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Damsel Damsel by Elana K. Arnold
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“At last Emory turned to leave, well pleased, and then a thought flashed through Ama’s mind, a realization that chilled her even more deeply than the rain –
This is how he likes me best… when I am in need of rescue.
Elana K. Arnold, Damsel
“Dusk was the most colorful hour, with the horizon set on fire by the breath of the yawning sun.”
Elana K. Arnold, Damsel
“She was too much and not enough, both in the same instant. Too big and too small; too bright and too dull; too affectionate and not affectionate enough.”
Elana K. Arnold, Damsel
“A brain will lie to the body, even when the body is the brain’s only hope.”
Elana K. Arnold, Damsel