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A Retrospect A Retrospect by Hudson Taylor
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“Truly there is a Living God, and He is the hearer and answerer of prayer.”
Hudson Taylor, A Retrospect
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“With God all things are possible, and no conversion ever takes place save by the almighty power of the Holy Ghost. The great need, therefore, of every Christian worker is to know God.”
Hudson Taylor, A Retrospect
“The cold, and even the hunger, the watchings and sleeplessness of nights of danger, and the feeling at times of utter isolation and helplessness, were well and wisely chosen, and tenderly and lovingly meted out. What circumstances could have rendered the Word of God more sweet, the presence of God more real, the help of God more precious?”
Hudson Taylor, A Retrospect
“A few nights after his conversion he asked how long this Gospel had been known in England. He was told that we had known it for some hundreds of years.
"What!" said he, amazed; "is it possible that for hundreds of years you have had the knowledge of those glad tidings in your possession, and yet have only now come to preach it to us? My father sought after the Truth for more than twenty years, and died without finding it. Oh, why did you not come sooner?”
Hudson Taylor, A Retrospect
“The work of God does not mean so much man's work for God, as God's own work through man.”
Hudson Taylor, A Retrospect
“Would it not be well if the people of God had always tell-tale faces, evincing the blessings and gladness of salvation so clearly that unconverted people might have to call conversion "becoming joyful" instead of "becoming serious"?”
Hudson Taylor, A Retrospect