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Heartbreaker Heartbreaker by Claudia Dey
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“Why can't a woman be more than one person in a lifetime?...Why can't she be two or three?”
Claudia Dey, Heartbreaker
“But no one warns you about the love. No one even speaks about it. The love for your baby comes with something dark. It comes with death. When you look at your child for the first time, you feel the presence of death. How death is looking at your child too. That is why you don't sleep.”
Claudia Dey, Heartbreaker
“Love is dumb. Dumb as muscle.”
Claudia Dey, Heartbreaker
“How I loved to eat your underwear. Better than steak.”
Claudia Dey, Heartbreaker
“Home is in the soul. You will spend your life trying to get back to it.”
Claudia Dey, Heartbreaker
“He knows he can be bad, he says. That he has a hundred sons and daughters. But he does believe people are good. He is good. When it gets right down to it. Good and bad. "I am more than one thing," he says. "Most of us are more than one thing.”
Claudia Dey, Heartbreaker
“I am a phenomenon. I am multiplying. I am one becoming two, and then I am two becoming one,”
Claudia Dey, Heartbreaker: A Novel