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Rookie Move (Brooklyn Bruisers, #1) Rookie Move by Sarina Bowen
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“If you want to keep breathing, don’t ever call the love of my life a bitch.”
Sarina Bowen, Rookie Move
“I spent six years trying to get over you, and it didn’t take. Our time is now.”
Sarina Bowen, Rookie Move
“... I want a guy in my life. I want a partner, and kids. I’d go gay for you, hon, but adoption is expensive. And then there’s the matter of your not having a dick.”

“It’s always something with you.”
Sarina Bowen, Rookie Move
“Will you help me strategize?”

“Sure,” Becca said, her voice cheery. “First. Remove all your clothes, and then borrow my trench coat. If a hottie like Leo Trevi called me the love of his life, I wouldn’t be eating takeout on the living room floor with my roommate. At least one of us should be having sex with someone who doesn’t require batteries.”
Sarina Bowen, Rookie Move
“I thought you dumped him.”

“Oh, I did. But not because I wanted to. I was just accepting the inevitable. He fell out of love with me, but you can’t dump the weepy rape victim. So I did it for him.”
Sarina Bowen, Rookie Move
“She’s a total bitch on wheels.”

The comment didn’t startle Georgia at all. Nor did it even offend her. Forthright men in the workplace are revered for their strength. Women? You can either be a doormat or a bitch. Take your pick.”
Sarina Bowen, Rookie Move
“Maybe it wasn’t rational, but she didn’t like the idea of Leo invading her little world. Yesterday, Brooklyn had belonged to her. The Long Island ’burbs where she’d grown up had felt far away from the brick streets and renovated factory spaces of Brooklyn. In this job, she’d felt truly independent, putting down her own fragile roots in a new place.

Fast forward twenty-four hours, and her daddy had joined the workplace and her ex-boyfriend had shown up to remind her of all that she’d lost. Really, a girl could be forgiven for feeling slightly hysterical.

Not that there was any time to panic.”
Sarina Bowen, Rookie Move
“Leo gave her one more smile, and it was so full of joy that her heart skipped a beat. Then he turned around and strode off, his long legs eating up the distance toward the elevator bank around the bend.

“Come back to me, George,” Becca said. “Don’t go toward the light.”


“Exactly.” Becca snapped her fingers. “Stay with me, babe. Don’t let the hottie who stole your virginity send you into zombieland.”
Sarina Bowen, Rookie Move
“Seeing him was a sucker punch to the gut. Once upon a time he’d loved her. And then when he’d stopped, it wasn’t really his fault.”
Sarina Bowen, Rookie Move
tags: love, pain
“On the one hand, watching Leo smile at another girl had made her feel enraged. But the worst was knowing he hadn’t smiled at her like that for months.

That’s why she’d had to cut him loose. But knowing it was the right thing to do hadn’t made it easier.”
Sarina Bowen, Rookie Move
“.. when she looked at Nate she saw a kid who’d been shoved into lockers during high school. And now he wanted the last laugh, taking every opportunity to throw his (nerdy) weight around. He’d bought a hockey team, and he was going to make the jocks do his bidding, at least until the day he realized that vindication wasn’t everything in life.”
Sarina Bowen, Rookie Move
“She needed something to numb the burn of that woman’s hands all over Leo’s body. Since alcohol in public wasn’t her style, she’d taken to drowning her sorrows in mini quiches and duck confit en croute.

“She slid her hand right up his thigh, and he removed it.” Becca snickered. “She’s like an octopus in Prada.”

Georgia only growled and shoved a mini empanada in her mouth.”
Sarina Bowen, Rookie Move
“Was this supposed to be for you?” he asked. “You always liked filled things.”

“What?” She finally turned her heart-shaped face toward his. It was hard to be angry when those clear eyes were looking at him.

“Filled things,” he repeated. “Turnovers. Samosas. Dumplings.”
Sarina Bowen, Rookie Move
“... he tasted her slowly, like she was a fine wine he was trying to evaluate, when she wished he’d just gulp her down like a Gatorade before an overtime period.”
Sarina Bowen, Rookie Move
“Come on, baby. This is for all the marbles.”
Sarina Bowen, Rookie Move