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TWISTED TIMES: Son of Man TWISTED TIMES: Son of Man by Vincent de Paul
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“Believe nothing, question everything, assume nothing.”
vincent de paul , TWISTED TIMES: Son of Man
“When I started off, I believed that the true determinant of how great I was was through my lifestyle, wardrobe, the type of car I drove, being seen with the right people; and if I made it unscathed, the estates I would own, and how the media would be singing my name like Urbanas’s. I saw my father apologizing for not supporting me.

But life is a twisty bastard.

When I called it quits on robbery, drugs, hedonism, and paedophilia and most probably necromancy—the ‘scarletest’ of sins according to me—I made a vow never to live a profane life again, not even the most subtle of snares would entrap me. I had seen them all, even in their disguises, and I knew them when I saw them.”
Vincent de Paul, TWISTED TIMES: Son of Man