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Rage (Feathers and Fire, #2) Rage by Shayne Silvers
2,575 ratings, 4.47 average rating, 150 reviews
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“Any man of God who actively condones hatred of another group, especially blanket hate for any people different from himself, has lost his way. Truly.”
Shayne Silvers, Rage
“There was an argument in the background, interrupting Roland. “Woman! I will get out of this bed when the Lord grants me the strength to do so, and if that moment is now, you will pipe down and weep as you witness your first miracle!” he roared.”
Shayne Silvers, Rage
“I don’t think the local police would be pleased to find a brothel here,” Beckett said. Vane blinked at him. “No one is buying sex here, Detective Killian, I can assure you. Let’s keep the government out of the bedroom tonight, shall we?”
Shayne Silvers, Rage
“He was leaning back with his legs wide open as if his jewelry was a neon sign pointing down to his love stick – like a Vegas slot machine whispering for me to try my luck. His pants were tight, emphasizing the jackpot potential.”
Shayne Silvers, Rage