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Let Us Dream Let Us Dream by Alyssa Cole
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“Women helped each other in ways small and large every day, without thinking, and that was what kept them going even when the world came up with new and exciting ways to crush them.”
Alyssa Cole, Let Us Dream
“I’m sure you know this, but power dynamics rooted in social status are a system designed to separate people instead of bringing them together for the greater good.”
Alyssa Cole, Let Us Dream
“When you’re trying to survive, sometimes you’re gonna encounter liars. Politicians are the worst of them. But there are good ones too. You take your chances there like anywhere else in life because the only other option is giving up. That make sense?”
Alyssa Cole, Let Us Dream
“He knew why she had to ask; the very first time he’d heard about the suffragettes his reflexive response had been a resentment that surprised him. He’d considered himself more evolved than most men, had worked side by side with women in his political groups back home, and his instinct had still been to think that his own interests should be addressed first.”
Alyssa Cole, Let Us Dream
“Girl, how do you think I got where I am? I came here from an island no one’s even heard of, barely spoke English, and thought I would die in the gutter.” Miss Q shook her head. “We help each other. Whenever we can, however we can, using whatever means we got. You got the Cashmere and your knowledge. I got money. If I have to choose between another coat and a sister in need, you best not think you’re gonna see me in a new coat come Sunday service.”
Alyssa Cole, Let Us Dream