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Observing Australia: 1959���1999 Observing Australia: 1959���1999 by K.S. Inglis
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“As for the very first settlers, they were not even free. The founders were not a chosen people except in the old Australian joke that they were chosen by the best judges in England.”
K.S. Inglis, Observing Australia: 1959���1999
“What is it that Australians celebrate on 26 January? Significantly, many of them are not quite sure what event they are commemorating. Their state of mind fascinated Egon Kisch, an inquisitive Czech who was in Sydney at the end of January 1935. Kisch has a place in our history as the victim, or hero, of a ludicrous chapter in the history of our immigration laws. He had been invited to Melbourne for a Congress against War and Fascism, and was forbidden to land by order of the attorney-general, R. G. Menzies. He had jumped overboard, broken his leg, gone to hospital, failed a dictation test in Gaelic and been sentenced to imprisonment and deportation. When the High Court declared Gaelic not a language, Kisch was free to hobble on our soil...”
K.S. Inglis, Observing Australia: 1959���1999