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A Thatched Roof (Beverley Nichols's Allways Trilogy) A Thatched Roof by Beverley Nichols
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“They came on one of April's most brilliant days--a day as sparkling as a newly-washed lemon...a day when even the shadows were a melange of blue and orange and jade, like the shadows that poured from the tipsy brush of Monet.”
Beverley Nichols, A Thatched Roof
“On and on we wander in these pages--and we never reach the point because, happily, there is no point to reach.”
Beverley Nichols, A Thatched Roof
“There are a thousand 'greatest' melodies, just as there are a thousand 'greatest' poems and a thousand 'greatest' pictures, because there are a thousand moods in the mind of man when a certain note rings with the most clarity--when a certain design is most sharply silhouetted against the changing curtain of his mind.”
Beverley Nichols, A Thatched Roof
“The low lintels of the cottage have many disadvantages, but they have one supreme advantage. They afford an immediate topic of conversation. They make things start, quite literally, with a bang.”
Beverley Nichols, A Thatched Roof
“I fell to wondering if it would feel very terrible to burn one's own logs, or if the excitement of it would make up for the feeling that a tree had died? If it was a favourite tree, surely one could never burn it? To burn a branch which has whispered to you on summer nights--which has sheltered you, which you have caressed...no, that would be impossible. Besides--it is much more fun to climb the hedge that leads to your neighbours' fields, and creep round at dusk, to the old ash that was blown down last March, and gather a great bundle of wood which doesn't belong to you.”
Beverley Nichols, A Thatched Roof