weston, Under the Rose
“Fly away,” sang little lark to the crow,
“There is no home for you
Among the broken promises and empty hearts. We drew
the life we never mourned, away with fading dark.
Your wings are fashioned from the cold, mindless lies
of feathers tarred with pitch!”
Phen Weston, Under the Rose
“We swim against―
our own sweet moments― lapping
the hours in expanded pleasures
that swagger away― our wilting sentience―
pretending to be― existent―”
Phen Weston, Under the Rose
“I wondered where those roads, in which the world diverged,
became the promises of another life,
the hilly embankment that touched the horizon in
tranquil virescent spikes, splattered with hazel lines,
that conquered truth and candour.”
Phen Weston, Under the Rose
“Autumn rolls against us―
outside the morning chorus―
you roll over― held in ivory sheets―
looking― dawning tenderness
in sleepy auroras sermon― animation
paved the simplest rule―
along those stationary moments―
and I fell for you in those words―
it's so hard to get out of bed
with you there―”
Phen Weston, Under the Rose
“Who knew those detached words
could conjure silent vows― flaming―
fide et amor ― nothing lasts forever―”
Phen Weston, Under the Rose
“Under the rose
I whispered her honour
and watched her move
parapets in umbra –”
Phen Weston, Under the Rose
“Enchanted caprice,
you are my chrysalis,
protective over me
in each of our long days.”
Phen Weston, Under the Rose
“I remember your shadow― those faded lines
between the cracking clouds above― strained
in hues of solitude― a simple kiss― against
the night we forced among the stars― locked
into places fashioned from old snapshots―”
Phen Weston, Under the Rose
“Can you see me― floating among
those star fuelled dreams― stripped
back to atoms across the night
sky in iridescent tones― of nimble highs―”
Phen Weston, Under the Rose
“You wrapped your wings against my soul,
calmly cascaded tears into eternal waters,
where I sat in solitude, waiting ephemerally,
for those hours of lost comfort once again,
how long ago did sleep become such an end?”
Phen Weston, Under the Rose