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Moonrise Moonrise by Sarah Crossan
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“What can we forgive?
If that's what we choose.”
Sarah Crossan, Moonrise
“Time travel me back.
Let me say good-bye again.
A minute more,
a moment,
a chance to see. . .”
Sarah Crossan, Moonrise
“You stay in today, Joe,
'cause tomorrow's a story that ain't been written yet.
No use in rehearsing it.
No use at all.”
Sarah Crossan, Moonrise
“I don't believe in God today.

I don't even believe in people.”
Sarah Crossan, Moonrise
“I don't know why I didn't
put my arms around her,
tell her it's OK,
that I know she never meant to hurt me,
that sometimes we like people we shouldn't
and by the time we feel
what we feel
it's already too late.”
Sarah Crossan, Moonrise
“Some guys get fifteen years, others get life.
So death for Ed
but not for everyone.

Cos it all depends on who you kill and where you kill them too.

don't shoot a white cop in Walker Country, Texas. If that's your plan, do it in Arlington, New York- no needles of electric chairs there.

Just doesn't seen fair to me.”
Sarah Crossan, Moonrise
“Will you be ok if I'm not around? he asked.
Sure, I said,
but I didn't mean it.
Ed was my brother but also sort of like
my dad
and my best friend too.”
Sarah Crossan, Moonrise
“Being with Nell knocks my head back,
makes my bones thrum,
my blood ring and boil up
until we are
reaching, grabbing, smothering
each other.
And skin to skin our aching bodies press
to find a way in -
and I mean pressing, pressing, pressing.

And there's teeth brawling, hands clutching,
as we pour our way into each other
until everything stops,
gives way to soft kisses.
quiet breaths of friendship,
and I say,
'Are you OK?'
and actually fucking mean it.”
Sarah Crossan, Moonrise
“Death row is a place for broken people
just like Tom Hanks.
They can't be fixed,
warped all out of shape
by the cracks and splinters inside them.

And what else can you do with stuff that's broken
except throw it in the trash?

Sarah Crossan, Moonrise
do all the stuff you want even
if someone tries to deadlock your front door.
Be brave about it.
Open the back door at night
and let in the noises, or hell,
I don’t know, run, escape if you have to.
If that’s the only way to live.
And if someone tries to stop you,
you tell them you can’t save anyone’s life
but your own.”
Sarah Crossan, Moonrise