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The Olive Tree The Olive Tree by Lucinda Riley
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“That there are all kinds of love, and it arrives in different shapes and forms. It can be earned, but not paid for. It can be given, but never bought. And once it’s truly there, it holds fast. This love thing.”
Lucinda Riley, The Olive Tree
“I wonder now why humans hate the map of their life that appears on their own bodies, when a tree like this, or a faded painting, or a near-derelict uninhabited building is lauded for its antiquity.”
Lucinda Riley, Helenas Geheimnis
“And then I kiss her, and feel her respond with equal fervour. And as I hear the music rising to a crescendo above us, I know for certain that our dance of life is only just beginning.”
Lucinda Riley, Helenas Geheimnis
“He could reason and manipulate like a seasoned politician and then, on the turn of a sixpence, slip back into his chronological age and become a child again.”
Lucinda Riley, The Olive Tree