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Mr and Mrs (Alexa Riley Promises, #1) Mr and Mrs by Alexa Riley
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“I don’t need to defend myself, but I still do it. “If your wife tried to leave, what would you do to keep her?”

A half smile hits his mouth like he understands. “It’d be real fucking cute if she thought she could leave.”
Alexa Riley, Mr and Mrs
“He was boring…well, he still kind of is.” She smirks like she just gave him a jab that he could really hear. “All work and no play. Until you. Why do you think the press went so wild? They’ve been trying to catch him with a woman for years, then he’s running all over town with one. Trust me, he’s not boinking the secretary. I’ve known him since college, and I’d never even seen him date until he met you.” I know that’s true. I’d done my shameful Google search the first time I’d met him. It had come up with nothing. Never”
Alexa Riley, Mr and Mrs
“inside and flip back to the picture. In the picture, my blonde hair”
Alexa Riley, Mr and Mrs